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What Is Alex Green’s $5 Aviation Stock Pick? (Exposed)

I was recently looking into an advisory service called The Insider Alert when I stumbled across a presentation on the Oxford Club website about a “$5 Private Aviation Superstock.” The man behind the presentation, Alexander Green, says this could be his top stock pick of 2022 and that it could hand investors a 300%-plus return, or potentially more by leveraging options. I wanted to know what Alex’s stock pick was, so I did some research. And in this post, I’ll

The Insider Alert Review: Legit Alexander Green Service?

I was browsing the Oxford Club website recently when I came across a presentation featuring Bill O’Reilly and Alexander Green that ended with a pitch for The Insider Alert service. It was a compelling offer, but at the cost of $4,000, I wanted to do some research to find out if it was a legitimate and worthwhile service before joining. In summary, The Insider Alert is a weekly trading service edited by Alexander Green and published by The Oxford Club

Oxford Growth Investor Review: Legit Matthew Carr Service?

Hi, and welcome to my review of Oxford Growth Investor. I discovered this service while looking into a presentation by Matthew Carr recently about what he’s calling the “ultimate growth stock for under $10.” In short, it’s a company that makes microLED screens which he says could make investors big money. And I reveal the stock I believe he’s teasing in the article I just linked to. Anyway, that presentation was used to promote Oxford Growth Investor. So today, I’m

What’s Matthew Carr’s Ultimate Growth Stock Under $10?

I recently stumbled across a presentation on the Oxford Club website by Matthew Carr, who says Apple is working on a breakthrough technology he calls “The iPhone Mega-Upgrade.” And according to Matthew Carr, there’s a “virtually unknown” company working with Apple that trades for less than $10 a share. And he believes it’s the “ultimate growth stock.” Cool story, but is it true? And what stock is he teasing? That’s what I intend to find out. Let’s start by looking

David Fessler’s Extreme Disruptions Trader (Worth It?)

Hello and welcome to my review of Extreme Disruptions Trader. I first learned about this service through a presentation on The Oxford Club website, where David Fessler was talking about his number one profit opportunity of 2021. Which, as it turns out, has to do with electric vehicles, and he’s particularly bullish on two stocks which have to do with EV battery production and charging. But to get the details on these stocks, you need to join his service, Extreme

What Is Alex Green’s $3 Stock With 29,187 Patents? (Revealed)

Today I’m going to be taking a look at a presentation by Alexander Green about a $3 stock with 29,187 patents that he says could be the one “perfect stock” for retirement. He even goes as far as to call it a “Single-Stock Retirement Play.” What is this $3 stock? Who is Alex Green? And what service is he pitching? In this article, I will endeavor to answer these questions and more, to help you decide if this is something

Innovation Accelerator Playbook Review (What Are Alex Green’s Stock Picks?)

Hello and welcome. Today we’ll be looking at Alexander Green and Bill O’Reilly’s Innovation Accelerator Playbook, which contains four investment reports about stocks Alex thinks could soar in the next couple years, that you receive as part of joining The Oxford Communique. In this review, I’ll discuss Alex’s predictions, walk you through the reports he’s offering, and shed some light on what you get if you join. I’ll also share my best guess of the names and ticker symbols of