StocksToTrade Advisory Review: Legit Tim Bohen Service?

Hi, and welcome to my review of StocksToTrade Advisory.

I came across this service while looking into a Tim Bohen presentation about “Project X,” where he talked about five “tiny stocks” to play Elon’s “Massive Energy Revolution.”

You can see my post about Project X to get the full story. But it was essentially about how Tesla’s energy storage project could make its “electric car story seem like a footnote.” And it turned out to be a promotion for the StocksToTrade Advisory service.

So, I decided to look into the service to find out if it’s legit and worthwhile, or just another overhyped trading scam I’ve seen many times before.

The good news is, Stocks To Trade Advisory isn’t a scam. As a subscriber, you get daily market prep, weekly “watch list” trade ideas, and three new stock picks a month. For $49 per year, you get a lot of value from trading guru Tim Bohen.

That said, there’s no guarantee you’ll make money following Bohen’s trade ideas, and the service won’t suit everyone. For instance, it’s not ideal for long-term investors, given it’s focused on short-term trades. So, as with any service, there are pros and cons to consider.

Let’s take a closer look at what the service is about, how it works, and who’s running the show. That way, you can make a more informed choice about signing up.

About StocksToTrade Advisory

Stocks To Trade Advisory (STT Advisory) is a trading advisory service run by Tim Bohen that gives you access to his latest trade ideas, research, and pre-market trade analysis.

At the core of the service are the monthly research letters that walk you through Bohen’s top three stock picks. Each month, he outlines his best three stocks and gives you a full write-up of each recommendation so you can see why he’s interested in each pick.

From there, you can decide which trade ideas you want to follow using your trading account. And Bohen provides all the details for you to follow his recommendations.

What sort of stocks does Boehn recommend?

Some of Tim Bohen’s biggest winners have been in the technology and clean energy sectors over the years. This seems to be what he has focused on the most.

However, he doesn’t just focus on EV stocks and clean energy companies. He’s also recommended pharmaceutical and biotech stocks, among others.

He essentially scans the market each day to find the best potential trade opportunities stemming from “hot trends” he’s following across different sectors.

What’s the goal of the service?

STT Advisory is run by the same company behind the StocksToTrade platform, a $179.95 subscription that Tim Bohen heads up. And according to Bohen, the company’s goal is to “train regular people to become extraordinary traders.”

However, on the website, Bohen also says he understands not everyone has the time to learn all of the company’s strategies. So he decided to launch a brand-new trading project “for people who want a more hands-off approach to trading.”

The idea is that Bohen shares his top picks on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to help aspiring traders follow his trade ideas and learn how to become successful traders.

Who Is Tim Bohen?

Tim Bohen is the Lead Technical Trainer for the StocksToTrade platform and the one behind the Stocks To Trade Advisory service.

Before getting into trading education, Bohen was the co-founder of a technology and communications provider called CMS Internet in Crystal Township, Michigan.

And according to the StocksToTrade website, he sold his 15+-year-old company to pursue trading in 2013, which is around the time he joined StocksToTrade.

How long’s he been trading? As of writing, Bohen has been with STT for over eight years. However, in a recent video on STT’s YouTube channel, Bohen said he’s had a lifelong interest in finance and has been day trading for over 15 years.

Aside from being the lead trainer for the STT platform and heading up the STT Advisory, Bohen puts out a lot of free content on YouTube. The STT YouTube channel contains training on day trading and swing trading, and daily pre-market briefings.

For example, the YouTube video below is a pre-market prep session where Bohen outlines some of the stocks he’s interested in and talks about the STT Advisory:

So, long story short, Tim Bohen is a genuine trading expert. That doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to make money following his trade ideas, but he is the real deal.

What Do You Get With an STT Advisory Subscription?

The main aspect of the service is the monthly advisory letter, where Tim Bohen shares his three best stock picks for the month, including his research and analysis of each pick.

However, there are two other key aspects of the service.

The first is the pre-market daily briefings at 8:30 am that show you the number one stock Bohen is following and help prepare you for the trading day ahead.

And the second is the Weekly Watchlist. This is a video where Tim Bohen outlines his top five trade ideas and thesis for each, and it’s shared with subscribers every Wednesday.

According to Bohen, the “#1 rule about trading stocks is you have to be prepared.” So the watchlist is essentially a list of stocks Bohen is keeping an eye on each week.

All in all, you get around 250 of these ideas each year in addition to Bohen’s top three stock picks that are detailed in the monthly newsletter.

That’s the core of the service, anyway. Aside from that, some bonuses are offered to those who join through the Project X presentation I mentioned at the outset.

The first bonus is a copy of Bohen’s ebook called “10 Trading Patterns You Need To Know.” This walks you through Bohen’s trading philosophy and the technical chart patterns he looks at to identify trade opportunities.

And the second is a bonus report called “5 Tiny Stocks To Play Tesla’s Massive Energy Revolution,” which details five stocks Bohen believes could benefit from Tesla’s rollout of large-scale lithium-ion battery energy storage systems.

All in all, STT Advisory is a comprehensive service, and it caters to people interested in short-term trading based on trends and momentum.

Does STT Advisory Have a Good Track Record?

STT Advisory is a new service, so it hasn’t had time to develop much of a track record as of writing. However, Tim Bohen claims to have recommended numerous winning stocks over the years.

For example, on the STT website, Bohen says that Tesla has gone up as much as 14x from when he tweeted about it in 2018. He claims he told people about Workhorse in 2019 before it went up 26X. He says the best move he ever found was an energy stock (FCEL) that went up as much as 9,396%. And he shares numerous other examples of triple-digit trades.

Those are some of his best picks, though. Not everything Bohen recommends has (or will) work out that well. So I find it’s more useful to look at the average results over time. And since the service is new, it’ll take time to get an idea of that.

Either way, even if a trading service has an amazing track record, that still doesn’t guarantee it’ll perform well in the future.

That’s why, as with any service, educating yourself to become a competent trader rather than blindly following someone’s picks is always the best option.

Cost and Refund Policy

StocksToTrade Advisory costs $49 per year, and the company does not offer refunds on its services. However, the “Cancellations and Refunds” policy on the STT website’s Terms of Service page says something about being able to cancel within the first three days.

However, the way it’s worded, I’m not sure if that means they offer a refund or not. So it might pay to check this with the company’s support team (866 345-4576).

I should also mention that there’s an upsell of $179.95 per month, which is a subscription to the monthly StocksToTrade platform. You don’t need this service to use or benefit from the STT Advisory. But this is the company’s main service, and it complements the STT Advisory service, so that may be something to factor in down the road.

What Is The StocksToTrade Platform?

The StocksToTrade platform is a customizable, real-time stock scanner that helps swing traders, day traders, and momentum traders find high-potential stocks.

According to the company website, Tim Bohen built the scanner to analyze 16,000 publicly-traded stocks and find the best potential trades within minutes.

It comes with a proprietary stock selection tool and real-time charts. And you can set up unlimited custom watch lists, create a trading plan, and track important news.

The platform also comes with a customizable screener tool that allows you to create prebuilt market scans and paper trade to gain experience. And it integrates with your broker account, so you can trade using real money without leaving the platform.

At $179.95 per month or $1,899.50 per year, not everyone will be in a position to join the STT platform. But it’s a comprehensive service, and there is a page on the STT website where you can join for $7 for 21 days (

Is StocksToTrade Advisory Legit?

Yes, the StocksToTrade Advisory is legit. For $49, you get access to daily pre-market analysis, five “weekly watchlist” trades, and Tim Bohen’s top three stock picks each month.

Not only that, but Bohen is a genuine expert who’s been trading for over 15 years. And since he shares a ton of helpful content on YouTube, you might find his videos helpful even if you decide the service isn’t for you.

What about the company? StocksToTrade is a real company based in Austin, Texas that has been around since 2009. The company has mostly positive reviews on Trustpilot and other sites I checked, and many people have reported they find the platform worthwhile.

Of course, not everyone will like STT, and there’s no guarantee you’ll make money as a subscriber; nobody can promise you results. But STT Advisory isn’t a scam.

And the company has established a good reputation over more than a decade, which is a rare feat in the financial education and trading space.

Bottom Line: Should You Join?

The StocksToTrade Advisory is worth checking out for $49. However, whether or not you should join STT will depend on your investing preference and goals.

On the one hand, if you’re interested in learning how to trade based on the latest trends over a relatively short time period, and you want Tim Bohen’s stock picks, you might like this service. Especially if you want new trade ideas on a daily and weekly basis.

On the other hand, there are worthwhile alternatives if you’re looking for a slower-paced, longer-term value investment-style advisory. This service caters more to traders who want to get in and out of the market rather than buying and holding stocks for years on end.

Anyway, that’s my take. I hope you found this helpful, and if you’d like to share your thoughts on STT Advisory, go ahead and drop a comment below.

4 thoughts on “StocksToTrade Advisory Review: Legit Tim Bohen Service?”

  1. I find Tim McKenlay’s arrival somewhat narrow minded in that in his years in the trade he should have room for tricks up his sleeve
    Like you can set it in the morning and forget it in the morning really easy money myself I do not take short side so only a few minutes and by using trailing stop you are good to go.
    And you have to make money to put on the long game it has to come from somef where.
    Some people like to make money with the money they have and I guess he has never heard of stacking .
    And another thing he show a great amount of bias of which can be deadly because he is that way .
    I have been checking and I don’t know about T. MC but an open mind works wonders.
    Check it out how many green trades are Stocks to Trade picks compared to his #1 the winner a few days in a row the only green was stocks to trade picks.
    Most active 100% this day’s list based on facts not bias. Take and stake that up and back let’s talk .
    Experience 3 years

  2. joined STT Advisory June 28.2023. Has stroke Jan 16 lost ability to read. Doc said work hard may get it back. Ran across ad from Tim Sykes ,took over2 kye to read. I fond him belivable wanted to learn more clsoTim Bohen Ben trying to write mu first fver e mail for 3mos. Cant get sny trades. Pleade call me fhanks
    ps sory for the mess ,bfst can do at time being 83 doseht help thanks.

  3. I am 83yrs old had stroke in jan.Could not read Dr said if i worked hard it may come back.First thing i tried to read was a ad from Tim Sykes l bfcome interested and found him IbeliiIabte. Tok over 2 hrs to read.Also liked Tim Bohen. Joined stt Advisory June28 I cont get the trades.iIknow its me but if i coyld talk to some one i belive i con do iHave tried to do thi for over 2 mos hope you can make out some thanks.


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