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What Is Chris DeHaemer’s “Tesla Bot Profits” Pick?

Chris DeHaemer’s latest stock teaser centers around a “Tesla Bot” called Optimus and one “tiny company” that he believes “could spell 3,683% gains or more for investors.” In short, DeHaemer says that the company he’s teasing makes a “tiny sensor,” which he says is “the single-most important component of the $500 billion robotics revolution” because it serves as a robot’s “inner ear.” “This tiny sensor is the single-most important component of the $500 billion robotics revolution… Because it serves as

Jason Williams’ “Electric Glass” Battery Pick Exposed

Jason Williams claims that “Electric Glass” is “the most conductive battery ever created” and that there’s “one tiny company” at the center of a “$3.3 trillion tidal wave of wealth” that could become the “most valuable energy company in existence.” “But most remarkable of all is at the center of this $3.3 trillion tidal wave of wealth is just one tiny company that — get this — controls virtually all the patents for ‘Electric Glass.’ Which means it may soon

What “Project Starlink 42k” Company Is Chris DeHaemer Teasing?

Today I’m looking into a Chris DeHaemer pitch about “Project Starlink 42k,” otherwise known as Starlink, a satellite internet constellation operated by Elon Musk’s SpaceX. According to DeHaemer, 42,000 satellites will be orbiting Earth in “just a few years” that could revolutionize the way we communicate, travel, shop, work, and “pretty much every aspect” of life as cheap, fast internet is made available to billions. DeHaemer also claims to have found “the company that’s helping Elon Musk’s new venture come

What “Super EV Supplier” Is Dave Forest Teasing?

Dave Forest of Casey Research has released a new stock teaser about a so-called “EV range extender,” which he claims is a “cutting-edge electronic power device” that could extend the range of an electric vehicle without needing a bigger battery. And according to the presentation, Forest believes that the company behind it (AKA “Tesla’s ‘Super EV Supplier’”) could make a group of ordinary Americans “very rich.” In this post, I’ll show you what company I think Dave Forest is teasing

What Is Andy Snyder’s “#1 Lidar Stock?” (Exposed)

Andy Snyder’s latest pitch centers around a California-based small-cap company that he refers to as his “#1 lidar stock” and “#1 play for 2022 and beyond.” Snyder didn’t reveal his pick in the presentation, but he did share a lot of clues about it, so I think we’ll be able to uncover this one pretty easily. He also teased three “Made in the USA” stocks in the video, and I was able to uncover at least two (maybe three) of

What “Bitcoin Boomer” (Satellite) Stock Is Basenese Teasing?

I recently received an email about Lou Basenese’s latest stock teaser presentation, which is centered around bitcoin and a so-called “Bitcoin Boomer” stock he’s bullish on. Here’s a quick breakdown of what it’s all about: Lou Basenese is forecasting that the price of Bitcoin “will hit $100,000 by the end of August.” And aside from his view of bitcoin itself, his prediction largely revolves around Wall Street gaining access to a “healthy derivatives market” involving bitcoin. Basenese is recommending a

Alex Green in The Great American Wealth Project presentation discussing his 5G-related stock pick with Bill O'Reilly.

Alex Green’s 5G Stock Pick (“#1 5G Megastock”) Exposed

Today I’m looking into an Oxford Club presentation dubbed “The Great American Wealth Project,” which features Alexander Green and Bill O’Reilly. In short, it centers around Alex Green’s “#1 Stock in America right now,” which he describes as “perhaps the most important linchpin to the entire 5G network.” The presentation isn’t exactly new (it first aired in October 2020), but I’ve seen numerous ads for it recently, so I decided to see what company Alex Green was teasing. And in

Jeff Brown during a Brownstone Research presentation where he discussed his SAV Project stock pick.

What Is “Tesla’s Secret Supplier?” (Jeff Brown SAV Pick)

Today I’m looking into a Brownstone Research presentation about “S.A.V.,” which Jeff Brown claims is Elon Musk’s “next big project.” According to Brown, this project could “put an extra $30,000 in your pocket every year,” and there’s one “little-known” company making it possible. “I’m about to get in this Tesla and drive up to a location just a few miles from here to show you Elon Musk’s next big project… Something known as S.A.V… Not many people know about this…

Uncovering Tilson’s “Perfect Portfolio” (“Tech Titan”) Picks

Whitney Tilson’s latest Empire Research presentation focused on a company he referred to as “America’s #1 Retirement Stock” and three “Tech Titan” stocks he’s bullish on. Tilson gave his first pick away for free (Berkshire Hathaway) but kept a lid on his three tech company picks. To get those, you need to join his Empire Stock Investor newsletter for $49 and see a report he created called “The Perfect Portfolio.” I looked into his picks, though. And in this post,

What Is TradeSmith’s “Cash Out Code” System About?

I recently stumbled across a TradeSmith presentation about “Cash Out Codes” and was curious to know what it was all about, so I decided to look into it. In short, TradeSmith’s CEO, Keith Kaplan, says there are 3,318 stocks in the “Red Zone” right now, and “buy-and-hold investors” could see potentially devastating losses over the next 12 months. However, he claims there’s a way to “capture maximum potential profits” by getting out before a “catastrophic plunge,” and it all has

What $5 “Apple Car Supplier” Is Luke Lango Teasing?

InvestorPlace has published a new Luke Lango presentation centered around a “potential backdoor Apple play” that he believes “could see 40X gains in the next few years.” In short, it’s all about “Project Titan” (Apple’s rumored autonomous vehicle project) and one “tiny $5 tech company” that Lango believes could become a “vital Apple Car supplier.” Lango didn’t reveal his pick in the video, but he did drop some hints about it, which I looked into to see if I could

What Are Keith Kohl’s “West Texas Oil Boom” Stock Picks?

In his latest stock teaser presentation, Keith Kohl talked about how the “first Texas oil boom” turned thousands of regular folks into millionaires overnight and said his research indicates that we are now “on the cusp of another millionaire-maker event.” In short, Kohl believes that the “coming oil boom” could be the largest the world has ever seen and that it’s “one of the most exciting investment opportunities” he’s come across. And the “$5.9 trillion basin in West Texas” is