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Conrad’s Utility Investor Review (Should You Join?)

Hello and welcome to my review of Conrad’s Utility Investor. I discovered this service while looking into a different newsletter called Utility Forecaster, which Roger Conrad ran between 1989 to 2013. However, Roger now shares his insights with subscribers of an advisory called Conrad’s Utility Investor, and given his experience and track record, I wanted to learn more. So I decided to take a closer look at the service, and in this post, I’ll show you what I learned. In

What Is Paul Mampilly’s Blockchain Stock Pick? (Exposed)

I recently came across a presentation from Paul Mampilly about a warehouse that holds the “key to a potential $3 trillion revolution” and a “$20 stock” he suggests could make you a fortune. In short, the whole thing centers around the rise of blockchain technology and one company that Paul believes is “the absolute best way” to profit from this opportunity. What stock is Paul Mampilly teasing? Paul doesn’t reveal the blockchain company he’s bullish on during the presentation. Instead,

What’s Ian King’s Infinergy Stock? (All You Need to Know)

Hi, and thanks for stopping by. In this post, I’ll be discussing Ian King’s new “Infinergy” presentation, which I recently discovered on the Banyan Hill website. According to the presentation, Infinergy could potentially power the earth for the next five billion years, and there’s one “tiny company” at the center of it all, which Ian King details in a report titled “Infinergy: Ride the $16 Trillion Revolution.” However, the only way to access that report is to join Strategic Fortunes.

What’s Luke Lango’s $3 “Forever Battery” Stock? (Revealed)

Luke Lango recently released a presentation on the InvestorPlace website about his #1 “Forever Battery” stock which he also refers to as a “$3 wonder stock.” According to Luke, there’s a “groundbreaking new type of energy storage device” smaller than a postage stamp that could help electric vehicles go 1,000 miles on a single charge. He calls this device the “Forever Battery” and says there’s one tiny “under-the-radar company” at the center of it that’s “paving the way for the

Jeff Siegel’s SPV Solar Teaser: Private “SPV” Royalties?

Hi, and welcome. Today I’ll be taking a look at Jeff Siegel’s latest presentation about private “SPV” royalties, or “private solar deals,” as he also refers to them. According to Jeff, these private deals allow you to “start earning royalties from Elon Musk’s No. 1 business,” which could “generate six-figure payouts,” and you can “start with as little as $100.” What are “SPV” royalties? Is this a legit opportunity? And what’s Jeff Siegel pitching? These are some of the questions

Get 69% Yields With Robert Rapier’s Incredible Dividend Map?

I recently viewed a presentation by Investing Daily’s Robert Rapier, who talked about making a 69% annual yield with “The Incredible Dividend Map” and his Utility Forecaster service. Considering that the average dividend yield is between 2 and 5 percent, I was admittedly a bit skeptical. But I was also intrigued and wanted to find out how it could be possible to make such high returns and whether or not it was a worthwhile opportunity. So I did my homework, and

What Is J.R. Butts’ “Starlink’s Secret Partner” Stock?

Today I’m looking into a presentation from investment guru J.R. Butts about “Starlink’s Secret Partner.” In the presentation, J.R. Butts claims there have been “strange lights” spotted in the sky across America that are about to trigger a “$2.5 trillion tech disruption.” And according to J.R. Butts, it could “make early investors extremely rich.” What’s he talking about? What stock is he teasing? And is this a legit opportunity? In summary, J.R. Butts is talking about a company that makes

Jeff Brown’s Spatial Computing Teaser (SCG Technology?)

In a recent presentation on the Brownstone Research website, Jeff Brown said that a “new device” inside a black box he has “will replace all 6.3 billion smartphones on the planet” and make “early investors rich beyond their dreams.” According to Jeff Brown, the device inside the black box is an “early version of something known as S.C.G.,” and there’s a “little-known company” at the “center of this $1.5 trillion trend.” What’s the device inside the black box? What is

Dylan Jovine’s 5G “Arrow” Stock (All You Need to Know)

Today I’m looking into a presentation from Dylan Jovine about 5G “Arrows,” which he says could replace nuclear missiles and make investors 35,960% returns. It was an interesting (and somewhat concerning) presentation. And while the idea of making five-figure returns is exciting, that’s quite a bold prediction. What is the 5G “Arrow”? Is Jovine’s presentation legit? And what stock is he teasing? These are the questions I’ll be digging into in this post. I’ll also shed some light on who

Ian King’s Private SPAC Portfolio Teaser (Top 3 SPACs?)

I recently attended an “extended webinar” featuring Banyan Hill Publishing’s Ian King, which was all about his “Private SPAC Portfolio.” According to the presentation, over 700 companies worth over $2.3 trillion could soon go public, and Ian King says he’s particularly interested in three SPACs. To find out what companies Ian is bullish on, however, you need to join his advisory service, New Era Fortunes, for $2,995. And since not everyone has that sort of money lying around, I decided

The McCall Report: Legit Stansberry Research Advisory?

Hi, and welcome to my review of The McCall Report. I stumbled across this service while browsing the Stansberry Research website. I noticed it’s a brand new stock advisory run by Matt McCall and decided to research it because I wanted to know if it was a legitimate and worthwhile newsletter before signing up. So, is it legit? Yes, The McCall Report is a legitimate Stansberry Research advisory; I found nothing to suggest it’s a scam during my research. The

Eric Fry’s Wealth Acceleration Summit (All You Need to Know)

I’ve been getting a few emails about Eric Fry’s Wealth Acceleration Summit lately, so I decided to take a closer look to see what it was all about. In short, the Wealth Acceleration Summit is an “interview” between host Brit Herring and investment analyst Eric Fry designed to pitch a stock advisory called Fry’s Investment Report. During the presentation, Eric talks about a “new Technochasm technology” that he says is creating a wealth gap in America and how it could