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Presentation on the Rogue Economics website featuring Nomi Prins talking about her top stock pick for "America's New Era."

Nomi Prins’ “#1 Stock For America’s New Era” Revealed

Nomi Prins of Rogue Economics has released a new presentation about a “strange force in America,” which she says is “slowly robbing the savings and freedoms of millions of Americans” as it shifts wealth from the middle class to the rich. And in the presentation, Prins teased a company that she believes could “soar in the months ahead” as it benefits from the “switch to new digital decentralized banking.” “And what I’ve found – it’s astounding. “One company stands at

Nomi Prins and Chris Hurt in a presentation dubbed "Warped Beyond Repair" on the Rogue Economics website which centered around Nomi Prins' America’s Great Distortion thesis.

Nomi Prins “Great Distortion” Stock Exposed (Distortion Report)

In a recent video presentation dubbed “Warped Beyond Repair” on the Rogue Economics website, Nomi Prins discussed what she’s calling “America’s Great Distortion.” According to Prins, this is the “most important story in the financial world.” In short, the presentation centers around a “distortion” between the “financial economy” and the “real-world economy,” which Nomi Prins says could enrich some “beyond their wildest dreams” while leaving others behind in a “sort of permanent underclass.” She also highlighted a stock that she