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Is the 1,000% Divergence Window Legit? (Early Stage Investor)

I recently received an email from InvestorPlace about a “1,000% Divergence Window” that led me to a presentation featuring Luke Lango and Louis Navellier. What’s it about? According to the presentation, the Divergence Window is a “rare stock market pattern with the potential to produce 1,000% gains.” This has supposedly only happened three times in history. And now, in 2022, Lango says it’s happening again, for the first time in 14 years, which could lead to epic gains. Here’s what

Charlie Shrem during the Crypto Cash Calendar presentation on the InvestorPlace website.

What Is The Crypto Cash Calendar? (Charlie Shrem Service)

I’ve been seeing InvestorPlace ads for Charlie Shrem’s “The Crypto Cash Calendar” for a while now, so I decided to take a look at what it’s about and how it works. In short, The Crypto Cash Calendar is a calendar that lists recently announced and upcoming cryptocurrency launch dates that Charlie Shrem and his team recommend to subscribers of the Crypto Investor Network. Each altcoin pick comes with its own writeup, and subscribers are alerted to new crypto recommendations on

Paul Ghiringhilli and Louis Navellier in the Prediction 2022 presentation on the InvestorPlace website.

Louis Navellier Prediction 2022 (All You Need to Know)

I recently watched the “Prediction 2022” presentation by Louis Navellier on the InvestorPlace website and decided to share my thoughts about it in this post. During the video, Navellier shared his predictions for 2022, discussed how his QuantScore system works, and mentioned one stock that the system has given a “Grade A” rating. He also pitched his service, Breakthrough Stocks, which costs $1,495. In this post, I’ll walk you through what Navellier is predicting, what his stock pick is, and

Luke Lango in the GCT technology DNA sequencing presentation on the InvestorPlace website.

Revealed: Luke Lango’s G.C.T. (DNA Sequencing) Stock Pick

Luke Lango just released an InvestorPlace presentation about “G.C.T. technology,” which he claims is part of an “$80 trillion DNA revolution.” And during the presentation, Lango said there’s one “little-known company” sitting “dead center of this new tech revolution” that some suggest “could be the next Microsoft.” What is GCT technology? And what stock is Lango teasing? The technology Lango’s referring to is DNA sequencing and synthetic biology. And he shares the name of the company he’s bullish on (and

Tech Crisis 2022: Louis Navellier & Eric Fry’s 2022 Predictions

Eric Fry and Louis Navellier of InvestorPlace recently released a presentation dubbed “Tech Crisis 2022,” where they detailed their latest stock market predictions for 2022. In particular, they discussed Eric Fry’s “Technochasm” thesis, which centers around accelerating technological innovation and adoption. And despite fears of increasing inflation, interest rate hikes, and the recent selloffs, they are both very bullish on certain tech and growth stocks in the year ahead. Given Fry and Navellier are both tech-investing gurus, it’s hard to

What’s Louis Navellier’s “#1 EV Breakthrough” Stock Pick?

Hi, and welcome. In this post, I’ll be looking into a presentation about Louis Navellier’s “#1 EV Breakthrough of 2022,” which is essentially a pitch for his service, Growth Investor. According to the InvestorPlace website, Louis Navellier is bullish on a company that has been backed by Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and one of the world’s largest automakers. And it’s supposedly “trading for a fraction of the price of Tesla.” Read on to see what “EV breakthrough” Navellier is referring

What Is Luke Lango’s “The REAL Tesla Killer” LiDAR Pick?

In a recent InvestorPlace presentation, investment guru Luke Lango talked about a driverless car technology that could help generate $7 trillion in new wealth each year. He calls it the “The REAL Tesla Killer” and says there’s one “under-$20 small-cap at the center of it all.” What tech is Lango talking about? And what’s his stock pick? Here’s the short version: the technology Luke Lango is referring to is LiDAR which helps autonomous vehicles navigate using lasers, the company I

What Is Louis Navellier’s Big Bet? (Breakthrough Stocks Pitch)

I recently received an email about a new InvestorPlace presentation featuring Louis Navellier that centered around his “Big Bet” for 2022. According to the presentation, one sector of the market is about to make a “quantum leap” in technology, and the last time it happened, investors made 20-30x gains. What’s more, Navellier said that if he had to put every penny of his life savings into one industry, “this would be it.” Long story short, I decided to look into

Is Early Warning Summit 2022 Legit? (Power Portfolio)

Hello and welcome to my review of the Early Warning Summit 2022. I came across this presentation earlier today on the InvestorPlace website, and after looking into some of the claims in the video, I thought I’d share what I learned in this post. In short, the presentation features Luke Lango, Eric Fry, and Louis Navellier, who talk about a “unique approach to investing” they claim has already given some of their readers a chance to 9X the Dow in

What’s Luke Lango’s $3 “Forever Battery” Stock? (Revealed)

Luke Lango recently released a presentation on the InvestorPlace website about his #1 “Forever Battery” stock which he also refers to as a “$3 wonder stock.” According to Luke, there’s a “groundbreaking new type of energy storage device” smaller than a postage stamp that could help electric vehicles go 1,000 miles on a single charge. He calls this device the “Forever Battery” and says there’s one tiny “under-the-radar company” at the center of it that’s “paving the way for the

Eric Fry’s Wealth Acceleration Summit (All You Need to Know)

I’ve been getting a few emails about Eric Fry’s Wealth Acceleration Summit lately, so I decided to take a closer look to see what it was all about. In short, the Wealth Acceleration Summit is an “interview” between host Brit Herring and investment analyst Eric Fry designed to pitch a stock advisory called Fry’s Investment Report. During the presentation, Eric talks about a “new Technochasm technology” that he says is creating a wealth gap in America and how it could

Luke Lango’s “The Quickening” (Exponential Tech Stocks?)

Many long-term investors have created generational wealth betting on great tech companies like Amazon, Tesla, and Netflix, for example. And given the current market, it’s easy to see why some experts believe that the best gains in this sector are behind us. However, according to Luke Lango, we “haven’t missed a thing.” During a recent presentation dubbed “The Quickening,” Luke says it’s now possible for ordinary people to “get rich in the next three, four or five years” thanks to