Fast Fortune Club Review: Legit Tom Gentile Service?

I came across Tom Gentile’s “Fast Fortune Club” the other day while reviewing another program he runs called Money Calendar Pro.

According to Tom, Fast Fortune Club uses the same intelligence from his patent-pending invention – The Money Calendar. Which is a software Tom developed, which he says scans the market for profitable trade opportunities.

Tom says that, thanks to the Money Calendar, which you get access to as a Fast Fortune Club member, you can collect between $605 to $2,830 payouts every single week. And that all you need to do is follow along with exactly what he’s showing you within the member’s area to easily go from zero to $15,000 in just 7 days.

Sounds cool, but these are some fairly bold claims.

Especially since he also claims you can trade the market with 90% accuracy and basically set “payday appointments” in your calendar each month. With the idea that as long as you follow these trade recommendations, you could make serious profit.

Is it the real deal?

Fast Fortune Club is a real subscription service. For $599 per year, you get access to Tom Gentile’s unique options trading strategy, expert insights and education to help you become a successful trader. However, the marketing is overhyped in my opinion, and I wouldn’t expect to get rich quickly by following the trade recommendations.

What’s Fast Fortune Club About?

Fast Fortune Club is a monthly subscription service where Tom reveals his recommended options trades, based on his Money Calendar software.

The cost of the subscription is $599 per year and gives you 12 months of monthly newsletters, Million Dollar Masterclass training, access to a special members area, and some bonuses.

Fast Fortune Club Subscription Contents

Each monthly newsletter contains a new “Money Calendar” that is loaded with “Payday Appointments”. Which translates to a series of trades you can place on specific dates, that Tom says you can profit with. And he sends out text message alerts on these to remind you when to act.

In addition, each month you get access to a new Million Dollar Masterclass training. Which is in-depth training on how to actually apply these recommendations, and even find new opportunities yourself.

Members also get access to a private community, where you can share the payday appointments you’ve found with one another. And even schedule local meetups to learn and motivate each other.

Bonuses include weekly progress reports on each recommendation, a weekly podcast, and monthly live training where you can ask questions and learn from Tom Gentile himself and others in the field.

How Does It Work?

The way Fast Fortune Club works is mostly based in something called options trading. Which is a type of trading where you don’t own the underlying asset, you are buying the right, but not the obligation, to purchase the underlying asset (ie. stock) at a given price.

Put simply, you’re betting on price movements and using leverage.

On one hand, this has the potential to be quite lucrative as you can turn a small stake into significant gains. On the other hand, options trading can be very risky. Especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. So you’re putting a lot of faith in Tom Gentile by following his recommendations.

In any case, as a member of Fast Fortune Club, you get options trade recommendations, training and community support. Basically a “system” for making money trading options.

Here’s an overview of how the system works:

Step 1: You get a new Money Calendar which is loaded up with Payday Appointments each month. These are opportunities Tom says you can use to make fast money, and he even sends you out an SMS alert when it’s time to strike. So this step is where you place the trades Tom recommends, and reap the rewards.

Step 2: You get a new Million Dollar Masterclasses training which you can use to learn all about what you’re actually doing. So instead of just blindly following Tom’s recommendations, you can become an expert at this method of trading.

Step 3: You can engage with the private community to find and share new Payday Appointments, to increase your knowledge and profitability.

To supplement this, you are given a whole host of additional training, both weekly and monthly. Like the Quick-Start Cash Course for example, which is a 7-part video training on trading stocks, ETFss and options.

So most of your time you are going to be spending learning about how this system works and how to become a millionaire by following what Tom is teaching.

As mentioned earlier, the cost of the membership is $599 per year. And at the 2 month anniversary, Tom sends you some bonuses in the mail. Which includes a Fast Fortune Club notebook, Roadmap to Riches, personal organizer, and other cool bonus material.

There’s also an annual summit called Fast Fortune Summit where they hold an event in the Bahamas or some other luxurious destination. This includes live training sessions, networking events, and basically just good times. You do have to be a member to get an invite, but it’s not free as you’d expect.

Who’s Tom Gentile and Can You Trust Him?

Tom Gentile is an expert trader, and the man behind Fast Fortune Club, along with other subscriptions he provides through the Money Map Press website.

As I explain in this detailed review of Tom Gentile, not everyone has nice things to say about his services, but overall he seems legit and he does provide a lot of worthwhile insights.

Not just within his paid subscriptions, but also through the free content he publishes on various blogs, his email newsletter (PowerProfit Trades) and on his YouTube channel.

For example, here’s one of his recent videos:

Tom also has a pretty impressive track record of success within the trading and investing world according to his Money Map Press profile page. So I do think he’s someone you could potentially learn a lot from.

That said, not everyone who joins Tom’s services is going to make lots of money. So I think it’s important to understand that nothing is ever guaranteed.

Is Fast Fortune Club Legit?

Fast Fortune Club is legitimate and Tom Gentile is a highly respected and professional trader, who knows his stuff. Even though the price is relatively high at $599, you are getting a lot of value here.

And if you learn how to make $1,000’s each month by learning the marterial and from Tom’s trade recommendations, it could be well worth it.

With that being said, I personally wouldn’t expect to just signup and start making the big bucks overnbight. I’m not saying this isn’t possible, but as a beginner you really should exercise some caution here.

I mean, there’s a reason you “also” get training. Because nothing in business or investing is as easy as plugging in, and watching the money roll in. Success takes learning a proven process, and applying it consistently over time to reach your goals.

What I have found with other Money Map Press subscriptions I’ve reviewed, and stuff from other companies like Agora Financial like Lifetime Income Report for example, is that they are very good at marketing.

What am I saying? I’m saying take the whole “fast fortune” thing with a grain of salt. Only join this if you are willing to learn, and only if you understand the risks involved.

Bottom Line

My personal thoughts about Fast Fortune Club is that it could be a good program for someone who is interested in trading the market.

Because rather than reading a bunch of blogs and spending months, years even, learning how to do everything on your own, you can potentially be making some money while you learn, by following Tom’s trade alerts.

And you have the added benefit of getting all the training together, in one organized location. Which makes the learning process much simpler and easier. And I don’t know about you, but I’m learning something new, I like it to be as comprehensive as possible, but also easy to digest and follow along with. Which it what you’re getting here as a member.

But there are pros and cons to consider (like anything).

And I would say the main drawback is that, even with a great system like this, it’s still risky. And you need a good amount of capital to put into this if you want to see the kind of returns Tom has been seeing.

Review Summary:

What Is Fast Fortune Club About?
Fast Fortune Club is a monthly newsletter subscription where Tom reveals his recommended options trades, based on his Money Calendar software.

How Does It Work?
Members receive monthly trade recommendations and training, as well as community support. In order to make money trading the market.

Who Is Tom Gentile?
Tom Gentile is an expert trader, and the man behind Fast Fortune Club, along with other subscriptions he provides through the Money Map Press website.

How Do You Join?
By visiting the Money Map Press website, where you can navigate to the Fast Fortune Club sales page and make a purchase via credit card.

How Much Does It Cost?
The cost is $599 per year, and it is automatically renewed every 12 months.

Is It Legit?
In my opinion this is legitimate, I just wouldn’t expect to make easy money, because that is more of a marketing gimmick than what most people should expect.

Can You Get a Refund?
Yes, there is a 60 day money back guarantee in place. I think this is good because worst case, if you hate it after buying, you can back out.

1 thought on “Fast Fortune Club Review: Legit Tom Gentile Service?”

  1. I don’t think this is an accurate description of what tom gentile is selling.
    It has been my experience that tom is not trust worthy as far as the presentation goes.
    What I ecpsrtenced is the calendar that I received was always for the month past. So it is of no value to a trader.
    And the next thing I experienced was that every show he has,
    is to sell you a different program of his or someone else’s.
    Please advise if I have misinterpreted anything.


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