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What Is Jason Williams’ “Tiny” Helium Stock Pick?

Today I’m looking into a presentation by Angel Publishing’s Jason Williams, who teased a “tiny” stock that he believes “could skyrocket 20,862%.” According to Williams, the company has “control over $39.2 billion worth of helium,” a resource that he claims is both critical and facing a supply squeeze. Long story short, the presentation leads to a pitch for a $1,999 service Williams runs called Future Giants. So if you want to know what company he’s teasing for sure, that’s the service you’d need

What “Alternative Protein” Stock Is Jason Williams Teasing?

Today I’m looking into a Jason Williams presentation that centers around the “alternative protein” (aka plant-based food) sector and one company that he believes “could turn every $5,000 into $134,050 for early investors.” “The company I’m going to reveal today has been preparing for a moment exactly like this. That’s why I believe it could turn every $5,000 into $134,050 for early investors.” Source: https://secure2.angelpub.com/o/web/430513 Long story short, it’s part of a pitch for an Angel Publishing service that costs

Jason Williams’ “Electric Glass” Battery Pick Exposed

Jason Williams claims that “Electric Glass” is “the most conductive battery ever created” and that there’s “one tiny company” at the center of a “$3.3 trillion tidal wave of wealth” that could become the “most valuable energy company in existence.” “But most remarkable of all is at the center of this $3.3 trillion tidal wave of wealth is just one tiny company that — get this — controls virtually all the patents for ‘Electric Glass.’ Which means it may soon

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What “Newton Battery” Company Is Jason Williams Teasing?

Angel Publishing’s Jason Williams has released a presentation about what he’s calling the “Newton Battery,” which he claims is the “future of global energy.” According to Williams, this battery could “reorganize the energy industry overnight” and mint a new generation of “energy millionaires” in the process. “The Newton Battery could reorganize the energy industry overnight. Minting an entire new generation of energy millionaires… and even billionaires.” What the heck is a “Newton Battery?” What company is Jason Williams spruiking? And

Jason Williams “Robot Royalties” Pitch: Collect $36k a Year?

Investment guru Jason Williams’ latest presentation is about collecting “Robot Royalties,” which he claims could help you make “an extra $36,000 over the next 12 months.” According to Williams, this “recently uncovered loophole” can help regular investors earn money each month, and it only takes a few minutes to “get in position.” What’s he talking about? And is it legit? Jason Williams didn’t disclose the complete details of his “income secret” in the presentation. Instead, he reveals how it works

What “Nuclear Era” Fuel Company Is Jason Williams Teasing?

I recently came across an Angel Publishing presentation dubbed “Bill Gates’ Master Plan,” where Jason Williams said that a company started by Bill Gates “makes a device that will power the future of global energy.” And according to Jason Williams, you could make “as much as 116,150%” by investing in the “little-known” American company that makes a “brand-new special fuel” for this device. What’s he talking about? What company is he teasing? And is any of this legit? Well, I

Prime Profits: Legit Amazon Payouts or Overhyped Scam?

I recently stumbled across an Angel Publishing presentation that claims a “Billionaire Income Secret” is “forcing” Amazon to pay out every time a parcel leaves the warehouse floor. And according to Jason Williams, the investment guru in the presentation, everyday Americans can start collecting “Prime Profit” payouts as a result. What “payout” is Jason Williams referring to? And is it legit? That’s what I wanted to know when I started looking into Prime Profits, and in this review, I’ll show

The Wealth Advisory: Legit Angel Publishing Service?

I first learned about The Wealth Advisory through a pitch on the wealthdaily.com website, where a guy named Jason Williams was talking about an “electric glass” stock. It turned out to be a reference to solid-state battery technology and the presentation prompted me to check out The Wealth Advisory service for $99, which is where Jason reveals his stock picks. Anyway, long story short, I decided to take a closer look at this service to see if it was the