Tim McKinlay

Hi, my name is Tim McKinlay, and I run Affiliate UNguru.

On this page, I’m going to share my personal story with you, of how I went from a newbie to earning six figures online, and talk about why I started this site. I’ll also shed some light on how I came up with the whole “UNguru” thing towards the end. 😉

Here’s the short version…

About me: I’m a 30 something guy from Australia who used to run a small construction business. After a while, I got tired of it, so I started looking for ways to make money online. And as you can imagine, I lost money to a few scams in the process. But I kept searching and eventually learned how to do affiliate marketing. Now I earn a living this way. It’s pretty cool.

Why I started this site: I started this site to make money. But I’m also passionate about helping others avoid scams and learn about real, legitimate ways to earn money online. And I do that by providing the most honest, helpful content I can.

Read on for the full story.

Where It All Began

My journey into the online business world began in 2015.

At this point, I had been in construction for over 10 years. I chose that career path because I had no idea what I wanted to do when I “grew up”, so I just kind of fell into it.

I was also studying business at university on the side. Which I knew was kind of a waste of time for me, because I never really wanted a “job”. I just wanted out of the construction game, and I figured that was my best option.

Me and Buster
My dog Buster and I in the office

Anyways, the idea of making money online was something that really appealed to me. So during my spare time, I would go online and search for different ways to make money online. And sometimes I’d buy a training course or “system” in the hopes of starting an online business. Which is something I’d done on and off for quite a few years before this.

Despite constantly trying new programs, nothing seemed to work out. The sales video always sounded promising, but after buying, it wasn’t like they said, and I was back to square one.

It was a bit of a vicious cycle really. Trying one “shiny object” after another, and failing every time. Embarrassingly, I kept on believing the next “guru” that came along, who said that his system was better than all the others because of x, y and z.

I’d even tried MLM at one point, which in hindsight was a waste of time. Because the whole thing was really about recruiting people I knew into (what felt like) some sort of cult-like pyramid scheme. And in the end, I’d lost more money than I’d made.

So there I was in 2015, working hard to pay the bills, studying on the side, and “dabbling” in different make money online programs. All the while wondering what on earth I was going to end up doing with my life.

The Moment Everything Changed

I was more determined than ever to start a new chapter in my life. So I kept on researching and trying different programs, hoping to find something that worked for me.

Through sheer determination (and probably a good amount of luck), I eventually stumbled across a site called Wealthy Affiliate, that taught me how to do affiliate marketing.

This is the point where everything changed for me.

I had finally found a legitimate business model that actually worked, and a community-based platform that showed me how to start a proper business online.

In case you’re wondering, affiliate marketing is a business model where you earn commissions promoting other people’s products online. It’s fairly simple and there aren’t many costs involved, so you can basically bootstrap your entire business.

Here’s a broad overview of how it works:

  • Choose a niche
  • Build a simple website
  • Create content to attract visitors
  • Earn commissions promoting affiliate products

Anyways, within 3 months of getting started with this process, I had earned my first affiliate commission of $1.17. And I did it with a simple niche site I created about zombie-themed table lamps. Within 6 months, I’d made another $8 commission from the site you’re on right now.

So all up, after working my butt off for 6 months, I’d earned a whopping $9.17 (lol).

Crazy, I know.

But I’m a pretty determined guy. And even though it was a small amount, I was super excited that I was making any money online at all! So I kept on pushing forward, and it paid off.

My Efforts Finally Paid Off

Within two short years of learning and building my business, I finally got to the point of earning a full-time income with affiliate marketing.

And as of writing this in 2019, I’m earning six figures per year online. I’ve even been flown out to Las Vegas (twice) to attend the “super affiliate” conference.

Me With Super Affiliates 2019
Super affiliate conference at the Wynn hotel in Vegas 2019 (I’m in the middle)

The best part is, I no longer have to commute long hours every day, just to be stuck in a job I can’t stand. Oh, and I dropped out of uni, because, well… what’s the point?

Safe to say, my life has completely changed for the better.

With that being said… it’s not like I’m sitting on a beach somewhere, sipping cocktails, while my “super secret autopilot money machine” does all the work for me (lol).

That’s a fairy tale. Even though I can take time off whenever I want (which I sometimes do), I still work hard on my business almost every day. Because I still have a lot to learn and accomplish, and I love what I do. So I enjoy building my business and helping others do the same.

It’s a sweet gig.

Why I Started This Site

I started Affiliate UNguru as a way to earn money online and to share my knowledge with others who are looking to build an internet business.

I was (and still am) tired of all these so-called “gurus” who sell the dream, instead of providing real value to people who are looking to get a proper start online.

So when I finally figured out how to build a real online business, I became passionate about sharing what I’d learned with people who were in the same boat.

And that’s how the whole “UNguru” thing came about.

I wanted to be the opposite of the gurus and (actually) try to help people. So I made it my mission to share honest, helpful content on this site, in the most “non-guru” way possible.

Now I’m not saying that every internet marketer out there is some kind of guru scammer. Not at all. There are lots of ethical, legitimate experts out there that provide real value to people. It’s just that in my experience, they’re not as common.

And I won’t pretend I started this site out of the goodness of my heart or just because I’m a “nice guy”. I mean, I do enjoy helping people, but I also like earning money, which is what I do on this site. And I do that by recommending tools and resources I believe will benefit my readers. I just want to be completely upfront with you about this.

But the primary purpose of this site is to provide helpful content to people who are interested in earning money online. That is and always will be my core focus.

Anyway, I guess that about sums it up!

Thank you for stopping by, I really hope you found this page helpful and that my site continues to serve you well as you strive to create an online business.