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What Is Keith Kohl’s “Infinite Lithium” Stock Pick? (Exposed)

Today I’m looking into a new presentation by Keith Kohl of Angel Publishing about “Infinite Lithium,” an investment he says “could turn every $500 into $39,915 for early movers.” According to Kohl, the company behind “Infinite Lithium” has “developed a technology for creating an infinite supply of super-rich lithium” without mining it. Considering how vital lithium is for electric vehicles and the current supply/demand dynamic of this resource, I wanted to learn more. So I did my homework on Kohl’s

What Is Keith Kohl’s Project Greenlight? (Topline Trader)

Investment guru Keith Kohl recently released a presentation on the Angel Publishing website about Project Greenlight, which he claims is a “breakthrough” that gives everyday investors “the chance to rake in massive payouts of up to $17,000” or more, up to six times per month. That’s a bold claim, but as always, I like to look past the marketing hype and try to figure out if there’s any substance behind what’s being pitched. In this case, Kohl claims to have

What Is Alex Koyfman’s NH3 Ammonia (Oil Killer) Stock Pick?

Alex Koyfman of Angel Publishing recently released a presentation about a “little-known fuel,” which he claims has nothing to do with batteries, hydrogen, or nuclear fusion, that could hand investors up to 11,300%. And he calls this fuel the “Oil Killer.” After looking into Alex’s claims more closely, I learned that what he’s referring to is ammonia, a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen with the formula NH₃. Specifically, Alex is referring to an innovation around the production of ammonia, which

What Is Keith Kohl’s “Quantum Computer King” Stock Pick?

Today I’ll be looking into Keith Kohl’s Quantum Computer King presentation, where he talks about a “tiny tech stock” that could “return investors as much as 31,594% in the coming months.” That’s quite a bold statement, but I wanted to find out what his quantum computing thesis was all about and what company he’s interested in, so I decided to take a closer look. Let’s start by taking a look at Keith’s overall prediction. Then, I’ll show you the company

What Is Jeff Siegel’s “Helix-Scaling” Stock Pick? (Revealed)

Jeff Siegel recently released a presentation on the Angel Publishing website about an “Atomic Disruption” that could make investors 100X gains in the years ahead. Jeff refers to this “disruption” as “Helix-Scaling,” and says it will be “the most important megatrend of the next 20 years.” He also says there’s one Boston-based company at the center of it, which he reveals in a report you get with a Green Chip Stocks subscription. What is Helix-Scaling? What stock is Jeff Siegel

Keith Kohl’s “Apple Reality” Teaser (What You Need to Know)

Keith Kohl recently released a presentation dubbed “Apple’s FINAL Design,” where he talks about an opportunity to “Rake in 20x Profits” without buying a single share of Apple. Keith says Apple is releasing a new product (which he refers to as “Apple Reality”) and believes it could be a thousand times bigger than the iPhone, iPad, and iPod combined. Is the presentation legit? What is Apple’s new product? And can you really make 20X your money with Keith Kohl’s stock

Luke Burgess’ “Miracle Mineral” Stock (Junior Mining Trader)

Today I’m looking into a presentation by Luke Burgess about a “Miracle Mineral” that he claims could help investors make “gains of 16,335% or more.” According to Luke, this Miracle Mineral is “one of the most important natural resources you’ve never heard about,” and there’s “one tiny company” at the center of it all. What is the Miracle Mineral? What company is Luke Burgess teasing? And is this a legit opportunity? Well, these are some of the questions I’m going

Jeff Siegel’s SPV Solar Teaser: Private “SPV” Royalties?

Hi, and welcome. Today I’ll be taking a look at Jeff Siegel’s latest presentation about private “SPV” royalties, or “private solar deals,” as he also refers to them. According to Jeff, these private deals allow you to “start earning royalties from Elon Musk’s No. 1 business,” which could “generate six-figure payouts,” and you can “start with as little as $100.” What are “SPV” royalties? Is this a legit opportunity? And what’s Jeff Siegel pitching? These are some of the questions

Is Alex Koyfman’s “End of Plastic” Presentation Legit?

In his latest presentation, Alex Koyfman says there’s a “climate war” about to erupt that could bring about the “end of plastic.” And apparently, he’s discovered “one off-the-radar investment” that could help you turn “every $10,000 into $127,200.” What’s he talking about? Is plastic really going to “end,” as he suggests? And if so, could his recommendation really help you retire rich? These are some of the questions we’ll be exploring in this article. First, I’ll walk you through Koyfman’s

Is The Bull and Bust Report a Scam? (Read Before Joining)

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the markets these days, so leveraging the experience of someone like Christian DeHaemer to help you navigate the ups and downs may seem like a good idea. But is his Bull and Bust Report the real deal? And if so, is it worth joining? The Bull and Bust Report isn’t a scam; it’s a legitimate investment newsletter that aims to help subscribers profit during bull and bear markets. That said, it’s not going to

Technology and Opportunity Review (What You Need to Know)

Hi, and thanks for stopping by. In this review, we’ll be taking a look at Angel Publishing’s Technology and Opportunity service, which Keith Kohl heads up. I’ve known about this service for a while now, but I recently saw a presentation about a new “breakthrough technology” that’s supposedly changing the world. So I decided it was time to take a closer look. In short, what I found was that the Technology and Opportunity service is about investing in “unproven” tech

Microcap Insider: Scam or Legit Alex Koyfman Service?

Hello and welcome, in this review we’ll be discussing Alex Koyfman’s Microcap Insider service, to try to figure out if it’s the real deal, or just another scam. We’ll start by looking at the Microcap Insider service, then we’ll look at who Alex Koyfman is, his track record, and what he’s predicting for 2021 and beyond. So with that said, let’s get started… Microcap Insider Review – All You Need to Know Microcap Insider is a stock advisory service headed