Author: Tim McKinlay

Dylan Jovine’s “End of Alzheimer’s” Biotech Pick Revealed

One stock teaser I’ve come across a lot over the past several months is one by Dylan Jovine dubbed “The End of Alzheimer’s.” According to the Behind The Markets website, a “tiny biotech” has come up with a “new way to treat Alzheimer’s,” and Jeff Bezos (among others) has invested in it. Dylan Jovine likens investing in the company to backing Reed Hastings when he started Netflix, Howard Schultz who started Starbucks, or Tesla’s Elon Musk. He also suggests it’s

What’s Mark Skousen’s “$0.20 Inflation Trade” Pick?

Today I’m looking into a presentation about a “new warning” from Mark Skousen regarding inflation, rising rates, and a “$0.20 option trade” he’s recommending. For whatever reason, Mark Skousen himself wasn’t featured in the presentation; the whole thing was presented by Roger Michalski of Eagle Financial Publications. Nevertheless, Michalski said he has a “shocking forecast from Dr. Mark Skousen,” which apparently has to do with an “inflation tsunami” coming that could trigger a “stock market catastrophe” the likes of which

TriFuel-238: What’s Keith Kohl Teasing and Is It Legit?

I’ve come across ads for Keith Kohl’s “TriFuel-238” presentation a lot over the past few months, so today, I decided to take a closer look. In short, Keith Kohl claims that “TriFuel-238” is “the most powerful form of fuel in the world,” “breathtakingly cheap,” and “completely emission free.” What’s more, he states that this tech (which he says is made by a “tiny” Virginia-based tech company) could hand investors a “once-in-a-lifetime windfall” of up to 46,018%. “A breakthrough piece of

What “Potential Apple Car Supplier” Is Basenese Pitching?

Hi, and welcome. Today I’m looking into a new Louis Basenese stock teaser about a “potential Apple Car supplier” that he believes could be a “64x opportunity.” “In short: We could be sitting on a 64x opportunity, best case scenario… enough to turn $1,000 into $64,000…. but only if you get your money into this $5 stock today…” What’s the spruik? In short, Basenese says he’s found a “tiny $5 company” with a solution that’s “a massive leap forward in

Paul Mampilly in a presentation about iPower and the virtual power plant concept.

What “iPower” Company Is Paul Mampilly Teasing? (Revealed)

Paul Mampilly’s latest stock teaser presentation centers around “iPower,” a trend that he says is “bigger than the market opportunity for Uber, Airbnb and Amazon combined.” And according to Mampilly, there’s one “tiny” company at the forefront of it: “One tiny California company holds the KEY that will ignite the projected $50 TRILLION new energy revolution … unleashing a bigger disruption than Amazon, Uber and Airbnb combined.” Source: What’s it all about? In short, “iPower” is a word Paul

Matt McCall in the V-Toll Air Taxi presentation on the Stansberry Research website.

Revealed: Matt McCall’s “V-Toll” (Air Taxi) Stock Picks

I received an email from Stansberry Research today about Matt McCall’s latest stock teaser, which centers around two “v-toll” (AKA air taxi) companies he’s tracking. The presentation likens “v-tolling” technology to “investing in Apple when they released the first Personal Computer,” “investing in Amazon when they sold their first book over the internet,” and “getting in on Tesla in 2014.” At one point, he even said it could become a “$19 trillion market opportunity,” representing potential “3,800x growth” for investors.

What Genomics Company Is Charles Mizrahi Teasing?

In a recent Banyan Hill Publishing presentation with Corrina Sullivan, investment guru Charles Mizrahi said he believes we’re at the “ground floor” of a forty-to-fifty-year “mega trend” that historians will eventually call “The Genomics Age.” Despite genomics-related stocks taking a (rather significant) beating lately, Mizrahi said we are in “the early innings” of genomics, and he’s particularly bullish on one company. He reveals his pick in a report called “The $40 Trillion Genomics Industry,” which you can access by subscribing

Dave Forest discussing "Bezos' 7th deal" in a presentation on the Casey Research website about investing in warrants.

What Is Dave Forest’s Warrants Pick? (“Bezos’ 7th Deal”)

Dave Forest just released a presentation about Jeff Bezos’ supposed “next billion-dollar deal” that he says could “potentially hand investors up to 49X over the next 12 months.” There’s more than one version of this presentation floating around, with different headlines and introductions. But they are mostly the same. In short, Dave Forest claims that Bezos has netted up to $2.5 billion in profit from six prior deals. And with one “obscure $3 play,” he says that every American can

Revealed: Lou Basenese’s “Area 52” (Quantum Microchip) Pick

Today I’m looking into a Lou Basenese presentation that centers around “Area 52” and a “little Silicon Valley-based quantum company” he’s bullish on. Although “bullish” may be an understatement considering some of the bold claims Basenese made in the presentation… this one was a doozy. To summarize, Basenese said that he “could easily describe” the technology inside “Area 52” as “on par with the discoveries of fire, the wheel, the internet, and flight.” And he said that investors in this

Is the 1,000% Divergence Window Legit? (Early Stage Investor)

I recently received an email from InvestorPlace about a “1,000% Divergence Window” that led me to a presentation featuring Luke Lango and Louis Navellier. What’s it about? According to the presentation, the Divergence Window is a “rare stock market pattern with the potential to produce 1,000% gains.” This has supposedly only happened three times in history. And now, in 2022, Lango says it’s happening again, for the first time in 14 years, which could lead to epic gains. Here’s what

Landscape with wind turbines for electric power production located on a large green field.

What “Newton Battery” Company Is Jason Williams Teasing?

Angel Publishing’s Jason Williams has released a presentation about what he’s calling the “Newton Battery,” which he claims is the “future of global energy.” According to Williams, this battery could “reorganize the energy industry overnight” and mint a new generation of “energy millionaires” in the process. “The Newton Battery could reorganize the energy industry overnight. Minting an entire new generation of energy millionaires… and even billionaires.” What the heck is a “Newton Battery?” What company is Jason Williams spruiking? And

Whitney Tilson discussing his 2022 predictions in a video on the Empire Financial Research website.

5 Whitney Tilson Predictions for 2022 (Stock Picks Exposed)

Former hedge fund manager turned stock picker Whitney Tilson is one of the few “investment gurus” I pay attention to in the financial publishing space. And not just because of his track record and insights, but because he thinks outside the box. At the core, Tilson’s philosophy is one of a value investor; he has said on multiple occasions that his biggest mentor has been Warren Buffet, who’s arguably the greatest value investor of all time. However, while Tilson’s investment