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Jeff Brown’s Top 10 Predictions for 2022 (Full Details)

Jeff Brown is a pretty well-known tech investment guru in the financial advisory space, and he’s made some notable predictions over the years. For example, according to several of Jeff Brown’s presentations I’ve written about, he recommended bitcoin in 2015 when it was $240 per coin, NVIDIA in 2016, Tesla in 2018, and numerous other winners over the years. Of course, not everything he’s recommended has helped his followers make money. Like any stock advisor, some of his picks have

What Is Alex Green’s $5 Aviation Stock Pick? (Exposed)

I was recently looking into an advisory service called The Insider Alert when I stumbled across a presentation on the Oxford Club website about a “$5 Private Aviation Superstock.” The man behind the presentation, Alexander Green, says this could be his top stock pick of 2022 and that it could hand investors a 300%-plus return, or potentially more by leveraging options. I wanted to know what Alex’s stock pick was, so I did some research. And in this post, I’ll

The Insider Alert Review: Legit Alexander Green Service?

I was browsing the Oxford Club website recently when I came across a presentation featuring Bill O’Reilly and Alexander Green that ended with a pitch for The Insider Alert service. It was a compelling offer, but at the cost of $4,000, I wanted to do some research to find out if it was a legitimate and worthwhile service before joining. In summary, The Insider Alert is a weekly trading service edited by Alexander Green and published by The Oxford Club

What Is Alex Koyfman’s NH3 Ammonia (Oil Killer) Stock Pick?

Alex Koyfman of Angel Publishing recently released a presentation about a “little-known fuel,” which he claims has nothing to do with batteries, hydrogen, or nuclear fusion, that could hand investors up to 11,300%. And he calls this fuel the “Oil Killer.” After looking into Alex’s claims more closely, I learned that what he’s referring to is ammonia, a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen with the formula NH₃. Specifically, Alex is referring to an innovation around the production of ammonia, which

America’s Final Tech Wave (Jeff Brown’s MTA Metaverse Pick?)

Investment guru Jeff Brown recently released a presentation about an “unstoppable technology” he calls M.T.A that he believes could ignite “America’s FINAL Tech Wave.” According to Jeff, MTA is a “once-in-a-decade opportunity” for investors. What’s MTA about? And is it really a good opportunity? Well, that’s what I will help answer in this post. I’ll start by shedding some light on MTA technology and what stock Jeff Brown is recommending. Then, I’ll give you some info on The Near Future Report, the

What Is Teeka Tiwari’s Freedom 2022 Metaverse Pick?

Hello and welcome to my (updated) review of Teeka Tiwari’s Freedom 2022 event. I first stumbled across this presentation on the Palm Beach Research Group website before it went live on January 12, 2022. And, after attending the event, I decided to update this post. In short, Teeka’s Freedom 2022 event is about the metaverse and how he believes the best way to invest in this space is through pre-IPO deals. In other words, he recommends investing in companies before

What Is Kieth Kohl’s “Quantum Computer King” Stock Pick?

Today I’ll be looking into Keith Kohl’s Quantum Computer King presentation, where he talks about a “tiny tech stock” that could “return investors as much as 31,594% in the coming months.” That’s quite a bold statement, but I wanted to find out what his quantum computing thesis was all about and what company he’s interested in, so I decided to take a closer look. Let’s start by taking a look at Keith’s overall prediction. Then, I’ll show you the company

Bill Spencer’s Financial Blackout: Is Founder’s Forecast Legit?

In a recent presentation on the True Market Insiders website, Bill Spencer, who claims to be a former insider to the Federal Reserve, said there’s a “Middle Class Financial Blackout” coming. One that, according to Bill, will cause bankruptcies, job losses, and financial ruin for thousands of everyday Americans. Thousands of families and small businesses will go bankrupt… Americans will lose their homes… their jobs… and their freedoms in one fell swoop. Source: Why does he believe this is

What Is Jeff Siegel’s “Helix-Scaling” Stock Pick? (Revealed)

Jeff Siegel recently released a presentation on the Angel Publishing website about an “Atomic Disruption” that could make investors 100X gains in the years ahead. Jeff refers to this “disruption” as “Helix-Scaling,” and says it will be “the most important megatrend of the next 20 years.” He also says there’s one Boston-based company at the center of it, which he reveals in a report you get with a Green Chip Stocks subscription. What is Helix-Scaling? What stock is Jeff Siegel

Keith Kohl’s “Apple Reality” Teaser (What You Need to Know)

Keith Kohl recently released a presentation dubbed “Apple’s FINAL Design,” where he talks about an opportunity to “Rake in 20x Profits” without buying a single share of Apple. Keith says Apple is releasing a new product (which he refers to as “Apple Reality”) and believes it could be a thousand times bigger than the iPhone, iPad, and iPod combined. Is the presentation legit? What is Apple’s new product? And can you really make 20X your money with Keith Kohl’s stock

Is Jim Rickards’ “Bloody Wednesday” Prediction Legit?

Today I’m looking into a presentation by Jim Rickards about “Bloody Wednesday.” I stumbled across this recently on the Paradigm Press website, and in short, Jim is predicting that a huge market crash could be coming on January 12th at 8:31 a.m. He also mentions five ways to protect your wealth and prosper as it unfolds and shares all the details with those who join his advisory service, Strategic Intelligence. Is it legit? Nobody can predict the future, not even

Weekend Profits Review: Is Tim Sykes’ Weekend Trader Legit?

Hi, and welcome to my review of Weekend Profits. I discovered Weekend Profits through an online ad that led me to a webinar signup page on According to the website, the webinar features host Chris Rowe and millionaire trader Tim Sykes. The site claims that Tim has turned around $12K into over $7 million over the past two decades, and during the hour-long Weekend Profits webinar, the site says he’ll share how he made over $16,000 on Thanksgiving weekend