What Is Adam O’Dell’s “Infinite Energy” Stock? (Exposed)

Adam O’Dell just released a presentation about an “Infinite Energy software” company that he claims could disrupt the “$7.6 trillion global energy market.”

According to O’Dell, this company’s “Infinite Energy software” is using artificial intelligence to
“crack open the largest untapped energy source on the planet.”

And he suggests that the company’s growth could outshine the likes of Uber and Airbnb while handing investors gains similar to that of early Tesla investors.

Long story short, to see what stock O’Dell is teasing, you need to read a report called “The Tiny Company Dominating Tesla in the Trillion-Dollar Green Energy Race,” which comes with a $47 subscription to his Green Zone Fortunes service.

But I wanted to know what O’Dell’s so-called “Infinite Energy” stock was, so I went through the clues he shared in the presentation to see what I could find. And in this post, I’ll show you everything I learned – including the company’s name and ticker symbol.

O’Dell also talked about three other stocks he’s tracking. And after going through the clues, I believe I know what each one is. So, all told, O’Dell discussed FOUR stocks he’s interested in the presentation, and I’ll show you what I think each one is and why.

But first, let’s start with what “Infinite Energy” is all about…

What Is “Infinite Energy Software” and How Does It Work? (Breaking Down O’Dell’s Pitch)

Adam O’Dell’s most recent presentation centers around a “small Silicon Valley company” that he claims is using “Infinite Energy” software to disrupt the $7.6 trillion energy market.

And according to O’Dell, it’s doing so by utilizing an “untapped energy source.”

So, what exactly is Infinite Energy?

Adam O’Dell doesn’t use the term “Infinite Energy” to refer to any specific energy source. Instead, he claims that the “Infinite Energy software” his recommended company makes is using AI to “crack open the largest untapped energy source on the planet.”

“That’s because ‘Infinite Energy’ software is using artificial intelligence to crack open the largest untapped energy source on the planet…”

What “untapped energy source” is the company’s “Infinite Energy software” using?

According to Adam O’Dell, the software is utilizing “trapped energy,” which he describes as “the largest unused energy source on the planet.”

“But you’re probably wondering… How does ‘Infinite Energy’ software work?

And what is the largest unused energy source on the planet it’s tapping for the first time?

Well, that energy source is something I call ‘trapped’ energy.”

What is “trapped energy?” According to Adam O’Dell, “trapped energy” describes the energy that is essentially “stuck” inside the legacy power grid. And he claims that more than 60% of the energy America produces is “trapped” in the grid.

“Most people don’t know this, but more than 60% of the energy we produce here in America is wasted every year.

That’s right.


This means a ton of the power we generate is simply ‘trapped’ in the grid…”

Is that true? Apparently, yes. According to the World Economic Forum, around 68% of all energy produced in the U.S. is wasted through “various inefficiencies.”

What’s causing this wasted (or “trapped”) energy?

According to Adam O’Dell, it mostly has to do with how the legacy power grid cannot properly utilize unused energy, so it gets trapped and wasted.

“So what’s going on?

Well, in large part, it’s a problem with the legacy power grid…

With our old system, the power generated and the power consumed must balance each other perfectly.

That means if more power is produced than needed — which happens every day all over America — it’s simply trapped in the power grid with nowhere to go…”

Where does the “Infinite Energy” software fit into all of this?

According to Adam O’Dell, the software can turn trapped energy into usable power, which he claims could potentially power U.S. homes and businesses.

“But this is where ‘Infinite Energy’ software comes in…

With each passing day, this breakthrough technology is turning more and more trapped energy into usable power…

Which means trillions of extra kilowatts could potentially power American homes and businesses for the first time…”

The end result of this, according to Adam O’Dell, is that the Infinite Energy software could harness a “never-ending stream” of the lowest-cost energy in the world, to the point electricity costs almost nothing. And he claims some have already seen savings.

“Because it means ‘Infinite Energy’ software is now able to harness a never-ending stream of the most inexpensive energy the world has ever seen…

Early adopters are already seeing massive savings…

In fact, thanks to all the new energy software and tech, many Americans could soon reach a point where electricity costs them almost nothing.”

Sounds cool, but how does the software work?

The clues Adam O’Dell provides about how the software works are pretty vague. However, he does say that the Infinite Energy software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to recollect 700,000 raw data points per second from the power grid.

And according to O’Dell, this allows the company behind the software to utilize a “universe of connected storage batteries” to make use of trapped energy before it’s lost.

“Here’s how it works…

‘Infinite Energy’ software uses AI to collect 700,000 raw data points per second from the power grid…

This allows them to tap into an ever-growing universe of connected storage batteries, and automatically grab much of this trapped energy and store it before its lost.

Meaning: that energy can now be used again.”

So, to recap what we know so far…

The “Infinite Energy” software uses AI to make use of “trapped energy” (AKA wasted energy). And Adam O’Dell suggests this could provide cheap, abundant energy to Americans, while the company behind the software could be a potentially lucrative investment.

What company is he teasing? To answer that, and find out more about how the Infinite Energy software works, we’ll need to dig deeper.

What Is Adam O’Dell’s “Infinite Energy” Stock Pick? (Ticker Revealed)

Adam O’Dell doesn’t share the company’s name in the presentation, but he does share numerous clues about his pick. So I looked into each clue to see what I could find.

Given how vague O’Dell’s description was of the so-called Infinite Energy software, the first thing I did was try to properly define what the company (actually) does.

And to answer that question, I started with the following clue:

Wired magazine reports that Colorado resident Katela E. is currently paying as little as $12 a month for energy…”

That clue led me to this article on wired.com about virtual power plants, which the article describes as a “network of self-optimizing energy resources” that distributes power across the grid – without needing a centralized utility provider.

The concept of a virtual power plant has been around for a while now. And my understanding is that it’s essentially a decentralized power system that includes solar power and battery storage systems in the home, which are connected to the main grid.

As the Wired article I linked to explains, the software behind these energy systems can automatically send unused power from a home with a battery unit back to the grid when it’s not needed. And it can allow the home to receive power when needed.

So, in other words, the software can negotiate the optimal settings for when to draw power from the grid and when to send it to the grid.

And as a result, power usage can become more efficient, and the cost of electricity can be reduced while also having a more positive impact on the environment.

It’s a pretty cool concept.

Anyway, getting back to the stock… the above article doesn’t talk about the company Adam O’Dell is teasing. To find that out, I needed to look at the other clues in the presentation.

Here’s a summary of the remaining clues:

“…you can get started with less than $15…”


“Thanks to their patented AI software, they’re the #1 choice in the industry right now…”


“In fact, this company’s software is so in demand, the most recent numbers show they have $221 million in backlogged orders…”


“They’re valued at just $2.3 billion…”


“…they have zero debt and $525 million in the bank…”

Based on the above clues and everything else we’ve discussed so far, I believe the “Infinite Energy” company Adam O’Dell is teasing is Stem, Inc (NYSE: STEM).

Here’s why I came to that conclusion…

For starters, it matches the clues O’Dell shared about the company itself. Stem is a San Fransisco-based company specializing in AI-driven clean energy storage systems designed to maximize renewable energy generation.

Second, according to the company website, Stem’s proprietary (and patented) Athena® software uses “advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning” to automate the process of switching between onsite, battery, and grid power.

In other words, the software makes the virtual power plant set up I described earlier work better and more efficiently. It’s essentially the “brains” behind such a system.

The company website states that the software can help solve the issue of intermittent power from energy sources like solar, stabilize the grid, and reduce energy costs.

So, to sum it up, based on my research, this appears to be the software Adam O’Dell referred to in the presentation. And there’s a page on the Stem website that explains how the software works, so you might find that helpful if you want to learn more about it.

In any case, both the company and software are a match.

The other clues also match:

  • Stem’s stock price is currently sitting at around $8.50, which matches O’Dell’s clue of being able to get started with “less than $15.”
  • According to a press release about the company’s first-quarter 2021 financial results, Stem’s “Contracted Backlog increased to $221 million.” So that’s a match. Although, according to the company’s latest investor presentation (Q4 2021), this has increased to $449 million.
  • The market cap is currently around $1.3 billion, which is lower than $2.3 billion O’Dell stated in the presentation. However, the presentation was released in January 2022 according to the website. And the stock price has roughly halved since then, which would explain the decrease in market cap. So, that’s a match too.
  • Lastly, O’Dell made a comment that the company has “zero debt and $525 million in the bank.” And according to an investor conference call transcript, Stem said it “will have approximately 525 million dollars of cash and zero debt” when discussing the company’s merger with Star Peak Energy Transition Corp.

So, Stem is the “Infinite Energy” company O’Dell’s teasing.

And according to Adam O’Dell, his recommended company is “set to become a household name” and “potentially making early investors a fortune.”

Why’s he so bullish?

I can’t speak for O’Dell, but according to the presentation, he believes the company will see growth similar to companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Tesla.

He says that Uber and Airbnb essentially brought “trapped” resources online, disrupting their respective industries and benefiting shareholders. And he uses this as an example of how things could turn out for his recommended company.

“With the Uber app, all of these ‘trapped’ resources were brought online for the first time … turning millions of cars into taxis…

In short: Uber software allowed us to optimize what already existed into something entirely new…

By unleashing these trapped resources, Uber successfully disrupted the global taxi industry…

Before it went public, the company was worth just $50 million…

As a result, it saw its valuation shoot up 152,000% in 10 years!”


“That’s just like what Airbnb did…

Millions of apartments, guesthouses and beach homes went unused for large parts of the year…

When Airbnb came along, their software unlocked these trapped resources, turning each one into a potential hotel…

Not only did it disrupt the global hotel industry…

But Airbnb saw its market value skyrocket 144,000% in 10 years’ time!”

According to Adam O’Dell, the disruptions Uber and Airbnb brought to their respective industries are now happening in the energy space. And he claims that the company behind the “Infinite Energy software” is “unleashing trapped resources.”

“And now, it’s happening in the energy space…

Infinite Energy software is optimizing and unleashing trapped resources in our power grid, to create an entirely new form of hyper power…”

What upside does O’Dell believe his “Infinite Energy” stock pick could see? O’Dell likens the potential to that of Tesla in the early days.

“Elon Musk’s company hit gains of more than 26,000% in just 12 years…

I believe the same kind of thing could happen with the company behind ‘Infinite Energy’ software…”

That’s a bold claim, in my opinion. Anything could happen, I guess. But I would not expect to see that sort of upside with any stock because it’s unlikely.

In any case, that sums up my research on O’Dell’s pick. If you want to know (for certain) what company he’s teasing and get his research on it, you’ll need to read the report called “The Tiny Company Dominating Tesla in the Trillion-Dollar Green Energy Race.”

This report contains all the details on Adam O’Dells Infinite Energy pick. However, the catch is that the only way to access the report is by joining Green Zone Fortunes.

So, in the next section, I’ll walk you through what this service is all about. I’ll also give you the heads up on three other stocks Adam talks about during the presentation.

What Is Green Zone Fortunes?

Green Zone Fortunes is a monthly research service run by Adam O’Dell of Money & Markets that aims to help subscribers make money in the stock market.

Each month, O’Dell shares his number one stock pick, which represents the one investment he believes is best positioned to help subscribers profit.

Most of the stocks I’ve seen O’Dell recommend are in the tech or biotech sectors, but he shares stock tips across any sector he believes the profit potential is biggest.

How does it work?

I recommend seeing my complete Green Zone Fortunes review for all the details. But in short, the service costs $47 per year to join, and as a subscriber, you get access to Adam O’Dell shares his latest stock picks and research with you. From there, you can decide if you want to follow his ideas using your brokerage account.

How does O’Dell’s strategy work? According to Adam O’Dell, his “secret sauce” is called Adaptive Investing™, a process he and his team use to analyze the market and adapt to the market to find the best opportunity at any given time.

O’Dell says he starts by using an AI-based software dubbed the “Green Zone Rating” system, which scans around 8,000 U.S. stocks each month with the goal of finding the top-performing companies (regardless of the sector).

The system ranks each company on a scale of 0 to 100 based on six metrics: Momentum, Size, Volatility, Value, Quality, and Growth.

According to O’Dell, only a “handful of companies” get a rating of 90 or above and those that do get the “Green Zone Stock” designation.

Then, Adam O’Dell says he hand-picks one stock he believes has the best potential and shares his pick with subscribers each month. Each issue contains O’Dell’s top stock pick, his research into the company, and the details of his recommendation.

Subscribers of Green Zone Fortunes also get access to the “Weekly Hotlist,” a list of the top 10 stocks the Green Zone Rating system has identified for the week. And you get access to the software behind this rating system to research stocks yourself.

Lastly, subscribers receive updates on O’Dell’s recommendations, a five-part video series called My Momentum Principle Millionaire Video Series, and research reports he’s put together detailing different stocks he’s interested in.

In particular, you get three research reports as part of the “Infinite Energy” presentation, which each details a different stock. We’ve already discussed one of the reports (the one that details O’Dell’s Infinite Energy stock), but there are two others.

All up, there are three other stocks O’Dell teases in the presentation. And in the following section, I’ll walk you through each report and the stocks I believe he’s tracking.

The Top 2 Battery Innovators Set to Take the Green Tech Boom by Storm (Report 1)

This report contains the details of two battery companies Adam O’Dell is bullish on. And like before, he doesn’t share the names of the companies, but he does leave some clues.

  • According to Adam O’Dell, the first company has developed a battery made of salt, water and iron. He also says the “stock is trading at $9 a share” and that “BASF and Softbank Energy are backing them.”
    • Based on the clues, I believe the stock O’Dell is teasing here is ESS Tech (ticker: GWH). According to this article on CNBC, the company’s battery is made primarily of iron, salt and water and early backers include Bill Gates and Softbank.
  • O’Dell says the second company he details in the report has “revolutionized the existing lithium-ion battery structure and made it 30% more powerful.” He also says its strategic partners include Intel, Qualcomm and, Cypress. And he says it has 70 patents.
    • What could it be? Based on the clues, this stock looks like it could be Enovix Corp (ticker: ENVX). This company specializes in silicon-anode lithium-ion batteries, has over 70 patents, and according to this press release, its “backed by strategic relationships with Intel, Qualcomm and Cypress.”

From $1 Billion to $100 Billion Riding the Holy Grail of Battery Tech (Report 2)

The final stock Adam O’Dell teases in the presentation is a microcap company that he says is developing a new type of battery that Harvard calls “the holy grail of batteries.”

That was a pretty specific clue, and it led me to an article in the Daily Mail, which revealed that the above quote was about lithium-metal batteries.

From there, I looked at which lithium-metal battery companies are backed by Ford and BMW (another clue O’Dell shared) and came across SolidPower (ticker: SLDP).

SolidPower develops solid-state battery technology, mostly for electric vehicles. As of writing, the company’s market cap is about $1.2 billion, which matches O’Dell’s clue that the company is “worth around $1 billion right now.” So, SolidPower looks like a match.

So, that’s four stocks in one presentation I believe I’ve cracked. And as I’ll now explain, O’Dell has released other presentations that I’ve written about recently.

Who Is Adam O’Dell?

Adam O’Dell is the Chief Investment Strategist for Money & Markets, and he runs at least four of the company’s advisory services that I know of. These include Green Zone Fortunes, Home Run Profits, 10X Profits, and Wednesday Windfalls.

Before Money and Markets, O’Dell was an analyst for Dent Research, which The Agora acquired. And before that, he was a hedge fund manager.

Adam O’Dell also holds an MBA from the University of Phoenix. And according to the Money & Markets website, he’s a certified Chartered Market Technician (CMT), meaning he’s an expert on technical analysis, a popular type of analysis used by traders.

Is he the real deal?

My research suggests that Adam O’Dell is a genuine investment expert. Not all of his stock picks have worked out, but he does appear to have a strong track record.

I’ve also written about other presentations he’s been featured in.

For example, I recently wrote about his Imperium Machine prediction, which was all about a DNA sequencing company he was teasing. And as I’ve done in this post, I share the stock I believe he was pitching based on the hints he shared.

So, to sum it up, Adam O’Dell is the real deal. However, that doesn’t mean his picks will make you money because nobody can perfectly predict the market.

Is the “Infinite Energy” Presentation Legit?

There is a bit of mystery surrounding the “Infinite Energy” presentation. As in, O’Dell doesn’t exactly make it clear what “Infinite Energy” actually is and what so-called “trapped energy” the software makes use of. Nor does he share the names of the companies.

There’s also a bit of hype in the presentation. The initial impression I got was that the software was designed to essentially “pull” trapped energy out of the existing grid and that this would “unlock” a ton of “trapped” energy, making investors wealthy in the process.

But that’s not quite how it works (lol).

In reality, the “Infinite Energy” software (which I believe is Athena®) can make the existing grid more efficient. As in, as more people add solar panels and battery storage systems to their homes, the system can create a more efficient, cost-effective energy grid.

That’s my take on it anyway. And yes, I do think that’s a cool setup. And I guess if everyone started using a system like that, it could mean a lot less energy wastage. But I also think it pays to take the marketing with a pinch of salt like most of these presentations.

Either way, the presentation isn’t a scam. Adam O’Dell shares his thesis on clean energy storage, and in my opinion, he made some great points.

As for the companies he teased (the ones I listed earlier), these are all legitimate companies. I don’t know if they’ll make good investments, but there is ample information on each company online, and O’Dell shares his research in the reports I mentioned earlier.

Bottom Line

Adam O’Dell’s “Infinite Energy” software presentation centers around an AI-powered energy storage software developed by a “small Silicon Valley company,” which I believe is Stem, Inc.

O’Dell also mentioned three other picks, all of which are battery-related companies. One is called ESS Tech, another is Enovix Corp, and the final pick is SolidPower.

As mentioned, these are my best guess based on the clues O’Dell shared in the presentation, so I can’t guarantee they are the stocks in O’Dell’s reports. However, I’m confident these are his four energy storage-related stock picks because they match his clues.

What do you think? Are my guesses on the money? Or do you think O’Dell is teasing a different stock? Let me know in the comments section below.

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  2. Bonjour Tim,

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    NB Urgent avant le 28 juillet

    • Hi there,

      I don’t understand what you just said, but thanks for sharing the link to that presentation. I will take a look and potentially post an article about it.

      Note that I removed the link because I don’t post links to advertising presentations on this site.


  3. Very good research. Thanks.
    That said, I just don’t see every house or even every 3rd or 5th house having solar panels and batteries in the near term. Maybe in 50 years. But no way in the next 5 or 10 years. So its just not going to happen while we have political divisions and high inflation.
    Homeowners just can’t afford spending on the batteries even if they now have solar.

    • Yeah, I tend to agree with that. I like the idea of home solar (and reducing pollution), but I think we are realistically a long way off that goal.

      Thanks for chiming in.

    • i suggested to our local energy providers 10 years ago instead of penalising people for putting in home solar /battery set ups they offer to pay real money at peak times for their stored Kws . A major cost in our current system is peak demand ,many different figures put out, but cost for a KwHr at peak can be 100 or more times normal time rates .Of course I never heard back . Large base storage systems useing thermal or gravity ‘batteries ‘ are in developement all over the world ,so I wouldn’t hold my breath on a tiny silicon valley wonderkin winning big . Besides projects like Dinorwige in wales , a water storage ‘battery’ have been in use for 40 odd years , they were buying cheep french nuke power at night ,pumping water up into a reservoir , then reuseing it during peak demands . So people know Nuke plants can’t shut down ,or need hours even days to do so safely ,and can’t ramp up supply quickly , they depend on a good % of fast acting coal, gas, or oil to work . Wind and solar obviously are zero help in this regard , I suspect aproximately… zero !?, green energy political taking heads [ or as we call them ‘aoc dolls’, ] are even aware of these practical facts .

  4. Hey Tim, I’m new to the whole “Don’t believe every pitch you hear” scene. In the past I just had my credit card ready and went with it. Obviously, they haven’t panned out the way the presenters said it would. I’ve been reading all of your commentaries and I think you do a great job. You’re a very talented researcher. I bought into Adam O’dells DNA company he was teasing about a year back. The one that he said would revolutionize DNA because the computer they had deciphering all the data had patents and what not. The company he was teasing was Twist Biomedical (NASDAQ: TWST) and I got murdered. It went up a little when I bought it at around 86.00 dollars a share then took a nose dive and is now trading at 20. Like a tard I didn’t have a trail stop on it either. I sold it around 48 so didn’t ride it all the way down. Quick question, how do I subscribe to your newsletter? I also subscribed to your no.1 stock advisory about a year ago and it’s doing a lot better. I also subscribe to Chris Rowe (True Market Insiders) and I’ve done okay. I made around 3,000 on one of his suggestions but I didn’t sell it when he advised and it went up even higher which was exciting because the rest of my portfolio took a dive. I also subscribe to Bryan Perry. I’ve subscribed to him for the past 8 years and do ok as well. Well I did when he offered his LEAPS programs which he has since taken down which kind of sucks. Do you know these analysts? If so, I’d love to hear your opinion as I highly respect it. Again, thanks for all the good work you do.

    • Yeah, I unfortunately learned the hard way that many of these pitches are overhyped and that the results these “gurus” get are often nowhere near as good as they claim.

      I don’t have a newsletter myself; I just recommend ones I like.

      My favs are the Insider Newsletter and Lyn Alden’s Premium Research. I find them to both be very insightful.

      I am not a huge fan of True Market Insiders because I’ve seen a lot of hyped up marketing campaigns (similar to O’Dell) but it’s good to hear youv’e done well on some of his picks. I have also heard of Bryan Perry but don’t really have a strong opinion either way about his service/s at this point.

      There are some other great services out there, and some of the “mainstream” ones I’ve joined aren’t too bad, even though the marketing is BS. If you’re looking for other ideas on different newsletters, you can see the reviews I’ve published here:


      I go into detail on how the service works, reveal the portfolio’s performance, and share my opinion on those. So you might find that helpful.

      Thanks for your comment and all the best going forward!

      • You are right to be suspicious.

        I suggest you invest with paper money. Just burn it.
        The physics makes no sense. Yes there are power losses in the grid, mainly though electrical resistance converting it into low temperature heat. (but they are much closer to a few percent). And even this heat, under the Second Law of thermodynamics, cannot be harnessed for significant energy.

        Is he talking about the waste heat in combustion and nuclear power generators? Once again, these are working as close to the thermodynamic limits as is practical.

        DON’T BE A SUCKER!

  5. Thank you for this great research! You saved me time and money.
    I understand this system as a way of sharing unused energy, may be current or stored. Share back with the grid, or -who knows- share directly with your neighbour.

  6. I was trying to determine who the Infinite Energy AI software company was when I came across your research. You saved me time and money, & taught me how to do a better job researching. Thank you.

    You now have a new student follower.

  7. Bottom line: it’s not an energy source. It’s fundamentally about storing energy. Doesn’t sound so sexy, but energy storage is the key functionality needed to enable a 100% sustainable energy future based on solar and wind (the two biggest energy sources by far, dwarfing all fossil fuels, nuclear and the other renewable sources). This is because these sources vary over time. In addition, storage is the way to deal efficiently with independent variation in demand on scales from seconds up to years (rather than requiring the capacity to provide the maximum demand).

  8. The above comments say it all better than I can ever express. I started looking into the clues and was going to try to find your analysis, and very happily came across it. I can’t thank you enough. I’ve spent so much money on these reports my husband has said no more. I can find out some of the clues, but not like you. You are so thorough and explain it so well. You are so appreciated. Keep up the good work!!! Thank you again.

  9. All of what he said is probably true, but he’s also a scammer himself. He could have told all the details in a tenth of the time and print.

    • Are you talking about O’Dell or me lol? I can’t work it out.

      Be pretty strange if you’re talking about me. Since when is creating an in-depth article that most people find helpful and that you say yourself is “probably true,” a scam?

      The reason it’s so long is that O’Dell teased four separate companies, and I like to break down my logic so that my readers can see why I’ve drawn the conclusions I have.

      • Tim, outstanding work giving us your opinion. I was wondering how to get the info, then the light bulb came on.Google. That’s where i found your info. Thanks!!
        I know i wasn’t spending $199 to get that info. Again Thanks!!!

  10. Hi there, Tim,
    Came across Adam O’Dell’s “SPIEL” on his Infinite Energy presentation through our gmail emails. He presents well to say the least. Then I “Googled” his info., out of sheer curiosity to hopefully gain some further info., through the back door approach. Then in reply, once again, came across your comments and findings of same. Totally incredible work by you in your research and outcomes. It may have well been yourself or Anders of “Green Bull” who made the comment, quote :- How they make their money is by in depth (where all they do is send you to sleep) presentations (where they waffle on for donkey ages), then by buying into their services. And, that is how they make their money without investing themselves. Once again, Tim, outstanding work by you.

    • Hi Richard,

      Yeah, O’Dell is very persuasive, as are numerous others in the stock picking space.

      I wrote a post dedicated to explaining some of the main tactics they use, which you might find interesting. But the gist is that they hype up the stock so much that you just “have” to join the service they’re pitching to find out what it is. And in the process, they waffle on and on… and on.

      I’ve seen so many of these presentations now that I’m virtually numb to it.

      Still, I find it interesting to look into what stocks they’re teasing, as sometimes (behind all the hype) they recommend great companies.

      Anyway, thanks for the comment, appreciate it.

      • Tim I have to agree with your concept but I’m going to add one more small feature that is happening that no one is realizing! You see, not only are they successful in gaining a gazillion (not really a word lol) subscriptions to THEIR publications but all the “hype” they put towards these “smaller” stocks leaves the reader with the impending feeling of doom if they don’t act quickly enough to secure enough of their shares while the stock is still selling cheap, they’ll for sure miss out on the “overnight blowup” the stock is sure to do making everyone who invests millionaires! A sneaky tactic! Why? In some of my research in the past on this exact thing I inadvertantly found, in some instances, the expert analysis spamming everyones email actually had small (no certain amount) stakes in said company’s share. Thanks to the “hype” created, a small(no certain amount but definetly not an overnight blow out) influx in is seen in stock purchases causing an increase in share $$ (again no certain amount). In turn there are those who are expecting this and ready to sell when that happens. Even if that share only increased by say $2, if they owned 200,000 shares they bought at say $0.56/share and sell that 200,000 at $2.56/Share thats a $400,000 profit they just made on a small cap. You will soon realize it wasn’t at all what they said it would be, not because the company didn’t have the potential, but because its probably still in its infancy of R & D and simply years away still from being where they want to be.The one who really gets hurt is the company its happening to. Money is the root of ALL EVIL! The new world currency should strictly include the old ways of bartering I used to read about in History class!

        • Hi Lisa,

          Yeah, you make a good point. I’ve seen a ton of these stock teaser pitches and the conclusion I’ve come to is that almost ALL of them are sensationalist hype. In most cases, I think their aim is to sell newsletters, but I guess in some cases, there may be those that would go as far as to do what you’ve suggested. This industry is absolutely full of shady characters, so it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

          Thanks for chiming in.

  11. I visited the Enovix factory before the ipo and they are wonderful people who have persevered and pivoted to come up with brilliant technologies. I am not affiliated with the firm nor an investor at present.

  12. Thank you for doing this for the benefit of all of us out here who do not
    want to be scammed, as there are SO many teasers and they ALL want your
    money for their subscriptions.
    You do a wonderful job!! What type of scams did you get caught up in before
    you started this????
    Thank You

    • My pleasure.

      Yeah, they are everywhere so it can be hard to know what is legit and what’s not.

      To start with, I got caught up in make money online programs, many of which were either scams or at best overhyped. That was back in 2015 and eventually I learned how to build a business online so it worked out okay.

      Then I started looking into different stock advisories and noticed how similar the space was. Lots of hype, BS, and people trying to make as much money off of you as possible. But as with the online busienss space, still some legitimate programs/services out there.

      With the stock advisories, one of the services that lost me the most money was one dedicated to pot stocks. It wasn’t that the service was a scam as such, it was more “gurus” overhyping the space at the peak of an already overhyped sector. It was ultimatly my fault in hindsight. But still, some of these services just aren’t helping people, especially those who are just getting into investing/trading.

      Anwyays, thanks for commenting and all the best going forward. 🙂

      • Hi Tim,

        Thanks for replying. One thing I have noticed is that alot of these teasers are rehashing the same old teaser they had before with a different spin on it or just polished up some. I suppose they get another round of 49 dollars a month times who know how many. I was skeptical on the pot stocks so I did not rush into to those and I am relatively new to this game but I was lucky enough to find your site and GreenBullResearch to help me. You do as good a job as they do Tim, Both of you are a fantastic service to all of us and I for one am thankful. What is your take on STEM Tim? Do you think its worth throwing a few bucks at?? Thanks


        • Yeah, many times these types of presentations will tease different stocks to promote the same service, this is very common. And sometimes they will tease the same stock in a different way.

          I’m not a stock picker so I don’t provide tips or commentary on whether or not I think different companies are worth investing in. But there are many great sites out there that provide that sort of analysis. For instance, Seeking Alpha and Motley Fool are a couple of sites I often look at when researching different companies.

          • my question is if this green energy software is so good why would any company use it the electric companys are not in the business of selling cheep energy my electric company has raised my bill by 100.00 dollars a month for the last 3 months up from 400.00 a month with no increase in useage per month so where is the insentive to lower my bill their in business to gouge me as much as they can it dose not make any since to use the software to increase energy from storage just a though

      • Tim, first time I found you looking on anything about Odell but I was quite impressed with your research. I am also a Paid subscriber of Stock Gumshoe and you rate right up there with Him. Now I found you and your work 2 sources are always better. THANK YOU

  13. It’s all a trick…The Real Thing Is ballard. Inc!!!! Tim look into it closely and his latest video he posted showing his two charts and previous gains. It’s on the second chart at the very top

    • I doubt it; that company doesn’t match O’Dell’s clues.

      And unless I missed it, I couldn’t see that stock mentioned anywhere in the transcript of the video. Either way, just because O’Dell shows a chart of something doesn’t mean that’s his pick. He shows charts of lots of different stocks.

      I believe his pick is Stem because no other stock matches the clues as closely as it does. I’m not sure if you’ve read the post, but some of the clues are so specific that it’s extremely unlikely for it to be any other company when you put it all together. It’s possible I’m wrong because I haven’t read the report, but I don’t think so.

  14. Like lots of others, I appreciate your efforts and apparent honesty. There is so little of that in our world today, And investing is no different–mostly traders-limiting real long term investing opportunities to guesswork and the fast talkers who make their money from subscriptions rather than investments themselves.

  15. Hey Tim,
    I watched the presentation, and all I could think of was SCAM, and as I looked up some info on Adam O’Dell, I came across you, and now I may actually do some further research to possibly invest.

  16. Hey You rock Tim! You’re definitely a genius! I was using the same strategy these last 5 weeks after watching a whole bunch of videos, only to find out at the end of the presentation that they wanted me to subscribe. I’m fairly new to the Stock market, but I’ve been doing a lot of research, and studying. I’ve tried just like you to put the clues together. That’s how I discovered QS (Quantum Space), and a couple others. But I’m definitely not as efficient and good as you. Thank you so much for this report. I literally just watch the Adam O’Dell video, and spent 3 hrs trying to put the clues together, but to no avail. Keep up the great work man!!!????

    • Haha no problem at all, glad I could help. I’m definitely not a genius though lol, just a bit OCD and enjoy solving the puzzles.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best.

    • A fool and his money are easily departed. Stick with large value cap stocks with large moats, tons of free cash flow and the ability to also increase that stocks value beyond just what the dividend provides. Learn how to evaluate companies compared to their peers—learn the ratio. This is your first goal in investing: Analysis. Do you understand what a PEG ratio is? Do you understand that some ratios are more important to focus on than other depending on the current life cycle of the company?

      “This is the way.”

      Chasing BetaMax or Laser Disc is a fool errand. First to adopt rarely works because their are so many companies chasing the same goal. And there are obviously huge, huge players in the smart grid space. I have been studying the smart grid space for years and this sort of work in nothing more than what tons of scientists, policy makers, and businessmen have been working on for decades.

      Now you can be the prospector or own the general store supplying goods to prospectors on their way to going broke. we ll know who made out better.
      In other words, find some copper companies or other companies that ALL have to have their products used by the eventual winners. Buy the General Store and don’t gamble on a “claim.”

      • Trapped resources. Infinite costless copying. Linear progress. . Exponential growth. Techniques without strategy are useless.

  17. Impressed by what I just saw, after researching what Adam was promoting. What do you think of the ‘forever battery’ that is showing up in youtube videos. Can’t remember the name, but it sounds way to good to be true: lasts a million miles, is the size of a deck of cards, recharges in minutes… too bad Elon doesn’t know about it!! I’ll be checking back for your reply, and will check your website out!

    • Yeah, I’ve come across a couple of presentations about a so-called “forever battery.”

      One “forever battery” presentation was from Banyan Hill’s Charles Mizrahi and the other one I looked into was about a “$3 wonder stock” and featured InvestorPlace’s Luke Lango (who also calls it a forever battery).

      Not sure which one you’re referring to but I’m guessing it will be one of those because both of those presentations have been doing the rounds lately. And the links I just shared take you to the post I wrote about each, where I reveal the name and ticker of the stock they’re teasing.

    • Elon knows. Personally, as an individual who perhaps knows a little bit about a lot of things like many… Sooo… Elon, sketchy maybe here n there …I’ve gradually discovered through sources that he knows alot about alot of things. This entire electricity / battery / e car disruption period eventually sooner or later will grow again exponentially through linear progress. Elon has brilliant strategies exercising virtually all of them well. . Studying, listening … and strategy is a strength(s)… not ‘ disaster ‘ . We learn from those occurrences as well.

      • Instead of spending all of this time investigating you could have spent the $79 and and known for sure what Adam was talking about!

        • True, but for one thing, I enjoy researching and writing about this stuff. And second, even if I had joined the service, it wouldn’t be right to share what I found as a member, so I’d still need to do the research and share my guesses based on the presentation.

        • Spend… >. Invest 79 dollars on a Grateful Dead ticket this summer. Or Phish. Tour a bit. Modern tech at these shows… I suggest you experience it. Beyond
          Description. Buy Coca or Cola, Live Nation or similarly connected entertainment industry stocks. Trust me. Perhaps other consumer discretionary stocks.

  18. Hi Tim,
    I am super impressed by all your research, expertise, and honesty in your writing, and the fact that you love to share your conclusions with others to help them avoid some pitfalls that you’ve encountered. Adam’s presentation is So alluring… he makes those stocks seem So tempting. I am glad to hear that you believe he is legit – though not always accurate. I really appreciate your wonderful article analyzing his very long ad. And thanks for your link to your other article about which investing service you think is best.
    Have you ever written any opinions about The Motley Fool? It seems they have some very good investing philosophies, similar to those of Insider Weekly – Capital Exploits.
    I’m now browsing your Affiliate UNguru website… interesting!
    Thanks again.

    • Hi Bettina,

      Thank you, appreciate your words and I’m glad the article helped.

      I joined Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor a while back and it’s a great service. The main reasons I like it is that the marketing is more ethical than most services, they have a solid (and documented) track record going back around 20 years, and the service is comprehensive. I haven’t published a review of it yet but it’s on the agenda.

      Insider Weekly is another great service and one I recommend. It’s similar to Stock Advisor in that it’s about long-term investing, but Insider Weekly is more focused on finding stocks in beaten down, unloved sectors with potential for asymmetric returns (low risk, high upside potential).

      Another service I’ve recently joined is Lyn Alden’s Premium Stock Research service and it’s a hidden gem. Lyn is (easily) one of the smartest macro investors out there and the service covers a broad range of multi-asset, global investment ideas and research.

      Insider Weekly is my top pick overall, but all three of these services are legit and could be worth checking out depending on your goals and preferences.

      All the best going forward.

  19. Cannot say how much I appreciate the in depth info you provide. I will look for you input on each stock before I make a purchase. THANK YOU!!!

  20. Hello Tim,

    There are several anthena listing. Do you know the abbreviation for the one that Adam suggests?

    • I’m not really sure what you mean but if you’re talking about Athena®, that’s a software made by Stem, Inc and the ticker is STEM on the NYSE.

  21. Glad I came across your article and investigative work Tim! I am just getting started in the trading game and I have trouble trusting anyone. Sorry to hear about the scams you have endured and thanks for pointing these out to the ” Little Guy” : ) Good things come to those that care! I look forward to reading more of your informative investigations into online Stock Investment Maniacs. Good Luck on your picks!

  22. I appreciate your research,Tim. Thank you soooo much for sharing it. I haven’t bought any stock, yet. However, I’m considering doing so and this information is so prudent. Thanks for being so helpful!

  23. Appreciate it. Nice DD. You might look at LWLG. They change electrons to photons, increasing speed and lowering use of electricity. Been around twenty years with lots of patents. Use to be in DE (DD chemist) and moved to Colorado.

    no analysts follow it. Lots of new institutional buyers.

    • If you invest I would only be best for short term LWLG according to some charts I look at. But who know……. And Tim damn good job On this article you actually cleared up a lot a lot a lot of information that I was unsure of that he was talking about so thanks a lot!!! Keep up this kind of writing and analyzing theories. You’re gonna be a very wealthy man one day if you are you are not


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