Bill Poulos’ Uncharted Profits Daily Review (Worth Buying?)

Today I’m looking into a daily investing email service from Bill Poulos called Uncharted Profits Daily. Bill is an investing guru who creates a lot of helpful content on his sites, so I thought I’d take a closer look to see what this was all about. To sum it up… Uncharted Profits Daily is a


The Crow’s Nest Review: Legit Jimmy Mengel Service?

Today I’m looking into an investing service called “The Crow’s Nest.” I discovered this service through a presentation on the Outsiders Club website, where a man named Jimmy Mengel talks about a “$2.5 trillion revolution in energy” and something he calls “Blue Gas.” During the presentation, Jimmy says he’s found a “tiny stock” related to


Daily Deposits Review: Legit Ben Sturgill Service?

Hello and welcome to my review of Ben Sturgill’s “Daily Deposits.” I discovered this system via a presentation on the website, where Ben was talking about the “one pre-market trade” he uses to aim for daily profits. Regardless of whether the market is going up, down or sideways. It seemed interesting to me, so


Jeff Bishop’s Portfolio Creator (Full Review)

Hello and welcome to my review of Jeff’s Portfolio Creator. I discovered this service through a presentation on the Raging Bull website, where Jeff Bishop was talking about a “little-known tech stock” at the heart of America’s “$2.3 Trillion revival.” By the time I’d finished watching the video, I was taken to the order page


Stock Profit Pro Review: Legit Jeff Williams Service?

Hello and welcome to my review of Stock Profit Pro. Stock Profit Pro is a new service developed by Jeff Williams of, who’s a full-time day trader with over 15 years of experience. And it’s basically a rebranding of his old service, called Profit Prism. One of the things Jeff is best known for

Jason Bond Unchained

Jason Bond Unchained Review (All You Need to Know)

Today I’m reviewing Jason Bond Unchained. I discovered this recently through an email. And it’s basically a free training webinar featuring Jason Bond, where you learn about his trading strategy, along with the “repeatable patterns” he uses to make money as a trader. Is it the real deal? Jason Bond Unchained is definitely legitimate. Because,

Investments and asset allocation concept with newspaper and direction sign with investment options in background.

The James West Letter Review (Real Deal or Scam?)

Today I’m looking into a newsletter subscription service called The James West Letter, which is headed up by a man named James West. I originally found out about this service through the Wealthpress website, where James was talking about what he calls the “work from home economy” and how to profit from it in a

Stock market graph and analysis of financial information.

Hidden Alpha Review (is the Stock X-Ray Machine for real?)

Today I’m reviewing Hidden Alpha, an investment subscription developed by Joel Litman of Altimetry, which he says could help you make money investing in the stock market. I initially stumbled across this via an advertisement about a “stock x-ray machine” which is apparently a tool Joel and his team use to help identify winning stocks.

Markay Latimer's The 1K Club membership.

The 1K Club Review (Make $1,000 p/m Trading?)

Today I’m reviewing The 1K Club which is a trading system that, according to its creator, Markay Latimer, could help you make an extra $1,000 or more each week. And apparently, all it takes is just 30 minutes a day! Sounds exciting, but if you’re anything like me, you might be concerned that it sounds