The AI Keystone: Porter Stansberry’s AI Stock Revealed

Investment guru Porter Stansberry has released a new stock teaser pitch about what he’s calling the “AI Keystone.” In it, he hyped up a “revolutionary new technology” that he said the AI sector “needs” to survive and teased a company he’s bullish on.

What stock is he teasing?

Porter wants you to join his $199 newsletter to get the name and ticker symbol of the company he’s teasing, but I researched his clues to uncover his stock pick myself.

And in this post, I’ll show you exactly what I found!

Overview of the “AI Keystone” Presentation

Porter Stansberry’s pitch centers around what he calls “The AI Keystone.”

This isn’t the name of an actual technology… it’s just a clever name he came up with to make the presentation sound more interesting. And it represents a technology that he claims will “make or break” the AI market and provide a great opportunity for investors.

“… this technology is what will make or break the multi-trillion-dollar artificial intelligence market.

“You see, all the promises of economic growth and prosperity that have swirled around AI… none of it happens without this one technology.”


“It’s something I call “The AI Keystone” and I believe it could be among the greatest opportunities of the last several decades.

“Not only is it the best way to capitalize on the trillion-dollar artificial intelligence market…

“But it will also play a critical role in our nation’s future.”


So, what is this mysterious new technology?

And why is it (supposedly) so important?

Porter Stansberry is talking about nuclear energy technology, and the reason it’s so important, according to Porter, is that AI uses a lot of energy.

In fact, Porter says that AI uses so much energy that it will need to “rely” on this “Keystone technology” to operate in the future.

Here’s a snippet from the teaser (emphasis mine):

“… in one year, the amount of computing power required to train AI systems will increase by 300%…

“In 3 years, by 6,300%…

“In 5 years, by a staggering 102,300%.

“This is where the problem lies…

Operating and developing new artificial intelligence systems requires unparalleled energy demands… energy demands we cannot currently meet.

Porter also talked about how nuclear energy produces zero emissions, and how this makes it the only power source that can ‘sustainably’ meet the needs of AI.

“… renewables like wind, solar, and hydro will NEVER meet the energy demands of AI.”


“It’s the story of The AI Keystone…

“The ONLY energy source that can sustainable meet the insatiable power demands of artificial intelligence.”


“All while producing zero emissions.

“I’m talking, as you might’ve guessed, about uranium.”

So, long story short, Porter is bullish on nuclear energy.

However, he says nuclear energy alone isn’t the answer to the energy demands of AI, and that he’s NOT recommending we buy uranium, mining stocks, or a nuclear energy ETF.

“However, uranium and nuclear energy alone aren’t the answer to the energy demands of artificial intelligence.

“That’s why I’m NOT telling you to rush out and buy uranium, mining stocks, or a nuclear energy ETF.”

Why isn’t he recommending any of the above?

According to Porter, traditional nuclear power plants are “expensive, time-consuming, and complicated,” and he doesn’t think they’ll be able to meet the growing energy demands of AI. So, instead, he’s recommending a “new type of nuclear energy.”

“Building nuclear power plants is expensive, time-consuming, and complicated.”


“… traditional nuclear power plants will be unable to meet the exponentially growing energy demands of the AI sector.

“It could take decades for the U.S. to build out the necessary infrastructure.

“However, thanks to a single decision on February 21 last year…

“… a new type of nuclear energy will be able to provide practically endless clean energy all across the country.”

What “new type of nuclear energy” is he teasing?

Small Modular Reactors (SMRs).

A small modular reactor is an advanced nuclear reactor that is much smaller than a regular reactor, produces about a third of the power, and can run longer without refueling.

Not only that, but SMRs can be built in two years instead of ten.

So, when you boil it all down… the “keystone technology” Porter Stansberry is referring to is the SMR, and he believes it’s the “only way” tech companies can meet the energy demands of AI without using fossil fuels.

“It’s the ONLY way tech companies can meet the energy demands of artificial intelligence without fossil fuels.

“Mark my words…

“In five… ten… even fifteen years from now…

“When we’re looking back on the craze of the AI boom, the top investments won’t be the company with the best artificial intelligence.


“The real winners will be those who master the SMR.”

So, with all that said… what company is he teasing?

Read on.

Porter Stansberry’s AI Keystone Stock Revealed

According to Porter, the SMR company he’s teasing is the “sole manufacturer of nuclear reactors for U.S. military aircrafts and submarines,” which he believes makes the company an “impregnable fortress.”

“And as the sole manufacturer of nuclear reactors for the military, I believe this company is an impregnable fortress.

“Their multi-decade, government funded contracts also gives them very little exposure to swings in the economy.

“So while the other nuclear companies like NuScale, TerraPower, and Oklo are subject to interest rates, investor sentiment, and a myriad of external forces…

“This company has their revenues locked in and funded years to come.”

What other clues did he share about the company?

Aside from what we’ve already discussed, Porter said that the company he’s recommending “has a near-lock on supplying the Navy with critical nuclear inputs.”

And finally, he shared a photo of the company’s facility, where they are building a microreactor (which are similar to SMRs but smaller):

A screenshot of Porter Stansberry's presentation where he shares a photo of the facility of the "AI Keystone Company" he is teasing.

Microreactors don’t produce as much energy as a ‘regular’ SMR, but they can be put on the back of a truck and moved around, which makes them a lot more versatile. The general idea is that this is a clean, safe, and reliable energy source that can be used virtually anywhere.

There is a useful page on the website if you want to dig deeper into this technology, but that’s the general gist of it.

Anyway, getting back to the teaser… the above photo Porter shared in the presentation is a match with a photo I found on the BWX Technologies website.

BWX Technologies is a Virginia-based supplier of nuclear components and fuel to the U.S., and according to, it was selected by the Strategic Capabilities Office (SCO) in 2022 to build a prototype microreactor.

Furthermore, according to, BWX Technologies was awarded a U.S. Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program contract in 2023 to supply naval reactor fuel to the Navy (to the tune of around $300 million).

So, bottom line, it looks like BWX Technologies (ticker: BWXT) is a match.

A chart of BWX Technologies stock as of February 27, 2024 taken from the Google search results.

Not only does the above photo Porter shared match BWX, but this company specializes in nuclear technology, is building a microreactor/s for the U.S. military, and has a contract in place to supply the Navy with “critical nuclear inputs” (as per Porter’s clue).

I can’t be 100% certain about this without reading Porter’s “The AI Keystone” research report (which comes with a $199 subscription to his newsletter). But based on the clues he shared in the presentation, I’m confident that BWX Technologies is a match.

Bottom Line

I don’t know if the company Porter Stansberry is recommending is a good investment or not, but I do hope this post has been useful to you. At least now you don’t have to shell out almost $200 to find out the name and ticker of his AI Keystone stock pick.

Anyway, that’s it from me. If you’d like to share your thoughts on what I’ve discussed here in this post, please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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