What Apple Car “Supplier” Is Jeff Brown Teasing? (Exposed)

Jeff Brown has just released a new stock teaser presentation centered around the rumored “Apple Car” and a “little-known Apple supplier” he’s tracking.

According to Brown, the Apple Car will be Apple’s “biggest breakthrough,” and he claims that one “Apple supplier” that makes microchips for electric vehicles could be the best way to “cash in” on this “breakthrough” in the near future.

“The ‘Apple car’ (or the iCar, as I’ve heard some calling it) won’t be Apple’s next big breakthrough. It will be its BIGGEST breakthrough. Period.”


“… This company has a stranglehold on microchips that go into electric cars.

And when you consider it’s 50 times smaller than Apple…

It is the best way I know to potentially cash in on Apple’s biggest breakthrough … very soon.”

Jeff Brown reveals his pick in a report called “The Apple Car: Unlocking the $10 Trillion Opportunity,” which comes with a Near Future Report subscription.

However, I researched his clues to find out what stock he was teasing.

And I think I know what it is.

In this post, I’ll show you exactly what I found, ticker and all. But first, let’s look into Jeff Brown’s Apple Car prediction and unpack the clues he shared in the presentation.

Unpacking Jeff Brown’s Apple Car Prediction

One thing I want to point out before we get rolling here is that the presentation we’ll be discussing is actually a new version of an older Jeff Brown Apple Car pitch.

The difference with the new version, which we’ll be discussing in this post, is that instead of pitching a “tiny electric car company,” he’s teasing an “Apple supplier” that he says makes “specialized computer chips.”

So with that said, what is Jeff Brown predicting?

In short, Jeff Brown is predicting that Apple could soon unveil its “biggest breakthrough” (AKA Apple Car project), unlocking a “$10 trillion opportunity” in the process. And he believes one company that’s “50 times smaller than Apple” could be the best way to “cash in” thanks to the “Apple effect” (which I’ll elaborate on shortly).

The Apple car project Jeff Brown’s referring to is called Project Titan; a codename used to describe Apple’s rumored electric autonomous vehicle.

The keyword there is “rumored” because, at this point, that’s exactly what it is – a rumor. The general consensus among most “experts” is that Apple is working on a self-driving car, but the company itself hasn’t openly discussed any of the details.

Nevertheless, there is enough anecdotal evidence to suggest that Apple is working on the so-called Apple car. And as Jeff Brown points out, “Apple is notoriously secretive” when it comes to working on new projects, so it makes sense that they haven’t said anything.

In any case, Jeff Brown suggests that the Apple car is a sure thing:

“The Apple car is a matter of when not if. And if history repeats, I believe investors who make the right moves today will make massive gains.”

According to Brown, Apple is “pulling out all the stops” to make it happen as soon as possible, pouring “all its engineering might” into the project, outspending Tesla, and tapping engineers from the lead auto companies in the process.

“For each dollar Tesla spends on the development of new electric cars, Apple is spending $12.”


“According to my sources, Apple appears to be pouring all its engineering might into it.

They tapped Tesla’s top engineers and executives from BMW, Ford, and Mercedes Benz.

Documents submitted to the federal government show a total of 5,000 experts are involved with this project.”


“Apple is pulling out all the stops to bring the Apple car to life as soon as possible.”

How does Jeff Brown know all of this?

As mentioned, it’s largely speculation and rumors at this point, so it’s unclear what exactly he “knows,” if anything, about the project. However, Jeff Brown did make a compelling case in the presentation about why his Apple car theory could play out.

For one thing, he claims to have worked with Apple suppliers in the past (Qualcomm and NXP Semiconductors), which has given him “unique insight” into the company.

“As you know, I spent years working at two of the top tech companies in the world that are strategic suppliers to Apple.

But I also worked directly with other key Apple suppliers.

All this gave me a unique insight into the inner workings of the company.”

Whether or not that means Jeff Brown knows something about the Apple car that the rest of us don’t is anyone’s guess, but he does appear to have worked with those companies.

Second, Jeff Brown says that he and his team “have spent months tracking this story,” and in the process, uncovered patents dealing with the Apple car and a California DMV record showing that Apple was granted a permit to test self-driving vehicles.

“My team and I have spent months tracking this story.

Along the way, we uncovered more than 120 patents dealing with the Apple car. And new ones are being filed almost weekly.”


“Back in 2017, Apple got the green light from the DMV to start testing the technology for the Apple car.”

I can’t speak to how relevant the patents are that Jeff Brown mentioned because I’m not a lawyer or patent expert. However, Business Insider confirms that Apple obtained a DMV permit to test autonomous vehicles in California. So that part checks out.

Lastly, Jeff Brown claims to have “spotted” an Apple car and in the presentation, he showed a picture of a white Lexus SUV as “proof.”

“Chris, Apple has been testing the Apple car, right under our noses! On the streets of California.

In fact, I spotted one of them myself not that long ago.”


“Apple has been conducting the tests in plain sight — in a fleet of boring, white SUVs, just like this one…”

That struck me as odd considering the SUV he showed is NOT an Apple car. But I looked into Jeff Brown’s claim to see what I could find. And it turns out he was referring to a white Lexus RX SUV that, according to macrumors.com, was seen leaving an Apple building “equipped with multiple sensors, cameras, and radar.”

So Jeff Brown didn’t “spot” an (actual) Apple car. Instead, he appears to have been talking about an SUV that Apple reportedly used to test its self-driving technology.

Anyway, long story short, Jeff Brown believes that the Apple car is inevitable and that it’s only a matter of time before the “Apple effect strikes again” and investors cash in.

“With $10 trillion at stake, I believe it’s only a matter of time before the Apple effect strikes again. And only a matter of time before investors cash in.”

What exactly is the “Apple effect?”

Jeff Brown described the so-called Apple effect as a “repeating pattern” he discovered while working with “one of Apple’s key partners” in Japan.

According to Brown, this “pattern” involves smaller tech companies teaming up with Apple on “breakthrough products” and, as a result, their stock outperforming Apple.

“… It’s a repeating pattern I discovered during my years in Japan when I worked with one of Apple’s key partners.

On the surface, it’s simple:

Smaller tech companies that team up with Apple on breakthrough products do even BETTER than Apple stock. Much better.

These companies often leave Apple shares in the dust when it comes to stock market returns.”

Fancy names aside… what Jeff Brown is essentially saying here is that if a big company like Apple does a deal with a smaller company, that company’s stock could potentially rally higher than Apple percentage-wise given the difference in market cap.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that’ll happen.

But that’s the general idea behind the “Apple effect.” And in this case, Jeff Brown is recommending a company that’s “50 times smaller than Apple.”

“I dug through thousands of patents and technical documents over the past few months. I tapped my network. And I scrutinized hundreds of companies.

And one company rose to the top.

It’s 50 times smaller than Apple. So it’s no surprise it’s flying completely under the radar of most investors.”

What company is Jeff Brown teasing?

Read on.

What “Little-Known Apple Supplier” Is Jeff Brown Teasing? (Apple Car Pick Revealed)

Jeff Brown provided scant clues about his pick in the presentation, but he shared enough for me to uncover one company that looks like a match.

The first main clue Jeff Brown shared was that the company “has a deal” with Apple regarding “car technology” and that it’s an “Apple supplier.”

“Apple has already picked this company. Even ahead of the official announcement of the Apple car…

The tech giant already has a deal with this company for car technology.”


“I’ve detailed this company in a special Apple car briefing I just finished.

It’s called The Apple Car: Unlocking the $10 Trillion Opportunity.

Inside, you’ll find the details of this little-known Apple supplier. Including the full name and ticker symbol.”

He also said that the company is around “50 times smaller than Apple.” And since Apple’s market cap is around $2.3 trillion as of writing (May 2022), that means the company he’s talking about has a market cap of around $46 billion (ish).

Other than that, when the host of the presentation, Chris Hurt, asked Jeff Brown what the company makes, Brown responded with “specialized computer chips.”

“CHRIS: What do they make that’s so vital?”

“JEFF: Specialized computer chips.”

So to recap, we know that the company’s market cap is around $46-odd billion, that it has a “deal” with Apple regarding “car technology,” and makes computer chips (AKA semiconductors), which is something electric vehicles in general use lots of.

Given how many companies Apple works with, that’s not a lot to go off, but I went through a list of Apple suppliers on Investopedia and checked their market caps.

And the supplier that stood out to me was Taiwan-based company Foxconn, formally known as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd, which is one of Apple’s largest and oldest suppliers.

What does the company do?

Foxconn is the world’s largest contract electronics manufacturer, and according to spglobal.com, it has partnered with a company called Stellantis to design and sell “purpose-built automotive semiconductors.”

I’m no expert on semiconductors, but that seems to match Jeff Brown’s “specialized computer chip” clue. And while it’s only speculation at this point, there are rumors suggesting that Foxconn could be a candidate to produce the Apple Car, too.

What about the “50 times smaller” clue?

To answer that, we need to compare the company’s market cap with that of Apple.

The official ticker symbol for Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd (AKA Foxconn) is 2317.TW, and since it’s a Taiwanese company, its market cap is denominated in “The New Taiwan dollar” (TWD).

As of writing (May 2022), the company’s market cap is around 1.5 trillion TWD, which works out to around $51 billion when converted into U.S. dollars.

That’s a touch off from Brown’s “50 times smaller than Apple” clue, but not by much, especially considering the market cap and exchange rates are always changing.

So, Foxconn looks like Jeff Brown’s “Apple car” pick.

How do you invest?

Well, first and foremost, there’s no guarantee I’m right about Jeff Brown’s pick being Foxconn. I haven’t read his report, so I could be wrong. And even if I am right, nothing on this page should be considered advice about what you should or shouldn’t do.

That said, there are numerous ways to invest in Foxconn, and the benzinga.com article I just linked to outlines a bunch of them.

For example, some international brokerages give investors access to Taiwan’s stock exchange, and an alternative option is the ticker HNHPF, which is a type of equity security known as an American Depositary Receipt (ADR).

Also, as I mentioned earlier, Jeff Brown details his pick in a report called “The Apple Car: Unlocking the $10 Trillion Opportunity.” So if you want to know exactly what company (and ticker symbol) he’s recommending, that would be the best resource to see.

I’ve come across other investment “gurus” that have teased Foxconn, too. Like Alex Green in his Single-Stock Retirement Play presentation, for example. And his thesis had nothing to do with the Apple car, so that might be worth a look if you want a different perspective.

In any case, the only way to access Jeff Brown’s report is through a subscription to the Near Future Report, which is a paid stock advisory service Jeff Brown runs.

So if you’re considering joining that, keep reading.

Should You Join The Near Future Report?

The Near Future Report is a stock advisory run by Jeff Brown focused on tech and biotech trends like autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, robotics, and synthetic biology, for example. And as a subscriber, you get his latest picks and research.

Who’s Jeff Brown, anyway?

Jeff Brown is a former technology executive turned stock picker who claims to have recommended numerous high-flying stocks before the companies became household names (like Tesla, Nvidia, and AMD, for example).

I’ve written about a handful of Jeff Brown presentations on this blog and, in the process, uncovered a bunch of stocks he’s recommended.

Should you join his service?

I’m not a member of Jeff Brown’s Near Future Report service, so I can’t recommend it based on personal experience. But I have been reading his free Bleeding Edge newsletter pretty regularly, and I’ve found his insights worthwhile overall.

That said, I’ve also found some of his presentations to be a bit overhyped. And I wouldn’t sign up hoping to get rich overnight because, as with any service, there’s no guarantee you’ll make money following the recommendations you receive as a subscriber.

How much does it cost?

For $49, you get 12 months of access to his monthly newsletter, stock picks, research reports, and other resources aimed at helping readers follow his recommendations. After that, the order page states that the service automatically renews at $129 a year.

If you want to know more about Jeff Brown, the different services he runs, and see what other predictions he’s made, check out this post.

Bottom Line

Jeff Brown’s latest presentation centers around a “little-known Apple supplier” that he believes could benefit from the “Apple effect,” which, according to Brown, is where smaller tech companies that team up with Apple on “breakthrough products” can outperform Apple stock. And my research suggests that the company he’s teasing could be Foxconn.

Most of the hype surrounding the Apple car is based on hearsay at this point, so it’s not clear when or even if it will happen. And even if it does, nobody knows how successful the project will be or what impact that will have on different stocks.

Still, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Apple car was unveiled at some point over the next several years, and that would likely benefit some companies that work with Apple. So it will be interesting to see how all of this plays out in the years ahead.

What do you think? Will the Apple car be the company’s “biggest breakthrough,” as Jeff Brown suggests? Or will Tesla remain the king of EVs? Share your thoughts below.

1 thought on “What Apple Car “Supplier” Is Jeff Brown Teasing? (Exposed)”

  1. You may have hit on the company teased by Brown, however, I have my doubts.
    AEVA Technologies has patented it’s “Lidar on a Chip” technology, which conforms to the “Computer Chip” referenced in Browns tease.
    Also, they have provided the First FMCW 4D LiDAR on NVIDIA DRIVE Autonomous Vehicle Platform!
    That combination is a first mover in the industry, bolstered by NVidia’s pre-eminence in advanced chips!
    Just some thoughts to consider.
    Discl: Long AEVA stock!


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