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What Are Keith Kohl’s “West Texas Oil Boom” Stock Picks?

In his latest stock teaser presentation, Keith Kohl talked about how the “first Texas oil boom” turned thousands of regular folks into millionaires overnight and said his research indicates that we are now “on the cusp of another millionaire-maker event.” In short, Kohl believes that the “coming oil boom” could be the largest the world has ever seen and that it’s “one of the most exciting investment opportunities” he’s come across. And the “$5.9 trillion basin in West Texas” is

Alex Koyfman’s “Crystal Surge” Stock Pick Revealed

Alex Koyfman has published a stock teaser presentation on the Angel Publishing website centered around “Crystal Surge” technology. According to Koyfman, the company behind this tech has “found the holy grail of the energy industry,” and investors could “stand to pocket incredible 13,495% returns.” What’s it all about? And is it legit? In short, Alex Koyfman’s presentation is about a company that has developed an energy storage system that doesn’t require lithium. The “crystal” he’s referring to is zinc, and

What “Solar Window” Stock Is Jeff Siegel Teasing? (Revealed)

I was recently emailed about an Angel Publishing presentation featuring Jeff Siegel, who talked about a “breakthrough” that could be “mankind’s single greatest invention.” According to Jeff Siegel, a team of engineers in a “tiny office building in the Arizona desert” has found a way to convert a “source of infinite power” into usable energy using a device that’s “no thicker than a business card.” Not only does Siegel say that the “small $3 company” behind the device could reshape

TriFuel-238: What’s Keith Kohl Teasing and Is It Legit?

I’ve come across ads for Keith Kohl’s “TriFuel-238” presentation a lot over the past few months, so today, I decided to take a closer look. In short, Keith Kohl claims that “TriFuel-238” is “the most powerful form of fuel in the world,” “breathtakingly cheap,” and “completely emission free.” What’s more, he states that this tech (which he says is made by a “tiny” Virginia-based tech company) could hand investors a “once-in-a-lifetime windfall” of up to 46,018%. “A breakthrough piece of

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What “Newton Battery” Company Is Jason Williams Teasing?

Angel Publishing’s Jason Williams has released a presentation about what he’s calling the “Newton Battery,” which he claims is the “future of global energy.” According to Williams, this battery could “reorganize the energy industry overnight” and mint a new generation of “energy millionaires” in the process. “The Newton Battery could reorganize the energy industry overnight. Minting an entire new generation of energy millionaires… and even billionaires.” What the heck is a “Newton Battery?” What company is Jason Williams spruiking? And

Jason Williams “Robot Royalties” Pitch: Collect $36k a Year?

Investment guru Jason Williams’ latest presentation is about collecting “Robot Royalties,” which he claims could help you make “an extra $36,000 over the next 12 months.” According to Williams, this “recently uncovered loophole” can help regular investors earn money each month, and it only takes a few minutes to “get in position.” What’s he talking about? And is it legit? Jason Williams didn’t disclose the complete details of his “income secret” in the presentation. Instead, he reveals how it works

What Is Keith Kohl’s “Invictus” (Quantum Computer) Pick?

According to a recent Keith Kohl presentation, a “revolutionary new technology” called “Invictus” is “set to disrupt the entire global economy on June 30, 2022.” And he claims there’s “one small-cap company” at the forefront of it. What is Invictus? What stock is Keith Kohl teasing? And is the presentation legit? In short, Kohl uses the term Invictus to describe quantum computing, and he discussed four “Invictus” stocks in the presentation. One of those picks he revealed for free, but

Keith Kohl’s “On-Demand Everything” (Delivery Robot) Stocks?

A stock teaser about “On-Demand Everything,” or delivery robotics, by Angel Publishing’s Keith Kohl has been doing the rounds lately. According to the presentation, a “furious tech battle” is unfolding across America involving on-demand delivery robots that could “offer early investors an enormous windfall.” Keith Kohl teased several “lightning-fast delivery stocks” in the video, which are each tied to a different investment research report he’s put together. The trouble is, the only way to access those reports is to join

What “Day Zero” Stock Is Jeff Siegel Teasing?

Hi, and welcome. Today I’m looking into a presentation by Jeff Siegel of Angel Publishing dubbed “Day Zero,” which is essentially an ad for his Green Chip Stocks service. The premise is that an announcement will be made on May 25, 2022, which Siegel refers to as Day Zero. And apparently, it all has to do with the “end of aging.” What’s more, according to Siegel, this event “could make you very rich.” There was a lot of mystery and

What Is Jason Simpkins’ “Retinal Matrix” Stock Pick?

In a recent presentation, investment guru Jason Simpkins stated that a “revolution is brewing” that “will soon unlock $7 trillion in new wealth.” And it all has to do with a technological innovation he’s calling the “Retinal Matrix.” Simpkins also claims there’s a “small company at the center of this revolution” that could give investors “a chance to turn every $500 into $131,600 or more.” That’s a pretty bold claim, but I wanted to know what the “Retinal Matrix” was

What “Nuclear Era” Fuel Company Is Jason Williams Teasing?

I recently came across an Angel Publishing presentation dubbed “Bill Gates’ Master Plan,” where Jason Williams said that a company started by Bill Gates “makes a device that will power the future of global energy.” And according to Jason Williams, you could make “as much as 116,150%” by investing in the “little-known” American company that makes a “brand-new special fuel” for this device. What’s he talking about? What company is he teasing? And is any of this legit? Well, I

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Let’s Uncover Luke Burgess’ #1 Gold Stock of the Decade

Today I’m looking into an Outsider Club presentation about Luke Burgess’ “#1 Gold Stock of the Decade,” a Canadian gold mining company he says is “trading for around $4.” According to the presentation, the company has made one of the richest gold discoveries of the last 50 years and “could hand you gains of 3,727% or more.” That’s a bold claim, but I wanted to know what company Burgess is teasing, so I looked into the clues he shared to