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Karim Rahemtulla’s 3 “America’s Reckoning” Stock Picks

Karim Rahemtulla is out with a new pitch centered around his “America’s Reckoning” prediction. In short, he’s predicting that a so-called “economic storm” is forming and teased three companies that he suggests could be good investments. The first is a “$3 gold stock” he likes, the second is an oil and gas pipeline company, and the third he describes as a “special way to collect income even while interest rates rise.” The whole thing leads to a pitch for a

What Is Jason Williams’ “Tiny” Helium Stock Pick?

Today I’m looking into a presentation by Angel Publishing’s Jason Williams, who teased a “tiny” stock that he believes “could skyrocket 20,862%.” According to Williams, the company has “control over $39.2 billion worth of helium,” a resource that he claims is both critical and facing a supply squeeze. Long story short, the presentation leads to a pitch for a $1,999 service Williams runs called Future Giants. So if you want to know what company he’s teasing for sure, that’s the service you’d need

Nomi Prins discussing her Energy Revolution thesis and Liquid Energy stock pick in a presentation hosted on the Rogue Economics website.

Nomi Prins’ “Liquid Energy” Stock Pick Revealed

Nomi Prins is out with a new teaser about what she’s calling “Liquid Energy,” a tech she believes is “the #1 solution for the $130 trillion transition to clean, renewable energy.” And according to Prins, the “$4 company” behind Liquid Energy could not only “derail Tesla,” which she suggests is betting big on large-scale energy storage, but “make investors a huge return” during the so-called “energy transition” she sees unfolding. “Liquid Energy runs longer… lasts longer… is better for the

Whitney Tilson discussing his Energy Supercycle prediction and "next LNG powerhouse" stock pick with host Elaine Espinola in an Empire Financial Research presentation.

Whitney Tilson’s “Energy Supercycle” (LNG) Pick Revealed

Whitney Tilson has just released a new (September 2022) presentation centered around the energy sector, which he believes is entering a “supercycle.” According to Tilson, he and his colleagues foresee a “mass exodus” coming as soon as November that could result in a “large transfer of wealth out of the tech sector” and into “the Keystone Sector” (aka energy sector). Furthermore, Tilson says there’s one “$4 stock” at the “center of it all,” which he refers to as “the next LNG powerhouse,”

Marc Lichtenfeld discussing his "biotech royalty" stock pick in an Oxford Club presentation.

Marc Lichtenfeld’s “Biotech Royalty” Stock Pick Revealed

Today I’m looking into a Marc Lichtenfeld pitch about a “biotech royalty company” that he believes could hand us a “30X gain over the next year.” According to Lichtenfeld, this is possible due to his belief that the stock is about to experience a “Lightning Strike” (aka “special catalyst”)… “I’ve found a stock about to experience a Lightning Strike. And I have a specific options play I believe could set my all-time record for gains. “It’s bigger and better than

What Are Steve Sjuggerud’s “Oil Boom Portfolio” Picks?

Today I’m looking into a new Stansberry Research presentation featuring Steve Sjuggerud and his lead analyst, Brett Eversole, focused on the oil sector. In short, both Sjuggerud and Eversole are predicting higher oil prices for several different reasons, and Stansberry has put together a “brand-new model oil and gas portfolio” to give readers the “chance to profit” from this “situation.” I actually thought this was one of the more intelligent presentations I’ve come across. Instead of being filled with “get

Andy Snyder during his XRI Metaverse presentation on the Manward Press website.

Andy Snyder’s “XRI” Metaverse Stock Pick Revealed

I recently received an email from Andy Snyder that led me to a pitch for his Manward Letter service, and it centered around an “XRI” metaverse company he likes. In short, Snyder said in the presentation that “XRI is predicted to be worth up to $13 trillion by 2030” and that his “#1 metaverse company” is positioned to “take the lion’s share of this growth.” He also teased three other “bonus” metaverse stocks as well. Snyder didn’t reveal his picks

What “Alternative Protein” Stock Is Jason Williams Teasing?

Today I’m looking into a Jason Williams presentation that centers around the “alternative protein” (aka plant-based food) sector and one company that he believes “could turn every $5,000 into $134,050 for early investors.” “The company I’m going to reveal today has been preparing for a moment exactly like this. That’s why I believe it could turn every $5,000 into $134,050 for early investors.” Source: Long story short, it’s part of a pitch for an Angel Publishing service that costs

Alexander Green discussing his Super Momentum stock buyback picks with Bill O'Reilly.

Solved: Alex Green’s “Super Momentum” Stock Buyback Picks

According to a recent Oxford Club teaser featuring Alex Green and Bill O’Reilly, massive stock buybacks are one of the “single best indicators” of a stock’s future success. In short, Green believes that when a company announces a big buyback, “management is essentially betting their careers that the stock is undervalued.” And he suggests that share buybacks can “reward shareholders in a major way,” if you pick the right stock. As for what he’s recommending, Green gave one away of

What Is Marc Lichtenfeld’s “No. 1 Penny Options” Pick?

Marc Lichtenfeld has released an interview-style pitch with host Kym McNicholas about his new Penny Options Trader service, which costs around $2k to join. And as part of the presentation, he teased his “current No. 1 penny options windfall opportunity.” According to Lichtenfeld, this stock is “on the verge of six huge catalysts,” any one of which could “potentially send its shares soaring in the next few months.” “This stock is on the verge of six huge catalysts, any one

Matt McCall discussing his rare rarth mining stock picks in a Stansberry Research presentation.

What Are Matt McCall’s Six “Rare Earth” Mining Picks?

Stansberry Research recently released a new presentation featuring investment guru Matt McCall, which focused on “rare earths” and six mining companies he’s bullish on. According to Matt McCall, the U.S. government is doing “everything within its power” to build up its rare earth industry, and he believes that this could present an opportunity. “… the U.S. government is doing everything within its power to move back to independence… by rebuilding a once-dominant, domestic rare earth industry. “That’s where the opportunity

Enrique Abeyta during an Empire Financial Research presentation about his Master Reset prediction and number one electric vehicle stock pick for 2022.

Revealed: Enrique Abeyta’s “#1 EV Stock for 2022”

Today I’m looking into a new stock teaser by Enrique Abeyta of Empire Financial Research about his top electric vehicle (EV) pick for 2022. In short, Abeyta is predicting that a so-called “Master Reset” is coming for the automobile industry and that “one unexpected automaker” will outsell the rest. “Nearly every bank, brokerage, endowment, insurer, and hedge fund on the face of the planet is pouring a total of $520 BILLION into what I call the ‘Master Reset’ of the