Innovation Accelerator Playbook Review (What Are Alex Green’s Stock Picks?)

Hello and welcome. Today we’ll be looking at Alexander Green and Bill O’Reilly’s Innovation Accelerator Playbook, which contains four investment reports about stocks Alex thinks could soar in the next couple years, that you receive as part of joining The Oxford Communique.

In this review, I’ll discuss Alex’s predictions, walk you through the reports he’s offering, and shed some light on what you get if you join.

I’ll also share my best guess of the names and ticker symbols of the four companies he talks about in the presentation.

Innovation Accelerator Playbook Review

I first discovered the Innovation Accelerator Playbook through a presentation on the Oxford Club website, featuring Bill O’Reilly and Alex Green.

The presentation began with Bill O’Reilly, esteemed author and journalist, talking about how he’s worried about the future of America. He cites issues such as tax hikes, business regulations, increasing levels of debt, and how millions are still out of work.

In Bill’s words:

We have a new president who’s promising new tax hikes and business-strangling regulations. We just added more to the U.S. debt than during the Civil War, World War I, World War II and Vietnam combined. Millions of Americans are still out of work, and thousands of businesses – big and small – have been lost.

– Bill O’Reilly (Source:

According to Bill, this is why he was so “blown away” by what Alexander Green told him the other day. About how more wealth could be made over the next couple years than in the past two decades combined.

Innovation Accelerator Playbook presentation featuring Alexander Green and Bill O'Reilly.
Innovation Accelerator Playbook presentation featuring Alexander Green (left) and Bill O’Reilly (right) titled “Will the Next Two Years Generate More Wealth Than the Previous 20 Combined?” Source:

According to Bill, Alex told him “the trend will be virtually unstoppable” and even though he was in disbelief about Alex’s prediction, he remembered how Alex has been right time and time again over the years.

For example, he talks about how Alex bought Apple shares at $0.18 in 1996, Netflix at $1.62 in 2005 and Amazon at $35 in that same year. And cites other examples of his past stock picks.

Bill says that “this guy has been practically psychic at identifying huge new stock trends” and soon after he introduces Alex Green, and the discussion continues.

Alex begins by saying that, even though there are issues facing America, we shouldn’t be concerned, because most of it is just fear mongering. And that America is made up of the freest and most innovative group of entrepreneurs on the planet.

Every day, Americans are inventing new technologies, launching new businesses, creating breakthrough medicines and solving real-world problems.

– Alex Green

He goes on to say that what we’ve achieved in the past 100 years is more than what has been achieved over the past 10,000 years combined.

Which, to me, adds credibility to his statement about more wealth being made in the next two years than the previous 20, because the rate of innovation is increasing.

And not just innovation, but how fast we’re adopting it.

I remember discussing this as part of my review of Luke Lango’s Innovation Investor recently, where I talked about how it took 73 years for the telephone to gain full adoption, 15 years for the cellphone, and only 8 years for the smartphone.

That’s just one example, but it does show that the rate at which we adopt innovative new technologies is accelerating exponentially.

So there could be a huge opportunity for those who can spot the trends, find the right companies, and take advantage. Which is more or less what Alex says he can help you with.

Alex is super bullish on innovative companies that are leveraging cutting edge technologies to gain a competitive advantage in the market, and dominate their industry.

According to Alex:

In the next two years alone, the innovations I’m seeing now are going to become SO BIG that the wealth created will be unprecedented. There will be new products that will improve our world in unimaginable ways… And under-the-radar companies that will rise up to become household names.

He then talks about four specific innovations he’s interested in:

  • mRNA: Alex believes that mRNA medicines could be the single biggest innovation of this century and that it could both save lives and generate trillions of dollars in wealth. I’m no medical professional, but my understanding is that it’s an innovative type of vaccine.
  • 10G: At first I thought this might’ve been a gimmick, but 10G is a real thing. But unlike 5G, the mobile network, 10G is about residential broadband reaching speeds of 10Gbps. Which, according to, is 10 times faster than the internet we have today and is the broadband platform of the future.
  • Vertical farming: Alex talks about one of the biggest problems facing mankind today, is being able to feed everyone. He points out that the world will need 70% more food in less than 30 years as the global population increases, and how vertical farming could be the answer, since it allows us to make more food with less real estate.
  • Robotics: The last innovation Alex talks about is robotics, and how it will help us increase productivity, improve our lives, and drive innovation. He says robotics are impacting everything from healthcare, defence and transport, to the way we do jobs around the home.

Together, he says that these four innovations alone could create $9 Trillion in wealth over the next couple years.

But which stocks is Alex recommending?

Alex doesn’t share the exact name of the four stocks he’s bullish on in the presentation.

In order to access those, you need to join The Oxford Club Communique, through the Innovation Accelerator Playbook presentation, which provides detailed reports about each innovation I mentioned above and the individual stocks he recommends for each innovation.

Here are the reports that come with Alex Green’s Innovation Accelerator Playbook:

  • The mRNA Leader Locking Up Multiple $200 Million Deals
  • The 10G Front-Runner Changing How Business Is Done
  • The Future of Food: The Vertical Farm Supplier Feeding the World
  • The Robotics Company Partnered with Google and Amazon


Alex does provide information about the stocks he’s recommending in the presentation, so I did some investigative work, and I’m quite confident I’ve identified them.

And in the next section, I’ll break these down for you.

What Are Alex Green’s Four Stock Picks?

As mentioned, you do need to signup for The Oxford Communique, to get the Innovation Accelerator Playbook bundle of reports that detail which stocks Alex is recommending.

However, since Alex provided so many clues in the presentation, I decided to do some digging and share the names of the stocks I believe he’s recommending.

Keep in mind, however, that the following is just my best guess based on what Alexander Green talks about in this presentation (link is NOT an endorsement).

1. mRNA Stock Pick

Snippets from the presentation:

The science behind this particular method won a Nobel Prize.

It just reported positive results from a Phase 1 trial for a hepatitis B vaccine with no serious side effects.

It also has 20 treatments in various stages of development.

And the company will announce at least four trial results this year.

It recently announced FDA acceptance of an investigational New Drug Application (NDA). This drug is the first clinical-stage candidate to emerge from its collaboration with Eli Lilly.

And it just received “orphan drug” status to treat alpha-1 antitrypsin (A1AT) deficiency, which can lead to lung and liver disease.

It has all the patents – 250 either granted or pending – protecting its technologies.
And pharma giants like Eli Lilly, Roche and Novo Nordisk are committing at least $200 million each.

…it’s around only $25 a share

My guess: Dicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc (DRNA).

2. 10G Stock Pick

Snippets from the presentation:

Its CEO says, “While the world is talking about 5G, we’re proud to be part of this extraordinary movement to 10G. We’re already launching entire Gigacities and that’s just the start.”

Is that the 10G company I’ve targeted has figured out a way to roll out 10G without construction crews replacing cable networks all over the country.

Warren Buffett… whose Berkshire Hathaway fund is the largest stockholder… with $378 million in shares…

My guess: Liberty Global plc (LBTYA).

3. Vertical Farming Stock Pick

Snippets from the presentation:

This fast-growing retailer owns and operates a chain of stores selling equipment for hydroponics and organic gardening.

It’s expanded to 36 locations across the United States, up from 25 the year before.

It recently acquired the largest hydroponics operator in Southern California. That deal is expected to add $20 million in recurring annual revenue.

It’s adding an additional $50 million in recurring annual revenue after purchasing the country’s third-largest chain of hydroponic garden centers, which stretches across the Pacific Northwest.

My guess: GrowGeneration Corp (GRWG).

4. Robotics Stock Pick

Snippets from the presentation:

It is a robotics company founded by 3 scientists from MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab…

It’s created telemedical robots that operate stethoscopes and ultrasounds…

More than 2,000 of this company’s robots were deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan and more than 5,000 more to defense forces around the world.

In fact, this company has already partnered with Google to integrate its products with Google Assistant and with Amazon to integrate with Alexa.

The company is small now with a $2.3 billion market cap…

Yet it just brought in $1.3 billion in revenue over a 12-month period. That’s more than half it’s cap in a single year.

My guess: iRobot Corporation (IRBT).

Summary of Alex Green’s Predictions for 2021

Based on the information Alexander Green provides in the Innovation Accelerator Playbook presentation (titled “Will the Next Two Years Generate More Wealth Than the Previous 20 Combined?”) I believe the four stock picks he’s recommending are:

  • Dicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc (DRNA)
  • Liberty Global plc (LBTYA)
  • GrowGeneration Corp (GRWG)
  • iRobot Corporation (IRBT)

Again, these are just best guesses. I didn’t join The Oxford Communique through this presentation, so I can’t guarantee that this is what he’s recommending. But I am very confident because they match up with what he revealed in the presentation with Bill O’Reilly.

Also, as a side note, the presentation appears to have taken place in February of 2021, or thereabouts, and in that time some of these picks have done very well.

So that is a good early indication that his predictions are sound.

In any case, I still think it could be worth joining his service, even if these are his exact picks. Because Alex provides a full written report about each of these stocks, including what the companies are about and why he’s recommending them.

How do you get access to the reports?

You need to join The Oxford Communique, through the Innovation Accelerator Playbook presentation. And in the next section, I’ll explain what that entails.

How Do You Get The Innovation Accelerator Playbook?

In order to get access to the Innovation Accelerator Playbook, you need to join Alexander Green’s service called The Oxford Communique.

In doing so, you get access to the following four reports:

  • The mRNA Leader Locking Up Multiple $200 Million Deals
  • The 10G Front-Runner Changing How Business Is Done
  • The Future of Food: The Vertical Farm Supplier Feeding the World
  • The Robotics Company Partnered with Google and Amazon

In addition, subscribers also receive two best-selling books:

  • Killing Crazy Horse (authored by Bill O’Reilly)
  • The Gone Fishin’ Portfolio (authored by Alexander Green)

And all of these are more or less “bonuses” for joining The Oxford Communique.

The Oxford Communique is a monthly newsletter service headed up by Alexander Green of The Oxford Club. As a member, you get access to Alex’s research, analysis and stock recommendations aimed at helping you become a successful investor.

According to Alex, there are five main goals of the service:

  1. Maximize your income
  2. Minimize taxes
  3. Dominate the broad market returns every year
  4. Minimize market risks
  5. And live a financially free life without money worries or concerns.

On top of monthly stock picks and detailed breakdowns on the companies he recommends, you also get access to the model portfolio so that you can see every stock he’s currently recommending, weekly updates to help keep you informed, and other resources aimed at helping you take advantage of his recommendations.

How much does it cost to join?

There are three price tiers for The Oxford Communique: $49, $99 and $129.

The $49 subscription (Standard) gives you a digital copy of The Oxford Communique monthly newsletters. The $129 subscription (Deluxe) comes with digital and print versions of it.

And the $99 version comes with digital and print versions of the monthly newsletter and gives you two bonus reports.

The first bonus report is called “The Innovation Gatekeeper” which details an analytics company Alex is interested in. And the second is called “The Millionaire-Making Diagnostics Company” which is a medical diagnostics company.

I must admit, I think it’s kind of odd the way they’ve priced it. It makes absolutely zero sense to buy the $129 “Deluxe” version, because you get more value with the $99 one:

The Oxford Communique subscription pricing tiers and membership inclusions.

In any case, the Oxford Communique service is one of the most renowned stock advisory services in the industry. Especially among the “buy and hold” value investing style newsletters.

Not everything Alex recommends has been, or will be, a winner though.

But based on my research, he has made many accurate predictions over the years, and helped many of his subscribers benefit as a result.

Who Is Alexander Green?

Alexander Green of The Oxford Club.
Alexander Green

Alexander Green is the man in the Innovation Accelerator Playbook presentation, and senior editor of The Oxford Communique.

He’s also the Chief Investment Strategist for The Oxford Club, one of the most respected financial publishing companies in the world. They provide a range of investing subscriptions on their website, and work with many different experts in the space.

Prior to working with the Oxford Club, Alexander was an investment advisor, research analyst and portfolio manager on Wall Street for 16 years.

Since joining The Oxford Club, he’s shared his knowledge and insights through a variety of services including The Insider Alert, The Momentum Alert, Oxford Microcap Trader, and The Oxford Communique.

Which, according to the Oxford Club website, has done quite well:

The independent Hulbert Financial Digest has ranked his Oxford Communiqué as one of the 10 top-performing investment letters in the nation for the last 15 years.

Bottom Line

The Innovation Accelerator Playbook is a bundle of four investment reports, and other bonuses, that come with a 12 month subscription to The Oxford Communique.

The main benefit of the four reports is learning about Alexander Green’s latest stock picks in the medical, broadband, vertical farming and robotics sectors.

The other main benefit of joining is getting access to Alex’s monthly insights and recommendations in the monthly newsletters, and the model portfolio which details all of his current stock recommendations.

Overall, it looks like a great service that’s offered at an affordable price. And considering the track record of both Alexander Green and The Oxford Communique, it could be well worth checking out, especially if you’re interested in a longer term investing strategy.

Either way, thanks for reading, and I hope you found this helpful. If you’d like to share your thoughts or experience with this service, feel free to leave a comment below.

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