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What Are Keith Kohl’s “West Texas Oil Boom” Stock Picks?

In his latest stock teaser presentation, Keith Kohl talked about how the “first Texas oil boom” turned thousands of regular folks into millionaires overnight and said his research indicates that we are now “on the cusp of another millionaire-maker event.” In short, Kohl believes that the “coming oil boom” could be the largest the world has ever seen and that it’s “one of the most exciting investment opportunities” he’s come across. And the “$5.9 trillion basin in West Texas” is

TriFuel-238: What’s Keith Kohl Teasing and Is It Legit?

I’ve come across ads for Keith Kohl’s “TriFuel-238” presentation a lot over the past few months, so today, I decided to take a closer look. In short, Keith Kohl claims that “TriFuel-238” is “the most powerful form of fuel in the world,” “breathtakingly cheap,” and “completely emission free.” What’s more, he states that this tech (which he says is made by a “tiny” Virginia-based tech company) could hand investors a “once-in-a-lifetime windfall” of up to 46,018%. “A breakthrough piece of

What Is Keith Kohl’s “Invictus” (Quantum Computer) Pick?

According to a recent Keith Kohl presentation, a “revolutionary new technology” called “Invictus” is “set to disrupt the entire global economy on June 30, 2022.” And he claims there’s “one small-cap company” at the forefront of it. What is Invictus? What stock is Keith Kohl teasing? And is the presentation legit? In short, Kohl uses the term Invictus to describe quantum computing, and he discussed four “Invictus” stocks in the presentation. One of those picks he revealed for free, but

Keith Kohl’s “On-Demand Everything” (Delivery Robot) Stocks?

A stock teaser about “On-Demand Everything,” or delivery robotics, by Angel Publishing’s Keith Kohl has been doing the rounds lately. According to the presentation, a “furious tech battle” is unfolding across America involving on-demand delivery robots that could “offer early investors an enormous windfall.” Keith Kohl teased several “lightning-fast delivery stocks” in the video, which are each tied to a different investment research report he’s put together. The trouble is, the only way to access those reports is to join

Biotech Company With 140 Patents: #1 Stock of This Generation?

Today I received an email from Angel Publishing about “The #1 Stock of This Generation” and decided to take a closer look. According to investment guru Keith Kohl, it’s a biotech company with 140 patents that has developed a pill that “could eradicate every single sign and symptom of aging in your body.” He also claims that Jeff Bezos and Peter Thiel are betting on this company and that, as an investor, you could turn “a $500 stake into more

What “LiDAR King” Stock Is Keith Kohl Teasing? (Exposed)

In today’s post, I’ll be looking into a presentation by Angel Publishing’s Keith Kohl about his “LiDAR King” stock pick. According to Keith Kohl, a “strange new device is being tested,” and early investors in the company behind it could make “up to 16,795% profits.” What device is Keith Kohl referring to? What company makes it? And is it legit? There’s no guarantee you’ll make money following Keith Kohl’s investment recommendations, so I suggest taking the marketing with a grain

What Is Keith Kohl’s “Infinite Lithium” Stock Pick? (Exposed)

Today I’m looking into a new presentation by Keith Kohl of Angel Publishing about “Infinite Lithium,” an investment he says “could turn every $500 into $39,915 for early movers.” According to Kohl, the company behind “Infinite Lithium” has “developed a technology for creating an infinite supply of super-rich lithium” without mining it. Considering how vital lithium is for electric vehicles and the current supply/demand dynamic of this resource, I wanted to learn more. So I did my homework on Kohl’s

What Is Keith Kohl’s Project Greenlight? (Topline Trader)

Investment guru Keith Kohl recently released a presentation on the Angel Publishing website about Project Greenlight, which he claims is a “breakthrough” that gives everyday investors “the chance to rake in massive payouts of up to $17,000” or more, up to six times per month. That’s a bold claim, but as always, I like to look past the marketing hype and try to figure out if there’s any substance behind what’s being pitched. In this case, Kohl claims to have

What “Quantum Computer King” Company Is Keith Kohl Teasing?

Today I’ll be looking into Keith Kohl’s “Quantum Computer King” presentation, where he talks about a “tiny tech stock” that could see considerable gains in the months ahead. Long story short, I wanted to find out what his quantum computing thesis was all about and what company he’s interested in, so I decided to take a closer look. Let’s start by taking a look at Keith’s overall prediction. Then, I’ll show you the company I think he’s teasing based on

Keith Kohl’s “Apple Reality” Teaser (What You Need to Know)

Keith Kohl recently released a presentation dubbed “Apple’s FINAL Design,” where he talks about an opportunity to “Rake in 20x Profits” without buying a single share of Apple. Keith says Apple is releasing a new product (which he refers to as “Apple Reality”) and believes it could be a thousand times bigger than the iPhone, iPad, and iPod combined. Is the presentation legit? What is Apple’s new product? And can you really make 20X your money with Keith Kohl’s stock

Technology and Opportunity Review (What You Need to Know)

Hi, and thanks for stopping by. In this review, we’ll be taking a look at Angel Publishing’s Technology and Opportunity service, which Keith Kohl heads up. I’ve known about this service for a while now, but I recently saw a presentation about a new “breakthrough technology” that’s supposedly changing the world. So I decided it was time to take a closer look. In short, what I found was that the Technology and Opportunity service is about investing in “unproven” tech

Keith Kohl's Miracle Metal presentation

Is Keith Kohl’s “Miracle Metal” a Scam?

When looking to invest in the stock market, it’s often wise to take the advice of experts – especially ones in niches that you’re interested in. If you’re interested in investing in the energy space, Keith Kohl might be the expert you want to turn to. But what’s his Miracle Metal stock prediction about, and is it legit? Investor Keith Kohl coined the term “miracle metal” to describe a metal used within lithium-ion batteries. He claims that the demand for