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What Are Alex Green’s “90-Day Payday” (aka “Insider”) Picks?

Today I’m looking into Alex Green’s latest pitch about his “No. 1 Signal” to follow when stocks collapse, which he suggests could signal when the market has bottomed. And during the presentation, not only did Green talk about this “signal,” but he teased three companies that he believes are “significantly undervalued.” The names of each company (and the details of his recommendations) are revealed in a report called “The 90-Day Payday: 3 Must-Own Stocks With HUGE Insider Buying,” which comes

Alex Green in an Oxford Club presentation discussing his stock picks.

What Are Alex Green’s Top Stock Picks for 2022? (Revealed)

Alexander (Alex) Green is a former Wall Street investment guru who joined The Oxford Club in 2001, where he now shares his latest research and recommendations with subscribers of The Oxford Communique and other stock advisory services he runs. I’m not a member of Alex Green’s services, but I have spent considerable time researching the different “stock teaser” presentations he’s released that are used to promote them. And by looking into the clues he shares in these presentations, I’ve managed

Alex Green in The Great American Wealth Project presentation discussing his 5G-related stock pick with Bill O'Reilly.

Alex Green’s 5G Stock Pick (“#1 5G Megastock”) Exposed

Today I’m looking into an Oxford Club presentation dubbed “The Great American Wealth Project,” which features Alexander Green and Bill O’Reilly. In short, it centers around Alex Green’s “#1 Stock in America right now,” which he describes as “perhaps the most important linchpin to the entire 5G network.” The presentation isn’t exactly new (it first aired in October 2020), but I’ve seen numerous ads for it recently, so I decided to see what company Alex Green was teasing. And in

What Is Alex Green’s Handheld Ultrasound Device Stock?

Alexander Green and Bill O’Reilly have released a presentation on the Oxford Club website dubbed “Humanity’s Next Gigantic Leap,” which is all about a handheld ultrasound device. According to Alex Green, “this medical breakthrough could be the single greatest early investing opportunity of this century.” What device is he talking about? And what’s his pick? Alex Green reveals the details in a report called “The Next Ten-Bagger: Handheld Ultrasound ā€“ Powered by AI,” which you get by signing up for

What Is Alex Green’s “Sub-$10” Microcap Stock Pick?

Note: This post has been updated. When Alex Green first released this presentation, he referred to the company as a “$6 microcap stock.” But he is now calling it a “sub-$10 microcap,” so I have updated this post accordingly. Nothing else about the teaser appears to have changed. The Oxford Club recently released a presentation featuring Alexander Green and George Rayburn called the Micro Stocks Mega-Profits Summit. In it, Alex Green talked about how he believes microcap stocks can “produce

What Is Alex Green’s $5 Aviation Stock Pick? (Exposed)

I was recently looking into an advisory service called The Insider Alert when I stumbled across a presentation on the Oxford Club website about a “$5 Private Aviation Superstock.” The man behind the presentation, Alexander Green, says this could be his top stock pick of 2022 and that it could hand investors a 300%-plus return, or potentially more by leveraging options. I wanted to know what Alex’s stock pick was, so I did some research. And in this post, I’ll

The Insider Alert Review: Legit Alexander Green Service?

I was browsing the Oxford Club website recently when I came across a presentation featuring Bill O’Reilly and Alexander Green that ended with a pitch for The Insider Alert service. It was a compelling offer, but at the cost of $4,000, I wanted to do some research to find out if it was a legitimate and worthwhile service before joining. In summary, The Insider Alert is a weekly trading service edited by Alexander Green and published by The Oxford Club

An Alexander Green presentation about his "Single-Stock Retirement Play" pick, which he also calls a four dollar stock.

Alex Green’s “Single-Stock Retirement Play” Pick Exposed

Note: I first wrote about this presentation in 2021, when Alex Green was teasing a “$3 stock” with “29,187 patents.” However, he released a new version of the presentation in January 2022, which is mostly the same, but he’s now calling it a “$4 stock.” So I’ve updated this post accordingly. Alex Green’s “Single-Stock Retirement Play” presentation centers around a “single $4 stock” that he claims could be the “cornerstone of your retirement in the coming years.” “And today Iā€™m

Innovation Accelerator Playbook: What Are Alex Green’s Picks?

The presentation discussed in this post was originally released in January 2021, and I first wrote about it in July 2021. However, I recently learned that one of the companies Alex Green teased in this presentation changed, so I have updated this post. Today I’m looking into a presentation about Alexander Green’s Innovation Accelerator Playbook, where he teases four companies as part of an Oxford Communique pitch. In this post, I’ll show you what companies I think Alex Green is