About Affiliate UNguru

The internet has opened up many great opportunities to earn money and grow wealth for virtually anyone willing to learn. It’s a beautiful thing.

At the same time, however, there are many so-called “gurus” promising push-button wealth and countless scams designed to profit from unsuspecting people.

This, coupled with a desire to be successful, is what led me to learn the hard way that making money online is NOT as “quick and easy” as some sites portray. However, with time, effort, and persistence, I’ve been fortunate enough to eke out a living online.

Which brings me to why I started this site in 2015: I wanted to help people avoid the same types of scams I fell for when I was first getting started and share what has worked for me.

On this site, you’ll find tips and guides about earning money online and reviews of different internet programs. The aim is, and always has been, to provide honest, unbiased, and informative content that helps people make more informed choices.

You will also find reviews of stock advisories and presentations on this site. The idea for this came several years after launching Affiliate UNguru, around the time I first became interested in learning about investing.

In short, after joining and researching a bunch of advisories, I noticed that some services were worthwhile, and others were massively overhyped. It was similar to what I’d experienced when learning to start an online business (i.e., difficult to know what to believe).

So, I started sharing my opinion on the different stock advisories and online “presentations” I came across. The idea was to uncover the “little-known” stocks teased in the presentations (so you don’t have to pay to find out) and share my research.

I don’t claim to be a money-making or investment “guru.” I’m neither (thank goodness). But I do strive to share the most helpful content possible, as do our contributors.

So with all that said, thanks for visiting; I hope you find this site helpful!

Tim McKinlay
Founder, AffiliateUNguru.com