Shah Gilani’s “Nvidia’s Secret Partner” Stock Revealed

Shah Gilani has been teasing a stock he calls “Nvidia’s Secret Partner” as part of a pitch for his newsletter called Manward Money Report.

According to Gilani, the company’s technology solves “the biggest problem in the AI chip industry,” and its stock could “go ballistic” in the near future.

What stock is he teasing? And should you listen to him?

Well, I decided to look into Shah Gilani’s presentation to find out what company he was talking about, and after following the clues, I believe I’ve solved the riddle.

Let’s start by breaking down Gilani’s prediction and why he’s so bullish on the company, and then I’ll show you what company I think he’s teasing.

Gilani’s “Nvidia’s Secret Partner” Prediction

The gist of Shah Gilani’s pitch is that the artificial intelligence (AI) industry, which he refers to as a $25 trillion revolution, has a big problem.

And according to Gilani, the company he’s teasing has “the” solution to this problem, which could “send its shares soaring into the stratosphere.”

Furthermore, he claims the company has a partnership with Nvidia that has been “quietly tucked away” and has deals with other big companies, including Amazon.

Here’s a snippet from the presentation:

“I’ve uncovered a Nvidia partnership that’s been quietly tucked away.

“The general public knows little about it.”


“This company is just a fraction of Nvidia’s size … but as you’ll see, it is crucial to the success of Nvidia going forward.

“Because, as I’ll show you in a moment, this company’s new technology solves THE biggest problem in the AI chip industry.

“Already, demand for this technology is through the roof.

“Every big player in the industry uses it, including…





“And Amazon.

“In fact, Amazon just invested $144 million in this startup…

“And agreed to buy at least $650 million worth of its products in the not-to-distant future.”


What AI problem does the company solve?

In short, Gilani explained that in order to unlock AI’s true potential, clusters of AI semiconductor chips need to work together, which is fine when we’re talking about existing AI chips. However, according to Gilani, Nvidia has developed a new AI semiconductor chip called Blackwell, which is “500% faster than Nvidia’s current AI chip.”

And therein lies the problem…

According to Shah Gilani, the existing technology connecting AI chips together cannot handle the “amazing power and speed of Blackwell.”

Because Blackwell is too advanced and powerful.

And that’s (supposedly) where “Nvidia’s Secret Partner” comes in…

“All the technology connecting these chips together cannot handle the amazing power and speed of Blackwell.

“Without the ability to send these 20 quadrillion calculations at lightning-fast speeds, it’s like driving a Lamborghini on a one-lane road in rush hour.

“That’s where ‘Nvidia’s Secret Partner’ comes in.

“They’ve built new technology that connects all the chips in these AI clusters.

“Their technology doubled the data transfer rates.

“It cut energy usage in half.

“Plus, it can clean and amplify signals, increasing the reach of connections over long distances.

“In short, Nvidia’s groundbreaking Blackwell chip that the world’s largest tech companies are banking their future on…

“Simply wouldn’t be possible without Nidia’s Secret Partner.”

So, long story short, “Nvidia’s Secret Partner” supposedly has a solution to a big problem the AI industry is facing.


But what’s the whole “secret partner” thing about?

Well, here’s what Shah Gilani said about that part:

“Nvidia is listed FIRST on their IPO as their premier partner.

“And I discovered that Nvidia Chief Executive Jensen Huang personally endorsed this company during its roadshow.”


“With this startup’s technology, Nvidia’s chips can communicate at unimaginable speeds, processing and analyzing more data faster than ever before.”

So, Gilani basically states that Nvidia’ needs’ this company’s tech and that it has invested in it because it can benefit from what the company offers.

I don’t know how true that is (or isn’t), but that’s the gist of the presentation. And in the next section, I’ll break down what company I think he’s referring to and why.

The Nvidia’s Secret Partner Stock Revealed

So far, we know we’re looking for a company that helps AI chips communicate better with each other (that’s my non-techy interpretation of it, anyway) and one that has a list of big-name customers, including Nvidia, Amazon, and Intel (among others).

Aside from that, Gilani revealed that a VC firm called Stutter Hill took a large position in the company, which is actually the clue that led me to discover his pick…

“So here’s what caught my eye…

“I was digging into what Sutter Hill is investing in now.

“And I noticed that they are BIG holders in a tiny company almost nobody has ever heard of…

“‘Nvidia’s Secret Partner.’

“I’m talking a 12.6% stake in this company, which is massive.”

The above clue led me to Astera Labs (ALAB), a California-based company that builds “connectivity solutions” for AI and cloud infrastructure.

And that appears to be the “Nvidia’s Secret Partner” stock Gilani is teasing.

Here’s why I say that:

  • According to this article on PitchBook, Stutter Hill took a 12.6% position in Astera Labs.
  • The company describes itself as the “global leader in purpose-built connectivity solutions that unlock the full potential of AI and cloud infrastructure.” And while I’m no tech wiz, that sounds like a close match with what Gilani described.
  • According to CNBC, Amazon needs to buy up to $650 million worth of Astera Labs’ products in the years ahead.
  • According to, not only does Astera Labs supply Amazon but also Nvidia, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), and Intel.

So, all of that considered, I have no doubt that Shah Gilani’s pick (the so-called “Nvidia’s Secret Partner” stock) is Astera Labs.

A chart of Astera Labs' stock as of June 26, 2024 taken from the Google search results.

Is it a good stock?

Good question. And it’s one I’d love to answer for you, but I’m not a professional stock-picker or finance guru. So I can’t advise you on that.

I did, however, find some interesting articles about the company discussing its investment potential that you may find worth a read (here, here, and here).

You could also check out Shah Gilani’s report called “Nvidia’s Secret Partner: This Single AI Stock Could Help Fund Your Retirement,” as this is where he shares his full analysis of the company and why he’s bullish on it.

The only caveat is that to access that report, you need to join his new service, the Manward Money Report, for $99. I haven’t joined it (yet), so I don’t know if it’s worthwhile or not, but it’s a fairly new service. That said, I have reviewed other Manward Press newsletters on this blog if you want to get an idea of how they’ve performed.

Bottom Line

Shah Gilani is a very charismatic salesman and perhaps even a good stock-picker.

But I do recommend taking his presentation with a pinch of salt.

Because no one has a crystal ball.

Either way, I hope you found this article helpful.

And if you’d like to share your two cents on any of this, chime in below!

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