Will Tom Gentile Make You Rich?

Since you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’ve come across a site featuring Tom Gentile at some point, and want to know if he’s the real deal before buying what he’s offering.

So, is he the real deal?

Tom Gentile is not a scam or fraud. He’s a professional trader with a proven track record of success, dating back to the 1980’s. And, together with Money Map Press, he helps people trade the market through subscription services like Money Calendar Pro.

Does that mean he’s going to make you rich or that you should buy every program he sells? The short answer is no. But to answer these questions (and others) in more detail, so you can decide for yourself, let’s dig a little deeper!

Who Is Tom Gentile?

Tom Gentile is a professional trader and as such he makes money buying and selling financial securities (like stock options and shares).

According to his Money Map Press profile page, he’s known as a “America’s number one pattern trader” (AKA pattern day trader). And someone who has developed some of the most technologically advanced trading systems on the planet.

What’s a pattern trader?

A pattern day trader is someone who places four or more trades during a five day period, within a margin account. So Tom is an expert at placing trades on a daily basis, taking advantage of the highs and lows within each day of trading.

What’s the deal with Money Map Press?

Money Map Press LLC is the company he works with, alongside other “gurus” in the industry, to provide expert investment tips. So when you buy a given product from Tom Gentile, you’re really buying from Money Map Press.

Money Map Press Website

How did Tom’s journey begin?

Tom’s career began in 1986, while he was still living at home with his mom and dad. He doesn’t have any formal business or trading education either. He basically taught himself everything he knows, by learning from other great industry leaders and through experience.

And it paid off. Not only did he create his own success within the trading world, but he went on to teach others how to do the same.

In 1993 he was part of a group of people who started what would become one of the most well known options trading education companies in the world, called Optionetics. Which was sold in 2009 to optionsXpress, and eventually to Charles Schwab and Company for millions of dollars.

What’s His Net Worth?

One of the common questions people have when it comes to successful people from all walks of life is, what is their net worth?

I’ve asked this myself.

And despite hours of searching through just about every article and YouTube video out there on Tom Gentile, I couldn’t find this information.

Tom Gentile Optionetics
Source: tomgentile.com/optionetics

With that being said, he does say numerous times throughout his publications and sales letters that he is a millionaire.

Which I would have expected. Not just because he’s an expert trader with over 30 years experience, but because he was a big part of Optionetics, which sold for $20 million back in 2009.

Not to mention, he has either written or co-written a bunch of well-known books.

For example, books like The Index Course, The Options Course, The Stock Market Course, and The Volatility Course.

And he’s even been featured on sites like Bloomberg, Fox Business, and Reuters to name a few. Which doesn’t happen unless you’re doing something right, right?

In any case, his success is well documented. So, short of losing money somewhere along the way, I think it’s safe to assume he’s a millionaire. Either way, he certainly has an impressive track record and is someone who knows how to make money trading the market.

What Services Does He Offer?

Tom is best known for his work with Money Calendar Pro.

But he’s actually behind eight subscription services, which you can find on the Money Map Press LLC website. Services which teach people how to trade options, futures contracts, stocks, and even cryptocurrencies.

Here’s an overview of what Tom Gentile sells:

As you can see, these programs aren’t cheap!

Which is probably one of the reasons why there’s so many scam reviews and complaints about Tom Gentile (and Money Map Press) online.

I’m not saying these have zero merit (no person or product is perfect), but sometimes people will spend their last dollar on a subscription like this, then complain when they didn’t get rich overnight.

Which isn’t helped by some of the marketing they use to sell it, but we’ll get to that in a moment. For now, let’s take a closer look at each of the subscription services he’s currently selling, so you know what they’re all about.

Money Calendar Pro

Money Calendar pro is a subscription service which Tom says allows you to tap into his proprietary technology, to predict patterns in the stock market with 90-100% accuracy.

As a member, you get weekly trade recommendations based on this system, and Tom’s personal analysis of over 300 of the top stocks and ETFs. Along with training, tools and other resources to earn money in the stock market.

Fast Fortune Club

Fast Fortune Club is a monthly newsletter subscription, where Tom reveals his recommended options trades. And apparently, these are all based on his Money Calendar software.

Each newsletter contains a new “Money Calendar” that is loaded with “Payday Appointments”. So as a member, you get to know which trades to place, and when, along with training on how to trade the options market.

Alpha-9 Trader

According to Tom, Alpha-9 is “part artificial intelligence” and uses a “proprietary sequence-matching protocol” to detect hidden patterns in the stock market. Even patterns that no other trading systems can find.

And as a member of Alpha-9 Trader, you get access to this, as well as a host of bonuses and other resources, to help you take advantage of these patterns and make what Tom says could be between $3,000 to $5,000 per day.

Cryptocurrency Windfalls

Most people have heard about Bitcoin or cryptocurrency somewhere. It’s basically a digital currency that you can trade on special cryptocurrency trading platforms.

And Tom says he has studied, mined, and traded cryptocurrency over the past 5 years, to come up with a system that he says can make you up to 20,000% returns.

I personally think that sounds a bit far fetched. But the truth is people have made this sort of money with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum for example back before these got popular. So I guess anything is possible with the right knowledge, capital to invest, and timing.

Daily Flash Cash

Daily Flash Cash is something Tom developed that, like some of his other tools, he says can help you take advantage of short-term trading patterns. Or as he calls them… “Flashpatterns”.

According to Tom (and Money Morning’s Mike Ward who interviewed him), you can make up to $4,325 in just two hours using this system.

Weekly Cash Clock

Weekly Cash Clock is a subscription where Tom shares information he learns from his unique market analytics system. He says that, as a member, you can make profits of between 100-500% each and every week.

V3 Trader

Tom makes the bulk of his money from anomalies in the market. Whether it be stocks, options, crypto.. whatever. And he says that $68 trillion dollars is going to be changing hands over the coming 12 months. And that, with a subscription to V3 Trader, you could make $10-$30K per month.

PowerProfit Trades

This is a free, bi-weekly email subscription service that helps you learn how to trade options. Since it’s free and does contain some great value content, I’d say it’s a good place to start before buying anything.

Is Tom Gentile the Real Deal?

From what I can see, Tom Gentile is legitimate and a real investing expert who provides people with some great insights both within his paid programs and free content he provides on the Money Map Press blog for example.

So he’s not a scammer in my opinion. He’s a professional who clearly knows how to make money trading the market, and is respected in the world of pattern trading.

His subscriptions aren’t cheap though.

And I guess you could argue that they’re overpriced even. But I think it comes down to the value you are getting from your purchase, and more importantly the results you get, more than what you pay.

What are people saying?

Well, I won’t sugar coat it, there are numerous complaints about Tom Gentile online. Which is not uncommon for someone who has reached the level of success he claims to have reached.

However, while I wouldn’t believe everything you read, it stands to reason that at least some of these complaints have some merit. For instance, some say they’ve lost money following his recommendations. Which is the same for virtually every financial guru I’ve ever come across and the reason is likely because, well.. that’s the nature of trading.

Not every trade is going to be a winner, and how successful you are ultimately comes down to how well you learn and apply what you learn. Which is echoed by other comments I’ve seen from people who say they have found success with Tom’s programs and made money overall.

So it’s a bit of a mixed bag.

What does Tom have to say about all of this?

Here’s a quote from Tom I pulled from his website:

Tom Gentile scam complaints don’t have any basis in reality. I’ve never tried to scam anyone in my life. There’s no reason to do so. In fact, my only goal has been to show people how to do what I do: Learn how to invest in the stock market.


Who or what should you believe?

I think that’s something you need to decide for yourself.

If you’re in doubt, the smart thing to do would probably be to spend some time watching his YouTube videos and subscribing to his free email newsletters, before investing a single dime.

And if/ when you do decide to get some skin in the game, only ever invest what you’re willing to lose. Never, ever, just blindly follow another person’s advice, no matter how good they claim to be, and risk all your cash. That is a recipe for disaster.

Always take the time to learn and develop your skills, risking small amounts you can afford to lose, before “going all in”.

My Personal Thoughts

I’ve reviewed a lot of newsletters from guys like Tom Gentile, who work for companies like Money Map Press, Agora Financial, and Banyan Hill to name a few.

There’s literally hundreds of these “newsletter services” online, from all kinds of different financial gurus.

And one thing I have found that most of them have in common – is a good marketing department. I mean, a very, very clever team of marketers.

As an internet marketer myself, I can’t help but see how clever it is. But at the same time, I have to admit that I do find some of it a little overhyped. As in, some of these subscriptions really pump up the income claims and make everything sound super easy and amazing.

He’s obviously a very successful trader, and someone who does teach people a valuable skillset. But I also think the marketing behind some of his programs should be taken with a grain of salt, as with most of these types of programs online.

Summing It Up

Tom Gentile is a professional trader, who sells some pretty expensive subscription services, which in some cases use some pretty bold claims. And not everyone who pays $1,000’s to join actually makes money.

However, that doesn’t make him illegitimate in my view. Because regardless of the individual program, not everyone is going to make money. There’s actually a whole host of reasons why people fail at stuff like this, including lack of effort and commitment. And that is the case not just within the financial space either, it’s a universal truth – you get out what you put in.

Will he make you rich?

I guess it’s possible, but there are no guarantees. Investing and trading are inherently risky, and there are never any guarantees either. Sure, there may be a money back guarantee on the service itself, but there’s no getting your money back if you lose money on a bad trade.

So while you could create wealth through Tom’s recommendations, or any expert trader for that matter, you probably shouldn’t bank on it. Because nothing is guaranteed.

Either way, I think the important thing to do is research whatever subscription you are looking to buy. Maybe even watch some of Tom’s videos and subscribe to his free emails to see what you think. That way, you can make a more informed choice about whether or not his programs are right for you.

6 thoughts on “Will Tom Gentile Make You Rich?”

  1. I am subscribed to all of Tom’s subscriptions for 3 years now & I do not follow all of his recommendations. I watch & learn & have done pretty well on option trading. His crypto service is pretty good too I was with it from day 1. I wish I would have kept avve though that was the first trade of the service. Overall it was worth the money for me. I’m a lifetime member. I still have a day job but planning on doing full-time day trading in a few years after I get more experience. Worth the money 50x over but not for everyone. Cheers!

  2. I am not one that thinks I can make a MILLION dollar in one year, I even don’t believe Tom’s claim that “through his system you can make 20 / 30K a month with only 5K initial investment” BS. Having said that I figured well, if I can make 25 to 30% on my trades I can be happy buying one contract here and one contract there, NEVER HAPPENED. I bought into his services (two) and I have to tell you, I am extremely disappointed. He provided me with some trades that even the trade experts at the option trading desk at TOS find extremely difficult to set up AND they claim that there several clients calling in with these “trades” from the same “sources” and they are not executable specially the “buy to open than sell to close at X% or sell at market on such a date at an specific time”. To make a long story short I have lost money with all BUT ONCE.

  3. tom has lots of good ideas most of them are loosers there a few that make some real profits you have to take every trade for what they are education in possible trading set ups , in the long haul I think there will be more winners than loosers but so far I am new to the service and all positions are loosers , you take that for what it is worth

  4. Fast Fortune Club -I have just done the statistics on the trades I was able to take due to the time difference between Australia and USA. Some trades took off and I was unable to enter. My Trading Diary starts on 03/15/2019 – 11/22/2019. During that period I took 9 trades and made a whopping loss of 38.25% loss. I followed all recommendation for entry and exit. That is not what I subscribed to when I was promised 200%+ profits!

    And Money Calendar Pro came at 1.11 % profit. Pretty disappointing to say the least. Big promises and very little to show for! As for the Customer Service I would say it is non-existent, when I write to them their standard response is to ring them – why? Why should I be paying massive phone charges just because they are lazy to respond by email. Shame on the Un-customer disservice. Tom stop promising miracles when you can’t deliver them! My experience – a rip off.

    • If you live in another country use a VPN that routes you through the US. The market should be open wherever you are located.


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