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Jeff Brown during a Brownstone Research presentation where he discussed his SAV Project stock pick.

What Is “Tesla’s Secret Supplier?” (Jeff Brown SAV Pick)

Today I’m looking into a Brownstone Research presentation about “S.A.V.,” which Jeff Brown claims is Elon Musk’s “next big project.” According to Brown, this project could “put an extra $30,000 in your pocket every year,” and there’s one “little-known” company making it possible. “I’m about to get in this Tesla and drive up to a location just a few miles from here to show you Elon Musk’s next big project… Something known as S.A.V… Not many people know about this…

Revealed: Jeff Brown’s #1 AI Stock for 2022 (“Final Wave”)

In Jeff Brown’s latest stock teaser presentation, he discussed his “Final Wave” prediction and two “special opportunities” he believes “offer vastly outsized potential right now.” What’s it about? In short, Jeff Brown told the host of the presentation, Chris Hurt, that while we’re in a time where “extreme caution is needed” and many tech stocks “could still sink another 80%,” he’s bullish on certain tech companies, and he teased two of his top picks. Jeff Brown said that one company,

Jeff Brown discussing his Apple Car prediction in an interview with Chris Hurt on the Brownstone Research website.

What Apple Car “Supplier” Is Jeff Brown Teasing? (Exposed)

Jeff Brown has just released a new stock teaser presentation centered around the rumored “Apple Car” and a “little-known Apple supplier” he’s tracking. According to Brown, the Apple Car will be Apple’s “biggest breakthrough,” and he claims that one “Apple supplier” that makes microchips for electric vehicles could be the best way to “cash in” on this “breakthrough” in the near future. “The ‘Apple car’ (or the iCar, as I’ve heard some calling it) won’t be Apple’s next big breakthrough.

Jeff Brown and Chris Hurt in the CTX Technology presentation on the Brownstone Research website.

What “CTX” Biotech Stock Is Jeff Brown Teasing? (Revealed)

Hi, and welcome. Today I’ll be discussing a new video presentation I was emailed about by Jeff Brown that centers around “CTX” technology. In the presentation, Jeff Brown said that CTX is igniting a “biotech revolution,” and for those that “get into the right stocks,” he claims it “could deliver remarkable wealth.” What is CTX? What stock is Jeff Brown teasing? And is the presentation legit? Well, I decided to look into these questions because I was intrigued by his

Jeff Brown during a presentation about his "Omnia" technology stock pick on the Brownstone Research website.

What Is Jeff Brown’s “Omnia” Stock Pick? (Ticker Revealed)

I recently received an email that led me to a Jeff Brown presentation about “Omnia” technology, which he claims could grow 133,000% in the next 24 months. Jeff Brown later revealed that the technology he’s referring to is DNA sequencing, and apparently, there’s a Californian company at the forefront of it all. Unfortunately, he never revealed the name of the company in the presentation. Instead, he details his pick in a report titled “‘Omnia’: One California Company at The Forefront

What’s Jeff Brown’s #1 Microchip Stock of 2022? (EUV Pick)

Investment guru Jeff Brown just released a presentation about his “#1 Microchip Stock of 2022” on the Brownstone Research website. In it, he reveals the ticker for his number one microchip pick, which he claims makes an “EUV machine” capable of producing “100% of the advanced chips that will power $12 trillion worth of technologies by 2025.” He also talked about five other chip-related stocks in the presentation. And while the clues about these other stocks were vague, I’ve managed

Jeff Brown and Chris Hurt in the Super Shock presentation on the Brownstone Research website talking about Smart Automation.

What Is The Super Shock? (Jeff Brown Near Future Report)

In Jeff Brown’s recent “Super Shock” presentation with Chris Hurt, he talked about how supply chains are breaking down and leading to shortages of everything. He also talked about a new technology that could provide the solution and the companies he believes are “poised to make the greatest returns” from all of this. It was an interesting presentation; Jeff Brown made some thought-provoking points regarding the trend of automation and how the combination of robotics and artificial intelligence could shape

What Is Jeff Brown’s “The End of the Dollar” Prediction?

Jeff Brown of Brownstone Research recently released a presentation dubbed “The End of the Dollar,” which centers around what he believes could be “the biggest financial overhaul since 1971.” According to Jeff Brown, “money as we know it could literally disappear in the next few months.” And he says this is “by far the most important warning” he’s ever issued. It’s a pretty gloomy prediction. However, keep in mind that the presentation is used to sell his advisory service, The

The Bleeding Edge: Legit Jeff Brown Newsletter or Scam?

The Bleeding Edge is a free email newsletter edited by Jeff Brown of Brownstone Research focused on emerging technology and investment trends Jeff is following. In particular, Jeff and his team track “bleeding edge” (AKA cutting edge) trends. The idea is to keep readers abreast of breakthrough technologies, emerging trends, and the top tech headlines. The newsletters are delivered via email, but each newsletter is also available in article format on the Brownstone Research website, which are typically released daily.

Jeff Brown Predictions & Picks for 2022 (Updated June 2022)

Jeff Brown has made some pretty notable predictions over the years. For example, according to several Jeff Brown presentations I’ve written about, he recommended bitcoin in 2015, NVIDIA in 2016, and Tesla in 2018 (among others). Of course, not everything he’s recommended has helped his followers make money. Like any stock picker, some of his picks have been duds. But he does appear to have a good track record overall, especially when it comes to tech-related plays. And in this

America’s Final Tech Wave (Jeff Brown’s MTA Metaverse Pick?)

Investment guru Jeff Brown recently released a presentation about an “unstoppable technology” he calls M.T.A that he believes could ignite “America’s FINAL Tech Wave.” According to Jeff, MTA is a “once-in-a-decade opportunity” for investors. What’s MTA about? And is it really a good opportunity? Well, that’s what I will help answer in this post. I’ll start by shedding some light on MTA technology and what stock Jeff Brown is recommending. Then, I’ll give you some info on The Near Future Report, the

What Is SCG Technology and Is Jeff Brown Legit?

In a recent presentation on the Brownstone Research website about “SCG technology,” Jeff Brown said that a “new device” he has “will replace all 6.3 billion smartphones on the planet” and make “early investors rich beyond their dreams.” According to Jeff Brown, the device is an “early version of something known as S.C.G.,” and there’s a “little-known company” at the “center of this $1.5 trillion trend.” What’s the device inside the black box? What is SCG technology? And is it