The $10 Million Portfolio (Legit Paul Mampilly Service?)

Owning a multi-million dollar stock portfolio is an exciting prospect, but one that seems out of reach for most people.

Yet, according to investment guru Paul Mampilly, it’s as easy as signing up to his $10 Million Portfolio service and following his trade recommendations.

But what’s it really about, and is it legit? The $10 Million Portfolio is a newsletter service created by Paul Mampilly and Ian Dyer of Banyan Hill, who share monthly trade recommendations that they say can make you over 1,000% gains. It’s not a scam, but some of the claims are unrealistic and it’s not a way to get rich quickly.

In this review, we’ll look at what this is about and how it works in more detail, so you know what to expect before making any (potentially costly) decisions.

Overview of The $10 Million Portfolio “Summit”

Today I was browsing the Banyan Hill website when I came across an ad for the $10 Million Portfolio, which sounded interesting, so I decided to take a closer look.

The pitch begins with a short article, which then leads into an interview between Paul Mampilly and John Wilkinson, called “The $10 Million Portfolio Summit.”

I’ve watched several of Paul’s “summits” over the years, and what I’ve found is that he basically uses these to promote his newsletters. For example, I recently reviewed Rapid Profits Summit which he uses to pitch his newsletter, Rapid Profit Trader. This is basically the same deal.

Anyway, the summit (AKA video sales pitch) begins with Banyan Hill’s John Wilkinson talking about how great Paul Mampilly is and how successful he has been trading the market.

Paul Mampilly and John Wilkinson interview
Paul Mampilly (left) with John Wilkinson

It’s a bit pumped up like most sales presentations, but he is an expert investor. I recently wrote an article about Paul Mampilly which goes into detail about who he is, what he’s accomplished and other newsletters he manages.

It’s worth checking out if you want to learn more about him.

In any case, eventually John introduces Paul and begins discussing how his special “GAP strategy” has made him lots of money over the years. Which he implies has been (at least in some way) used by legends like John Paulson, who made a fortune betting against the housing bubble in 2007-2008.

GAP strategy trade during housing bubble

Most of the interview is spent giving examples of trades that were not seen by most experts as a good idea at the time, but that turned into huge windfalls for people that knew better, like Paul and his team.

Paul says he has spent “countless hours” analyzing these types of winning trades, and identifying new potential trades, that can allow anyone to turn a $10,000 investment into $10,000,000 or more within a few years.

He even specifically mentions five stocks that he says could turn into huge windfalls, and put these together into a bonus report called The $10 Million Windfall Trader. A report which he’s even giving away for free.

What’s the catch?

The catch is you must purchase a subscription to his $10 Million Portfolio newsletter to access his trading strategy and bonus report.

Read on to learn more.

What’s The $10 Million Portfolio About?

The $10 Million Portfolio is a newsletter service authored by Paul Mampilly and Ian Dyer of Banyan Hill, that shows you how to build a lucrative stock portfolio. To the tune of millions of dollars over a period of years.

Paul Mampilly is a retired Wall Street hedge fund manager, while Ian Dyer is an expert analyst. The two work together on several other newsletters too, like Rapid Profit Trader, Rebound Profit Trader and Profits Unlimited for example.

So Ian is kind of like Paul’s right hand man.

Anyway, each month, Paul and Ian share their latest stock pick with subscribers. Which Paul says is based on his “special knowledge” of “hidden opportunities” that Wall Street doesn’t know about, or isn’t paying attention to.

The main concept is about investing in assets (like stocks) that are poised for a huge potential upswing or down trend in the months and years ahead.

The trade recommendations include both domestic and foreign stocks, royalty trusts, collateralized debt obligations and crypto, among other asset classes.

And, while Paul and Ian analyze virtually every sector of the market to find trade opportunities, they specifically focus on situations where new technology is revitalizing old industries, or creating new ones.

This is Paul’s trademark.

He looks for opportunities that involve mega trends and innovative technology, with the aim of profiting before these take off. Basically anything that fits his concept of America 2.0 like artificial intelligence, self driving cars, blockchain technology, 5G and so forth.

In the next section, we’ll take a closer look at how Paul and Ian go about choosing the trades they recommend.

How Does Paul’s Strategy Work?

The way Paul’s $10 Million Portfolio strategy works is based on something he refers to as “GAP”, which is an acronym for Ground floor, Accelerated profits and Peak pessimism.

  • G stands for “ground floor”
  • A stands for “accelerated profits”
  • P stands for “peak pessimism”

Each of these represents a unique phase in Paul’s three-phase investment strategy. The same one he says can help you create a multi-million dollar portfolio.

Phase 1: This involves a “ground floor analysis” of the market to determine opportunities that Paul says could pave the way for 1,000% to 10,000% gains. He specifically looks for opportunities where technologies is creating new markets, like blockchain technology and precision medicine. And where technology is improving existing industries, like the finance and mining industries for example.

Phase 2: This phase is all about “accelerating profits” and maximizing how much is made with the trade. Which Paul does by using leverage with an options trade, or by purchasing shares in a company with limited, cheap stock.

Phase 3: This phase is all about timing the trade correctly and according to Paul, the best time to buy is the point of “peak pessimism”. Which basically means he looks at a number of metrics to determine when the least amount of people want the stock, to maxmize the upside potential.

So to sum it up, Paul’s strategy is about choosing stocks that are about to soar, and setting the trade up for maximum gains.

Obviously Paul says this is an amazing strategy if you’re looking to make big gains. But he also says it can lose you money at first, since these are speculative trades that often take time to play out.

So it pays to understand this before jumping in.

What Do You Get If You Subscribe?

The core benefit of becoming a subscriber is the monthly newsletters, which give you a new trade recommendation each month (12 total each year you’re a member), based on Paul Mampilly’s GAP strategy.

But you also get weekly updates, access to the model portfolio and some bonus material.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you get:

  • Monthly newsletters: Subscribers receive 12 monthly newsletters via email which detail a new trade opportunity and why Paul and Ian have chosen it.
  • Weekly updates: Each week, Paul and his team provide an audio recording (and transcript) of what’s happening in the market and to keep you updated on what they recommend buying, holding and selling.
  • Model portfolio: As a subscriber to The $10 Million Portfolio you get access to the exact trades Paul has in place, so you can see exactly what he’s trading at any given time.
  • Trading manual: This is a training guide to help you get your trading accounts setup and running. It’s basically a beginner’s guide to getting started.
  • Bonus report: This is a bonus PDF report entitled “The $10 Million Windfall Trader” which shows you five of Paul’s top stock picks for making up to 15,000% gains in the years ahead.

In addition, subscribers get access to a members only website which contains all of the past newsletters, model portfolio, training and bonuses.

How Much Does It Cost?

A subscription to The $10 Million Portfolio costs $4,995 for the first year, and $499 every year after that until you cancel.

This is Paul’s most expensive service upfront, but most of his other services cost $2-$3K per year, so if you plan on sticking around for two or more years this is actually not too bad.

But it’s certainly not for everyone, because $5K is a lot of money to fork out based on the “hope” of making money with Paul’s trade recommendations.

There’s also no refund policy in place for this, which is odd because most of his services come with at least some sort of guarantee or refund policy.

Is Paul Mampilly Legit?

Paul Mampilly is a real person and a legitimate investing expert, he worked on Wall Street for over two decades as a hedge fund manager and has received awards for his work.

He’s also been featured on shows like Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV and CNBC among others. With some saying his achievements have given him a net worth of over $50 million.

These days he works with a company called Banyan Hill, where he authors and co-authors various newsletters like Profits Unlimited, Extreme Fortunes, True Momentum and Bold Profits Daily among others.

That doesn’t mean should take his every word as pure gospel.

But he’s definitely not a scammer, he’s someone with a proven track record and who shares a lot of value (both free and paid) with people who are interested in learning how to invest profitably.

Is The $10 Million Portfolio a Scam?

I don’t believe The $10 Million Portfolio is a scam. And I say this because it’s created by a legitimate financial guru (Paul Mampilly) who works for a real company (Banyan Hill) to provide subscribers with high value content.

I’m not saying it’s the best way to make money with the stock market, or at all for that matter, but it’s not a scam either.

With that being said, I personally wouldn’t join this expecting to get rich quickly. Paul specifically points out this this strategy is more about long term gains as opposed to short term wins. And that nothing is guaranteed.

It’s also worth pointing out that the starting cost is roughly $15,000 when you consider the fact that the subscription costs almost $5K and how he repeatedly mentions starting out with a $10K investment to make $10 million.

So it’s legit, but it’s not cheap, and there are risks involved.

If you’re still on the fence, it might be worth checking out some of his less expensive newsletters, like Profits Unlimited, first. That way you can “dip your toes in the water” before diving in all the way.

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