What Are Alex Green’s Top Stock Picks for 2022? (Revealed)

Alexander (Alex) Green is a former Wall Street investment guru who joined The Oxford Club in 2001, where he now shares his latest research and recommendations with subscribers of The Oxford Communique and other stock advisory services he runs.

I’m not a member of Alex Green’s services, but I have spent considerable time researching the different “stock teaser” presentations he’s released that are used to promote them.

And by looking into the clues he shares in these presentations, I’ve managed to uncover a bunch of his stock picks, which I’m going to share with you in this post.

So with that said, let’s get started!

Alex Green’s 2022 Stock Picks Revealed

In this section, I’ll give you an overview of Alex Green’s latest 2022 stock teaser presentations and show you what companies I believe he is teasing in each.

As mentioned, I’m not a member of Alex Green’s services, so the following is based on my research, which means I can’t guarantee my guesses are right.

However, I have spent considerable time looking into the companies he has teased. And not only will I show you why I think he’s recommended each company, but I’ll also link to the full post I’ve written about each pick if you want to know more.

I’ll also update this section as Alex Green releases new stock teasers, but as of writing (July 2022), I’ve identified four companies he’s bullish on, which are all tech-related.

Here are the names of the reports associated with each of Alex Green’s picks and the date stamp of the presentation in which he teased each company:

“The 90-Day Payday: 3 Must-Own Stocks With HUGE Insider Buying” (July 2022)

This presentation centered around Alex Green’s “No. 1 signal” to follow when stocks collapse, which he suggests could signal when the market has bottomed, and three companies he’s bullish on.

The “signal” Alex Green is referring to is “insider buying” activity, which is when company CEOs and executives purchase shares in their own company and openly disclose that information to the public.

And as for the stocks he teased, Green said that three companies have recently seen “major insider purchases” and that he believes each company is “significantly undervalued.”

One of his picks remains a mystery, given the lack of clues. But I was able to uncover two of them. The first is a real estate investment trust (REIT) called American Assets Trust (AAT), and the other is an online used car dealer called Carvana (CVNA).

For my full writeup of Alex Green’s pitch, see this article. In it, I explain more about his “signal” and why I think those are his two stock picks.

“The Next Ten-Bagger: Handheld Ultrasound – Powered by AI” (March 2022)

In a March 2022 presentation with Bill O’Reilly, Alex Green teased a company that makes a “handheld ultrasound device” that apparently utilizes artificial intelligence (AI).

And according to Green, the company has reinvented ultrasound “from the ground up” by replacing the “resonating quartz crystals” with semiconductor technology and AI.

“In essence, what they did was reinvent ultrasound from the ground up.

They’ve replaced resonating quartz crystals, which have been used in ultrasound since the 1960s… with semiconductor technology and artificial intelligence.”

Source: pro.oxfordclubcommunique.com/p/LEAPTO99OXFLT2YRDS786786LTOMT/NOXFY411/Full

The presentation suggests that the goal of the device is to deliver ultrasound images “100 times” faster, cheaper, and with higher resolution. And Alex Green states that this “medical breakthrough” could be the “single greatest early investing opportunity of this century.”

As for the company he’s teasing, Alex Green shared numerous clues about his pick, including the company’s stock price (“well under $10”), revenue, patents, and who’s invested in it.

And my guess is that he’s teasing Butterfly Network Inc (BFLY).

Butterfly Network is a Connecticut-based company that, according to its website, “put ultrasound on a chip and created the world’s first handheld whole-body imager.”

Not only does this company make the type of device Alex Green described in the presentation, but it matches the other clues he shared. And you can see my complete breakdown of his “handheld ultrasound device” pick here if you want to know more.

“Capture Massive Profits in AI Medicine” (March 2022)

Next up is a company Alex Green teased in the same presentation, which he claims is “using AI to develop better medicines.”

“In short, I’ve found one company that is using AI to develop better medicines at faster speeds than ever before.”

Aside from that, Alex Green said that the company signed a new partnership “at the start of 2022” with Sanofi in a deal “worth up to $5.2 billion.”

He also shared a quote from the company’s founder and CEO that matches up with what is shown in this Exscientia press release on businesswire.com.

And finally, Green shared the following quote, suggesting that the company’s market cap was somewhere in the ballpark of $2 billion at around the time the presentation was released in March 2022:

“Just the Sanofi deal I mentioned above is valued at up to $5.2 billion.

That’s equal to 2 1/2 TIMES the firm’s current market cap.”

What could it be?

Based on my research, Alex Green is teasing Exscientia plc (EXAI).

Exscientia is a UK-based artificial intelligence-driven pharmatech company that works on discovering, designing, and developing drugs.

And as with Alex Green’s last pick, he details his recommendation in a report that comes as a bonus for joining The Oxford Communique through the presentation.

“1,000% Profits With This Sub-$10 Microcap” (February 2022)

The stock Alex Green teased in this presentation is a small company he refers to as his “top microcap opportunity for 2022.”

When the presentation was first released, Green referred to this company as a “$6 microcap stock,” but in putting this post together, I’ve discovered that he has since rebranded it as a “Sub-$10 Microcap,” and I will be updating my original post to reflect this shortly.

In any case, microcap stocks are public companies with a market capitalization of between $50 million and $300 million (i.e., very small). And in the presentation, Alex Green said that he likes microcaps because they can produce “fast growth for folks nearing retirement.”

As for his pick, Alex Green said that it’s in the “futuristic machine learning industry,” said it won the “Most Innovative Product” award four years running, and shared some hints about its revenue and stock price.

“It’s in the futuristic machine learning industry, which is projected to grow 881% by 2028.

It’s won “Most Innovative Product” at the BIG Innovation Awards for four years running.

Its second quarter revenue is up 89% year over year…

And it’s incredibly cheap, with a share price in the single digits.

At the time of this recording, it’s less than Sub-$10 a share!”

Source: pro.oxfordclub.com/p/MICROTO1975OMTLTAGB786/NOMTY300/Full

My research suggests that Alex Green’s “top microcap opportunity for 2022” pick is AdTheorent (ADTH) because, as I explain in this post, it matches the above clues.

As for what the company does, AdTheorent is a New York-based digital media company that uses machine learning rather than traditional cookie-based methods to serve ads.

And the company website suggests that its platform and ML-based targeting can provide privacy advantages without sacrificing performance.

Aside from that, Alex Green gave one pick away for free in this presentation, a Virginia-based cybersecurity company called Telos Corporation (TLS):

“That’s right! Thanks for watching and as a special thank you… here’s a tiny company I like that you can snatch up right now through your brokerage.

Telos Corp.

The ticker is TLS on the Nasdaq.”

That’s not the “Sub-$10 Microcap” he’s teasing (I think that’s AdTheorent), but Alex Green did refer to Telos as a “nice opportunity.”

“And while I definitely favor the $10 microcap play that I’m sending to all my new subscribers today, I think Telos is a nice opportunity.”

With all that said, let’s look at his final 2022 pick…

“The Single-Stock Retirement Play” (January 2022)

Alex Green appears to have first recommended this company in 2018 (possibly earlier), and I first wrote about it in mid-2021. Either way, this is one of his most popular stock teaser presentations, and he recently released an updated (January 2022) version.

So, long story short, I thought it was worth including it here.

What’s he pitching?

According to Alex Green, the “$4 stock” he’s teasing (which he previously referred to as a “$3 stock”) could help investors “achieve the kind of carefree retirement most people only dream about.” At one point, he even suggested it could be a “Perfect Stock.”

“And if you move quickly – before an upcoming announcement – this $4 stock could help you achieve the kind of carefree retirement most people only dream about.”


“In short, this company meets every metric you could want in a Perfect Stock.”

Source: pro.oxfordclub.com/p/PLANPBTO99OXFLTOXFDSOMT786ALT/EOXFY737/Full

What clues does he share?

Alex Green’s presentation, like most stock teasers I come across, was shrouded in mystery. But he did share quite a few specific clues about his pick overall.

For example, he talked about its patents, deals it has signed with other companies and said that it “literally trades under a secret name.”

“According to data from Intellectual Property Watchdog, the firm has quietly amassed one of the largest tech patent libraries of any company in the world.

It has 36,241 patents inside the United States and 108,749 globally.”


“You can see why the world’s most famed tech companies are all signing blockbuster deals with this little-known firm trading for $4.

The company has inked deals with Cisco, Dell, Microsoft, Intel, Sharp, IBM, HP, Motorola, Sony, Nokia, Amazon and Apple…”


“The company does not trade in a normal way… at least, not yet.

You won’t find it on the New York Stock Exchange, the AMEX or the Nasdaq.

Here’s why…

The company literally trades under a secret name.”

Alex Green also said that the company was “started by the blue-collar son of a career police officer” who “scrounged together $7,500 in seed money,” which is a pretty specific clue.

What company is he teasing?

I believe Alex Green’s “Single-Stock Retirement Play” pick is Foxconn.

I explain exactly why I think this company is a match in this post, but the gist is that it matches the above clues and others he has shared.

For example, howmanypatents.com states that Foxconn currently has 36,241 patents, the company’s Wikipedia page confirms most of the clues Green shared about its customers, and the founder of the company (Terry Gou) started with $7,500 in 1974.

As for the part about the company trading under a “secret name,” the company’s real name is Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. (AKA Hon Hai) – Foxconn is a trading name.

The part about it “trading for $4” (or $3 in the previous version of this presentation) is a bit confusing because the company trades under different names and tickers, on different exchanges, and in multiple currencies.

However, on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, Hon Hai (AKA Foxconn) is listed under the ticker “2317” and trades in the New Taiwan dollar (TWD). And as of writing, the company is trading for around 100 TWD, which works out to about $3.30 in U.S. dollar terms.

There are also other ways to bet on Foxconn if you don’t want to use the Taiwan Stock Exchange. For example, as I explain in my full writeup of Green’s Single-Stock Retirement Play pitch, there’s an ADR (American Depositary Receipt) that trades on the OTC (Over The Counter) market in USD under the ticker HNHPF.

So I recommend seeing that post if you want to know more.

But the bottom line is that I believe Foxconn is Alex Green’s pick. And while he has been teasing this company for a while now, it’s one of his most popular stock teasers by far. Not to mention, since he recently updated it, I’m guessing he’s still bullish on the company.

Other Stocks Alex Green Has Recently Teased

Now that we’ve discussed companies Alex Green has teased in presentations with a 2022 date stamp, I’m going to spend a few minutes highlighting some of his picks from older presentations that I’ve seen The Oxford Club advertise recently.

Here’s an overview of the picks we’ll be looking at in this section:

“How to Profit From the #1 5G Megastock”

The first company on the list is one Alex Green teased in a presentation dubbed “The Great American Wealth Project,” which centers around a company he claims is “perhaps the most important linchpin to the entire 5G network.”

Green refers to this company as the “#1 Stock in America right now,” a “5G Megastock,” and like the last pick we discussed, he suggests it could be a “perfect stock.”

As for the clues, Green said the company makes “5G microchips” that are used in IoT and automotive technology products, routers, appliances, and numerous others. He also talked about its patents and business deals, among other things.

Based on my research, the company he’s teasing here is Marvell Technology, Inc. (MRVL), a Delaware-based company that develops semiconductors and related technology.

As I explain in my full writeup of Green’s “5G Megastock” pick, I’m not sure exactly what “5G microchip” Alex Green is referring to in the presentation, but this company does produce microchips and operates in the 5G space. And based on how closely it matches Green’s clues, it looks like a match overall.

“How to Make a Fortune From This Electric Cancer-Fighter”

This company was teased in two different presentations; the one we just discussed (The Great American Wealth Project) and a pitch about his Innovation Accelerator Playbook, which I first wrote about in 2021.

According to Alex Green, this company uses “electric fields” to “potentially kill cancer cells,” and the company “holds 145 patents to protect its technology.”

Based on the clues he shared about this pick, which I go into detail on in the article I linked to above, I believe he’s teasing a company called NovoCure Limited (ticker: NVCR).

Novocure is an international oncology company that, according to its website, has “discovered another way to treat cancer” that involves Tumor Treating Fields (AKA TTFields), which it describes as “electric fields that disrupt cancer cell division.”

“The Millionaire-Making Diagnostics Company”

Alex Green teased one final company in the “Great American Wealth Project” presentation, a cancer diagnostics company that he says has developed “proprietary genetic testing tools” that can help identify early-stage cancer cells.

According to Alex Green, this company “holds nine different key patents and 700 trademarks to protect its technology” and “has deals in place with Qiagen and drug giant Novartis to offer testing to breast cancer patients.”

He shared some other clues, too, but those were the main ones. And based on that, I think he might be teasing NeoGenomics Inc (ticker: NEO).

I’m not as confident about this guess as some of the others, but my research suggests that this could be Alex Green’s pick based on the clues, and I explain why in more detail here.

“The 10G Front-Runner Changing How Business Is Done”

This pick, and the next two picks, are teased in the Innovation Accelerator Playbook presentation I mentioned earlier, which I wrote about last year.

My first thought when Alex Green mentioned 10G was that it was a gimmick since we’ve barely seen 5G technology fully roll out in many places. However, as Green explains, there’s a very big difference between 5G and 10G.

“In fact… there’s a very big difference between 5G and 10G.

5G applies to the mobile industry… and the ‘G’ stands for ‘generation.’

So 5G is the fifth generation of cell networks.

10G applies to the cable broadband network… which delivers broadband to your house.

In this case, ’10G’ stands for ’10 gigabits per second (Gbps).'”

Source: pro.oxfordclubcommunique.com/p/BOOMTO99OXFLT2YRDS786786LTOMT/NOXFX215/Full

So when Alex Green says “10G,” he’s talking about 10 gigabits per second cable broadband.

And he shared the following clues about the company he’s tracking:

Its CEO says, ‘While the world is talking about 5G, we’re proud to be part of this extraordinary movement to 10G. We’re already launching entire Gigacities and that’s just the start.'”


“… the 10G company I’ve targeted has figured out a way to roll out 10G without construction crews replacing cable networks all over the country.”


“Warren Buffett… whose Berkshire Hathaway fund is the largest stockholder… with $378 million in shares…”

Based on those clues, Alex Green’s “10G” pick appears to be Liberty Global plc (LBTYA), a multinational telecommunications company headquartered in London.

“The Future of Food: The Vertical Farm Supplier Feeding the World”

In the same presentation, Alex Green said that he expects “we’ll see vertical farming rolling out in city after city across America” and dropped some hints about a retailer he’s bullish on that sells equipment for hydroponics and organic gardening.

“This fast-growing retailer owns and operates a chain of stores selling equipment for hydroponics and organic gardening.

Sales in the last 12 months were up an astounding 152% year over year.

It’s expanded to 36 locations across the United States, up from 25 the year before.

It recently acquired the largest hydroponics operator in Southern California.

That deal is expected to add $20 million in recurring annual revenue.

It’s adding an additional $50 million in recurring annual revenue after purchasing the country’s third-largest chain of hydroponic garden centers, which stretches across the Pacific Northwest.”

My guess on this one is GrowGeneration Corp (GRWG), a Colorado-based company that sells hydroponic supplies, organic nutrients, grow lights and many other products.

Overall, the clues Alex Green shared seem to match. But the Innovation Accelerator Playbook presentation (which is where he teased this company) was first released in January 2021, and the company appears to have grown since then (no pun intended). According to the company website, it is “the largest hydroponics supplier in the country with 63 retail and distribution centers.”

“The Robotics Company Partnered with Google and Amazon”

Last but not least, Alex Green teased a robotics company in the same Innovation Accelerator Playbook teaser, which he says has developed “new drone technology” and describes it as an “innovator” that “will turn scenes out of the Jetsons into reality.”

Here’s an overview of the clues he shared about this pick:

“It is a robotics company founded by 3 scientists from MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab…

It’s created telemedical robots that operate stethoscopes and ultrasounds…”


“More than 2,000 of this company’s robots were deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan and more than 5,000 more to defense forces around the world.”


“In fact, this company has already partnered with Google to integrate its products with Google Assistant and with Amazon to integrate with Alexa.”


“The company is small now with a $2.3 billion market cap…

Yet it just brought in $1.3 billion in revenue over a 12-month period. That’s more than half it’s cap in a single year.”

What might this one be? It looks like Alex Green’s teasing iRobot Corporation (IRBT), a U.S. technology company that designs and builds robots.

As of writing, the market cap for iRobot Corporation is lower than what Alex Green mentioned, but it was trading much higher around the time this presentation was released (Jan 2021). And either way, the other clues suggest that this is his pick.

How Do You Get Alex Green’s Latest Picks?

So far, we’ve discussed numerous companies that Alex Green has teased in different presentations, and I’ve shared my best guesses on each.

And while I believe my guesses on at least most of his picks are right, I can’t guarantee anything. What’s more, even if those are his picks, which I believe they are, the market is always changing, so Alex Green may not still be recommending them.

Not to mention, Alex Green shares all of his research and the specific details about his recommendations in the reports I mentioned earlier.

So, my point is that the best way to find out what companies Alex Green is teasing, get all the details on his recommendations, stay updated on his picks, and access his future picks, would be to join one of his research services.

And Alex Green’s flagship service is called The Oxford Communique, which he began editing in 2001, and this is the service associated with most of the picks we’ve discussed.

How does it work?

To get started, you first need to visit the Oxford Club website and navigate to the page dedicated to The Oxford Communique and select a membership, which typically costs between $49 to $129, depending on where you sign up. Or you could join through one of the presentations Alex Green runs.

Either way, once you’ve subscribed, you receive Alex Green’s latest market insights and investment ideas each month. And members get access to numerous other resources, including research reports and access to a model portfolio (among other things).

As for whether or not it’s worthwhile, I’m not a member of The Oxford Communique. But it is one of the longest-running stock picking services in the space and seems to have a good track record. So while there’s no guarantee it’ll help you make money, it might be worth a look if you like the types of companies he tracks.

Also, aside from the Oxford Communique, Alex Green runs The Oxford Microcap Trader, which is the service associated with his “Sub-$10 Microcap” pick we discussed.

And he runs two other services; one is called The Momentum Alert and the other, The Insider Alert. All of which are published by a financial publishing company called The Oxford Club, which is based in Baltimore.

Bottom Line

Alex Green is a pretty well-known stock picker, and his Oxford Communique service, which has been running for over 20 years now, seems to have a solid reputation.

Does that mean you’ll get rich following his picks?

Unfortunately, no. While anything is possible, nobody can predict what stocks will or won’t rise in the future. So regardless of how good someone’s track record is, there’s no guarantee you’ll make money following their recommendations, let alone get rich.

That said, at least now you have a better idea of what types of companies Alex Green has teased, which, as you may have noticed, are mostly tech and biotech-related. And I’ll strive to keep this post updated as I come across new Alex Green presentations.

Anyway, that’s it from me for now. Thanks for reading, and if you have any stock teasers you’d like me to look into that I haven’t mentioned, let me know in the comments.

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