Eric Fry’s “A.I. Code Red” Teaser (2 Stocks Revealed!)

Eric Fry has released a new 2024 stock teaser presentation dubbed “A.I. Code Red” to promote his $49 newsletter service, Fry’s Investment Report.

And in the presentation, he shares an “urgent message” about the A.I. industry, while also recommending a bunch of AI stocks he’s bullish on.

Eric Fry's 2024 "AI Code Red" presentation.

I was curious to see what he was predicting, so I decided to take a closer look. And this led me to uncover two stocks he recommended.

Ahead, I’ll show you exactly what I found!

What Is Eric Fry’s “A.I. Code Red” Prediction?

Eric Fry’s AI presentation is dated January 2024, and there are essentially two main parts to it. First, he said he believes AI will wipe out millions of jobs across the globe. And second, he says we could be on the “threshold of a once-in-a-century investment opportunity.”

This prediction isn’t exactly new, though…

Eric Fry has been talking for a long time about how technology will displace millions of jobs and, at the same time, make savvy investors rich.

It’s just that this time, he’s specifically focused on AI.

In any case, to give you more insight into his prediction, here’s a snippet from the presentation where he talks about the first part of his thesis:

“The fact is… in the near future, many workers could be made obsolete by A.I. and automation.”


“The A.I. Revolution could be a disaster for anyone who isn’t already wealthy.

“It’s leading us to a future where Universal Basic Income could soon become a reality.

“Where the 1% live a life of luxury…

“While millions of Americans are forced to rely on a government welfare program just to scrape by.

“Can you see now why I’m comparing A.I. to a global flood… and why I’m urging folks to pay attention to this A.I. Code Red today?”


“Because of its disruptive nature… A.I. has the potential to blow the wealth gap wide open.”

From there, Fry talked about the positive side of AI.

More specifically, he talked about how he believes AI will create brand-new industries and open up incredible opportunities for investors moving forward.

“… while A.I. will destroy countless jobs, companies and perhaps even entire industries….

“It’s also set to create brand new industries… while completely transforming others.

“And that’s what’s so exciting… because this ‘creative destruction’ is about to create incredible opportunities for investors.”

He also shared his take on whether or not AI stocks are in a “dot-com-like” bubble.

If you’re not familiar with the dot-com bubble, this was when internet stocks were being hyped up in the late 1990s (similar to how AI is being hyped up now) before they came crashing in the year 2000.

Basically, everyone was buying internet stocks in the late 90s because that was the “hot” sector at the time, which ended in disaster. And given the similarities, there’s a common fear that investors could suffer a similar fate with AI stocks in the near future.

What does Eric Fry think? In short, he thinks there’s still time to profit from AI stocks before any major correction takes place in this space.

More specifically, in the presentation, Fry said he thinks we’re in the “1995” period of the dot-com bubble for AI stocks (roughly five years from the mania-driven “bust”).

He also claims that we are about to see an “absolute explosion in A.I. adoption,” and suggests that this could be great for certain AI stocks.

“Contrary to what the mainstream media wants you to believe, we’re not in some dot-com-like A.I. melt-up…”


“… there’s still time to profit from the A.I. Revolution.”


“I believe A.I. has reached the same tipping point that the internet experienced in 1995…

“And we’re about to see an absolute explosion in A.I. adoption… the likes of which we’ve never seen before with a new technology.

“And I believe this directly correlates with what’s about to happen in the stock market.

“That’s why it’s go-time right now.”

So with that said, what stocks does he recommend?

According to Eric Fry, for the best potential gains, we should “focus on industries where A.I. is actually making a difference right now.”

And as the presentation continued, he said that the industry where he thinks a “handful of stocks are poised to explode” in the months ahead is the healthcare industry.

“For the biggest potential gains this year…

“You’ll want to focus on industries where A.I. is actually making a difference right now.

“Because that’s what this next phase of the A.I. Revolution is all about.

“And I’ve identified the top sector where this is happening today…

“Where practical money-making strategies are already being implemented…

“And where a handful of stocks are poised to explode in the days and months ahead.

“And I’m not going to keep you in suspense…

“I’m talking about the $12 trillion healthcare industry…

“Where A.I. is already having a huge impact on drug development…

“And the first-ever A.I.-designed drug molecule is entering human clinical trials.

“Where A.I. is already proving particularly effective in laparoscopic and robotic procedures…

“And where 90% of hospitals already have artificial intelligence strategies in place.”

So, despite the doom and gloom nature of Eric Fry’s “code red” presentation… he’s actually bullish on a group of AI stocks in the healthcare industry.

And based on my research, I know what two of them are…

What AI Stocks Is Eric Fry Teasing? (2 Picks Revealed)

All told, Eric Fry teased nine stocks in this presentation. And he breaks these down inside three separate research reports that come with a Fry’s Investment Report subscription.

Unfortunately, he didn’t provide specific clues for all nine companies. So it wasn’t possible to uncover them all. But I was able to figure out what TWO of his picks are.

So with that said, let’s discuss the clues Fry shared and what I think his picks are!

The following clues relate to a research report Eric Fry created called “The 3 ‘A.I. Code Red’ Stocks You Must Own Today,” where he details three AI companies he’s bullish on.

Here’s what he said about the first company:

“Starting with a company that’s already created a first-of-its-kind A.I.-assisted intelligent operating room…

“Designed to optimize surgical workflow and procedural efficiency.

“But that’s not all…

“This company also uses dynamic A.I. modeling so surgeons can identify and act on potential issues with patients’ recovery from surgery.

“It’s the future of healthcare… but it’s happening right now.

“And I believe this company’s stock is poised to experience explosive gains in the months ahead as investors catch up to this realization.”

Based on those clues, it looks like Eric Fry is teasing Zimmer Biomet (ZBH), a U.S.-based medical device company.

A chart of Zimmer Biomet stock as of February 13, 2024 taken from the Google search results.

I say that because, after looking into the above clues, I found this press release about how Zimmer Biomet released its “first-of-its-kind artificial intelligence” operating room. And according to the press release, it is “designed to optimize surgical workflow.”

So, Zimmer Biomet looks like a match.

Granted, we didn’t have a whole lot to go off with this one, but based on what Eric Fry said about this pick, I’m quite confident that this is the company he’s teasing.

The second company Fry teased relates to a company working on AI-assisted personalized medicine. Here’s what he said about this company:

“Another company I’m recommending in this report uses A.I. to assist with the early detection and diagnosis of cancer…

“But again, that’s just the start.

“You see, the ultimate goal of healthcare is personalized medicine.

“Because no two patients are the same… even if they have the same illness.

“This company is working to develop A.I. solutions that will help doctors deliver personalized care… even potentially down to our genetic codes.”

That’s not much to go off… so I don’t know what this one is. But if you have any ideas on what it could be, let us know in the comments section below!

As for his third pick, here are the clues he shared:

“And if you think that’s exciting… picture this.

“You have the chance to get into what could be the Apple of its day… but in the healthcare industry.

“I mean it… I believe the kind of explosive growth Apple experienced could be in store for the final company in this report.

“Because it already owns the most A.I.-enabled devices authorized by the FDA in the entire U.S.

“It’s using A.I. to help predict the onset of diseases… which allows doctors to address health problems before they even occur…

“And to provide revolutionary MR imaging… to help see more anatomical detail with greater certainty…

“And even to assist with case prioritization, automated measurements, and quality control.

“Meaning this company has incredible room for growth as A.I. adoption rapidly spreads throughout the healthcare industry.”

The main tangible hint we have to go off there is the one about how the company Eric Fry’s teasing has the most AI-enabled devices authorized by the FDA in the U.S.

This led me to an article on the GE Healthcare website, which appears to confirm Eric Fry’s clue about the FDA authorizations.

So, after looking into Fry’s clues, it looks like GE Healthcare (GEHC) is a match.

A chart of GE HealthCare stock as of February 13, 2024 taken from the Google search results.

GE Healthcare is a Chicago-based multinational medical technology company that “spun off” from General Electric in January 2023. Basically, it was once a business segment within General Electric, but last year it became its own publicly traded company.

I can’t be 100% certain that this company is a match with Eric Fry’s clues, but it looks that way based on my research.

What other companies did he recommend?

Eric Fry teased an additional six companies beyond the ones we just discussed, but he didn’t share tangible enough clues about any of those to figure out what they are.

Basically, he teased companies in different industries that (in one way or another) are using AI to improve their operations. And the only way to find out what those stocks are would be to join his newsletter for $49, which gives you access to his research reports on these.

Bottom Line

I’ve been looking into Eric Fry’s stock teaser presentations for several years now, and I usually find them fairly interesting, which was the case with this one.

However, I think it’s worth being mindful of the fact that no stock picker is perfect. As exciting as Eric Fry’s presentation may sound, he doesn’t have a crystal ball.

Maybe he’s right about now being the ideal time to invest in AI stocks.

Maybe he’s wrong.

I don’t know.

What I do know, however, is that investing is risky, which is why I always recommend doing your own research and never investing more than you can afford to lose.

Anyway, at least now you have a better idea of what companies he is teasing in his latest AI pitch, so I hope you found this post helpful. And if you have any questions or comments you’d like to add, feel free to chime in below. Thanks for reading!

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