Extreme Fortunes Review (1,000% Profits or SCAM?)

Today I’m reviewing Paul Mampilly’s Extreme Fortunes, which is a newsletter service that Paul says can help you make 1,000% gains in the stock market.

He says he’s trawled through over “13,000 hours of real-time market data” to find these opportunities, and that he shares them with subscribers.

But is it for real? Extreme Fortunes isn’t a scam, it’s a real newsletter service created by Paul Mampilly and Banyan Hill, that shows you how to identify high-yielding trade opportunities in the stock market. I do think Paul overstates the potential for the average person though because not everyone who joins will make 1,000% gains.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at what Extreme Fortunes is about, how it works and share some of the pros and cons with you.

The “Extreme Fortunes Summit” (AKA Sales Pitch)

The Extreme Fortunes Summit is basically a sales presentation where Jeff Yastine interviews Paul Mampilly about his trading strategy.

It’s kind of similar to other “summits” of Paul’s I’ve reviewed, like Rapid Profit Summit and the $10 Million Portfolio Summit for example, which act as a kind of segue into his paid newsletter subscription.

Extreme Fortunes Summit with Jeff Yastine and Paul Mampilly

In any case, during the presentation, Paul explains to Jeff that there are 43 stocks each year that go up by at least 1,000%. Which means 43 opportunities to 10X your money. And how he knows exactly how to identify these trades.

Which he attributes to his experience in successfully trading the stock market (which is actually impressive) and that he and his team have put over 13,000 hours into analyzing the market to find these trade opportunities.

He also repeatedly says that anyone with a $10,000 starting investment has the chance to turn that into $100,000 or more each month, just by using his Extreme Fortunes trading strategy.

And of course, he shows lots of examples of how this is working for him, and others who have taken his advice.

Like how he made over 1,000% gains investing mostly in gold and gold mining stocks several years back, even though the mainstream media recommended against it.

Paul's track record with the Extreme Fortunes trading strategy

Jeff then shares some examples of large stock market gains Paul has racked up over the years, and some voice testimonials from people who he teaches to use the strategy.

Eventually, Paul shares how his strategy works and the segues into the moment we all knew was coming – the sales pitch.

In order to get access to his winning trade strategy, you need to purchase a subscription to the Extreme Fortunes newsletter for $2,995 per year.

Read on to learn more about how his strategy works, what you get access to as a subscriber and whether or not Paul is even worth listening to.

What’s Extreme Fortunes About?

Extreme Fortunes is a newsletter service created by Paul Mampilly, and published by Banyan Hill, that shows you how to identify potentially high-yielding trade opportunities in the stock market.

Each month, Paul shares a new trade recommendation in his newsletter that he believes has the potential to go up 1,000% or more. Specifically, he looks for regular US stocks (ie. not options) that fit his three-phase strategy.

  • Phase 1: Disruption Analysis
  • Phase 2: Number Crunching
  • Phase 3: Insider Activity

Phase 1 of Paul’s Extreme Fortunes strategy is about identifying small companies with the potential to get big in the months and years ahead. For example, companies that are taking advantage of a new technology or trend that could change (AKA disrupt) the entire industry. Similar to what Netflix did for the movie/TV industry, and what Amazon did for online shopping.

Phase 2 is where Paul crunches the numbers to ensure the stock meets his selection criteria. Which are those with a value of $1 to $25 per share, that have a market cap of $150 million to $3 billion, and that have strong sales growth. Specifically, companies with less than $3 billion in sales, that grow at an average of 10-20% each year.

Phase 3 is something Paul refers to as “insider activity”, which is basically about getting knowledge about the company and its performance, beyond mainstream media. Which also includes looking at the volume of shares that are owned by those inside the company, like the CEO and other executives.

I personally think that the final phase is really important, because the more you know about a company, the better investment decisions you can make. And if those at the top of the company aren’t investing in their own company, this speaks volumes.

In any case, this about sums up Paul’s Extreme Fortunes trading strategy. He looks for small companies that he believes can skyrocket in the coming months and years, thanks to new technology and trends in the market.

What Do You Get as a Subscriber?

The most valuable part of a subscription to Extreme Fortunes is getting Paul Mampilly’s monthly newsletter, which contains his latest trade recommendation.

But subscribers also get access to resources like a model portfolio, member only website, trade alerts and a bonus report.

Here’s a breakdown of what you get as a subscriber:

  • Monthly newsletter: Each month, subscribers to Extreme Fortunes receive a newsletter via email (also accessible in the members area) which outlines Paul’s latest stock pick. He reveals the stock, why he chose it, and explains how to position yourself to profit from it.
  • Trade alerts: This is a weekly audio commentary where Paul talks about what is happening in the market and what he’s doing with the stocks he chosen. So it’s basically a way to keep yourself updated.
  • Model portfolio: The model portfolio is a chart inside the members area where you get to see Paul’s current stock picks, so you can model what he’s doing.
  • Quickstart guide: Subscribers receive some basic training on how to get started and setup your trading account and so forth, so you can get started right away.
  • Bonus report: This is a bonus PDF entitled “The Next Stock Market Windfall” which outlines Paul’s top five stock picks that he says could rally as high as 1,000% or more.

As mentioned earlier, the cost of a subscription is $2,995 per year. Which isn’t cheap, but I guess if you end up making the kind of gains he talks about, it could be worth it.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Not really, no. I mean, there is a “guarantee of sorts” but when you really analyze the wording on it, you’ll see that there is no guarantee of success at all:

…If, at the end of the year, Paul’s model portfolio doesn’t reflect a potential $100,000 profit – and not a dollar less – then simply give us a call, and we’ll give you a second year to the Extreme Fortunes service at no cost to you.

– Extreme Fortunes order page

What they are (really) saying here, is that they promise to give you the “chance to profit”. In other words, they’ll share their trade recommendations with you.

So there’s no guarantee of success.

Is Paul Mampilly the Real Deal?

Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a real person and is very knowledgable when it comes to investing in the stock market.

Which is largely thanks to his two-decade long career on Wall Street, where he worked for some of the largest banks in the world as a hedge fund manager.

He’s retired now, well.. kinda.

He works for a company called Banyan Hill Publishing, where he manages various newsletter services like this one. And others I’ve reviewed like True Momentum, Rapid Profit Trader and Profits Unlimited for example.

His main focus is on new technology and emerging “mega trends” because this is where he made most of his money.

For example, he looks at industries where he believes technology will disrupt, like finance, mining, medicine and telecommunications, for example. And then seeks out the companies set to benefit the most.

Is he legit? There’s a mix of both positive and negative reviews of Paul Mampilly online, so I guess it depends on who you ask. But personally, after looking into his backstory and many of his newsletters, I do believe he’s legit.

He shares a lot of value with his subscribers and on his social media profiles, and has a strong track record of success, so I think he is a legitimate expert.

Check out my full review of Paul Mampilly to learn more.

What About Extreme Fortunes, is it a Scam?

Extreme Fortunes isn’t a scam, as a subscriber you get access to monthly newsletters where Paul shares his latest trade recommendations. Along with other resources like training, tips and support. So I would hardly call it a scam.

But there are some aspects of it that I don’t like.

For example, there’s a lot of hype in the sales presentation. As with most newsletters I review, the presenters (in this case Paul and Jeff) tend to talk almost exclusively about how amazing it is, without spending much time talking about the potential risks.

And there are significant risks involved, as with any trading strategy. No matter how good Paul Mampilly is, nobody can predict the future, so it always pays to do your due diligence before rushing into something based on one person’s recommendations alone.

Not to mention, this isn’t cheap at almost $3K per year, and there’s no real money back guarantee in place, so that is a drawback in my opinion.

In any case, if you’re a fan of Paul’s work and you’ve got the capital to invest, then you might find his Extreme Fortunes newsletter worth checking out.

Is Paul Mampilly legit?
Paul Mampilly is legit, he’s a real person who’s very knowledgable when it comes to investing in the stock market, which is largely thanks to his two-decade-long career on Wall Street.

What is Banyan Hill?
Banyan Hill Publishing is the company that publishes Paul’s work. Paul works with Banyan Hill, along with other gurus like Ted Bauman and Ian King, to provide subscribers with valuable investment-based content.

What Is PSV Extreme Fortunes?
PAV Extreme Fortunes is the description subscribers to Extreme Fortunes see on their credit card statement. So if you’ve seen this and are wondering what it’s about, contact Banyan Hill through their website (banyanhill.com).

How much does Extreme Fortunes cost?
A subscription to Extreme Fortunes costs $2,995 which automatically renews each year until you cancel. Other than Profits Unlimited (which costs $47 and $10 Million Portfolio which costs almost $5K) this is about the average cost of a Paul Mampilly newsletter.

2 thoughts on “Extreme Fortunes Review (1,000% Profits or SCAM?)”

  1. Hi Tim, I liked your dissertation about Paul Mampilly and Extreme Fortunes. I am a lifetime member of Profits Unlimited since 2017 and really started using the rules of the game sine 2018. I have done very well. However not all recommendations rake in huge profits. U and Paul are correct that no one can predict the future exactly. Out of 35 positions in this America 2.0 family of stocks 27 to 30 of them are in the gains column and 5 to 8 are in the loss column. The gains greatly outweigh the loss column always! That blew me out of the water and continues to do so.

    I am considering taking the next step into a more aggressive service however I need to be a little better healed before I venture into a $123,000 ($2995+12mos x $1,000/mon) venture. You can invest for less but if you really want to make it big I feel you have to go in big. The other issue is for the advice on the investments past month one, you need to re -up and then re -up again or you won’t get the updates on when to cash in on all those pics that were making money at the end of the first year, second year, etc… This becomes a perpetual subscription dilemma. So that is what I am weighing now… Maybe if one hits one or two $1M+ winners it won’t matter to just cash in so maybe it really depends on what your goals are…. (of course the tax ramifications could be interesting…)


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