Jeff Brown Predictions & Picks for 2022 (Updated June 2022)

Jeff Brown has made some pretty notable predictions over the years.

For example, according to several Jeff Brown presentations I’ve written about, he recommended bitcoin in 2015, NVIDIA in 2016, and Tesla in 2018 (among others).

Of course, not everything he’s recommended has helped his followers make money. Like any stock picker, some of his picks have been duds. But he does appear to have a good track record overall, especially when it comes to tech-related plays.

And in this post, I’ll show you his top predictions, and stock picks for 2022, which I got by looking into his blog posts and researching his latest investment presentations.

I’ll even reveal his #1 semiconductor and EV picks.

So with that said, let’s get started.

Top Jeff Brown Predictions and Stock Picks for 2022

In this section, I’ll walk you through each of Jeff Brown’s latest 2022 predictions, which he shared in his latest Bleeding Edge prediction series. And I’ll discuss any related stock picks I’ve uncovered by looking into different presentations he’s released.

Here’s a summary of what each of his predictions is about:

And here are the latest updates for Jeff Brown’s picks:

“The Biggest 5G Development Nobody Saw Coming”

Jeff Brown’s first prediction centers around 5G wireless networks.

To give you some background, in 2020, he predicted that 500 million 5G-enabled devices would ship in 2021. And while the final data isn’t out yet, according to, sales of 5G handsets are expected to reach 560 million in 2021, so it looks like he got that right.

And according to his Prediction Series, Jeff believes this trend will accelerate in 2022. Specifically, he thinks we are entering “phase three” of the 5G technology rollout.

Phase one, according to Jeff, is the “infrastructure phase,” where things like fiber-optic lines and network towers are put into place. Phase Two is what he calls the “devices phase,” where sales of 5G smartphones and other 5G compatible devices start ramping up. And Phase Three is the “services phase,” where 5G-only applications start being released.

And according to Jeff Brown:

“We are well into Phases One and Two. And 2022 is going to be the year when Phase Three, the applications, pick up steam.”

Jeff states that sales of 5G-enabled devices outstripped 4G devices in the third quarter of last year. And that, in 2022, “5G will be the dominant wireless technology,” which will usher us into the third phase of 5G, where applications and services ramp up.

He also believes that this so-called third phase will lead to an “explosion of augmented reality (AR) applications running over 5G networks” in 2022.

Jeff talked about this extensively in his recent SCG Technology presentation, so I recommend checking out my post on that if you want all the details.

But, in short, Jeff believes Apple will soon release their augmented reality glasses, and he’s bullish on a company that he says makes a crucial part for this product.

He summarizes his 2022 5G prediction by stating the following:

“I’ve been following the 5G rollout for seven years. And by now, I’m sure a lot of people think that it’s “old news.” That’s a mistake. Everything has been leading to this next stage. Things are about to get very exciting for 5G technology in 2022.”

That is similar to what tech investor Eric Fry talked about in his recent Wealth Acceleration Summit. In short, Eric talked about how, while many dismiss 5G, it could be the best opportunity people will ever have to “see small investments turn into incredible wealth.”

Whether or not that holds true remains to be seen, but Jeff and Eric are both well-known gurus in the space and share a similar outlook on the potential for 5G as we move into 2022.

“Biotech Has Its “Crypto Winter” Moment”

Jeff’s second prediction has to do with biotechnology and precision medicine.

Jeff describes precision medicine as a “convergence of technologies that will help us live longer, healthier lives.” For example, tech like AI, genetic sequencing, and genetic editing.

And he’s particularly interested in something called CRISPR genetic editing technology. According to Jeff Brown, he’s been researching and writing about this for over five years.

Jeff describes CRISPR as a “genetic editing toolkit” and says that, in 2021, the “widespread proliferation of this genetic editing toolkit” is what stood out to him the most. He also says that companies have been developing this tech to cure diseases caused by genetic mutation.

According to Jeff, technology related to CRISPR “represents an entirely new approach to healthcare in general.” However, he also states that the past couple of years haven’t been kind to investors in this niche due to the pandemic.

Specifically, he talks about how clinical trials have slowed the progress of getting new treatments reviewed and approved, but that we could “finally see an improvement in this area in 2022” as the backlog of early-stage clinical trials potentially eases and new announcements are made.

“I predict we will see at least two major therapeutic announcements around genetic editing technology. In other words, we will see two strong proof points that demonstrate that genetic editing technology works and that it is durable, safe, and effective in treating whichever disease it targets.”

Jeff likens the relatively slow growth in biotech stocks in 2021 to a “crypto winter” where interest in the cryptocurrency space has its ups and downs. However, as crypto has shown numerous times, things can change quickly, which more or less sums up Jeff Brown’s prediction.

“We could say that biotechnology is having its ‘crypto winter moment.’ But it will come roaring back. I think we’ll have a lot to look forward to in 2022.”

“Artificial Intelligence and the ‘Great Resignation'”

According to Jeff Brown, there are two main trends he’s following regarding artificial intelligence in 2022. The first relates to something Jeff refers to as “The Convergence,” which he describes as “the intersection of artificial intelligence and drug discovery.”

Jeff talks about how it’s currently a costly and time-consuming process to develop new drugs and have them approved by the FDA.

However, he believes that a “well-designed artificial intelligence platform can evaluate billions of different molecules over weeks or even days.” And that this could “speed up the process of drug discovery exponentially” while also making the process cheaper and more efficient.

And he specifically mentions one company he’s interested in in this space:

“And when I look towards 2022, I’m keeping a close eye on DeepMind’s new sister company, Isomorphic Labs. Isomorphic is an AI-powered computational biology company. It will focus on using AI for new drug development.”

The second part of Jeff’s artificial intelligence prediction for 2022 revolves around automation in the workplace, which he believes is being driven by the convergence of AI and robotics.

According to Jeff, this trend will first be seen in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). For example, he talks about how AI could disrupt the ordering process in restaurants and order fulfillment in fast food outlets (i.e., robotic burger flippers).

And Jeff believes that this trend is only accelerating due to ongoing labor shortages across the U.S. and other parts of the world, which some are calling the “Great Resignation.”

“One Step Closer to Tesla’s ‘Masterstroke'”

The fourth major trend Jeff Brown is watching this year relates to autonomous vehicles. Specifically, he talks about how the electric-autonomous vehicle (EAV) could help turn a liability into “an income generator.”

His general thesis is that electric vehicles could soon begin “driving themselves” and essentially become part of a network of driverless cars that we can order like an Uber and rent back out for others to use as part of a network of “shared autonomous vehicles” (or SAVs).

“The idea of a SAV network is really Tesla’s masterstroke. We can imagine driving our car to work… Once we get to our destination, we could instruct our Tesla to ‘join the fleet.’ The Tesla would then provide ride-hailing services while we’re at work and it would return to us at the end of the day.”

“Historically, cars have been depreciating assets. But with a SAV network? Our car literally becomes an income generator.”

Jeff doesn’t believe we’ll get to that level in 2022 due to regulatory hurdles, but he points out that there’s significant progress being made in this space. And not just with Tesla. As Jeff points out, tech giants like Google and Apple are getting into the autonomous vehicle space.

He also states that autonomous trucking could be a big trend in 2022:

“One of the big things we’ll see next year is autonomous technology applied to trucking. And my prediction is that it will be most widely used to transport goods from one distribution facility to another.”

Jeff explains that, while we’re already seeing this now, autonomous trucking could ramp up in 2022 and that this is one of the trends he’ll be following this year.

Update (June 2022): I recently looked into Jeff Brown’s “S.A.V. project” presentation to learn more about his prediction and see what company he was pitching. Long story short, it centers around a robotaxi service Tesla is aspiring to launch in the years ahead. And Jeff Brown claims there’s one “little-known company” supplying Elon with a “key piece of technology” that’s making this “project” possible, which I uncovered in the above post.

“Why Bitcoin Will Top $100K”

In 2021, Jeff predicted that institutional adoption of bitcoin would increase, and that’s precisely what happened. Numerous publicly listed companies put bitcoin on their balance sheets, like Microstrategy, Tesla, and Square (now Block). Not to mention, El Salvador made it legal tender, various ETFs were launched, and interest in the space grew dramatically.

And in 2022, Jeff believes bitcoin will hit $100k:

“I predict that sometime in 2022, one bitcoin will be worth more than $100,000. I don’t know if it will end the year above that level, but I think we’re going to get there next year.”

As a caveat, Jeff points out that if inflation rises above 10%, we could see investors become “risk-off” towards digital assets, but overall he seems bullish on bitcoin for 2022.

“The NFT Boom Is Just Getting Started”

Jeff’s next prediction has to do with non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

A fungible token is where the “token” is equally valuable to other tokens of the same kind. So, for example, one bitcoin is of equal value to another; it doesn’t matter which bitcoin you have because they all represent the same dollar value.

On the other hand, when something is “non-fungible,” the opposite is true. For example, you can put two “works of art” side by side, but their values could be vastly different.

I use art as an example because it’s a good example of what non-fungible means. And many people associate the term NFT with digital art since NFT artwork is one of the most popular use-cases for this technology (i.e., people are buying and selling jpegs).

However, NFT art is just the beginning, according to Jeff. He believes the bigger picture has to do with a “larger technology trend known as ‘tokenization,'” which he describes as the “process of substantiating a claim of ownership on an underlying asset.”

Jeff explains that virtually anything could be tokenized using blockchain technology, including vehicles, property, racehorses, and jewelry. Basically anything.

“I’ve referred to this idea as “World IPO Day,” because anything of value in the entire world can be tokenized and open for trading.”

“Tokenized assets – whether they are digital collectibles or real-world assets – are not going away. This is not a fad. This will be a massive story in 2022.”

I’ve written in detail about Jeff’s World IPO Day prediction, so if you want to learn more about this, I recommend checking out the link I just shared. In that post, I break down his prediction and share my guess on the “$25 opportunity” he teases in the presentation.

Aside from mass tokenization, Jeff predicts that “the NFT market will be valued at $100 billion sometime in the next twelve months” and that the metaverse will gain popularity.

The metaverse, a hot topic among investment gurus and tech enthusiasts right now, is essentially a digital world you can access with a VR headset. And as Jeff explains, there are multiple metaverses with use-cases far beyond gaming.

“We’re entering a world where a person’s full-time job could be managing a storefront in a metaverse. We’ll be able to attend conferences, go to meetings, and catch up with our friends and families here.”

That’s a wild prediction, but it doesn’t appear as though Jeff thinks everyone will be living in the metaverse in 2022 (lol). He’s more saying that this technology will continue to evolve and gain adoption this year. Either way, he makes some interesting points regarding this tech.

Jeff also discussed the metaverse in a recent presentation about MTA Technology, which he refers to as the “Final Tech Wave,” so I recommend checking that out if you want to learn more.

“The Next Stage of the ‘Tech Shock'”

There was a lot of talk about semiconductor shortages throughout 2021, and this is one of the biggest trends Jeff Brown says he’ll be following in 2022.

Semiconductor chips are in virtually all modern electronics, so a shortage of these has the potential to wreak havoc on global supply chains. And according to Jeff, the lead time for semiconductors virtually doubled in 2021, so it’s a serious problem.

He refers to the situation as a “Tech Shock” because he believes it’s “reminiscent of the ‘Oil Shock’ of the early 1970s,” where Americans had to wait hours to put overpriced fuel in the tank.

And he says that there are three phases to the Tech Shock:

  • The first phase is where the industry can’t supply enough semiconductors to meet demand, which, as Jeff points out, is the phase we’re in right now. He calls this the “shortage phase.”
  • Jeff refers to the second phase as the “building phase,” where the industry reacts by building more semiconductor fabrication facilities.
  • And the third phase is when supply outstrips demand, and we get a supply glut.

As you may have guessed, Jeff believes we’re now in phase two because semiconductor manufacturing is ramping up around the world, and the U.S. government is providing incentives in this area. For example, the CHIPS for America Act was recently passed in the U.S. Senate.

Where is the opportunity, according to Jeff?

“I expect 2022 will be the year we see these funds deployed to help bring semiconductor manufacturing back onshore.”

Jeff’s prediction goes beyond just semiconductors, too. He believes manufacturing will come back to the U.S. thanks to technologies like 3D printing, automation, machine learning, and AI, to the point it’s comparable to the manufacturing costs of mainland China.

He refers to this as the “American Manufacturing Renaissance” because it’s all about localizing manufacturing through technology, which removes the need for cheap labor. And Jeff says this trend could apply to virtually any good we need and accelerate in 2022.

“The technology for this manufacturing renaissance is already here. And we’re already seeing some early adopters. The next phase is the acceleration phase. That’s where we’re heading in 2022.”

“When Quantum Supremacy Gets Serious”

The eighth Jeff Brown prediction we’ll be discussing is nuclear fusion.

As Jeff explains in the Prediction Series, this is what generates the energy emitted from the sun, and he believes this is the future of clean energy production.

He also talks about how solar, wind and hydro energy can still cause damage to the environment in one way or another and more or less states that nuclear fusion is a better option.

For example, Jeff talks about how solar panels are made with toxic chemicals and are hard to recycle, hydro can damage natural waterways, and wind can impact the migratory patterns of birds.

Bottom line, Jeff believes nuclear fusion has potential.

He also says that one of his favorite companies in the space is Commonwealth Fusion Systems, which is working on the SPARC project with MIT. According to Jeff, they are working on a reactor that could fit in a large room and potentially power a small town.

And he believes 2022 could be an exciting year for this space:

“In 2022, I believe we’re going to see at least one major breakthrough in terms of a recorded level of sustained nuclear fusion plasma.”

Jeff is also predicting the rise of quantum computing in 2022, which he says “will allow us to achieve nuclear fusion by performing the immense calculations needed to stabilize the plasma in a fusion reactor.”

The topic of quantum computing is complex, but the gist is that regular computers process information in “bits,” whereas quantum computers use “qubits.”

And as a result, they can solve much more complicated problems and process information much faster than the computers we have today.

Another part of his quantum computing prediction has to do with cybersecurity. Jeff states we’ll “see the world’s first 256-qubit quantum computer in 2022,” which could theoretically make it possible to crack the standard encryption used today.

From an investment point of view, Jeff believes the rise of quantum computing could “light a fire under the cybersecurity industry to migrate to quantum-resistant cybersecurity software” and present investment opportunities in the cybersecurity space.

“America’s Next President is Not Who We Think”

In his ninth “Prediction Series” prediction, Jeff Brown talks about how inflation is skyrocketing and how he believes we’ll see sustained levels of higher inflation in 2022.

As a result, Jeff states that “The Brownstone Research strategy in 2022 will be to find assets that are growing faster than the rate of inflation.” And this, according to Jeff, “means high-growth technology and biotechnology trading at reasonable valuations.”

However, he does mention two things that could cause markets to crash. The first one is increased and persistent lockdowns. And the other is higher interest rates. Although Jeff states that he doesn’t think either of these will happen.

Another prediction he makes is related to the American presidential election:

“I’ll make a prediction on this. I believe control of the House and the Senate will shift into Republican control after the midterm elections.”

If that happens, he believes this will lead to more conservative government spending and that it “should stop the more egregious levels of money printing and the rapid devaluation of the U.S. Dollar.” In other words, it could stop inflation from getting way out of hand.

“2022 Will Be a Banner Year for “Day One” Investments”

Jeff Brown predicted that 2021 would be a record year for IPOs (Initial Public Offerings), and he suggests a similar thing could play out in 2022.

“I won’t say it’s a guarantee for next year, but it’s probably a safe bet we’ll see another record for IPO raises. And one of the reasons is that there are now some massive private companies that could make the entire year.”

Jeff says his prediction includes traditional IPOs, direct listings, and SPAC IPOs.

In short, a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) is a public company that’s set up for the sole purpose of merging with a private company. And while there are risks involved, SPACs can give regular investors a way to bet on emerging companies before they go public.

Another trend Jeff Brown sees developing in 2022 is crowdfunding, which allows virtually anyone to invest in private companies via crowdfunding sites like StartEngine. And he refers to these as “Day One” investments because they give you the chance to invest early.

From what I can gather, the reason he’s so bullish on this in 2022 is that the SEC changed some of the rules associated with these types of investments in 2021. Specifically, they raised the amount of money a private company can raise to $5 million for a Regulation CF raise.

To sum it up, Jeff believes that this is “having an incredible impact on private markets” and that 2022 will be a record year for crowdfunding.

“And I’ll make my next prediction: I predict 2022 will be another record year for crowdfunding raises both in terms of capital raised and the number of completed deals.”

March 16, 2022 Update: Jeff Brown “#1 Microchip Stock of 2022”

I recently came across a presentation where Jeff Brown shared his top microchip stock pick of 2022. In short, the company makes an EUV machine that uses lasers and mirrors to produce what he calls “advanced microchips.”

The name of the company is ASML, and he reveals this in the presentation. But he also mentions five other semiconductor stocks he’s bullish on, and the only way to find out what those stocks are is to join The Near Future Report.

However, I researched his clues and may have uncovered three of them.

Check out my article about Jeff Brown’s “The #1 Microchip Stock of 2022” presentation for all the details. In it, I break down his latest semiconductor-related prediction and explain why I think his picks may include TSMC, AMD, and Intel.

April 16, 2022 Update : DNA Sequencing (“Omnia”) and Gene-Editing (“CTX”)

Since the last update in March, I’ve written about two Jeff Brown predictions.

And in both cases, I’ve uncovered his stock picks.

The first teaser was all about “Omnia” technology, which is essentially a term Jeff Brown used to describe DNA sequencing. In the presentation, Jeff Brown predicted that “Omnia” could grow by 133,000% in the next 24 months, and he teased a California-based DNA sequencing company. You can see Jeff Brown’s Omnia stock pick here.

Next, I just published an article covering Jeff Brown’s “CTX” prediction and stock pick. In short, his prediction relates to CRISPR gene-editing technology and the “launch of ‘C-T-X. Zero-zero-one,'” which my research suggests is the name of a program his recommended biotech company is running. You can get the full details about his CTX prediction here.

May 27, 2022 Update: Apple Car Prediction (“Apple Effect”)

Jeff Brown’s most recent presentation centers around the rumored “Apple Car” project (AKA Project Titan) and a “little-known Apple supplier” he’s tracking.

According to Brown, the company he’s bullish on could benefit from what he calls the “Apple effect,” where smaller tech companies that team up with Apple on so-called “breakthrough products” can potentially outperform Apple stock given their size.

There’s no guarantee when or even if Apple will launch an Apple car, but the general consensus is that the company could do so within the next several years. And the company Jeff Brown’s recommending makes semiconductors for electric vehicles and is an Apple supplier. You can get the details (and ticker symbol) of his Apple car pick here.

June 9, 2022 Update: Jeff Brown’s “#1 AI Stock for 2022” and “#1 EV pick” (The Final Wave prediction)

Jeff Brown recently released a stock teaser presentation about his “Final Wave” prediction, which centered around his prediction about the “next wave of price movements” he sees coming in the market over the next 12 months.

He also discussed two “special opportunities” that he believes “offer vastly outsized potential right now,” and I managed to uncover both picks by looking into his clues.

Jeff Brown refers to the first company as his “#1 AI Stock for 2022” and says it’s powering the “world’s most advanced artificial intelligence semiconductors.” And my research suggests that this pick is most likely ASML Holding N.V. (ticker: ASML).

As for Jeff Brown’s second pick, he refers to this company as his “#1 EV pick,” but it’s not exactly an electric vehicle company per se; it’s an automotive supplier that makes parts for electric vehicles and is developing a U.S.-made fast charger for EVs. And after looking into Jeff Brown’s clues, his EV pick appears to be BorgWarner (ticker: BWA).

Go here for the complete details about Jeff Brown’s “Final Wave” prediction, number one AI stock, and top EV pick. In that post, I’ll show you everything you need to know, including a full breakdown of the clues Jeff Brown shared and why I think those are his picks.

Is Jeff Brown the Real Deal?

Now that we’ve taken a look at Jeff Brown’s top predictions for 2022, you might be wondering if he’s actually worth listening to? And if so, why?

Well, first and foremost, I’m not affiliated with Jeff Brown in any way. So whether or not you choose to listen to his investment advice makes no difference to me.

But to answer the question: generally speaking, yes, I do think Jeff Brown is worth paying attention to because he’s a successful tech investor with a solid track record.

His background is mostly in technology, too. Jeff has almost three decades of experience as a technology expert, and according to the Brownstone Research website, he was an executive for companies like Qualcomm, Juniper Networks, and NXP Semiconductors.

He’s also an active angel investor in the technology space. Meaning he helps build and grow early-stage tech companies from the ground up. So he is a real investment expert and is particularly knowledgeable about the sorts of tech investments we discussed earlier.

Not to mention, Jeff Brown is the founder of Brownstone Research, a popular financial publishing company. And as I mentioned earlier, he’s recommended some great opportunities over the years, long before many mainstream “experts” began recommending them.

Does that mean you will benefit from his stock picks?

Not necessarily. Whether or not you as an individual will find Jeff’s insights worthwhile depends on your individual goals and preferences as a self-directed investor.

As I’ll explain in the next section, Jeff runs multiple investment advisory services focused on different types of opportunities. But, overall, he’s heavily focused on tech and biotech investments, and many of his picks include emerging technology companies.

On the one hand, this may suit investors looking for growth stocks and higher risk, higher reward type opportunities. On the other hand, some of his recommendations might be considered too speculative for conservative investors or those interested in earning dividends, for example.

So, to me, it’s not so much a case of whether or not Jeff Brown is a real investment guru (he is) or whether or not he shares good insights (he does). It’s more a case of whether or not his approach will suit you. And at the end of the day, that’s a question only you can answer.

That said, to help you decide, let’s look at some of the services he runs because what sort of stock tips you receive from Jeff will depend largely on which service you sign up for.

How Do You Access Jeff Brown’s Stock Picks?

Accessing Jeff Brown’s stock picks is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is visit the Brownstone Research website’s “Products” page and sign up for the service you like, and from there, you get access to 12 months worth of his stock picks (or trade ideas).

However, which recommendations you get access to depends on which advisory you join. As of writing, Jeff runs six different advisories that each focus on different investments.

His flagship advisory service is The Near Future Report, which costs between $49 to $199 depending on which page you join through. And it focuses on large-cap growth stocks at the forefront of “industry-altering” trends that Jeff believes are on the cusp of mass adoption.

This is the service he’s probably best known for, but he also runs five other advisories:

  • Exponential Tech Investor (investment advisory focused on small- and micro-cap tech stocks).
  • Early Stage Trader (trading service focused on small tech stocks).
  • Blank Check Speculator (advisory focused on SPACs).
  • Unchained Profits (blockchain and crypto advisory).
  • Day One Investor (advisory focused on crowdfunding opportunities).

These are all higher-end advisories that range in price from $4,000 to $5,000 per year and share different types of opportunities Jeff is interested in.

Also worth mentioning is that each of his 2022 predictions relates to a different advisory.

So, if you want to see which stock picks relate to the above predictions, it’s best to visit the Prediction Series I linked to earlier. From there, you’ll see a link to the relevant presentation, which will then take you to the order page for whatever service he’s pitching.

For example, Jeff’s “Day One” prediction relates to his Day One Investor service, his “Tech Shock” prediction relates to Exponential Tech Investor, and his SAV pick is revealed in The Near Future Report.

So it all depends on what interests you the most, your investing preferences, and of course, how much money you’re willing to spend to access his stock picks.

Some stock picks he shares for free, and others I’ve been able to guess based on the clues he shares in various presentations. But, for the most part, you’ll need to be a member to see what stocks he’s currently recommending.

Bottom Line

I found Jeff’s 2022 outlook to be quite informative, especially when it came to his thoughts on AI, autonomous vehicles, and the “American Manufacturing Renaissance.”

Some of what he said about these topics has been floating around in my mind over the past year, too. So I thought it was interesting to get his take on these trends.

Will Jeff Brown’s predictions play out?

I don’t think anyone can answer that with any certainty. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. Some of his predictions may unfold as he expects; others will not. Predicting the future is far from an exact science, so there’s no telling what will happen as the year unfolds.

What about you? What Jeff Brown predictions caught your interest? And what do you think will happen in the year ahead? Let us know in the comments below.

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