What Is Alex Green’s $5 Aviation Stock Pick? (Exposed)

I was recently looking into an advisory service called The Insider Alert when I stumbled across a presentation on the Oxford Club website about a “$5 Private Aviation Superstock.”

The man behind the presentation, Alexander Green, says this could be his top stock pick of 2022 and that it could hand investors a 300%-plus return, or potentially more by leveraging options.

I wanted to know what Alex’s stock pick was, so I did some research. And in this post, I’ll show you everything I found – including the ticker symbol of the company I believe he’s teasing.

Let’s start by looking into the clues Alex shares.

Alex Green’s $5 Aviation Stock Pick Revealed

The presentation we’ll be discussing in this post is hosted by Becky Sattero, who’s essentially interviewing Alex Green about a new private aviation company he’s bullish on.

According to Alex, it’s a $5 stock that “four directors are loading up” on, which is one of the main things he looks for when recommending opportunities to subscribers of the Insider Alert, that corporate “insiders” are buying their own shares.

In particular, Alex states that, in recent months, four directors have “amassed more than $3.1 million worth of shares” in the company.

And that’s noteworthy since he believes insiders “plowing their own money into their own company’s shares is the very best signal you can get.”

He also says there are five types of insider activity that lead to the biggest profits and that this company matches all five. Here’s an overview of Alex’s five criteria:

1. Insider buying, not selling: In the presentation, Alex states that he’s more interested in insider buying rather than selling because insider selling “almost never means the stock is about to go down the toilet,” whereas insider buying has helped him find many great opportunities.

2. Top-level insiders only: Alex watches for insider purchases from “directors, officers and chairmen of the board and C-level executives” because these people are often privy to information about their company that lower-level employees aren’t. For example, mergers, product launches, or huge surprises in earnings.

3. Total buys must exceed $100,000: According to Alex, a “lot of insider buys are between $500 and $20,000,” and that’s not big enough for him to pay attention. So instead, he looks for insider buying that is, cumulatively, higher than $100K.

4. Market cap of less than $5 billion: The fourth “rule” Alex uses to identify insider opportunities is to make sure the company has a market capitalization of under $5 billion, which includes small and mid-cap stocks. And the reason, according to Alex, is that it’s “easier for small stocks to go up than it is for big stocks,” which is true given the inherent volatility of smaller stocks.

5. Cluster buying: Lastly, Alex says he pays “very close attention” when he sees multiple insiders buying at the same time.

Together, these are the five criteria Alex looks for when choosing which opportunities to recommend to Insider Alert subscribers. And during the presentation, he claims that the private aviation stock he’s interested in “matches all five.”

What’s the name of the company?

To answer that, let’s look at the following summary of Alex’s remaining clues:

“It was founded by a serial entrepreneur from a blue-collar neighborhood in Long Island.”

“This man started his career as a T-shirt salesman.”

“Twenty years later, he sold his first jet company to none other than Warren Buffett.”

“Now he has another jet company, and it operates on a subscription model, similar to Netflix or Amazon Prime.”

“Normally, you rent a private jet by the hour, and you pay anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 per hour.”

“With this model, you pay an initiation fee of $17,500 and $8,500 annual dues starting the second year…”

“And you gain access to more than 1,500 safety-vetted and verified aircraft.”

“And as the sole private aviation company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, this firm is the only way Main Street investors can play this trend.”

“But they’ll have to get in soon. Sales are growing at a 55% rate year over year.”

“Plus, this stock just went public about five months ago.”

“According to Forbes, one analyst has given this stock a 24-month target price of $20.”

Based on the above clues (and other points I’ve mentioned), I believe the “$5 Private Aviation Superstock” Alex Green is teasing is Wheels Up Experience Inc (UP).

How did I come to that conclusion?

Well, to start my research, I Googled the term “private jet subscription stock” to see what popped up and this article on investors.com, which was pretty much all I needed. This was a surprisingly easy stock to uncover compared to other Alex Green stock teasers I’ve researched.

In short, the above investors.com article talks about Wheels Up, and upon further research, this company matches the description Alex Green provided down to a T.

For example:

  • Wheels Up is a private aviation company with a marketplace of 1,500+ aircraft that was founded in 2013 and based on the information on the company website, they operate on a subscription model as Alex Green described.
  • The company went public in July 2021, about five months prior to the presentation airing. And as of writing, it is the sole private aviation company on the NYSE, the company’s market cap is just over $1 billion, and their year over year revenue is up 55% when comparing Q3 2021 with Q3 of 2020 according to their latest investor presentation.
  • According to a July 2021 article on privatejetcardcomparisons.com, Barrington Research’s Gary Prestopino “set a price target of $19 to $21 for his 24-month outlook.”
  • The company was founded by CEO Kenny Dichter. And based on this entrepreneur.com article, along with my other research, Kenny matches everything Alex Green said in the presentation. For instance, he’s a successful entrepreneur from Long Island, he started out selling clothing, and sold his first jet company (Marquis Jet) to Warren Buffet.

Long story short, Wheels Up is a slam dunk; I have no doubt this is the company Alex Green is teasing. Of course, I can’t be sure since I haven’t read his report (the one titled “The $5 Private Aviation Superstock”), but I have no doubt it’s a match.

I’ll let you be the judge as to whether or not it’s a worthwhile investment since I don’t provide stock tips. However, while I’m not currently an investor in Wheels Up, I think it looks like an innovative company with enormous potential.

I like the idea of bringing private jets mainstream and think it could catch on, especially given the health-related concerns many people now have about flying on crowded airplanes.

Why is Alex Green so bullish?

As I mentioned earlier, Alex states that four company insiders are buying millions of dollars worth of shares in the private aviation company he’s interested (which I think is Wheels Up).

How does he know this?

In short, Alex and his team look at data in the SEC’s EDGAR database. In particular, the data contained in the SEC’s Form 4, because when “insiders” buy their own shares, this is the form they need to submit.

According to Alex, he’s reviewed 7.8 million insider trades since he began tracking this sort of activity many years ago. And once he finds an opportunity that meets the five criteria I mentioned earlier, he shares this opportunity with subscribers of The Insider Alert.

How Does The Insider Alert Work?

If you want all the details, I recommend checking out my full review of Insider Alert. In it, I talk about what the service is and how it works in complete detail.

However, to give you a quick overview, The Insider Alert is a weekly trading advisory run by Alexander Green of The Oxford Club. The service focuses on small to mid-cap U.S. companies that meet Alex Green’s criteria, and the recommendations involve options trading.

The Insider Alert usually costs $4,000 per year to join, but if you sign up through the presentation, the price is reduced to $1,264 for a one-year subscription.

That’s a steep discount off the regular price, and according to the website, it comes with a guarantee whereby, if Alex Green doesn’t give you at least 12 opportunities to double your money over 12 months on average, you can request a full refund minus a 10% processing fee ($127).

There’s also a guarantee where, if you don’t see at least one 1,000% winner over the 12 months, you can get a second year of access to the service for free.

To be clear, I have no affiliation with this service, so I’m not shilling it here.; I’m simply sharing info on the cost and refund policy. And there’s no guarantee you’ll make any money at all following Alex’s investment recommendations; the guarantee only applies to the membership itself.

So it’s still possible you could lose money, as with any service. But I have to admit, out of many of the high-end advisories I’ve researched, that is one of the better deals I’ve come across.

What do you get if you join?

As a subscriber of The Insider Alert, you get between 12 to 24 trade recommendations over 12 months, and the recommendations involve trading options.

Again, I explain more in the review I linked to earlier. However, to sum it up, options can be used to help traders make larger gains with less money since an options contract allows you to control more shares of the underlying stock than if you’d purchased actual shares.

There’s potentially more risk involved, though. Options tend to be more volatile than the underlying shares, so it’s possible to have your entire position wiped out very quickly.

So, it’s a trade-off, which is why I think it’s good you get training included as a member; it helps you understand how to trade options and the risks involved.

Specifically, the membership comes with a four-part video series called “Options the Easy Way,” a video on Alex’s strategy, and some bonus reports if you join through the presentation.

I’ve already mentioned the first bonus report about the $5 private aviation stock. The other two reports center around different opportunities Alex is interested in: one is called “The Fintech Stock at the Center of a $1.7 Trillion Transfer of Wealth,” and the other, “The $3 Infertility Cure.”

On top of this, subscribers get access to the usual membership inclusions such as the model portfolio and regular updates on the positions Alex Green recommends.

Is Alex Green the Real Deal?

I don’t know Alexander Green personally, but he has an impressive track record across his advisory services based on my research. About The Insider Alert, Alex states:

Since I founded this service in 2001, it’s delivered a total return of 735%… more than doubling the market.

Some of his picks have done far better than this, just as some have lost money, but 735% on average is a great result overall, in my opinion.

Alex’s most popular advisory is The Oxford Communique, but he also edits The Momentum Alert, Oxford Microcap Trader, and The Insider Alert.

He has over 37 years of experience in finance, too. Much of which was spent on Wall Street. So he appears to have real-world experience outside of newsletter writing.

Of course, not all of Alex’s recommendations have won or will win. And either way, past performance doesn’t guarantee future results, so there is no telling how well his picks will do in the future. I do think he’s the real deal based on everything I’ve seen, though. And I haven’t found his presentations to be overly hyped compared to others in the space.

I always take what is said in these presentations with a pinch of salt because they are essentially used to sell a service. But Alex seems to take a more ethical approach in the way he presents the opportunities he’s bullish on. That’s been my observation, anyway.

Bottom Line

In the Oxford Club presentation, the private aviation company Alex Green is teasing appears to be Wheels Up Experiences. Assuming my guess is correct, and based on what Alex states in the presentation, this could turn out to be his “top stock pick of 2022.”

However, to find out for sure what his recommendations is and get the research associated with his pick, you’ll need to subscribe to The Insider Alert and read the bonus research reports.

As of writing, Alex is allowing people who join through the presentation to join at $1,264 instead of $4,000, and it comes with a “guarantee” of sorts that means you’d end up paying $127 if the service doesn’t deliver as promised. And I think that’s pretty cool.

Although, as I’ve mentioned, that does not guarantee you will make money by following his recommendations. So, as with any advisory, there’s always a chance you could end up losing money when speculating in the market.

Anyway, that’s it from me. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on the presentation and service, too. So let me know what you think in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “What Is Alex Green’s $5 Aviation Stock Pick? (Exposed)”

  1. Alex Green’s been on again on 5 micro caps he likes,found by his team. Certain 1 is Rolls Royce Holdings again.Others a 3 dollar health stock,a synbio 1st 1 to go public, a luxury goods company and a beverages company.Best of digging.His freebie was stem.

  2. I also carefully studied Alex’s comments about the $5 stock and came to your same conclusion. I also share your feelings about Alex as a person. He seems like a really nice decent fellow. In the interview he lays out the facts so clearly that the chances of the $5 stock he describes not being UP are nil, Although I have followed Marc Lichtenfeld for a while through a lower priced Oxford Club paid service, I have not purchased the service offered by Alex. From the interview you described I am convinced that he is talking about is Wheels UP. I’m also pretty sure that the Fintech stock he is referring in the interview is SOFI. I first bought SOFI as recommended by Luke Lango. I now have a position in both stocks. I will keep SOFI for the long haul because i believe with FDIC insurance it will be a super bank. With federal insurance in place I will be doing my banking business there. UP is questionable at the moment. I ran across your writing as I am trying to decide where to continue to hold UP or let it go to conserve funds for better investments during this time of volatility. I enjoyed your well written analysis of this situation and will appreciate hearing any further ideas you care to offer an 86 year old who is new to investing. Jim


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