What “CTX” Biotech Stock Is Jeff Brown Teasing? (Revealed)

Hi, and welcome. Today I’ll be discussing a new video presentation I was emailed about by Jeff Brown that centers around “CTX” technology.

In the presentation, Jeff Brown said that CTX is igniting a “biotech revolution,” and for those that “get into the right stocks,” he claims it “could deliver remarkable wealth.”

What is CTX? What stock is Jeff Brown teasing? And is the presentation legit?

Well, I decided to look into these questions because I was intrigued by his prediction and wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

And in this post, I’ll show you exactly what I discovered.

I’ll start by breaking down Jeff Brown’s CTX technology pitch. Then, I’ll show you what stock I think he’s teasing (including the ticker). And finally, I’ll give you an overview of what he’s selling (The Near Future Report) and share my opinion on all of this.

So with that being said, let’s get started!

What Is “CTX” Technology? (Breaking Down Jeff Brown’s Biotech Prediction)

The presentation I’ll be discussing is an interview between host Chris Hurt and investment guru Jeff Brown of Brownstone Research.

And as a side note, there’s more than one version of this presentation circulating.

For instance, one version I’ve seen is titled “The Biotech Revolution,” another “The Launch” and another “Elon’s ‘Final Act.'”

So, depending on which version you’ve seen, some of what I’m about to share might differ from what you’ve seen, but it’s essentially the same presentation.

In any case, in the version I saw, Jeff Brown began by talking about how, when Elon Musk was in college in 1992, he “predicted five technologies would change the world.”

According to Brown, the internet, private space travel, artificial intelligence, and electric vehicles made up the first four. And the fifth one, according to Brown, involves “a very specific part of the biotech world,” which he describes as Musk’s “final prediction.”

“Four out of the five predictions he made have come true. Four out of five have become global phenomena, making millionaires.

Now Elon Musk is moving in on number five—his final prediction.”

What’s Jeff Brown talking about?

Well, in the presentation, he shared a quote from this CNBC article about five things Musk believed would impact the world. And the article shows that the fifth, as Jeff Brown described it, “prediction” was related to changing human genetics.

Long story short, Jeff Brown believes that Elon Musk, and other billionaires, including Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, are “rushing into” an “‘odd” technology (related to gene editing).

“And I believe right now Elon Musk—and many others, as you’ll learn soon—are rushing into this ‘odd’ technology at rapid speed. They are pouring as much money as humanly possible into it, diverting as many resources as possible.”

Furthermore, Jeff Brown states that a “specific event” that’s “happening very soon” will set off a “historic boom,” which he also refers to as a “revolution” and “renaissance.”

“Because of a specific event that’s happening very soon, that will set off a historic boom—a revolution. A renaissance. It will overhaul the world of modern medicine. It will rewrite the technology industry. It will change the way you view the stock market and investing for the rest of your life.”

And according to Jeff Brown, the “event” he’s talking about is the launch of “C-T-X. Zero-zero-one,” which he claims could be the “beginning of the end of disease as we know it.”

“I’m talking about… the launch of ‘C-T-X. Zero-zero-one.’

Write that name down because it will be in history books someday.

For now it still operates under a codename.

But what every elite scientist, engineer, doctor, and medical professor understands—what every connected tech VC and billionaire understands…

Is this ‘CTX’ technology could be, in no uncertain terms…

The beginning of the end of disease as we know it.”

What on earth is “CTX” technology?

According to Jeff Brown, it’s a medical technology. And as I learned later on in the presentation, the medical technology he’s referring to involves gene editing.

One of the main examples Jeff Brown used to explain what the technology does was a story about an Oregon woman named Carlene, who he says was born with a rare eye disease that made her blind. And according to Brown, she received a trial run of “CTX.”

“After receiving this trial run of ‘CTX’…

After being blind her entire life…

Carlene could see.”


“No surgery. No pills.

‘CTX’ is a medical technology like nothing we’ve experienced before.

It’s just one injection, Chris. And that’s it. Forever.”

Jeff Brown then shared a quote from NPR about this “trial run,” which led me to a npr.org article about a gene-editing experiment that let patients with vision loss see color again.

In short, the article centers around how volunteers with a rare eye disease (including one named Carlene and another named Michael – both of which Jeff Brown mentioned in the presentation) volunteered for a clinical trial. And in the trial, they let doctors modify their DNA by injecting a gene-editing tool called CRISPR directly into their cells.

The end result, according to the NPR article, wasn’t a complete reversal of blindness; none of the patients regained “normal vision.” However, the article states that the experiment helped them see color again, and other improvements were noted.

So, that’s the “trial” Jeff Brown was referring to. And if you want to know more about the trial, the NPR article I just linked to is worth a read.

What’s CRISPR?

As I just explained, the trial Jeff Brown cited in the presentation involved a gene-editing tool called CRISPR. So I decided to look into what that was all about.

And according to Wikipedia:

“CRISPR gene editing is a genetic engineering technique in molecular biology by which the genomes of living organisms may be modified.”

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CRISPR_gene_editing

I am not a medical expert, so it’s beyond my area of expertise to explain how this technology works. However, from what I understand, the general idea is that this technology enables scientists to essentially “edit” an organism’s DNA.

How does this relate to Jeff Brown’s pitch?

Well, when you follow Jeff Brown’s clues from the presentation, it appears as though what he’s (actually) referring to when he mentions “CTX” technology is gene editing and, more specifically, the technology behind CRISPR.

Jeff Brown discussed a similar concept in his recent “Omnia” technology prediction, which involved DNA sequencing. However, his “CTX” presentation focuses more on how this tech could potentially impact the healthcare sector, and I believe he’s teasing a different stock.

So, what’s Jeff Brown predicting?

In short, he’s predicting that “CTX” could “replace pills and surgery on a massive scale” and “siphon the equivalent of over $3.5 billion from Big Pharma” every day.

“CTX, and the biotech revolution it is igniting, could soon siphon the equivalent of over $3.5 billion from Big Pharma—every single day. For the rest of our lifetimes. Taking over $30 trillion in time. And in the process, for folks at home… if they can get into the right stocks before this launch takes off… it could deliver remarkable wealth.”

According to Jeff Brown, the technology behind “CTX” could be applied to “virtually anything” and “has over 6,000 diseases in its sights.”

“The tech behind ‘CTX’ is a ‘wildcard’ of sorts. It can be applied to virtually anything.

‘CTX’ has over 6,000 diseases in its sights, among them, are some of the most common ones on Earth.”


“‘CTX’ is going for essentially everything. Over 6,000 different markets. It’s offering a product superior to anything else available — the most comfortable, possibly most effective medical technology ever created.”

To sum it up, Jeff Brown is predicting that this tech could “deliver remarkable wealth” for investors who get into the “right stocks” before a certain “launch” takes off, which he later explains is related to the “genesis launch of “CTX.”

“The genesis launch of ‘CTX’ is ‘CTX #1’ — I call it that because that’s the codename it’s been using in trials.”


“And my research tells me this is just the very beginning of a broader revolution.

After CTX #1… we know at least CTX #2, 3, and 4 are already in the pipeline.”

What “launch” is he talking about?

The launch Jeff Brown is referring to is the launch of CTX001:

“I’m talking about… the launch of ‘C-T-X. Zero-zero-one.'”

And as I’ll explain in a moment, it’s directly related to the company he teases in the presentation that’s running a gene-editing program called CTX001.

What company is he teasing?

In the presentation, Jeff Brown said that he has written the name of “one very special company” that owns CTX #1 in a report titled “The Biotech Revolution.” But the only way to access the report is to join The Near Future Report for $49.

And while this could be a potentially worthwhile service, I wanted to know what stock he was teasing without having to join it. So, I looked into his clues to see what I could find.

And I believe I know what company he’s talking about.

What Is Jeff Brown’s CTX Stock Pick? (Revealed)

At first, I thought Jeff Brown might’ve been teasing the company that was mentioned in the NPR article I linked to earlier, Editas Medicine. But after looking closer, that didn’t match.

So, I decided to search for the term “CTX001” because that was one of the main clues Jeff Brown shared earlier on in the presentation when talking about the so-called “launch.”

Long story short, this led me to a company called CRISPR Therapeutics AG (NASDAQ: CRSP). And after browsing the company’s website, I was left with no doubt that this is the “CTX” company Jeff Brown is teasing.


Because for starters, CRISPR Therapeutics has a program called CTX001.

The page I just linked to explains what this program is in detail, but the gist is that the program aims to use gene-editing to treat certain inherited diseases.

So, when Jeff Brown mentioned “C-T-X. Zero-zero-one” in the presentation, he was almost certainly referring to CRISPR Therapeutics’ CTX001 program.

And if that wasn’t enough, this next part all but confirms my guess…

Here’s a screenshot Jeff Brown shared in the presentation related to the “CTX #1” program:

Jeff Brown's presentation about "CTX" technology where he shows a chart related to CTX #1.
Source: brownstoneresearch.com

And this page on the CRISPR Therapeutics website shows that the above image (the part I’ve circled), which was shared in the presentation, was taken from the company website.

So, CRISPR Therapeutics is most likely Jeff Brown’s pick.

That said, it is still possible he’s teasing a company.

Why? Because CRISPR Therapeutics has partnered with a different company called Vertex Pharmaceuticals to co-develop and co-commercialize the CTX001 program.

And Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX) has a much larger market cap than CRISPR Therapeutics as of writing, which is noteworthy because that means VRTX is a large-cap stock.

And Jeff Brown’s Near Future Report service, the service he’s pitching in the presentation, focuses on large-cap stocks.

So, the bottom line is that it could be either company.

But if I had to choose, I’d guess Crispr Therapeutics. Especially since it has already been, and is not too far off being, a large-cap stock as of writing.

Nevertheless, the only way to know for sure would be to see Jeff Brown’s report called “The Biotech Revolution: Stocks to Own Right Away.” Because this is where he shares the name of his stock pick and research detailing why he’s bullish on the company.

As mentioned, though, the only way to get your hands on that is to join The Near Future Report, which costs $49 for 12 months.

But if you don’t want to do that, the good news is that there are plenty of useful resources online you could check out about both companies I’ve mentioned.

For example, there’s an article on Motley Fool about CRISPR Therapeutics that breaks down the investment case for this stock. And there’s an article on Yahoo! Sports by Zacks Equity Research about Vertex Pharmaceuticals stock.

Either way, if you’re considering joining The Near Future Report, read on.

Because in the next section, I’ll give you an overview of what the service is about, how it works, and what you get if you sign up (which is a lot more than one report).

Overview of The Near Future Report

The Near Future Report is Jeff Brown’s flagship stock advisory service, which is published by Brownstone Research. The core focus of the service is on tech and biotech trends, and as a subscriber, you get Jeff Brown’s latest research and stock picks in these sectors.

Examples of some of the trends he follows include artificial intelligence, robotics, synthetic biology, electric vehicles, and blockchain-related tech.

And he particularly focuses on large-cap growth stocks. In other words, U.S. companies with a market capitalization of $10 billion or more.

How does the service work?

To get started, you need to visit the Brownstone Research website, navigate to the order page for The Near Future Report, and sign up. Or, if you want to save yourself some cash, you can join through one of his stock teaser presentations, like the one we’ve been discussing, in which case it costs $49 to join instead of $199.

In any case, as a subscriber, Jeff Brown sends you monthly issues of the Near Future Report, which break down his latest market insights, stock pick, and research on the company.

Aside from that, you get access to a “model portfolio” that shows you his latest recommendations and some bonus reports.

One of the reports is the “The Biotech Revolution: Stocks to Own Right Away” report I mentioned earlier. And in addition to his top “CTX” stock pick, this report details several other companies he’s tracking.

Here’s what Jeff Brown says about these:

“One, a small biotech firm that’s produced the most important scanner since the X-ray was invented in the 1800s… one that feeds directly into ‘CTX’ technology.”

“Two, a company using ‘CTX’ as a base for what could be the world’s most groundbreaking cancer cure.”

“And three, a company whose team has secured six FDA-approved treatments in the past. They are now entering the world of ‘CTX.'”

Other than the above clues, he doesn’t share much else about those companies, so I wasn’t able to uncover the names of those companies. But the report details them.

Should you join?

For $49, you get access to Jeff Brown’s latest recommendations and research each month, so if you’re interested in learning about large-cap growth stocks in the tech and biotech space, the service could be worth checking out.

That said, the service does renew automatically at a higher rate after the first 12 months ($129 as of writing), and as with any service, there’s no guarantee it’ll help you make money.

Jeff Brown may be an expert stock picker, especially when it comes to tech and biotech, but there are always risks involved with investing, so it’s still possible to lose money.

Who Is Jeff Brown? And Is He the Real Deal?

Jeff Brown is a former tech executive and well-known stock picker that runs numerous services for Brownstone Research. His flagship service is The Near Future Report, but he runs other, higher-tier services that focus on different types of investments.

For instance, one is called Exponential Tech Investor, which focuses on small-cap tech stocks. And another is called Unchained Profits, which centers around crypto.

I’ve written about numerous stock teaser presentations he’s released over the past year, too. Most recently, I wrote about his “Omnia” prediction. But I’ve also put together a list of his 2022 predictions, summarizing the different tech trends Jeff Brown is following.

Is he the real deal?

I have found some Jeff Brown presentations to be a bit overhyped. However, after researching some of his predictions and reading his free Bleeding Edge newsletter for some time now, I’ve come to the conclusion that he is a genuine expert.

Of course, not all of his recommendations have worked out. But he is knowledgeable when it comes to tech and biotech and shares useful insights on other topics too.

To be clear, I am not affiliated with Jeff Brown or Brownstone Research, so it makes no difference to me if you join his service or not.

But if you’re wondering if you should join the Near Future Report, my suggestion would be to check out his free daily Bleeding Edge newsletter first.

Because for starters, it doesn’t cost anything.

And second, after a few weeks of reading it each day, chances are you’ll have a good idea as to whether or not the paid service will be something you’ll find worthwhile or not.

Bottom Line

Jeff Brown’s latest presentation centers around “CTX” technology, and my research suggests that what he’s referring to is CRISPR gene-editing technology.

I also looked into the clues he shared about the “CTX” stocks he’s bullish on, and it appears as though his pick is either CRISPR Therapeutics or Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

Jeff Brown also shares other stock picks related to CTX in a report called “The Biotech Revolution,” and the service gives you ongoing tech and biotech stock picks.

At the end of the day, whether or not you decide to join The Near Future Report is up to you. But hopefully, what I’ve shared in this post has been helpful either way. And if you’d like to share your opinion on any of this, feel free to chime in below.

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