What $5 “Apple Car Supplier” Is Luke Lango Teasing?

InvestorPlace has published a new Luke Lango presentation centered around a “potential backdoor Apple play” that he believes “could see 40X gains in the next few years.”

In short, it’s all about “Project Titan” (Apple’s rumored autonomous vehicle project) and one “tiny $5 tech company” that Lango believes could become a “vital Apple Car supplier.”

Lango didn’t reveal his pick in the video, but he did drop some hints about it, which I looked into to see if I could figure out what company he was teasing.

And in this post, I’ll show you exactly what I found (ticker and all).

The Pitch: Luke Lango’s “Project Titan” Prediction

Luke Lango’s latest stock teaser begins with him standing next to a briefcase that he says holds “what could be the key to Apple’s next potential trillion-dollar product.”

Luke Lango in an InvestorPlace presentation discussing his Apple Car Supplier prediction and pick.
Source: investorplace.com

According to Lango, this “potential trillion-dollar product” is codenamed Project Titan and could be a “projected $46 trillion opportunity” for investors.

“When the timer on your screen hits zero…

I’m going to open this briefcase to reveal what could be the key to Apple’s next potential trillion-dollar product. 

It’s known by the code name ‘Project Titan’…

And it could give investors the chance to cash in on what Bloomberg is calling a projected $46 trillion opportunity.”

What is Project Titan?

Project Titan is a codename used to describe Apple’s rumored electric vehicle project, which is said to be focused on a fully autonomous vehicle (AV) it’s developing.

At this stage, it’s mostly speculation, given Apple has never openly discussed any of its self-driving research, so we don’t know for sure if it is working on a self-driving car.

However, there is sufficient information online to suggest that it’s at least possible, and the two links I just shared go into a lot more detail if you want to know more.

I’ve also written about Project Titan in different stock teasers I’ve covered (for example, Jeff Brown’s Apple Car prediction) that are based on a similar idea to Luke Lango’s pitch. Namely, the idea that Apple is working on a self-driving car and that there’s a “little-known supplier” investors can speculate on, which could be more lucrative than buying Apple shares.

He appears to be teasing a different company from others I’ve come across, though.

In short, Lango is predicting that one “potential backdoor Apple play,” which he refers to as a “little-known $5 firm,” could “40X your money over time.”

And one of the main reasons why he’s so bullish, at least from what I can gather, is his belief that the company “could play a pivotal role in turning the Apple Car into a reality.”

“But right now, many of my Silicon Valley contacts are buzzing with excitement…

About the tiny tech firm that could play a pivotal role in turning the Apple Car into a reality.

Its stock is currently trading for around $5 a share…

But I believe it could easily surge 40X or more over the next few years… especially if a deal with Apple ends up happening.”

Why does he believe this “tiny tech firm” is so important?

According to Luke Lango, it all has to do with a “critical piece of tech” that he and his team of “elite analysts” believe Apple may need to make Project Titan possible.

“Everyone knows that Apple is extremely secretive with their new projects… especially when it comes to their suppliers. 

But using my team of elite analysts , we’ve been able to put together the breadcrumbs… clues hidden in plain sight…

To predict the critical piece of tech we believe they need to make Project Titan possible!

I believe that they could partner with one little-known $5 firm to supply it.”

What “critical piece of tech” is he referring to?

Luke Lango was pretty tight-lipped about the exact technology he was referring to, but he did say that it’s what could allow Apple’s autonomous car to “see.”

“I predict the biggest gains will come from investing in the one tiny $5 tech company that could help make the Apple Car a reality!

I believe this company could provide a key piece of tech the Apple Car needs to become a truly autonomous vehicle…

Because it’s going to be what allows the autonomous Apple Car to SEE.”

He also shared some images in the presentation depicting LiDAR technology, said this tech is used in the iPhone (which it is), and as I looked into the clues he shared about the company he’s teasing, I found that LiDAR is the tech this “tiny tech firm” specializes in.

What is LiDAR? Light detection and ranging (LiDAR) technology uses lasers to measure the distance between surrounding objects and the receiver. And it’s used in autonomous electric vehicles (among other things) to essentially “map” the surrounding area.

So, long story short, the “critical tech” Lango’s talking about appears to be LiDAR, a technology that’s used to help self-driving cars navigate.

And he believes that “one tiny Silicon Valley firm” could “become a key supplier for the Apple Car” (which would presumably involve LiDAR technology). And if it does, he predicts the stock could see 40X gains over the next few years.

“I predict Apple is going to kick off the projected $46 trillion transportation revolution with Project Titan…

And I predict one tiny Silicon Valley firm is going to help Apple make it all possible.

I think this little-known tech company could become a key supplier for the Apple Car…

And if that happens…

I predict it could send their stock skyrocketing for 40X gains over the next few years!”

It’s a bold and highly speculative prediction.

And as mentioned, Lango didn’t reveal the ticker in the presentation. But I looked into his clues and managed to uncover his pick. So let’s take a look at that now.

The Pick: What “Key Supplier for the Apple Car” Is Luke Lango Teasing? (“$5 Tech Company” Revealed)

So far, we’ve learned that Luke Lango’s pick involves a Silicon Valley-based tech company that could help the Apple Car “see” and that it trades for around $5 a share.

What other clues did he share?

For one thing, Lango said that two former Apple engineers built the company:

“Surprisingly, this tech is already being used in our iPhones…

And two former Apple engineers…

Actually left to build this company and start applying it to AVs!

That’s why I believe the Silicon Valley tech firm they started is a shoe-in to become a vital Apple Car supplier.”

He also said that the company has “over 25 Apple alumni working for them” and that it doesn’t have any official affiliation with Apple:

“And they have over 25 Apple alumni working for them.

In fact, about one out of 10 employees in this tech firm are Apple alumni!

Just last year, they added a former Apple senior executive to their advisory board.

Right now, they have no official affiliation with Apple…

But I don’t think it’d be surprising for Apple to have a bias towards partnering with a company…”

And lastly, he dropped some hints about who’s using the company’s tech:

“TuSimple, an autonomous trucking company…

Has already used this company’s tech to build, on average, 35,000-pound semi-trucks that can drive down 65 mph highways without a single human driver behind the wheel.

Even crazier…

NASA is using their tech to support the next generation of lunar and planetary exploration…”

To solve this puzzle, the first thing I did was a Google search for California Lidar companies that were started by former Apple engineers. And that led me to an article on technowize.com about California-based company Aeva Technologies, Inc. (AEVA).

From there, I checked the company’s stock, which is currently sitting at under $3 (June 2022), which matches what Lango said about it “trading for less than $5.” And as a side point, it was closer to $5 when the presentation was released (April 2022).

Next, I looked into what the company does and found that one of its main focuses is LiDAR technology for autonomous vehicles, which is exactly what Lango’s teaser suggested.

According to the company website, its main product is the Aeries™ II, which it says is the world’s first 4D LiDAR. I’m not an expert on this technology, but the page I just linked to explains what this tech does in detail, so you might find that worth a look.

The gist is that it’s a (seemingly) advanced LiDAR sensor for autonomous vehicles. According to the company, it “provides up to 20 times the resolution of legacy LiDAR sensors,” can detect objects at “distances up to 500 meters,” and is smaller than the company’s previous generation LiDAR sensor.

So to sum it up…

Aeva, which is based in Mountain View, California, matches the main clues Luke Lango shared about who started the company (two former Apple engineers), what it does (makes LiDAR tech), its stock price (under $5), and where it’s located (Silicon Valley).

As for the clues about TuSimple and NASA, those match, too.

According to businesswire.com, Aeva announced a partnership with TuSimple “to deploy Aeva 4D LiDAR on TuSimple’s self-driving trucks” in early 2021.

And according to techcrunch.com, NASA is working with Aeva to “create a tool that scans the terrain when ordinary cameras and satellite instruments won’t cut it.”

So, while I can’t guarantee I’m right, the evidence suggests (overwhelmingly) that the “potential backdoor Apple play” Luke Lango’s teasing here is Aeva.

With all that said, one thing I want to emphasize is that this company doesn’t have any official affiliation with Apple. Nor is there any proof that it “could become a key supplier for the Apple Car,” which is something Lango himself clarified in the presentation.

“My contacts in Silicon Valley are currently buzzing with excitement about the key technology this company could supply Apple with…

And if they do end up working with Apple, they could turn the global auto industry on its head.

Let me make one thing clear though: none of this is officially announced yet…

And I have no information that isn’t publicly available.

This is just what I’m predicting based on the research my team and I have done over the past 7 months. I don’t have a crystal ball… so I could be wrong, and no deal could ever happen.”

So, as far as speculation goes, this pick is up there.

Not only do we not know for sure if Apple is even working on a so-called “Apple Car” in the first place, but there’s no evidence that Aeva is, or will be, a supplier.

That’s not to say that Luke Lango’s prediction is wrong, though.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a crystal ball either. And since I don’t have any special knowledge about Apple’s projects or partnerships, I don’t know how his prediction will play out. What I can say, however, is that there’s no guarantee you’ll “40X your money,” or any money at all, following his recommendation. Whatever it might be.

Nevertheless, if you want all the details on Lango’s “Apple Car” pick, he’s put together a report called “The Project Titan Prospectus: How to Cash In on Apple’s Next Potential Trillion-Dollar Product” (which, by the way, is what was inside that briefcase).

The only catch is that to access the report; you need to join Innovation Investor. So in the next section, I’ll give you an overview of what this service is about.

Should You Join Luke Lango’s Innovation Investor?

Innovation Investor is an investment research service run by Luke Lango of InvestorPlace focused on emerging tech companies. And as a subscriber, you get two Innovation Investor research reports each month that detail his latest recommendations.

Subscribers also receive the “The Project Titan Prospectus” report I mentioned earlier, one called “The Projected $46 Trillion Transportation Revolution Playbook,” and access to an archive of past research reports Luke Lango has put together.

There are other aspects of the service, too. Like a model portfolio and regular updates, for example. But the main aspect, as with most services, is the research and picks.

As for whether or not it’s worth it, that depends on what you’re looking for. Innovation Investor is focused on emerging tech companies and, aside from autonomous vehicles, trends like 5G, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the metaverse, for example.

So when Lango is right, his picks can see a lot of potential upside, and he provided numerous examples of this in the presentation. However, not all of his recommendations work out, and as we have seen recently, small tech stocks can be incredibly volatile. So the service may be too speculative for some.

If you want to see what other companies Luke Lang has teased before joining, check out this archive page, which lists other Luke Lango stock teasers I’ve written about.

In any case, while there’s no guarantee that Luke Lango’s recommendations will make you money, the Innovation Investor service is legit. So it may be worthwhile depending on what you’re looking for. And it only costs $29 to join if you sign up through the presentation.

Bottom Line

There’s no shortage of rumors circulating about Project Titan, Apple’s so-called “Apple Car” project that could see them release an autonomous vehicle at some point.

And given the sheer volume of information out there, across multiple trusted sites, it’s entirely possible that Apple is working on such a project.

However, nothing has been officially announced yet. And even if the company is working on a self-driving car project, we don’t know when a finished product will be released, how successful it will be, or what companies it’s working with to make it happen.

So, while Luke Lango’s pick may have “the potential to grow 40X in the next few years,” as he said in the presentation, there’s no guarantee that will be the case.

Anyway, that’s my take.

And as always, I’m keen to hear your thoughts, so comment below if you feel like adding your two cents on Lango’s Apple Car prediction. Thanks for reading!

24 thoughts on “What $5 “Apple Car Supplier” Is Luke Lango Teasing?”

  1. Hi there, Tim,
    I’ve commented on your research and findings before. Yes, another great effort by you to reveal Lango’s “Massive Hype” as AEVA. As readers have mentioned, “No Reports On His LOOSES/FAILURES”.
    Well, here’s a GREAT LOOSER for him. On the 8 of August, ’21, He heavily “SPRUIKED” & in great depth (greater than sliced bread), a company called “OUSTER”, in Augumented Reality “AR” technology. In that presentation he mentions Lidar Technology to be used by NASA to map the surface of mars. (I wrote a lot down on his hype at the time)
    Here’s the BANG, on August 13, ’21, price for OUSTER was $97.60, now at last day of trade, Friday, May 26, ’23, $6.44. This equates to a catastrophic loss, (only a minor loss, sic), of -93.40163%. As per usual, if you went and bought on his recommendation to buy into Ouster, you’d have been bankrupted, just parr for the course. Another Big Time spruiker, Louis Navellier seems to have a lot of faith in him. I’m not too sure, WHY !
    Tim, I too as well, love reading on your findings. Great work.

  2. Erik Fry’s been back on on the subject of accelerating returns pointing out that revenue per employee as digital tech takes over sweeps Higher and Higher.He was offering 1 freebie (ticker akam) gave details on 4 others.Goes so quick I don’t get time
    to write it down at the tritical point,plenty of build up chat as usual.

  3. Just checked Luke’s comment on Nasa using the same tech. for future lunar and planetary expeditions.That proved totally it is definetly Aeva Technology.

  4. Had a look at Tusimple reports after a crash and in the detail was the note that they(Tusimple) use ‘AV’ systems.I think your analysis is spot on.

  5. The problem with all these stock picking services is all they ever present from their track record is winners, never a list of their losers or even a percentage of winners to losers they’ve picked, I can’t even find a mention of one loser they picked in their promotional pitch videos (so they are nothing but attempts at brainwashing the potential prospect into believing making a fortune is a piece of cake and they can serve it to you)
    Which begs the question which has been asked of them often but never answered, “what do you make more money from? Your track record of picks or the service you market 24/7 365 days a year year after year gor what? 10, 20, or 30 years?” Whichever that pretty well covers all the suckers born for a long time!

    • “The problem with all these stock picking services is all they ever present from their track record is winners, never a list of their losers or even a percentage of winners to losers they’ve picked”

      I couldn’t agree more. That’s why, with the newsletter reviews I’ve done, I try to post all the winning AND losing picks in the model portfolio to give folks a better idea of how the service has performed over time. This isn’t always possible because they often bury their track record in the newsletter archives (and sometimes there are 100s of newsletters) but I do show this when possible while blurring out the tickers since it’s a paid service.

      “Which begs the question which has been asked of them often but never answered, “what do you make more money from? Your track record of picks or the service you market 24/7 365 days a year year after year gor what?”

      Also a good point. And I would say that, while some have probably done really well, many stock picking “gurus” likely make the bulk of their money from their service/s.

      It’s good to think critically as you are, as there are many scams/overhyped newsletters out there.

  6. At this point, everyone knows that Apple is making a car. That is no secret, but whether or not Avea will be a partner on it, who knows. I get the e-mails from investorplace and it is pretty easy to figure out what company they refer to in the teasers. But you have to remember nothing is 100%. If you do not want to take a big risk and invest now, you could always set up a buy stop so if it is announced and the company starts to move up fast, you can pick it up. However, if they already have big contracts like the ones mentioned, I doubt the stock will suddenly sink unless there is a major event (a wreck associated with their tech failing, perhaps?) So if you put a lot of money into it, be sure to keep an eye on the news for signs of trouble. I am super new to all of this, if anyone has any other comments I would be interested to hear your thoughts. You can find me on Facebook (only 1 Elaina Nicole Jeansonne)

    • So Leroy-
      I watched the heartfelt crypto summit that Charlie and Luke gave last week. I tend to watch how “real” ppl seem when speaking. Luke almost is like he’s seducing (very superficial) in my opinion but I read Charlie as a very passionate person “in Awh”of what he’s on to in crypto. After I read your comment idk if I’m going to mess with crypto.
      I’m in fear of my own error in all the ways you can lose it by simply going thru the motions of it all.

  7. Tim you are a ROCK STAR! Appreciate you acs I purchased many of these reports… hoping that one might be a winner… this may be a good $3.00 bet even if Apple does not do a car… the technology is smart as its driving rigs without anyone behind wheel right now.

  8. I agree with other skeptics. I signed up for Lukes program but never received any of the promised materials. Instead I get daily emails about getting very rich with his picks. Every single one of his recommended companies lost most of its value over half a year. Even when the markets were up al lot. Maybe the long term picture will be better as my interest was in EVs which are still in their early stages. But having been burned by the very stocks Luke says rose dramatically I’m in no hurry to jump on another get rich scheme.

  9. Thanks! Sadly, prior to finding you here I bought a number of Lango’s “sure things” – all of which have tanked.

    • My pleasure, and I’m sorry to hear that Scott. I was in a similar situation myself with a different service several years ago, so I know how that feels.

      On the bright side, some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned have been during times like this (i.e., tech and other “hot” sectors tanking after being massively overhyped). And while I’m not suggesting it’s time to “buy the dip,” the prices of some companies are more attractive now than a year or so ago from a long-term perspective.

      To me, the challenge is finding high-quality companies that have the best chance of achieving long-term success, which can be especially difficult in the tech space given how rapidly the space evolves (among other things).

      Anyway, thanks for commenting and all the best!

  10. Another great Job Tim!!

    Very well done again.

    I think there is a chance for this one to play out but then again most of these teasers are losers and without you Tim alot of people would go down the that crowded loser road.

    Thanks again for a fine report.


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