America’s Final Tech Wave (Jeff Brown’s MTA Metaverse Pick?)

Investment guru Jeff Brown recently released a presentation about an “unstoppable technology” he calls M.T.A that he believes could ignite “America’s FINAL Tech Wave.”

According to Jeff, MTA is a “once-in-a-decade opportunity” for investors.

What’s MTA about? And is it really a good opportunity?

Well, that’s what I will help answer in this post. I’ll start by shedding some light on MTA technology and what stock Jeff Brown is recommending. Then, I’ll give you some info on The Near Future Report, the service he’s promoting as part of the presentation.

What Is MTA Technology?

Jeff Brown uses the term M.T.A. to describe the metaverse, a virtual 3D world where people can socialize, play games, and otherwise immerse themselves in a digital realm through a virtual reality or augmented reality headset.

The metaverse appears to be the latest “hot trend” among tech investors like Jeff Brown; everywhere I look, gurus are touting the potential in this space. In fact, I just published an article about Teeka Tiwari’s upcoming Freedom 2022 metaverse event earlier today.

I can see why it’s becoming so popular, too.

There’s a lot of exciting innovation taking place around things like virtual reality, augmented reality, and online gaming. And the idea of a “metaverse” is right at the center of it. Not to mention, numerous large tech companies are jumping on the bandwagon.

For example, as Jeff points out, Facebook recently rebranded itself as Meta, hired 20,000 employees to work on the metaverse, and is investing billions of dollars.

That’s just one company, though. The applications of a metaverse go beyond social media and gaming. The technology that makes the metaverse possible (like VR and AR, for example) has the potential to change the way we shop, improve manufacturing processes, train employees remotely across a wide range of industries, and more.

So it’s understandable that Jeff Brown believes MTA technology will “forever revolutionize how we communicate, conduct business, travel, receive healthcare.”

He even suggests that the metaverse will be the “final wave of technology” that all future technology will pass through. And in the next section, we’ll look at why he says this.

What Is America’s Final Tech Wave?

During the presentation, Jeff Brown talks about how we should get ready for America’s final tech wave and that MTA technology will ignite this final wave of technology.

What on earth is a “tech wave?”

Well, I’m pretty sure tech waves aren’t a real thing; it’s more of a metaphor for how disruptive technology innovations can change the world. Specifically, the presentation describes tech waves as “rare events” that change the fabric of how humans live.

And according to Jeff, they tend to cause a huge shift in wealth:

Trillions of dollars change hands… from investors who don’t understand what’s happening… to those who saw it coming early… and took action.

According to the presentation, there have already been four tech waves in America, and the final tech wave (AKA the fifth tech wave) is what we’re entering into now. And based on the chart below, which is shown in the presentation, Jeff believes it could last for 25 years.

Chart of America's Final Tech Wave from Jeff Brown's M.T.A. Technology presentation.

Here’s a quick summary of each tech wave:

  • The first wave was water power, textiles, and iron.
  • The second wave was steam power, rail, and the street.
  • Third was electricity, chemicals, and the internal-combustion engine.
  • The fourth wave was petrochemicals, electronics, and aviation.

And according to Jeff Brown, the fifth and final wave has to do with artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, drones, clean tech, and M.T.A. technology (AKA the metaverse).

Why’s he calling this one the “FINAL” wave?

Based on what Jeff states in the presentation, the reason he believes this will be the “final” tech wave has to do with how the metaverse could have such a massive impact on the world that, depending on your age, you may not see another tech wave in your lifetime.

This is a rare moment in time.

What I call a technology wave now if you’re over the age of 55… this very well could be your final tech wave.

He also talks about how there’s a “mega-convergence” of technologies taking place that will need the help of the metaverse to execute their innovation in the future.

What we’re witnessing is a mega-convergence of technologies like AI, blockchain, IoT, 5G, Web 3.0, XR, next-generation computing, and much more.

I believe all these technologies and future innovations will need the help of The Metaverse to properly execute their innovations at full scale.

The final wave of technology that all FUTURE technology will pass through, to function at full possibility. 

Nevertheless, regardless of why he calls it the “final” tech wave, Jeff seems to think that the metaverse is a big deal and that it could present a good opportunity for investors. That doesn’t mean he’s right, but he has made some remarkable calls in his time.

Who Is Jeff Brown?

Jeff Brown is the man in the M.T.A. technology presentation, editor of The Near Future Report newsletter, and founder of the company that publishes it, Brownstone Research.

He edits other services, too, like Exponential Tech Investor and Early Stage Trader, for example, but Near Future Report is his flagship stock advisory. It’s focused on tech-related opportunities, and this is the service Jeff is promoting in the MTA presentation (more on this shortly).

He has made some great calls over the years, too.

For example, based on what he says in this presentation and others I’ve written about, he recommended bitcoin, Nvidia, Tesla, and AMD (among others) in the early days.

Of course, not all of his stock recommendations have paid off, but he does appear to have a knack for picking high-flying tech opportunities.

Aside from financial education, Jeff is a former tech executive with over 30 years of experience, a technology investment expert, and helps tech startups as an angel investor.

What Is Jeff Brown’s #1 Metaverse Stock Pick?

One thing I always do with these sorts of presentations is scan the transcript (or painstakingly watch the video if I must) to find clues about what is being recommended.

In this case, there are two “metaverse opportunities” he’s interested in.

One is Meta Platforms (FB) which he gives away for free. I didn’t have to do any work to find that; he revealed that right in the presentation. And yes, that is Facebook’s new name. And according to Jeff, the reason he’s recommending it is that it’s “a secure investment to get started right now.”

That’s not his #1 metaverse stock pick, though.

Jeff states that he has his “eye on a Metaverse play that’s got much better upside.”

He says there’s one company he believes “all these dominant tech titans will have to go through to be able to fulfill their company vision of the metaverse.”

Unfortunately, he doesn’t reveal the company’s name in the presentation. Nor does he provide any tangible clues, so I couldn’t find out what he’s teasing.

On the plus side, Jeff reveals everything in a report titled “The #1 Metaverse Profit-Play” and anyone can access the report by signing up to The Near Future Report for $49.

Considering how big of a deal Jeff makes of this opportunity, that doesn’t seem like a huge amount of money, but one could argue that that’s the point. In any case, let’s take a look at how the service works to give you a better idea of what to expect should you decide to join.

How Does The Near Future Report Work?

The Near Future Report is an investment advisory service edited by Jeff Brown of Brownstone Research, focused on emerging technology trends.

For instance, 5G, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, autonomous vehicles, robotics, the Internet of Things, blockchain technology, and opportunities related to the metaverse.

Each month, subscribers of the service receive a new issue of The Near Future Report, which contains Jeff’s latest investment insights, research, and investment recommendation.

You also get access to the model portfolio so you can see his latest picks and some bonus reports if you sign up for the service through the MTA technology presentation.

Here are the bonus reports related to the presentation we’ve been discussing:

  • The #1 Metaverse Profit-Play (stock Jeff teases in the presentation).
  • 3 Supercharged Metaverse Plays Set To Mint New Millionaires (three other metaverse-related investment ideas).
  • The Metaverse Tech Revolution (guide to investing in the “metaverse revolution”).

The service costs $49 per year to join and comes with a 60-day refund policy, so even though it’s a bummer to pay to find out what stock he’s teasing, you can always give it a try and request a refund within your first couple of months if you don’t like the service.

Bottom Line

Jeff Brown’s latest presentation centers around the metaverse and how it could “set off the 4th industrial revolution,” which he refers to as America’s Final Tech Wave.

There’s a lot of excitement and innovation around the idea of a metaverse, as well as the technologies that help make it possible, like augmented and virtual reality.

And it’s not all hype, either. There are genuine use cases for this technology regarding social media, gaming, e-commerce, and more. And who knows what innovations will occur in the future as these technologies grow in capability and adoption.

That doesn’t mean you’re going to get rich by investing in whatever tech company Jeff Brown is recommending, or any other “metaverse company” for that matter.

But Jeff does have a good track record, he is an expert when it comes to tech, and he does make some good points about the potential in this space, so anything is possible.

His advisory, The Near Future Report, is legitimate, too. So even if you’re not keen on investing in his metaverse pick, you could still benefit from his investment insights as a subscriber.

Anyway, that’s it from me.

What do you think? Is the metaverse a good investment opportunity, or is it just the flavor of the month being pushed by tech gurus? Let us know in the comments below.

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