What Is Alex Green’s Handheld Ultrasound Device Stock?

Alexander Green and Bill O’Reilly have released a presentation on the Oxford Club website dubbed “Humanity’s Next Gigantic Leap,” which is all about a handheld ultrasound device.

According to Alex Green, “this medical breakthrough could be the single greatest early investing opportunity of this century.”

What device is he talking about? And what’s his pick?

Alex Green reveals the details in a report called “The Next Ten-Bagger: Handheld Ultrasound – Powered by AI,” which you get by signing up for the Financial Freedom Blueprint, a “package” of products that come with a subscription to The Oxford Communique.

But I wanted to know what stock he was teasing without joining that. So, I decided to research his clues. And in this post, I’ll show you everything I found.

Alex Green’s “Handheld Ultrasound” Prediction

Bill O’Reilly began the presentation by holding up a black box, which he said holds what some are calling “humanity’s next giant leap.” And according to O’Reilly, some very well-known investors and entrepreneurs are pouring money into it.

“In this box, I hold what some are calling ‘humanity’s next giant leap.’

“It’s a new medical device that’s both small… just 6.4 inches long and not even three-quarters of a pound…

“And extremely powerful.”


“Investors such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the investment giant Fidelity and fund manager Baillie Gifford have poured in more than $400 million.

“Elon Musk even sent the medical device in this box into orbit with his SpaceX crew.”

Soon after, investment guru Alex Green said that what’s inside the box “is set to kick off a revolution that could save millions of lives.”

What device are they talking about?

The device Bill O’Reilly and Alex Green discuss during the Oxford Club presentation is a handheld ultrasound device that utilizes artificial intelligence.

According to Alex Green, the scientist behind the device wanted to create a new diagnostic tool to help spot and treat maladies earlier. And Green believes he’s created the most important diagnostic tool in medical history, capable of detecting numerous ailments.

“In short, he’s developed what I think is the most important diagnostic tool in medical history.

“The list of diseases this device can detect is impressive.

“Tumors, abnormal blood pressure and oxygen levels, cardiac emergencies, bone fractures, pneumonia… and the list just goes on and on.”

Of course, ultrasound technology already exists, but one of the key differences with the device Alex Green’s talking about is that it is handheld.

During the presentation, Green explained that existing ultrasound machines are expensive, bulky, and don’t have the best image quality. Not to mention, it can take days to receive a diagnosis from one of these machines.

In contrast, Alex Green says that the goal of the device he featured in the presentation is to be 100 times faster, 100 times cheaper, and provide 100 times the resolution.

I’m not a medical professional, so I’m not even going to try to speculate on how this technology works or whether or not it’s better than what currently exists.

However, I will say that Alex Green makes an interesting case about the device’s potential. And given how portable the device is, it wouldn’t surprise me if it does become widely used in the years ahead, as Green is “envisioning.”

“Bill, I can envision this device replacing the stethoscope as the most ubiquitous tool owned by every doctor in the world.”

What’s he predicting about the company itself?

According to Alex Green:

“In fact, I believe getting your hands on this company today could be like buying Apple in the ’90s or Netflix and Amazon in the 2000s.”

That’s a pretty bold statement. But Green has recommended some great stocks over the years. So I looked into his clues to find out what company he was teasing this time around. And in the next section, I’ll show you exactly what stock his clues led me to.

What Stock Is Alex Green Teasing?

Sometimes I really have to dig through clues in these “presentations” to figure out what stock’s being teased, as I recently did with Adam O’Dell’s x.AI stock pick, for example.

But Alex Green made this one super easy to uncover.

He provided many different clues about the company, but what led me to his pick were the clues about how the device won an Apple and Fast Company award.

“This company’s prized technology won an Apple Design Award for excellence in innovation…

“Fast Company magazine awarded it the ‘World Changing Idea’ in the field of health and wellness.”

Those clues led me to a company called Butterfly Network (BFLY).

This Connecticut-based company won both of the above awards and matches the other clues Alex Green shared in the presentation.

For instance, the company description and device match what Green said. According to the Butterfly Network website, the company “put ultrasound on a chip” to create the world’s first handheld whole-body imager. The device uses AI and cloud technology, costs $2,399 as of writing, and the company has a subscription service. All of which match Green’s clues.

It also matches the following clues (among others):

“It’s a stock that’s well under $10, but I suspect it won’t remain that low-priced for long.”


“And the revenue projection going forward calls for growth from $44 million back in 2020 to $334 million by 2024.”


“This company owns 812 patents and patents pending.”

  • The stock is trading at just under $5 as of writing.
  • The above revenue figures and projection lines up with the Butterfly Network’s 2020 investor presentation. And as a side note, the latest investor presentation (released Feb 2022) shows that the company earned $62.6 million in FY 2021.
  • I don’t know exactly how many patents the company has or what each of them pertains to, but my research suggests they have a lot of patents and patents pending related to its tech.

Oh, and Butterfly Network lines up with Bill O’Reilly’s clue about who has invested in it.

Why is Alex Green recommending (what appears to be) this stock?

From what I can tell, he’s bullish on the company for a variety of reasons, including its technology, revenue, patents, and leadership.

However, the best way to know more about Alex Green’s pick would be to read the report called “called “The Next Ten-Bagger: Handheld Ultrasound – Powered by AI.”

This report contains all of the details about Green’s pick, including his research on the company and why he’s bullish.

The only “catch” is that, to access the report, you need to sign up for the Oxford Club’s “Financial Freedom Blueprint,” which costs $49.

What Is the Financial Freedom Blueprint?

The Financial Freedom Blueprint is essentially a “package” Alex Green created that gives you a year’s access to his flagship advisory, The Oxford Communique, and several other resources. Including two research reports covering different investments he’s tracking.

I mentioned one of those reports a moment ago (“The Next Ten-Bagger” report), but there is a second report subscribers receive called “Capture Massive Profits in AI Medicine.”

This report details a second stock Alex Green is tracking, and as with the last one, he made this super easy to figure out. Here’s an overview of his clues:

“In short, I’ve found one company that is using AI to develop better medicines at faster speeds than ever before.”


“It has a new partnership it just signed at the start of 2022 with French drug giant Sanofi.

“This blockbuster deal is worth up to $5.2 BILLION – and the company has billions more in partnerships with Bristol Myers Squibb, Bayer, Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma, Apieron and Rallybio.”

My research suggests that this company is Exscientia PLC (EXAI) because it’s the only company I could find that did a $5.2 billion deal with Sanofi.

Other than what he says about how the company is using AI to develop medicines, Alex Green doesn’t elaborate much on why he’s bullish on the second company. But it’s all detailed in the report that comes with the Financial Freedom Blueprint.

Aside from the research reports, the main benefit of the Financial Freedom Blueprint is a one-year trial to The Oxford Communique, Alex Green’s flagship stock advisory service.

This service has been around for many years, but Alex Green took over in 2001. And according to Green, the purpose of this service is to help subscribers maximize income and stock market gains while minimizing market risks.

Is it legit?

This is the first I’ve heard of the Financial Freedom Blueprint, and I am not a member of the Oxford Communique. However, I am familiar with the latter service. As mentioned, it’s been around for over twenty years, and Alex Green has a remarkable track record.

That doesn’t mean you’ll make money following his investment ideas. In fact, as with any investment, there are risks, so it’s always possible you could lose money.

But the service itself is legit. The company behind it, The Oxford Club, is well-known in the financial publishing space and is offering a 365-day refund policy on this. So, while there is no guarantee you’ll make money, the service isn’t a scam.

Who Is Alexander Green?

Alex Green is the Chief Investment Strategist of The Oxford Club, and he runs numerous advisories, including The Oxford Communique, Oxford Microcap Trader, and The Insider Alert.

Before becoming a stock picker, Alex Green was a Wall Street investment guru (portfolio manager and analyst). And according to his Oxford Club bio, he has been doing this stuff for almost four decades.

I’ve written about several of his stock picks on this site, too.

For instance, earlier this year, I wrote was about a “$6 microcap stock” he was teasing. And one of the most popular presentations I’ve covered is his “Single-Stock Retirement Play.”

I’ve seen many gurus talk about finding “little-known stocks” over the years, and most of it is hype. But to his credit, Alex Green does seem to find some interesting companies.

I’m not saying you should join his service or invest in his picks; that’s entirely up to you. But I do personally find some of the companies he tracks more interesting than most.

His ideas aren’t always about one particular “theme,” like tech or biotech, either. From what I’ve seen by researching his presentations, Alex Green shares a mix of stock ideas across different industries. And he doesn’t tend to use massively overhyped claims about getting rich overnight, which is common in this space.

Bottom Line

After going through Alexander Green and Bill Reilly’s latest Oxford Club presentation, dubbed “Humanity’s Next Gigantic Leap,” I found that Green is bullish on a company that makes a handheld ultrasound device, which I believe is Butterfly Network.

I have no idea if the stock will go up or down, much less if it is “the single greatest early investing opportunity of this century,” as Green suggests. But I do believe Butterfly Network is the company he’s teasing in the presentation.

Whatever you decide regarding Green’s service, I hope you enjoyed this post. And I’d love to hear your thoughts on all of this, so comment below if you’d like to add your two cents.

9 thoughts on “What Is Alex Green’s Handheld Ultrasound Device Stock?”

  1. I actually bought Alex Green $49 deal and still don’t know what the ticker is🤦🏾‍♀️ I’ll send you Tim the email if you’d like.

    • Hey Deanna,

      I ended up joining the Oxford Communique after writing this post, and while I can’t confirm the ticker… the report is located in the “My Reports” tab in the left hand side menu once you’re logged in.

      Here’s a screenshot that should help you out:

      Alex Green's Handheld Ultrasound Device stock research report in the Oxford Communique member's area.

  2. Thank you Tim McKinlay, for all your time and hard work. I am in my eighties and when I see reports about certain stocks I try my best to find out the symbols that those financial experts tease us with. I have been a member of the Oxford Club for several years but only subscribe to Marc Lichtenfeld’s Income Letter. His repots are fairly good and reliable. Several years ago Alex Green Had a report about a company from the far east that used a code name and they were going to build several factories in the States. This was also approved by President Trump according to Mr. Green. Well I invested in this venture and of course it never worked out. So I am a little leery of Mr. Green, not to say avoid his recommendations. I like the Oxford Club and it also provides information. Thank you again for your research. Respectfully yours, Paul Patterson

    • My pleasure, Paul. Glad the article helped.

      Yeah, I think I know what presentation you’re referring to – Alex Green’s “single stock retirement” pick. He is still teasing this company but uses different presentations.

      Anyway, thanks for your comment, and all the best going forward.

  3. Thank you for your straight forward and honest article with no BS and hype. You have done a great service for investors and I appreciate the time and effort you have devoted to helping reveal the truth behind the various promotions. All to often we see ads for “stocks of the century about to explode in value”. I agree Alex Green is a cut above the hyperbolic stock gurus seen on CNBC, Yahoo and others. Thanks again

  4. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I was taking notes myself during the presentation so that I could do my own research but I found your post. I truly appreciate your time and dedication to help us grow financially.
    Many thanks.


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