Alex Green’s 5G Stock Pick (“#1 5G Megastock”) Exposed

Today I’m looking into an Oxford Club presentation dubbed “The Great American Wealth Project,” which features Alexander Green and Bill O’Reilly.

In short, it centers around Alex Green’s “#1 Stock in America right now,” which he describes as “perhaps the most important linchpin to the entire 5G network.”

The presentation isn’t exactly new (it first aired in October 2020), but I’ve seen numerous ads for it recently, so I decided to see what company Alex Green was teasing. And in the process, I was able to his top 5G pick and two other stocks he teased.

So with all that said, let’s get started.

Revealed: Alex Green’s “#1 5G Megastock” Pick

According to Alex Green, the only “surefire way to retire wealthy in America” is to own shares in a “breakout business,” and he’s apparently found the “#1 Stock in America.”

“There’s only one surefire way to retire wealthy in America.

And that’s by owning shares in a breakout business that’s crushing sales records… creating innovative products… and rewarding investors with massive paydays.

And I’ve got the details on the new #1 Stock in America right now.”

Why is he so bullish on this company?

For one thing, Alex Green said that the company is operating in “the fastest-growing and most exciting sector in the markets today,” 5G.

“First of all, my new #1 Stock in America is operating in the fastest-growing and most exciting sector in the markets today.

I’m talking about the $17 trillion 5G revolution, which is going to be one of the biggest investment opportunities of our lifetimes…”

Chances are you know what 5G is, but in case you don’t, it’s the fifth-generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks, and it’s designed to be faster than 4G.

I don’t know if 5G is the “most exciting sector” in the markets (lol), but it is something numerous well-known stock pickers have pitched lately.

For example, I recently uncovered Dave Forest’s 5G Master Key pick and before that, David Fessler’s 5G “linchpin device” pick. And both of those presentations were based on a similar theme to Green’s presentation (i.e., that 5G is about more than just faster internet).

In Alex Green’s words, 5G is “one of those trends that will reshape the world.”

Anyway, according to the presentation, Alex Green’s pick meets the criteria of a “perfect stock,” and the following screenshot breaks down what those “criteria” are:

The criteria of a "Perfect Stock" according to The Oxford Club's Great American Wealth Project presentation featuring Bill O'Reilly and Alexander Green.

Of course, there’s no such thing as a perfect stock.

So take that with a grain of salt.

But marketing hype aside, there are basically five criteria that Alex Green says he looks for in a company, and apparently, his recommended company meets his criteria:

“Now, the first company I’ve already talked about today.

It’s the 5G megastock that is my #1 Stock in America right now.

It meets each of my five criteria.

It’s got cutting-edge technology and is a Top 100 Global Innovator.

It’s distributed not just millions, but billions, of products worldwide.

It’s got 10,000 patents protecting its intellectual property.

It’s racking up deals with major tech firms like Samsung, Google, SoftBank Group and NXP Semiconductors to ensure more than $1 billion in future revenue.

And yet it’s almost entirely undiscovered.

Bottom line: If there was ever one individual stock that could help fund your retirement, this could be it.”

What else did Alex Green say about his 5G pick?

Aside from what I’ve already mentioned, Green said the company makes “5G microchips” and talked about specific products that use these chips.

“And that gets me to my #1 Stock in America right now.

The company is perhaps the most important linchpin to the entire 5G network…

It makes the 5G microchips necessary for the entire system to work.

To put it bluntly… any business that wants to be involved in this coming 5G revolution needs this company’s product.

And the big businesses are lining up.

For example, you will find this company’s microchips in Google’s 5G Chromecast… Samsung’s Galaxy 5G smartphones… and Audi’s mobile 5G Wi-Fi hotspots.”

He also talked about how the company’s 5G microchips are used in IoT and automotive technology products, routers, appliances, data storage, servers, and numerous others.

And finally, he said that the company has “secured $1.7 billion in 2020” after signing a deal with NXP Semiconductors.

“And this company has 10,000 patents to protect its intellectual property – and, perhaps more importantly, its profit margins.

Because of that, sales are skyrocketing.

It secured $1.7 BILLION in 2020 after signing a new deal with NXP Semiconductors.”

What could his pick be?

It looks like Alex Green is teasing Marvell Technology, Inc. (MRVL), a Delaware-based company that develops semiconductors and related technology.

I’m not sure what “5G microchip” Alex Green is referring to in the presentation, but this company does produce microchips and operates in the 5G space.

According to the company website, Marvell is empowering “intelligent infrastructure for 5G.” And Wikipedia states that the company has announced deals to provide processors for 5G Infrastructure for numerous companies, including Samsung.

As for the other clues Alex Green shared, it seems to match those, too.

For instance:

So, bottom line… the “#1 5G Megastock” (AKA “#1 Stock in America right now”) stock Alex Green’s teasing appears to be Marvell Technology (ticker: MRVL).

That’s ultimately just a guess, though.

Alex Green has put together a report called “How to Profit From the #1 5G Megastock,” which comes as a “bonus” for joining his paid service, The Oxford Communique. So that’s the best way to find out what company he’s teasing for sure.

I’ll discuss what that service involves shortly in case you’re considering signing up. But first, let’s look into the other two companies he teased in the presentation.

What About the Other Two Companies Green Teased?

During the Oxford Club presentation, Alex Green said that, aside from his top 5G recommendation, there are “two more profit-packed stocks” he’s interested in. He described one as a “cancer-fighting company” and the other as a “cancer diagnostics company.”

Pick 2: “How to Make a Fortune From This Electric Cancer-Fighter”

As with Alex Green’s last pick, he shared numerous specific clues about this company, which made figuring out what it was pretty easy.

For starters, he said that the company uses “electric fields” to “potentially kill cancer cells:”

“This company is attacking cancer in an entirely new way…

With electricity.

It’s the very first company to use electric fields to stop tumor growth and potentially kill cancer cells entirely.”

Second, he said the company “holds 145 patents to protect its technology.”

Third, he talked about its sales:

“Sales are up 42% this past year… and the company just recorded its first-ever $100 million quarter in March 2020.”

Fourth, he highlighted a deal the company has done:

“And it just signed a monster new deal with pharma giant Merck to treat lung cancer. This little company is just now hitting the map.”

And he shared the following quote about the company from a “popular site:”

“One popular site calls it ‘The Fastest-Growing Cancer Company You’ve Never Heard Of.'”

I always start my search with the most specific clue, and in this case, that was the above quote he shared, which was taken from a Motley Fool article about Novocure.

Novocure is an international oncology company that, according to its website, has “discovered another way to treat cancer” that involves Tumor Treating Fields (AKA TTFields), which it describes as “electric fields that disrupt cancer cell division.”

I have no idea what this treatment involves or how effective it is since I’m not a medical expert (by any stretch of the imagination). However, what the above page describes seems to line up with what Alex Green said in the presentation.

The company also seems to match Green’s other clues, too.

For instance, my research suggests that it lines up with what Green said regarding its patents and revenue. And Alex Green’s “deal with pharma giant Merck” clue seems to match this 2020 announcement regarding a clinical trial collaboration.

So, NovoCure Limited (ticker: NVCR) appears to be Alex Green’s second pick.

Pick 3: “The Millionaire-Making Diagnostics Company”

The third and final pick Alex Green teased in the “Great American Wealth Project” presentation is a cancer diagnostics company that he says has developed “proprietary genetic testing tools” that can help identify early-stage cancer cells.

“The third company is a cancer diagnostics company.

This company doesn’t just want to fight cancer. It wants to wipe it out.

It’s the very first company to develop proprietary genetic testing tools that help doctors identify small clusters of cancer cells in their earliest stages… before they’re even a threat.”

Aside from that, the main clues Alex Green shared were about the company’s patents and deals it has in place, and he cited part of a quote from MarketWatch.

“It also holds nine different key patents and 700 trademarks to protect its technology.

For example, one patent is for a brand-new method to determine whether or not a patient needs a prostate biopsy.

Another patent protects a method for screening for and providing a prognosis for esophageal cancer in its earliest stages.”


“It has deals in place with Qiagen and drug giant Novartis to offer testing to breast cancer patients.”


“In fact, according to MarketWatch, this company is projected to be a ‘key player’ in developments in the global cancer-profiling market from now all the way through 2023.”

To uncover this one, I researched companies that have developed “genetic testing tools” and that have worked with the two companies Alex Green mentioned. And that led me to a press release on the NeoGenomics website that seems to match what he said.

I wasn’t able to verify all of Green’s clues on this one. But NeoGenomics is a Florida-based company that specializes in cancer genetics testing and information services. And based on what is shown on, the company has filed nine patents, one of which relates to prostate cancer and the other, esophageal cancer.

So, NeoGenomics, Inc. (ticker: NEO) seems to match his clues overall.

How can you find out for sure?

Like the first (5G) company Alex Green teased, the only way to find out what these other two companies are would be to see the reports he created that break down his picks.

The first report is called “How to Profit From the #1 5G Megastock.” The second report, which details his second pick, is called “How to Make a Fortune From This Electric Cancer-Fighter.” And the third report is titled “The Millionaire-Making Diagnostics Company.”

Each of these reports breaks down Alex Green’s picks and why he’s recommending them. And together, these form part of the so-called “Great American Wealth Blueprint,” a package of products that come with a subscription to The Oxford Communique.

What Is The Oxford Communique?

The Oxford Communique is a monthly investment research newsletter run by The Oxford Club’s Alexander Green focused on long-term value investing.

As a subscriber of the service, the main thing you receive is the monthly newsletter which breaks down Alex Green’s latest pick. Subscribers also get access to research reports, the model portfolio, updates on Green’s recommendations, and other resources.

How much does it cost?

There are different price points for this service ($49, $99, or $129), and each comes with different bonuses and reports. But the “standard” subscription is $49, and according to the Oxford Club website, the service auto-renews at $79.

Is it worth it?

I am not a member of The Oxford Communique, but the Oxford Club website states that Alex Green has been running this service since 2001. And based on what he said in the presentation, he has recommended some great companies over the years.

That doesn’t mean you’ll make money as a subscriber, but it is a legitimate and long-running service. So it could be worth checking out depending on what you’re looking for.

And if you want a better idea of what types of companies Alex Green has recommended before deciding, check out this page. It lists all the Alex Green stock teaser presentations I’ve looked into on this site and is updated when I publish new articles about his picks.

Bottom Line

The Great American Wealth Project presentation centers around Alex Green’s “5G megastock” pick, which he also refers to as his “#1 Stock in America.” And aside from that, Green discussed two of his top healthcare-related picks.

I’ll let you decide whether or not you think my guesses are right, but the companies I mentioned earlier appear to be the closest matches with the clues he shared.

As for the service he’s pitching, The Oxford Communique, that may be worthwhile depending on what type of service you’re looking for. But as with any service, there’s no guarantee you’ll make money by joining it, let alone “retire rich” off a single stock.

Either way, if you agree with my guesses about Alex Green’s picks, at least now you don’t have to join the service just to find out what companies he’s teasing.

Anyway, that’s it from me.

Thanks for reading.

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