Money Calendar Pro Review: $162K Retirement Money Machine?

Money Calendar Pro is a $4,995 per year advisory trading service that was created by a man named Tom Gentile, in conjunction with Money Map Press LLC.

Tom says that by using the system, you can turn a $12,000 stake into $162,000 per year. And that it can easily become your “retirement money machine”.

Is it legit? Money Calendar Pro isn’t a scam, it’s a real service developed by Tom Gentile, who’s a successful investor. However, I wouldn’t expect to get rich overnight using it, or at all for that matter. And all trading is inherently risky, so it’s possible you could lose money.

In this review, we’ll discuss what this is about and how it works in more detail, along with what I feel are some of the pros and cons, to help you make a more informed choice.

Money Calendar Pro Review

The idea of using Tom Gentile’s “inside knowledge” and “proprietary system” to consistently turn $12,000 into $162,000 every 12 months, is an exciting one.

And that’s exactly what Tom says you’re getting access to.

He says he created Money Calendar Pro to sift through thousands of daily transactions, to find niche investment opportunities that few others know about. And that it has been making him, and others who use it, consistent profits.

Apparently, it trawls through 10 years worth of trading data to find “microscopic patterns of extraordinary performance” that repeatedly produce results with 90 to 100% accuracy. And that the system uses a “power meter” to show you the strongest trades at any given time.

Sounds cool.

But if you’re a thinking person, which I’m guessing you are since you’re reading this, then you may be a little skeptical.

I mean, turning $12K into $162K is a 1250% ROI – which is huge. Most people who invest in the stock market make an average of 10% per year.

Anyway, let’s take a closer look to see what we can find!

Who’s Tom Gentile and Is He Legit?

Tom Gentile is known as “America’s #1 Pattern Trader” according to his Money Map Press profile page. The same page says he has “invested millions of dollars to develop the most technologically-advanced investing tools in the world”.

A Pattern Trader is basically a title that is given to someone who trades the market more than four times per day, within a five day period. They buy and sell the same securities, like stock options, on a daily basis.

And apparently, he’s very good at it.

Not only has he been doing this stuff for over 30 years, but he developed a successful options trading education company called Optionetics, co-authored multiple books, and has been featured on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business and others.

So clearly, he’s a highly successful options trader. And one that has taught lots of people around the world about his methods.

These days, he works closely with Money Map Press LLC where he delivers Money Calendar Pro and the following paid subscriptions:

  • Fast Fortune Club ($599 per year)
  • Alpha-9 Trader ($6,250 per year)
  • Cryptocurrency Windfalls ($5,000 per year)
  • Weekly Cash Clock ($4,995 per year)
  • V3 Trader ($1,950)
  • Daily Flash Cash ($5,000 per year)
  • PowerProfit Trades (free email newsletter)

If you purchased all of Tom’s services, it’d cost you over $28K per year. And you should expect that as a member of one program, you’ll be encouraged to buy some of this stuff as you go along. That’s just how these programs work.

The good news is, he provides a lot of helpful content for free on his YouTube channel. So it might pay to check that out if you want to get more of a feel about who Tom is and some of the strategies he uses to trade the market, before shelling out close to $5K.

How Does Money Calendar Pro Work?

The core service you get as a member of Money Calendar Pro, is 52 weeks of Tom Gentile’s personal trade recommendations that he sends via email.

These are based on his patent-pending software that analyses the market to find good opportunities within the top 325 stocks and ETFs. Which he says he then personally vets using his expert trading knowledge, in order to deliver you hand-picked recommendations.

The idea is that, as a member, you can just follow his recommendations and continually turn a $12K stake into $162K every year. Which means you could make more or less than this, simply by adjusting how much capital you want to invest.

So the way this works is you would become a member of Money Calendar Pro, create an online trading account where you deposit your $12,000, and follow the weekly recommendations to turn that initial investment into continued profit.

In addition to these weekly stock picks, Tom sends out “urgent email updates” that alert you every time he recommends taking a specific action, like placing or closing a trade. He says this way, you’ll never need to worry about what you need to do next.

He says it’s all taken care of.

So most of what he sends out is via email, but members also get access to a website that contains everything needed to get rolling. As well as access to bonuses like weekly trade videos and monthly webinars.

I guess the benefit is that if he’s recommendations are accurate, you could make a lot of money. Without doing much of anything other than following what Tom Gentile says.

How Much Does It Cost?

Money Calendar Pro costs $4,995 per year.

And if you want to follow Tom’s recommendations, and make $162K per year, you need $12,000 capital to invest. When it comes to the world of investing, that’s not an extreme amount of money. Especially when you consider the potential returns.

But there are no guarantees in the world of trading.

Regardless of who it is, or what they’re telling you, not one single person alive can predict the future. So all kinds of trading present risk. Meaning you could lose your money.

He does say that he provides a guarantee that you’ll earn $162K in profit over the next 12 months. And if you don’t he’ll refund your money and offer you a free 12 month subscription after that. Which makes it pretty hard to resist.

But then in the fine print it says that “refunds are available only through the terms of our performance guarantee”. And that information was nowhere to be found on the page.

So it may be worth enquiring about this with Money Map Press if this is what you’re banking on. Sometimes these guarantees are legit, sometimes they’re total BS.


  • Tom Gentile is a successful options trader with a proven track record
  • He makes trading easy for people who’ve never traded before
  • I like the idea of turning $12,000 into $162,000 every year


  • Trading the market is risky, even with a system like this
  • The cost ($4,995) is on the high end
  • Lots of upsells within Money Map Press

Bottom Line

Overall I think this could be a great way to learn how to invest in the stock market. Tom Gentile is clearly an expert, and he says he’s going to hand-pick stocks that can make you lots of money.

The problem I have with this, as with other Money Map Press programs I’ve reviewed like Federal Rent Checks and NICI, the promises of high returns aren’t always realistic.

I mean, 1250% is what Tom is saying you can achieve. Without putting much of any research or effort in yourself. Which could be for real, but to me just sounds too good to be true.

That’s not to say you can’t make money with this system.

But I personally don’t feel that many people are going to see such unusually high returns. If you do the math, he’s more or less saying you could turn $120K into $1.62 million in one year.

Which I guess isn’t a stretch if you’re an expert trader. But is it really something the average person is going to achieve just by following Tom’s advice? And is it really a “retirement money machine” as he says on the sales page?

Maybe. But ultimately, that’s something you’ll need to decide for yourself. Either way, I hope you found this review helpful!

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What Is Money Calendar Pro?
Money Calendar Pro is a trading system that Tom Gentile says anyone can use to turn a $12,000 stake into $162,000 per year.

How Does It Work?
Members pay the $4,995 fee every year to get access to resources and hand picked stock recommendations, that Tom says can be used to profit from the stock market.

Who’s Behind It?
Tom Gentile is the creator of Money Calendar Pro and he works closely with a company called Money Map Press LLC, which is the company selling this product.

Is Tom Gentile Legit?
Yes, Tom Gentile is a legitimate options trader with a track record of success dating back as far as 1989. He is a respected industry leader.

Is MCP Worth $4,995?
I think the answer to this comes down entirely to whether or not you actually use what you learn to make a profit. If so, it’s probably worth many times this. If you end up losing money after following Tom’s advice closely, then maybe not.

How Does the Refund Policy Work?
According to the sales page, there’s a policy in place that guarantees members will be able to turn $12K into $162K in just 12 months, or you get your money back. As well as 12 months of free access going forward. However, the fine print under this leads me to wonder if there are strings attached that aren’t disclosed on the page.

Is It legit?
I do not believe Money Calendar Pro is a scam. It’s a legitimate service provided by a real company, and someone who has taught 100,000’s of people across the globe to trade the market.

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  1. Hi Tim, this isn;’t a review. A review is when you actually use something and tell us about your experience. I’m guessing this is just an affiliate post?

    • Fair call, but I still think it provides people with value, and potential saves people some time researching, which is why I posted it.


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