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Paul Mampilly in a presentation about iPower and the virtual power plant concept.

What “iPower” Company Is Paul Mampilly Teasing? (Revealed)

Paul Mampilly’s latest stock teaser presentation centers around “iPower,” a trend that he says is “bigger than the market opportunity for Uber, Airbnb and Amazon combined.” And according to Mampilly, there’s one “tiny” company at the forefront of it: “One tiny California company holds the KEY that will ignite the projected $50 TRILLION new energy revolution … unleashing a bigger disruption than Amazon, Uber and Airbnb combined.” Source: https://pro.banyanhill.com/p/WMC-PRLVPP-001/EPRLY513 What’s it all about? In short, “iPower” is a word Paul

What Genomics Company Is Charles Mizrahi Teasing?

In a recent Banyan Hill Publishing presentation with Corrina Sullivan, investment guru Charles Mizrahi said he believes we’re at the “ground floor” of a forty-to-fifty-year “mega trend” that historians will eventually call “The Genomics Age.” Despite genomics-related stocks taking a (rather significant) beating lately, Mizrahi said we are in “the early innings” of genomics, and he’s particularly bullish on one company. He reveals his pick in a report called “The $40 Trillion Genomics Industry,” which you can access by subscribing

Charles Mizrahi discussing his Healthcare Spinoff stock idea on the Banyan Hill Publishing website.

What “Healthcare Spinoff” Is Charles Mizrahi Teasing?

Imagine getting free “premarket” shares in a great company? Well, that was the theme of Charles Mizrahi’s latest Banyan Hill presentation with Corrina Sullivan. According to the presentation, “more than a billion dollars of a brand-new stock was deposited into accounts all over America” in 2015, without investors having to buy a single share. And apparently, it’s “about to happen again.” What’s it all about? Charles Mizrahi’s pitch is about investing in companies that are planning on “spinning off” a

What “Next Gen Coin” Is Ian King Teasing?

A new Ian King presentation has been doing the rounds lately about “Next Gen Coin,” which he claims is “expected to be 20X bigger than bitcoin.” This isn’t the first time I’ve heard the “bigger than bitcoin” narrative. In fact, I’ve heard it so often it’s starting to get old. But I was curious to know what he was spruiking. So I did my homework. And while Ian King didn’t reveal his pick in the presentation, I researched his clues

What’s the “12 Million Mile Battery” (Nanopowder) Company? [Paul Mampilly]

Today I’m looking into a Paul Mampilly presentation about a “12 Million Mile Battery” company he’s teasing. According to Mampilly, the company makes a “nanopowder” battery that’s more powerful than any EV battery and could last 12 million miles. It’s a bold claim, and he’s predicting this technology “could mean unfathomable profits for investors who get in now” and spark a potential “20,300% market surge.” What company makes this battery? And is Mampilly’s presentation legit? That’s what I’ll be breaking

What Is Ted Bauman’s Investment of the Decade? (Revealed)

Today I’m looking into a Ted Bauman presentation dubbed “The Great Bull Market of 2022,” where he talks about his “No. 1 investment of the decade.” Of all the Banyan Hill Publishing presentations I’ve looked into over the years, I’ve found Bauman’s to be among the least overhyped and most enlightening because he shares useful research and breaks things down in a straightforward way. This time, his prediction centered around real estate and one company he believes is “positioned to

Ian King during the Profit Framing presentation on the Banyan Hill Publishing website, where he discussed his Elite Options Alert service.

What Is Ian King’s Profit Framing? (Elite Options Alert Review)

Hi and welcome, today I’ll be looking into a recent Ian King presentation about “Profit Framing,” a strategy he claims saw an average of 18% gains every three weeks in a recent beta test. He also claims that “Profit Frame trades pay you as soon as you establish the position” and that the strategy allows you to take advantage of non-directional trade opportunities. As the presentation pointed out, seeing an 18% return every few weeks is 10x better than a

Is Charles Mizrahi’s Super Stocks Project Legit?

Charles Mizrahi recently released a presentation with Corrina Sullivan on the Banyan Hill Publishing website dubbed the “Super Stocks Project.” During the presentation, Mizrahi talked about his number one “super stock” and pitched a new advisory service dedicated to microcap stocks called Microcap Fortunes. I was curious to know what a super stock actually was, what companies he’s bullish on, and how his new advisory service worked, so I decided to take a closer look. In this post, I’ll show

What Is Paul Mampilly’s “Supercycle” Stock Pick?

I recently received an email from Paul Mampilly of Banyan Hill Publishing that led me to his latest presentation dubbed “Phase 2: The Supercycle Begins.” In it, he talked about how early-stage tech businesses could soon replace a large number of S&P 500 companies and that this could be a “once-in-a-century opportunity” for investors. He also mentioned a “Super Bull Investment” he’s bullish on. Long story short, I looked into the “supercycle stock” he’s teasing, and in this post, I’ll

What Is Paul Mampilly’s Blockchain Stock Pick? (Exposed)

I recently came across a presentation from Paul Mampilly about a warehouse that holds the “key to a potential $3 trillion revolution” and a “$20 stock” he suggests could make you a fortune. In short, the whole thing centers around the rise of blockchain technology and one company that Paul believes is “the absolute best way” to profit from this opportunity. What stock is Paul Mampilly teasing? Paul doesn’t reveal the blockchain company he’s bullish on during the presentation. Instead,

What’s Ian King’s Infinergy Stock? (All You Need to Know)

Hi, and thanks for stopping by. In this post, I’ll be discussing Ian King’s new “Infinergy” presentation, which I recently discovered on the Banyan Hill website. According to the presentation, Infinergy could potentially power the earth for the next five billion years, and there’s one “tiny company” at the center of it all, which Ian King details in a report titled “Infinergy: Ride the $16 Trillion Revolution.” However, the only way to access that report is to join Strategic Fortunes.

Ian King’s Private SPAC Portfolio Teaser (Top 3 SPACs?)

I recently attended an “extended webinar” featuring Banyan Hill Publishing’s Ian King, which was all about his “Private SPAC Portfolio.” According to the presentation, over 700 companies worth over $2.3 trillion could soon go public, and Ian King says he’s particularly interested in three SPACs. To find out what companies Ian is bullish on, however, you need to join his advisory service, New Era Fortunes, for $2,995. And since not everyone has that sort of money lying around, I decided