Is Profits Unlimited a Scam? (Honest Review)

The thought of making big profits in the stock market is exciting.

And today I’m reviewing Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited, which he says can help you do just that. Even if you’re a total beginner to trading on the stock market.

Is it legit? Profits Unlimited isn’t a scam, it’s an investment system created by expert investor Paul Mampilly, and publishing company Banyan Hill, that shows you how to invest in trends and technology like self driving cars, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

But there are some drawbacks. So in this review, we’ll take a closer look at who’s behind this, what it’s about and some of the pros and cons, to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Who’s Paul Mampilly, and Is He Legit?

Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is the creator of Profits Unlimited, and an expert investor who has made a lot of money investing in the stock market over the past 25 years.

He started out as an assistant portfolio manager for Bankers Trust before later moving on to work for companies like ING and the Deutsche Bank, among others.

At one point, he even helped take a hedge fund from $1.3 billion to $25 billion, which led Barron’s to naming it one of the world’s best hedge funds.

He’s also managed to build up an impressive portfolio of his own. For example, he was an early investor in Facebook and Netflix before they took off and made a killing as a result.

So based on his track record, Paul has a knack for identifying emerging tech trends and investing in the companies that are poised to profit when the technology takes off.

And now he works for a company called Banyan Hill Publishing, where he creates investment services like Profits Unlimited, True Momentum, Rapid Profit Trader and several others.

Is he legit?

Paul Mampilly is a legitimate investment expert, he’s been doing this for over two decades and has worked with some of the biggest companies, banks and hedge funds in the world.

He’s also been featured on CNBC, Fox Business and Bloomberg to name a few and many people speak highly of his newsletters.

Like most successful people, he does have some haters though. And I think it’s fair to say that some complaints are probably warranted, but I don’t believe he’s a scammer.

What’s Profits Unlimited About?

Profits Unlimited is an investment system that shows you how to invest in trends and technology like self driving cars, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT).

As mentioned, it was created by Paul Mampilly, who’s an expert at identifying trends and using these as a way to profit.

He looks at “under the radar” companies that he says are set to explode higher when a given technology takes off. And shows you how to invest in these companies, using the stock market, before the stock prices runs up.

And as a member of Profits Unlimited, you get direct access to Paul’s stock recommendations. Which he says have worked out well so far, with members seeing an average of 1,410% gains over the past few years.

He doesn’t just tell you what to buy though, he explains the reasons why he chooses each stock and shares his analysis with you through detailed monthly newsletters and weekly webinars. Which helps educate you so you’re not just blindly following his advice.

You also get some training and bonus reports when you sign up. However, which bonuses you get depend on which page you sign up through.

For example, I initially found out about this system through a presentation about America 2.0, which is all about a mega trend he says will lead to the “fourth industrial revolution” and result in an unprecedented economic boom.

America 2.0 presentation for Profits Unlimited subscription

But then I found another page he uses to pitch Profits Unlimited, where he talks about the “Greatest Innovation in History”. This focusses a lot more on technology and how a certain tech company he’s investing in is part of a $19 Trillion Revolution.

Greatest Innovation in History presentation by Paul Mampilly

Either way.. both presentations lead to the order page for Profits Unlimited, the only difference is which exact bonuses you end up receiving after buying.

In the next section, we’ll take a closer look at exactly what you get access to as a member, so you know what to expect before signing up.

What Do You Get as a Member?

The core of the “system” is a detailed newsletter which is sent to you via email each month, which Paul refers to as a “monthly briefing”.

But you get a bunch of other stuff with your membership. Such as access to Paul’s model stock portfolio, weekly webinar updates, trade alerts, and bonus reports.

Let’s break each of these down in more detail.

Monthly newsletter: Each month Paul sends members a newsletter that breaks down a new investment he and his team are interested in. So, over the course of your 12 month membership, you get 12 new stock recommendations. But it’s not just a hot tip, you also get an in-depth analysis of the company and why he’s investing in it.

Model portfolio: This is your “go to” chart to see all the stocks that are currently on Paul’s buy list, as well as when to buy and for how much. The idea is to use this information to position yourself according to Paul’s recommendations.

Weekly updates: These are short, weekly update webinars/podcasts where Paul discusses current trends, new and events, and the impact these will have on your positions. He also uses this to answer frequently asked questions.

Trade alerts: Not every trade goes the way it should, and sometimes there are stocks Paul recommends buying in between the regular newsletters, which is where the trade alerts come into play. This is how you keep in the loop of any updates through email.

Member only website: As with all Banyan Hill subscriptions, you get access to a membership site where you can access all existing content. Everything you need is all here in one place.

In addition to these core membership features, you also get some training guides so you know what you’re doing and some bonus PDF reports. Which, as I explained earlier, depend on the page you signed up through. As well as which membership option you select, which I’ll walk you through now.

How Much Does Profits Unlimited Cost?

Profits Unlimited costs either $47, $79, or $129 per year depending on which membership option you select. Here’s a breakdown of the options:

  • Standard subscription: $47 per year
  • Premium subscription: $79 per year
  • Deluxe subscription: $129 per year

The only real difference between these is that the more expense membership tiers come with digital AND print versions of the monthly newsletter and give you different bonuses, which change fairly regularly.

Also worth mentioning is that, regardless of which membership option you select, Profits Unlimited automatically renews at $97 per year. Which you don’t find out unless you look at the fine print.

Are there any upsells?

Aside from the previously mentioned higher cost memberships, there are other (more expensive) services offered to you as a member.

Paul has a range of other services that run into the thousands of dollars, and Banyan Hill works with other experts (like Jeff Yastine, Ted Bauman and Matt Badiali for example) who also have lots of services.

Some of these are simply available for you to purchase on the Banyan Hill website, while others are recommended from time to time. But these are all optional.

Is there a money back guarantee?

There is a money back guarantee in place. If you’ve watched the videos and read the newsletters and aren’t happy within 12 months, you can request a full refund.

Pros and Cons of Profits Unlimited

As with any investment subscription, there are positives and negatives to consider before joining, and this is no different.


  • Paul Mampilly is an expert investor who shares his knowledge and actionable insights with members of the system. Which means there’s a real potential to profit by following his recommendations.
  • The membership includes a ton of value. Like weekly webinars, monthly newsletters, a model portfolio and other great features.
  • You get insight into why Paul is investing in a given stock, not just which one he’s recommending.
  • The cost is very low at $47 per year and there’s even a money back guarantee in place, which reduces a lot of the risk in getting started.


  • There are some pretty bold claims made in the sales pitch, which personally I feel could lead to unrealistic expectations and doesn’t really explain the potential downside enough.
  • Investing in the stock market, regardless of who’s advice you’re following, is risky. Even people who invest in large cap stocks and indexes have lost large amounts of money during times of stock market volatility.
  • The automatic renewal price ($97) is above the price of the standard subscription ($47), yet this only mentioned in the fine print where (clearly) less people are going to learn that.

My Overall Opinion

Overall I think Paul Mampilly is a legit guy, who knows what he is doing when it comes to analyzing and investing in the stock market. Particularly when it comes to trends and emerging technology.

And he shares this knowledge with you as a member of Profits Unlimted, so you can take this insight and use it to help create a profitable portfolio.

There are some drawbacks, and no subscription service is perfect, but overall it’s legit and I think it could be worthwhile for you depending on your circumstances and what you’re looking to invest in. Especially considering what you get and that it only costs 47 bucks.

Related Questions

What stocks does Paul recommend?
Paul recommends investing in companies that he says are set to make large profits from an emerging trend. Which typically relates to technology but can be any stock he believes will rise significantly in future.

What is Banyan Hill Publishing?
Banyan Hill is a publishing company that works with guys like Paul Mampilly to publish free and paid content in the financial and investment space.

What is America 2.0?
It’s a concept Paul made up to describe what he says will be a mega trend that will lead to the fourth industrial revolution and result in an unprecedented economic boom. And it’s a sales pitch for Profits Unlimited.

Is Profits Unlimited a scam?
Profits Unlimited is not a scam in my view, because as a member you get actionable insights from an expert investor, Paul Mampilly. The sales page is a bit overhyped, and they probably don’t talk about the risks enough, but I don’t think that makes it a scam. Not to mention, you can get your money back if you’re not satisfied after buying.

How do you get started?
To subscribe to Profits Unlimited you just need to go to the Banyan Hill website (, navigate to the “Premium Content” tab and click on the link for Paul’s service, where you can then create your account to get started.

What are some good alternatives?
If you’re interested in investing in trends and tech, subscriptions like Matt McCall’s Investment Opportunities, Ian King’s Automatic Fortunes, or Jeff Yastine’s Total Wealth Insider. Or you could check out other Paul Mampilly subscriptions like Rapid Profits Trader and True Momentum if you’re not set on any one trading strategy.

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