What Is Jeff Brown’s “Omnia” Stock Pick? (Ticker Revealed)

I recently received an email that led me to a Jeff Brown presentation about “Omnia” technology, which he claims could grow 133,000% in the next 24 months.

Jeff Brown later revealed that the technology he’s referring to is DNA sequencing, and apparently, there’s a Californian company at the forefront of it all.

Unfortunately, he never revealed the name of the company in the presentation. Instead, he details his pick in a report titled “‘Omnia’: One California Company at The Forefront of the 133,000% DNA Megatrend.”

And to access that, you have to join The Near Future Report.


As usual, my curiosity got the better of me!

So, I decided to research Jeff Brown’s clues to find out what stock he was teasing. And in this post, I’ll show you everything I found (including the ticker of his “Omnia” stock pick).

What Is “Omnia” Technology?

Jeff Brown’s latest interview-style presentation takes place on the Brownstone Research website with Chris Hurt, and it centers around “Omnia” technology.

Jeff Brown and Chris Hurt discussing Omnia Technology and DNA sequencing in a video on the Brownstone Research website.
Source: brownstoneresearch.com

According to Jeff Brown, this new technology can dramatically improve everything from “agriculture to medicine to manufacturing.”

And in terms of adoption, he claims it’s “set to grow 133,000% in just the next 24 months” and that it could disrupt almost $100 trillion in global industries.

“All told, ‘Omnia’ is set to disrupt global industries worth nearly $100 trillion.”

That’s a bold claim, for sure. But he’s not saying the tech itself will be worth that much, but that it will “disrupt” global industries amounting to nearly $100 trillion. And as I learned more about the tech he was referring to, it actually is massively disruptive.

In short, the “Omnia” technology Jeff Brown refers to in the presentation is DNA sequencing, and his prediction relates to an area of research called synthetic biology.

This is actually the THIRD time I’ve come across an investment guru talking about this technology in the past couple of weeks. So this technology has been getting lots of attention among the stockpickers lately.

What is DNA sequencing?

According to the genome.gov website:

“DNA sequencing is a laboratory technique used to determine the exact sequence of bases (A, C, G, and T) in a DNA molecule.”

So, it’s essentially a way to “map” out the DNA of an organism (human, plant, animal, etc.). And according to Jeff Brown, the company he’s bullish on makes a “miraculous machine called a DNA sequencer,” which he shares an artist’s illustration of in the video.

In short, Jeff Brown claims that this DNA sequencing machine has drastically reduced the time it takes to sequence DNA from almost 6,000 days to under 60 minutes and reduced the cost down to less than $100.

“Because while it previously took almost 6,000 days to sequence all the DNA…

Today it can happen in just a matter of hours.

Anyone could soon get their DNA sequenced for less than $100 in under 60 minutes.”

What’s the big deal?

In short, Jeff Brown believes that this technology could disrupt the agriculture, healthcare, food, energy, and manufacturing industries.

He even goes as far as to say that DNA technology has the power to change “everything” we do as humans, which is why he calls it “Omnia” technology.

“That’s how I came up with the name ‘Omnia.’

Because in Latin ‘Omnia’ means ‘everything.’

And DNA technology has the power to change EVERYTHING we do as humans.”

Is what he’s saying legit or just hype?

There is some hype in the presentation, so it might pay to take some of Jeff Brown’s claims with a grain of salt. And let’s not forget that the presentation is essentially a sales pitch for The Near Future Report, a $49 advisory service he runs.

However, his “Omnia” prediction is actually very interesting, and there is no doubt that the potential behind this technology, at the risk of sounding cliche, is game-changing.

Now, to be clear, I am not an expert on DNA sequencing by any means. But I have spent quite a bit of time researching this field out of curiosity, and as I said earlier, I’ve come across two other gurus pitching the same tech recently.

One presentation was about Whitney Tilson’s “Quaternary code” stock, and the other was Joel Litman’s Synbio prediction. And Brown, Tilson, and Litman are ALL talking about the same thing – synthetic biology.

In short, synthetic biology is a multi-disciplinary area of research that involves DNA sequencing and other methods to essentially read and reprogram DNA. And it’s used for all kinds of frankly unbelievable and amazing innovations.

Like what?

There are many, many applications of synthetic biology, and I discuss specific examples in the articles I just linked to (i.e., self-healing concrete and synthetic DNA memory storage).

However, Jeff Brown focuses on the impact DNA sequencing and synthetic biology could have on industries like healthcare, food, agriculture, energy, and manufacturing.

For example, he talked about how it could lead to innovative personalized treatments for things like cancer, increase crop yields and quality by pinpointing the crops with the best genes, reduce dependence on fossil fuels, and make or improve all kinds of products.

One example Brown gave, in particular, was that of spider silk. As Jeff Brown points out, scientists are now able to copy the DNA responsible for producing spider silk, which is notoriously hard to harvest naturally. And it’s being used in numerous ways.

“Scientists can now copy the DNA responsible for making spider silk.

Then use it to create synthetic spider silk on demand.”


“The U.S. Army is testing spider silk in their bulletproof vests…

A startup in Jerusalem is using spider silk to repair torn tendons and tissues…

And even Adidas has released a hybrid tennis dress and new sneakers made from spider silk…

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Because thanks to DNA technology, synthetic biology, including products like spider silk, is set to add nearly $20 billion to the economy.”

It truly is remarkable when you start digging into this topic and looking at all the different ways in which this technology can disrupt different industries.

Does that mean Jeff Brown’s stock pick will make you rich?

Nope. But in the next section, I’ll show you what stock I think he’s teasing, and you can decide for yourself if you think it’s a worthwhile investment or not.

What “Omnia” Stock Is Jeff Brown Teasing?

As mentioned earlier, Jeff Brown doesn’t share the name of the company he’s teasing in the “Omnia” presentation, but he does provide numerous clues.

Here’s a breakdown of what he says about the company:

“They have it locked up in a library of patents…

Meaning this California company has a stronghold on the entire DNA sequencing industry.”


“Peter Diamandis, the billionaire who founded the X Prize Foundation owns a stake in this facility.”


“They’re already working with big-name players like Bristol Myers and Amazon.

Not to mention Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos have already invested $100 million.”

That’s not a whole lot to go off, but the last clue about Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos led me to discover that Gates and Bezos invested $100 million into a company called Grail in 2016, which was later acquired by Illumina (ticker: ILMN).

From there, I started looking into the other clues, and they all matched.

To start with, Illumina is a California-based company that specializes in DNA sequencing and describes itself as the “global leader in genomics,” an industry that combines biology and technology. So, it does what Jeff Brown talked about in the presentation.

Second, the company has a host of patents related to its sequencing products.

And third, the DNA sequencing machine Jeff Brown showed an artist’s illustration of in the presentation matches Illumina’s MiniSeq System. If you compare the “Omnia” machine Jeff Brown shows in the presentation with the MiniSeq System – they are a clear match. Here’s a YouTube video of the company’s MiniSeq System to show you what I mean:

So, Illumina is undoubtedly the company Jeff Brown is teasing.

And as a side note, this is also the company Joel Litman pitched in the presentation I linked to earlier. Although he and Tilson also teased a different company called Ginko Bioworks.

Should you invest?

I’m not a stockpicker, so I’ll leave that up for you to decide. But there are lots of helpful resources about the company online, and Jeff Brown details his research on (what I believe) is Illumina in a report titled “‘Omnia’: One California Company at The Forefront of the 133,000% DNA Megatrend.” So you might find that helpful, too.

The only catch is that, to access that report, you need to join Jeff Brown’s research service, The Near Future Report, for $49.

What Is The Near Future Report?

The Near Future Report is a tech and biotech-focused stock advisory run by Jeff Brown of Brownstone Research. Aside from biotech stocks like Illumina, he tracks companies at the forefront of trends, including 5G, artificial intelligence, electric vehicles… you name it.

He has released many different investment presentations over the years, and each coincides with a research report on the company, which you can access as a subscriber.

The core benefit of the service is the monthly newsletters which break down Jeff Brown’s latest stock recommendation and research. However, you also get access to a model portfolio so you can see all of his active Near Future Report stock picks.

How much does it cost? The cost of joining The Near Future Report is $49 for the first year, and it automatically renews at $129.

Is it worth it? Like any advisory service, there’s no guarantee you’ll make money following the recommendations. But Jeff Brown is a real investment expert, and he has picked many winning stocks over the years, mostly related to tech and biotech.

What’s more important, though, is to consider how the service has performed on average over time. And according to the Brownstone Research website, The Near Future Report’s “average gain since inception is 59%.”

So, while this doesn’t mean you’ll make money, the service has a solid track record. And it comes with a 60-day refund policy, so you can request a refund if you don’t like it.

Is Jeff Brown Legit?

Jeff Brown is a tech investing expert with around 25 years of experience, and he’s probably one of the most well-known tech stock pickers I’ve come across.

Some of his presentations are a bit hyped, but he shares a lot of genuinely informative content about technology and the trends that we are seeing play out.

So, if you’re not sure about joining his service, he runs a blog called the Bleeding Edge, where he regularly shares his predictions and analysis for free.

Keep in mind, however, that Brownstone Research is in the business of selling investment subscriptions, and some of them cost $1,000s. So, while Jeff Brown is a legitimate guru, he doesn’t give all his picks away for free.

Bottom Line

Jeff Brown’s “Omnia” technology prediction is all about DNA sequencing and how this “megatrend” could disrupt multiple industries, to the tune of around $100 trillion.

And my research suggests that the stock he’s teasing is Illumina.

Whether or not you should follow Jeff Brown’s stock picks or join his service will depend on your goals and preferences, but he does seem to have a knack for picking good stocks.

Of course, not all of his picks have made (or will make) money, so you should expect to lose money on some stocks because, as with any investment, there are risks. But the service could be worthwhile if you’re interested in learning about tech and biotech stocks.

Either way, I hope this has been helpful, and thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “What Is Jeff Brown’s “Omnia” Stock Pick? (Ticker Revealed)”

    • You’ll typically find the option to join for $49 through one of the promotions Jeff Brown runs. And the best way to find those would be to join his free Bleeding Edge newsletter, which you can sign up for on the Brownstone Research website.

  1. Hi there, Tim,
    Jeff Brown has heavily spruiked this same “SPIEL” well back sometime last year ’21, also earlier this year and now again on 4 March ’22. Of course, under varying formats of his presentation. On the previous presentation this year, his “Side Kick” interviewer, (the same side kick as in previous presentations), and, at the end of that presentation, QUOTED, “This was a very ILLUMINATING time”. Bye the way, in the previous presentations, OMNIA wasn’t mentioned, nor was Illuminating mentioned at the end of this presentation. All Brown is doing is “RESHUFFLING & REHASHING” words to make quite a few extra thousands of bucks.


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