Alex Green’s #1 Stock for 2023 (“$3 Microcap”) Revealed

The Oxford Club’s Alexander Green has released a new stock teaser with host Bob Paff dubbed the “all-in event,” where he pitches his “#1 stock for 2023.”

According to Green, this is the “biggest moneymaking opportunity” he’s seen in “over a decade,” and he’s supposedly put “hundreds of thousands” of his own money into it.

“My #1 investment for 2023 is one Wall Street cannot touch… And I’ve put hundreds of thousands of my own money into it.”


“…this is one of the greatest opportunities I’ve ever found in the markets.

“And I know that I’m putting my reputation on the line by saying this.

“But I’m not worried.

“There isn’t any investment – anywhere – that offers the same rare combination of high value and ridiculous upside potential as the one I’m sharing with you today.

“And that’s why I’m putting my own money at stake.”


What company is he teasing?

All up, he’s actually teasing FIVE stocks.

One is his “#1 stock for 2023,” and the other four are “small stocks” he likes.

Green didn’t share any of these stocks by name in the presentation because he wants you to join his $1,795 service, Oxford Microcap Trader.

But after looking into the clues he shared, I think I know what his #1 pick is (and three of his other picks). So with that said, let’s discuss his thesis and stock picks!

Breaking Down Alex Green’s “All-In” Stock Teaser

The gist of Alex Green’s latest (November 2022) stock teaser is that, despite inflation and recession fears, he’s bullish on five “small” stocks.

His number one pick, which is dubbed his “#1 stock for 2023” (and his “#1 microcap for 2023”), is a small microcap stock in the healthcare space. And aside from that, he teased four other companies, which are all small stocks in different sectors.

Why’s he so bullish on these stocks?

I can’t speak for Alex Green but based on the presentation, his argument is that small stocks tend to rebound the fastest after a bear market. And the teaser suggests that some of his picks are either “inflation-resistant” and/or “recession-proof.”

On the first point, Green likens the situation the market is facing now to that of 2009, when “everyone was super worried.” But looking back, he points out that this was actually a historically good time to invest in certain companies.

Here’s a snippet from the presentation:

“The times when things look the worst are quite often the very best times to invest… especially in the smallest stocks trading at the cheapest prices.

“Because when stocks rebound, it’s these smallest stocks that deliver the biggest wins.”


“What I am saying today does NOT mean I believe that the economy will be great next year. It probably won’t be.

“And the stock market may not be that great either. It doesn’t matter, because these companies are so undervalued and their business prospects are so good.”

On the one hand, I think he makes a good point about the stock market in general. Most people tend to buy when everything is going up and sell when everything is going down, which is virtually the opposite of what successful investors do.

And my take on what he’s saying is that if you can find undervalued companies with long-term potential, now could be a good time to buy, despite the recent drawdown.

Still, that doesn’t mean that the companies he’s pitching will make you rich.

And small stocks can be incredibly risky.

What Green is pitching here aren’t just “small” stocks, they are microcap stocks, which have a market cap of under $300 million. And while there’s no disputing that the upside can be significant if you choose the right microcap, they can also be extremely volatile and risky.

Anyway, as mentioned, Green’s number one pick is in the healthcare space.

And he believes that the healthcare sector is “essentially immune from inflation risk” since we need healthcare to live and are therefore less likely to stop spending.

So that appears to be why he’s recommending a small healthcare stock.

Here’s a snippet from the presentation:

“The company I’m most excited about is an almost unknown stock trading for $3 a share.

“And when I say unknown, I mean virtually invisible to most investors.

“They have NO IDEA this stock exists.

“Yet it might just be the single stock with the most upside available in the markets today.

“It’s by far my #1 stock for 2023.

“And that’s because it’s a leader in one of the most secure sectors of our economy.

“It’s a sector that’s essentially immune from inflation risk.

“I’m talking about healthcare.”


“You need healthcare to live.

“So you’re much less likely to stop spending on healthcare… even when your income declines.

“People are willing to pay for medicine to keep them healthy.

“And healthcare stocks are by far the best place to put your money during times of inflation.”

Ahead, I’ll break down Alex Green’s clues further and show you exactly what company I think he’s teasing, including the ticker symbol.

Revealed: Alex Green’s “#1 Stock for 2023”

Based on what we just discussed, we know that Alex Green’s pick is a small company in the healthcare space that’s trading for around $3 a share.

On its own, that’s not enough to go off.

But he also shared the following clues that helped me narrow it down further:

“The company has one mission: to transform the drug discovery market.

“It uses artificial intelligence to create new drugs at breakneck speed.

“Its AI-powered drug discovery platform integrates genomics, engineering, hyperscale data science, and machine learning to reduce costs, move quickly, and solve the toughest problems in drug development.”


“The company just went public in 2021, but it’s already making massive partnerships.

“For example, tech giant Nvidia has partnered with this company to design new medicines.”


“It’s also partnering with Merck, one of the largest healthcare companies in the world.

“The Merck partnership should bring in over $600 million in upfront revenue… followed by future payments based on drug discoveries.

“This is game-changing for my #1 microcap.

“Now, it has a market cap of just $280 million.

“But it just got a windfall contract of more than $600 million…

“That’s more than twice the size of the company!”

The above clues tell us that:

  • The company uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create new drugs.
  • Its market cap was at $280 million or around the time the presentation was launched (November 2022).
  • It went public in 2021.
  • And it has partnerships with Nvidia and Merck.

What could it be?

I think Alex Green is teasing Absci Corp (ABSI).

Why do I say that?

Well, after sleuthing around online, it was Green’s clue about an AI drug company with a $600 million Merck partnership that led me to the promised land.

More specifically, this clue led me to an article on that discusses a “research collaboration” between Merck and Absci, which is worth “up to $610 million in upfront fees and milestone payments.”

From there, I looked into his other clues, which all seem to line up.

For starters, Absci Corp is a Vancouver-based synthetic biology company that describes itself as a “drug and target discovery company” that’s “harnessing deep learning and synthetic biology to expand the therapeutic potential of proteins.”

I’m far from an expert on what this company does. So as always, I recommend doing your own research and drawing your own conclusions on this stuff.

But from what I can see, the company seems to line up overall with what Alex Green said in the presentation. And while the company started in 2011, it went public in July 2021, matching another hint he dropped.

Furthermore, the company’s stock is currently trading for $2.50, and its market cap is currently sitting at around $230 million. These figures are slightly lower than what Green shared, but the stock has gone down recently, so these are still a potential match.

And lastly, not only does the company have a deal with Merck, but Absci is collaborating with Nvidia on “research to accelerate and scale in-silico drug discovery platform.”

So, putting it al together, Alex Green’s “#1 stock for 2023” appears to be Absci.

I won’t speculate on whether or not this is a good investment, as I don’t provide financial advice. But Alex Green breaks down his recommendation in a report called “The #1 Microcap for 2023.” So assuming my guess is right, that’s one place you could go to learn more about the company from an investment perspective.

There are also some other useful resources online that may help you further your research, such as Yahoo Finance, Zacks, and Seeking Alpha, for example.

What About the “4 Extreme Bargain Microcaps” That Alex Green Teased in the Presentation?

According to Alex green, there are four other small stocks he’s interested in, which he claims are “trading at an incredibly cheap price” and have “tremendous upside potential.”

“BOB: Now, in addition to your #1 microcap for 2023, you’ve found FOUR more small stocks today?

“ALEX: Yes, that’s correct.

“Just like my #1 microcap for 2023, each of these stocks is trading at an incredibly cheap price… with tremendous upside potential.

“And I’ve invested personally in each and every one of them.”

Let’s look at the clues he shared about these picks to see what they might be.

Stock One (synthetic biology company)

Here are the clues Alex Green shared about this stock:

“The first one is less than $5 a share.

“It is at the forefront of a new technology that could be the most transformative in history.”


“… it’s called synthetic biology.”


“… there’s one small cap company at the forefront of it all.

“It’s the very first public synthetic biology company, so it’s got a massive ‘first-mover’ advantage.

“Bill Gates has directly invested millions into it.

“And John Doerr – a billionaire venture capitalist and early investor in Google and Amazon – also has invested millions into it.”

“And today, you have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to invest in this company right alongside them… and me… at less than $2 a share.”


“It just reported record customer revenue growth of 108% this quarter.”


“The company has 13 products… but 18 are in the pipeline.”

I think this one could be Amyris, Inc. (AMRS), a California-based synthetic biotechnology and renewable chemical company.

Basically, the company creates and commercializes “sustainable ingredients” using synthetic biology, which is a multidisciplinary area of research that involves creating or redesigning products using nature as inspiration.

And here’s why I think it’s a match:

  • I don’t know if it was the “first public synthetic biology company” or not, but according to the company website, Amyris was the “first synthetic biology company to successfully launch a family of clean consumer brands.”
  • Despite first saying the stock is trading for “less than $5 a share,” Alex Green also said it’s “less than $2 a share.” And as of writing, Amyris is trading for just over $1.70 a share. So that’s a match.
  • Amyris’ market cap is just over $560 million as of writing, making it a small-cap stock.
  • According to its second-quarter 2022 earnings report, the company increased its consumer revenue by 108% from Q2 2021 to Q2 2022.
  • Amyris started in 2003 with a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (so Bill Gates is an investor), and according to Benzinga, John Doerr is an investor as well.
  • According to this Forbes article, Amyris has “built and scaled 13 molecules and has another 18 in the pipeline,” which matches Green’s final clue.

Stock Two (luxury fashion company)

Here’s a summary of what Alex Green said about his second “extreme bargain microcap” pick (which is his third pick in the presentation overall):

“… my second pick is a small luxury company.

“However, this company does something rather unusual.”


“It’s 100% dedicated to discounted luxury fashion.”


Annual revenue already exceeds $2.3 billion.

And it’s growing at a huge 35% annual rate.

What’s more, thanks to the affluence of its customer base, the segment is highly recession-resistant.


“And the stock is trading for less than $10.”

My guess here is Farfetch Ltd (FTCH).


Well, the above clues aren’t much to go off, but they were pretty specific.

After “Googling” public companies with $2.3 billion in revenue that sell discounted luxury fashion, this article on popped up, which showed that Green’s hints about the company’s revenue and revenue growth rate match Farfetch.

Furthermore, while the company’s market cap of around $3.2 billion technically makes it a mid-cap stock, it could still be considered a “small luxury company,” as Green said.

Not to mention, its stock is currently trading for “less than $10.”

So, it looks like a match.

Stock Three (private aviation company)

Alex Green’s clues were very limited on this one, but I think it might be a private aviation company he has teased before called Wheels Up Experience Inc (UP).

Here are the clues he shared:

“This one is a dirt-cheap play on one of the largest private aviation companies in the world.

“The firm is expanding its addressable market by an incredible 900%.

“It just announced record revenue growth of 49% year over year.

“It’s grown membership by 20% this year.

“Even though it’s the leading company in this sector with huge growth, its stock is trading at just $2 a share.”

The main thing that tipped me off to Wheels Up Experience is that Alex Green has teased this company before as part of a different service called The Insider Alert. And you can see my write-up of that teaser here if you want to know more about that.

But in short, Wheels Up Experience provides on-demand private aviation in the U.S., and while I’m not sure about the clue about the company expanding its addressable market by 900%, the other clues he shared match.

Here’s why I say that:

  • According to the company’s second-quarter 2022 earnings presentation, it saw 49% year-over-year revenue growth from Q2 2021 to Q2 2022.
  • The same document above shows that the company grew its “active members” by 20% year over year in Q2 2022.
  • And lastly, its stock is sitting at $1.28 a share as of writing, and it has traded down from almost $1.80 in recent weeks.

Stock Four (beverage company)

Here are the clues about Green’s final pick:

“Alright, Bob, the last one is a straightforward play on an undervalued company with growing earnings, a dominant market position and a great product.”


“About a year ago, I tried a naturally sweetened green tea and was immediately hooked.

“It is hands-down the best tea I have ever tasted.

“I now have a couple cases sent to my house each month.

“And once again… I’m not alone.

“The company has sold over a billion beverages and added over 1 million new households to its customer base last year.

“It’s the fastest-growing natural product in the U.S.

“And its earnings have skyrocketed…

“In the last two years alone, earnings are up 1,379%!

“But the stock trades for less than $5 a share!”

I have absolutely no idea what this one is (lol)!

It seems like it might be a home-delivery natural beverage company or something similar, but based on the lack of tangible clues, I wasn’t able to solve this one.

Bottom Line

Alex Green’s latest Oxford Club stock teaser centered around the idea that when small stocks reach “historically cheap prices,” they “almost always” deliver “massive returns” at some point in the future.

And he teased a handful of “small stocks” he likes, including his “#1 stock for 2023.”

I can’t say for sure that my guesses on his stock picks are right or not, as I haven’t joined his Oxford Microcap Trader service, which is where he reveals them.

Nor do I know if the companies he teased are good investments or not.

What I can say, however, is that by looking into the clues he shared in the presentation, I think I’ve managed to figure out what all of his picks are except for the last one.

Oh, and one last thing I should probably mention before I wrap this up…

Green shared a “free” stock pick at the end of the presentation – Stem Inc, a Califonia-based energy storage company. Here’s a snippet of what he said about this company:

“Alright, this is one of my favorite stocks, Bob.

“It’s called Stem Inc… and its symbol is S-T-E-M.

“It’s the first publicly traded pure play on smart energy storage.

“It sells and operates battery storage solutions that maximize renewable energy generation, resulting in a cleaner, more resilient grid.”

Stem Inc is a company that at least two other stock-pickers I’ve come across have teased as well. The first time I wrote about it was when I looked into Adam O’Dell’s “infinite energy” stock, and the second was when I researched Paul Mampilly’s “ESAAS” pick.

Anyways, that’s it from me, folks.

I hope you got some value from this post, and thanks for reading!

21 thoughts on “Alex Green’s #1 Stock for 2023 (“$3 Microcap”) Revealed”

  1. Mark Litchenfeld has been on again,this time liking a company supplying tooling to the
    oil industry and collecting revenue at a fast pace.Price around 7 dollars and reporting
    earnings on the 26th of July.He says he’s investing his own money on the 25th.

    • Yeah, I’m aware of that pitch. I’m waiting to see if he’s still teasing it after July 25, and if so, I’ll be doing a writeup on it. Thanks for the comment.

  2. A tremendous effort on your and your staffs part yet again.They waffle on for so long
    on these films, especially when they raise their past record as they see it.

  3. Never seen tipsters so diverse.Some saying boom at the same time others saying bust.
    This was the case at Stansberry Research.Both Dan Frerris and Brett so passionate
    about their opinion.

    • Definitely, and that’s why I think it’s so important to make your own mind up when trying to navigate the market. There are so many opinions out there, and the people sharing them are often so sure they are right when in reality, very few are.

    • I don’t know his entire track record (that’s very difficult to ascertain), but I have joined and reviewed Green’s flagship Oxford Communique newsletter, and you can see my full breakdown of his track record with that service in the link I just shared. Hope it helps.

  4. Hi Tim
    I believe the one you are missing might be Zevia. My google searches seem to line up with the limited clues. No guarantee though.

  5. Thank so much for sharing your findings. I’m very new to investing and came across Alex Green after some research. What Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) company do you think his teasing with with host Bob Paff dubbed the “Vladimir Putin’s Stupidity Made ME Rich!” ? The said company is or will supposedly be supplying Europe with natural gas from the U.S. The company has 12-13 new LNG tanks to be able to transport this gas at -260 degrees with little to no loss. They’re profiting around $200 million dollars. What are your thoughts? Thanks again.

    • Hi Vernette,

      I wrote about Alex Green’s “Vladimir Putin’s Stupidity” thesis and LNG stock pick here, and my guess was that the company he’s teasing there is FLEX LNG Ltd.

  6. Hi there, Tim,
    I have commented on your research & findings in the past. Again your current findings are extremely interesting on Alexander Greens’ latest spruiking episode on the companies, incl., his No.1 stock for ’23. I will be watching Absci Corporation extremely closely, also along with Amyris Incorporation. Seeing that Bill Gates & John Doerr have both invested $Billions each, (in Amyris), it has to be a “GOER”.
    Again, Tim, your research and findings are incredibly fantastic. I love them. Thanking you very much.


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