Is Tom Gentile’s V3 Trader Legit? (Honest Review)

I was browsing the Money Map Press website today when I stumbled across Tom Gentile’s “V3 Trader” service, which he says could make you very wealthy.

So I decided to look further into it to see what I could find.

Is it legit? V3 Trader isn’t a scam, it’s a legitimate financial subscription that was created by Tom Gentile, that shows you how to make money in the stock market.

However, the price is substantial at $5,000 per year and not everyone who joins is going to make millions of dollars as the sales page implies.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at what V3 Trader is about, who Tom Gentile is, and how all of this works so you know what to expect. But first, I’m going to explain what I believe makes this legit and “not so legit”.

V3 Trader (What’s Legit, What’s Not)

As with any money-making program I review, there are pros and cons to consider.

And this is no different. So in this section, we’ll examine the main aspects of V3 Trader that I believe make it legit, followed by what I believe are some of the drawbacks.

What Makes It Legit?

What makes V3 Trader legit is that you are receiving a lot of value for money. As a member, you get access to Tom’s personal trading recommendations, his proprietary Triple-V Trade Protocol, training videos and members only forum.

So, if you have enough capital to invest and you understand the risks, you could potentially make a lot of money with this service.

There’s also a money back guarantee that has two parts to it. The first, and most legit, part of the guarantee is that you can get your money back within 90 days if you’re not happy.

The second part is that you can get your money back if you don’t receive all of what was promised. But this is actually very unlikely because it only works if they don’t supply you with the trade recommendations, regardless of how good they are.

Overall though, you are getting access to a real service, provided by a real expert, and there’s a money back guarantee. So for these reasons it’s legit.

What Don’t I Like?

The main part about this that I don’t like, as with most financial subscriptions I come across, is how it’s marketed. As in, after reading the well-written sales copy, it’d be easy to forget there is any risk or downside in handing over $5,000 at all.

For example, Tom says his system has a “94% success rate” and that you could “turn $5,000 into $2.2 million dollars in the next 12 months”. Which he says is thanks to the “V3 Effect”, a $68 trillion dollar explosion of capital that is creating a huge profit opportunity.

Personally, I think that is quite a bold claim.

I mean, yes, some people who use the V3 Trader software could make that sort of money. But you would logically need to be risking a fairly large amount of capital to get these sort of returns.

So, as with all types of trading, there are some very real risks involved here. Not just with the $5K you need to buy the subscription, but the money you’ll need to be using to trade and follow his recommendations.

Who Is Tom Gentile?

Tom Gentile is a professional stock market trader who got his start back in the 1980s. He is best known for identifying and exploiting anomalies in the stock market.

He studies what is going on and uses tools like Triple-V Trade Protocol to find trading opportunities, and use these to profit on a daily basis.

Tom works closely with a company called Money Map Press to create various financial and investment subscriptions like this one.

For example, he also created Alpha 9 Trader, Fast Fortune Club, and Money Calendar Pro.

He also works with other successful traders who make up the Money Map Press team, such as Mike Ward and Jeff Yastine.

Is Tom Gentile a scammer? No, I don’t think Tom is a scammer. But whoever creates the sales copy for some of his programs uses a bit too much hype for my liking. And most of his subscriptions are on the expensive side.

But there are some great free services he offers too, like his PowerProfit Trades email newsletter. And overall, I think he shares a lot of value with people.

What Is V3 Trader About?

V3 Trader is a subscription service that Tom Gentile created to show people how to make money in the stock market. As a member, you get access to Tom’s entire trading system, along with tools and training to make money following his trade recommendations.

I initially discovered this while I was browsing the Money Map Press website, which took me to a page about the “V3 Effect”. This is basically a video presentation featuring Tom Gentile, who talks about a 40X discovery he made.

He says that the amount of money in the market is now 40-fold from what it was 20 years ago. And that in the next 12 months, $68 trillion dollars will change hands. Creating what he believes is creating one of the biggest anomalies he’s ever seen, and thus a huge money making opportunity.

In the next 12 months, roughly $68 trillion dollars will change hands. And you can dip your hand into this money surge and pull out 10, 20, even 30-thousand dollars a month – if you know what you’re doing.

Tom Gentile –

And according to Tom, his Triple-V Trade Protocol (the one he uses to scan the market) is helping him come up with winning trade opportunities. Which he then shares with members of V3 Trader.

How much money could you make?

Well, nobody can guarantee you will make any money at all. But Tom says has two main goals for members of V3 Trader.

The first goal is for members to make $30,000 per month in “carefree money”. This is the bread and butter of the service and where the Triple-V Trade Protocol comes into play. This software scans the market each day and delivers up to 200 trade recommendations per year, based on 100 specially selected stocks.

Tom’s second goal is to help you turn $5,000 into $2.2 million within 12 months, without risking your initial capital. Tom calls these “Double-Down” plays which you can apparently use to make huge profits.

How Does It Work?

There are three main aspects that make the V3 Trader system work – volume, vector and velocity. These are the “three V’s” of V3 Trader.

  • Volume: The stock needs to see a 300% plus surge in trading volume so there’s solid upside potential.
  • Vector: This is about the direction behind a given stock movement.
  • Velocity: The final aspect of the system which is about the speed at which a given stock is moving.

In reality, the whole “three V’s” thing is just a fancy way of explaining how the system works, so that it doesn’t sound like everything else, and more people will want to buy.

He’s basically just saying that he looks at a given stock and makes a judgement call based on certain key metrics that he has refined over the decades he’s been trading.

In any case, if you want to join, all you need to do is signup to V3 Trader for $5,000 per year on the Money Map Press website, which gives you access to Tom’s trade recommendations. Which you can then follow to (hopefully) make lots of money.

Here’s an overview of what members get access to:

V3 Trade Alerts and Profit Alerts: This is the main feature of V3 Trader, it’s where Tom’s Triple-V Trade Protocol software scans the market to bring you his trade recommendations. These are delivered to your email at least four times per week, for a total of 200 times per year.

V3 Daily Trading Action Videos: Each day members get access to a video where Tom breaks down the day of trading and evaluates his current recommendations, to keep you updated.

The V3 Trader Octagon: This is a live, over the shoulder, look at how Tom is actually placing trades in the market. So you can see his strategy put to work in real-time.

The V3 Fast-Start Video Series: A five part video series on the key aspects of how to trade the market, as well as tips you can use to advance your skillset.

The V3 Trader Forum: This is a members only forum where members of V3 can learn and share ideas with one another. Forums are great places to ask questions and pick up ideas and insights from experts, so it’s a great addition.

The V3 Trader Hotline: This is basically just a support line you can call if you need help with some aspect of your membership.

The V3 Trader Summits: These are in-person events that take place once per year and, while they could be super valuable, cost extra. It’s just that as a member of V3 Trader you get an invite.

Can You Really Make Money With V3 Trader?

It’s no secret that people make millions of dollars in the stock market, and Tom Gentile is an expert at what he does. So by following his trade recommendations, you could end up being successful.

At the same time, trading is risky.

Even if you’re following the advice of someone like Tom Gentile. So I personally wouldn’t join this expecting to just “follow what Tom says and make millions of dollars”. That, in my opinion, would be a huge mistake.

Like any kind of business or investment, the key is to educate yourself and learn what is working and what isn’t.

This is why it might pay to join Tom’s free newsletter service first, to get more acquainted with his methods, and learn from others in the field, before diving in all the way.

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  1. He lies. Charged for an expensive product I did not order
    No money back
    Which he promised over the phone
    Out about 6 thousand dollars.
    Citi tried and failed to get a refund
    Don’t touch the guy
    Need a class action


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