Microcurrency Trader Review (Legit Tom Gentile Service?)

Today I’m taking a look at Tom Gentile’s Microcurrency Trader.

I discovered Microcurrency Trader through a page on the Money Map Press website featuring Tom Gentile, who says he shares the secret to uncovering “incredibly lucrative patterns in the microcurrency market” with those who subscribe.

He even hints at the possibility of seeing 20X returns on your money (within days).

There’s no doubt about it… Tom makes some fairly bold claims about this service. And it costs $5,000 to join, which makes it one of the more expensive services I’ve reviewed.

In any case, I was curious, so I decided to look into Microcurrency Trader further to see what all the fuss was about. And to sum it up – I don’t believe it’s a scam, but I do think this sort of thing carries an enormous amount of risk, and I’ll explain why I say this in a moment.

Let’s take a closer look at what Microcurrency Trader is all about and how it works, to help you make a more informed decision about joining either way.

What Is Microcurrency Trader?

Microcurrency Trader is a trading service headed up by investing guru Tom Gentile who works for a well-known financial publishing company called Money Map Press.

Given the term “microcurrency” is used so often on the Money Map Press website, it’s not exactly clear what this service is about at first, but further research reveals (beyond any shadow of doubt) that it’s all about trading cryptocurrencies.

Specifically, it’s about trading alternative cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin, which is the original and most well-known cryptocurrency of all.

This is an attractive prospect to many people who first learn about crypto, because alternative cryptocurrencies (AKA altcoins) are smaller and less well-known, which means they are more volatile, and tend to appreciate in price much more rapidly.

As a result, some people have made a fortune trading these on various crypto exchanges, in a similar way to how people do trading shares, but with digital coins instead.

On one hand, it is possible to make money trading cryptocurrencies (AKA microcurrencies). Many people have, and still do, trade these successfully. And Tom Gentile is a well-known trading guru who runs multiple trading services, so he may be able to help subscribers profit.

According to the one page on the Money Map Press website, his goal is to help you make 20X the returns you could make with Bitcoin alone, by showing you his unique formula for trading these alternative cryptos. And even though that’s a bold claim, it is theoretically possible.

Here’s a screenshot I took of the sales page…

Source: purchases.moneymappress.com/CRYCAT2/WCRYWC24

What’s the catch?

The catch is that this is extremely risky, in more ways than one.


Because for one thing, many alternative cryptocurrencies are in reality “pump and dump” scams where the people running them (and promoting them) hype the altcoin up, just to sell it once the price appreciates, which leaves many new investors holding the bag, so to speak.

This happens all the time in the world of crypto, and many people lose their money.

Second, even though I did buy some altcoins years ago, before I knew much about this stuff, I personally would never buy (or recommend) anything other than Bitcoin itself these days. And there are many good reasons for this. But the main reasons are that Bitcoin has a capped supply of 21 million coins, it’s fully decentralised, and has been around for over a decade now.

Put simply, unlike the majority of altcoins, Bitcoin is actually legitimate and serves a very real purpose: providing people from all over the globe with an open, decentralised, sound monetary network that has the potential to both protect and grow your wealth long term.

There’s so much more I could say about Bitcoin versus altcoins, I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface here, so I highly recommend you research Bitcoin further, but those are the main points.

In any case, Tom’s service, Microcurrency Trader, is all about trading these alternative cryptocurrencies (that he calls microcurrencies). He says he has the secret to trading these successfully, and that he’ll share his system with you if you join his service.

Who’s Tom Gentile, Legit Trader?

Tom Gentile of Money Map Press
Tom Gentile

Tom Gentile is a professional trader who works with a financial publishing company called Money Map Press, and he’s been featured on well-known websites like Fox Business and Bloomberg over the years.

Throughout his 25 years of trading experience, one of his biggest accomplishments was co-founding Optionetics, which was one of the leading financial education companies in the world.

He has also created some interesting technologies and trading software over the years. For example, Tom says he created the “Fractal Wave Pattern System” which he uses in the Microcurrency Trader service to help uncover potentially lucrative microcurrency trades. And he says he uses different software within other services he runs like Alpha-9 Trader and Weekly Cash Clock for example.

Is he the real deal? I don’t believe Tom Gentile is a scammer, but at the same time I do think he makes some bold claims about some of his services.

So I personally think it would be wise to take some of what he says with a pinch of salt. And it goes without saying that, regardless of how successful someone is, nobody can predict the future, so not all of Tom’s recommendations are going to be profitable.

To Tom’s credit, however, he does mention the value of holding a real digital asset (Bitcoin) for the long term, within the Microcurrency Trader sales page:

Source: purchases.moneymappress.com/CRYCAT2/WCRYWC24

What Do You Get With Microcurrency Trader?

Microcurrency Trader costs $5,000 per year to join. And according to the Money Map Press website, where it’s sold, members receive the following upon joining the service:

  • Microcurrency Trader buy and sell alerts: As a member, you get 52 “Profit Multiplier Trades” (altcoin trade ideas) over a 12 month period, so one per week on average. You also get a breakdown of what Tom Gentile is recommending, and step-by-step instructions on how to buy it. And when Tom thinks it’s time to sell, you will receive a detailed alert.
  • Profit Multiplier Buy Alert Video: These will come with all of the buy alerts. It’s basically a video of Tom Gentile making the purchase for you to follow along with to buy your microcurrency. There is also a Daily Debrief video to help keep you updated.
  • Guides and videos: As a subscriber, you get access to text and video resources aimed at helping you get started buying and selling microcurrencies.
  • Model portfolio: This is a list of the current microcurrencies that Tom Gentile is watching. You get to see what he’s recommended, and when, all in one place.
  •  Microcurrency Trader Online Portal: Access to a member-only website that gives you access to your membership and associates resources.

One good thing about this service is that it comes with a 12 month refund policy. From what I understand, if you don’t get at least 12 chances to 4X your money, you can request a refund.

Here’s how it’s worded on the Money Map Press website:

I promise to deliver at least 12 recommendations that beat Bitcoin by at least 300% during that trade… or your money back, no questions asked.

– Tom Gentile on moneymappress.com

By no means does that remove the risk of betting on crypto, but it does provide you with some peace of mind in knowing that if the service doesn’t live up to the hype, you can get your money back on the service itself.

And Money Map Press is quite a well-established company in the financial publishing space, so if that’s what they’re saying, then I’m fairly confident they’d honor that guarantee.

Bottom Line

Although the Money Map Press website never mentions the word “cryptocurrency” in the official description of the service, that’s clearly what Microcurrency Trader is about – trading crypto. And one look at the sales page, which I shared screenshots of earlier, is enough to confirm this.

On one hand, it certainly is possible to make money this way. There are many cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin that have gone way up in price over the years, and provided some folks who invested in them early with significant gains.

And there are also people who successfully trade crypto on a regular basis. So I guess that with the help of Tom Gentile’s service, you might be able to make a bunch of money.

That said, I can’t stress enough how risky trading is in general, let alone trading cryptocurrencies, because these are extremely volatile in nature. And that’s assuming you’re trading altcoins that aren’t outright pump and dump scams, which many are in my opinion.

In any case, I chose not to purchase this service because it’s definitely not for me. But what you decide to do is totally up to you. The only thing I’d recommend is not to rush into this expecting to get rich quick, or without understanding the risks involved. Otherwise you could get burned.

I also encourage you to learn about Bitcoin, because even though it has already appreciated in price significantly, I believe buying and holding it is a much better idea long term. As Tom Gentile himself said: that’s your smart, make money for the long term, crypto investment.

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