What Is The Super Shock? (Jeff Brown Near Future Report)

In Jeff Brown’s recent “Super Shock” presentation with Chris Hurt, he talked about how supply chains are breaking down and leading to shortages of everything.

He also talked about a new technology that could provide the solution and the companies he believes are “poised to make the greatest returns” from all of this.

It was an interesting presentation; Jeff Brown made some thought-provoking points regarding the trend of automation and how the combination of robotics and artificial intelligence could shape the future.

In this review, I’ll walk you through Brown’s prediction and give you the heads up on his Super Shock picks. I’ll also give you an overview of The Near Future Report, the advisory service he pitches during the presentation.

What Is The Super Shock?

According to Jeff Brown, the Super Shock is “the point where it makes more sense to use technology in place of human labor.”

“The Super Shock is the point where it makes more sense to use technology in place of human labor.”

“I mean cheaper, easier, and better than using humans to do the work.”

So I guess you could say the so-called “shock” is when companies decide to use robots instead of hiring people on a mass scale.

This may sound a bit science fiction-ish, but we’re already seeing the Super Shock unfold, according to Jeff Brown. In fact, at one point in the presentation, he said it’s “already here.” However, he suggests that the biggest “shock” is yet to come.

“My research shows something BIG is about to hit.”

“And when it does, I believe it will unleash the biggest market shock – and opportunity – we’ve ever seen.”


“I’m talking about an event that will trigger a fundamental shift in how our economy works.”

“This shock could wipe out billions in wealth from the face of the earth, while putting billions more into the pockets of those who see this coming.”

Is this just hype? Or is Jeff Brown onto something?

To answer that, let’s unpack his “super shock” prediction to see if it’s just fear-mongering or if what he’s saying is worth paying attention to.

At the heart of Jeff Brown’s “Super Shock” prediction is the supply chain crisis. According to Jeff Brown, never before have the world’s supply chains “all gone down at once.”

Granted, it might be a little dramatic to suggest the entire global supply chain has “all gone down,” but what he says is true – there are significant supply chain issues right now.

Jeff Brown also talked about how, when you combine this with things like money printing, government spending, a shortage of products, and the global pandemic, it’s “little wonder prices have gone through the roof for just about everything.”

However, according to Brown, what we’re experiencing right now is “just a symptom of a much larger issue” and that the “real shortage” is of people.

“The current supply shortages we’ve been experiencing is just a symptom of a much larger issue…”

“The real shortage is people…”

Why does he believe this?

Jeff Brown points out that our entire supply chain runs on workers, “from ports to shipping to air freight and beyond.” And that those workers aren’t showing up for work.

“Those workers are not showing up for work. The dockworkers… truck drivers… warehouse workers… shipping clerks… logistics operators…”

“Let alone the management teams oversee and train them.”

“The system simply cannot hire enough human employees to restart the supply chain.”


“So on the surface, it seems like a shortage of stuff – but it’s really a shortage of workers holding everything up.”

So, according to Brown, the labor shortage is “at the heart of this crisis.” And as he points out, the labor shortage got so big there’s a name for it – the Great Resignation.

The Great Resignation is a term used to describe the trend of mass resignations that started occurring in early 2021. And while there’s no definitive answer as to why, the Wikipedia article I linked to above cites wage stagnation, the rising cost of living, and job dissatisfaction (among others) as possible causes.

Whatever the reason, there is a labor shortage, particularly in the U.S., and this is at the heart of Jeff Brown’s “Super Shock” prediction… that a shortage of workers has caused a shortage of “stuff,” which he believes has led to a “supply crisis.”

What’s the solution?

According to Jeff Brown, his research shows that “the current supply chain is beyond repair,” and we need to “radically change how our supply chain works” to solve this issue.

And he says that the answer to the problem is technology.

Specifically, he states that a “revolutionary tech breakthrough” is about to solve the “supply crisis” and “start a domino effect that will span the globe and be worth trillions.”

What “Revolutionary Tech Breakthrough” Is Jeff Brown Talking About? (Smart Automotion)

The “revolutionary tech breakthrough” Jeff Brown refers to in the presentation is Smart Automation, which he describes as the combination of robotics and artificial intelligence.

Jeff Brown explains that, while we’ve used robotics in manufacturing for decades, most robots are still relatively simple and limited in what they can do.

However, with artificial intelligence (AI), he points out that robots can learn from mistakes and potentially even find better ways of doing things. And this, in turn, could lead to less downtime, more efficient production, and lower prices.

“Artificial intelligence makes up the “smart” part of Smart Automation.”

“When you pair the same robot with advanced sensor technology, and control it using artificial intelligence, it can literally learn from its mistakes, and even find better, more efficient ways to complete its original task.”

“This means less downtime, more efficient production, and lower prices for consumers.”

Jeff Brown then shared at least half a dozen or so examples of how “smart automation” can revolutionize different industries. From autonomous shipping, construction, and fast-food restaurants to manufacturing, farming, and mining operations.

And he makes a good point. All of these industries, and more, could be massively disrupted by automation. This is something I’ve been pondering on for a while myself; how automation is the obvious solution to many problems across different industries, especially as it relates to supply chains. And the need for automation has accelerated as a result of the pandemic.

For instance, automation could alleviate supply chain bottlenecks since robots and autonomous trucks can work around the clock. It could reduce shipping prices due to increased efficiency and the need for fewer workers. And it could help bring manufacturing home since robots and 3D printers could replace the need for cheap labor abroad.

And that’s just manufacturing and supply chains. The possibilities are practically endless for creating greater efficiency and lower prices through technological innovation.

And as Jeff Brown points out, Smart Automation is “filling the gap caused by the great resignation” while “reducing the cost of goods and services across the board.”

So, automation seems like an inevitable trend and one that’s accelerating. But does that mean you’ll get rich from Jeff Brown’s “Super Shock” stock picks?

Not necessarily. It’s one thing to recognize a trend; it’s another to choose the right stocks and get the timing aspect right. So there’s no guarantee his stock picks will benefit you.

Still, Jeff Brown has put together a list of stocks he believes “have the most to gain during this boom in Smart Automation.” And he has picked some decent stocks in the past.

So let’s take a look at what companies he’s pitching.

What Are Jeff Brown’s “Super Shock” Stock Picks?

As is often the case, Jeff Brown didn’t reveal his “Super Shock” stock picks in the Brownstone Research presentation. However, he did mention a couple of companies he’s interested in and provided some insight into the types of companies he’s tracking.

One company he mentioned was called ICON, a private company based in the U.S. that constructs 3D printed homes. According to Jeff Brown, he’s been tracking this company and “when and if it goes public, it could be huge.”

Another company he mentioned is Root AI, a small startup he says he’s been keeping his eye on “for some time.” This company has developed technology to automate indoor agriculture, and according to the company website, AI is at the core of everything it does.

It’s not possible to invest in Root AI, either. However, the company was recently acquired by AppHarvest, a publicly listed company dedicated to building the largest indoor farms in the U.S. And this company trades on the NASDAQ under ticker APPH.

To be clear, while Jeff Brown did mention ICON and Root AI, these aren’t the companies he recommended in the “Super Shock” presentation.

Unfortunately, he only reveals his super shock picks to subscribers of The Near Future Report inside the following three research reports:

  • The Age of Automation – This report details the top companies Jeff Brown believes are “poised to make the greatest returns from this boom in Automation.” The report details the company names, tickers, why he’s bullish, and suggested entry prices.
  • The “Super Shock” Blacklist: Companies to Avoid – According to Jeff Brown, some of the companies in his “blacklist” will be made obsolete from the “Super Shock,” while others have “run up so high” he doesn’t suggest buying right now.
  • Super Shock Winners: How AI is shaping the future of work – In the third report, Jeff Brown details companies he believes are “driving Smart Automation” through software enhanced with artificial intelligence because this is where he sees “some of the biggest upside potential.”

Besides what I’ve already shared, Jeff Brown doesn’t provide any pertinent clues about his “Super Shock” (AKA Smart Automation) stock picks. So, the only way to find out what his picks are is to sign up for a subscription to The Near Future Report.

What Is The Near Future Report?

The Near Future Report is Jeff Brown’s flagship research service focused on emerging tech trends and the large-cap tech companies he believes will profit from them.

Each month, Jeff Brown publishes a new issue that covers his latest insights into tech-related trends and the details of his latest stock pick.

For example, some of the trends he covers include artificial intelligence, robotics, 5G, crypto, precision medicine, quantum computing, and autonomous vehicles.

The service typically costs $199, but Brownstone Research, the company behind it, often releases presentations like this one where the cost is reduced to $49.

That gives you access to 12 monthly newsletter issues, the model portfolio, updates, and every research report and newsletter issue he’s ever published. Including the three reports I mentioned earlier that cover his “Super Shock” picks.

Is it legit?

Yes, The Near Future Report is a legitimate advisory service. There’s no guarantee it will help you make money as an investor, but the service itself is genuine and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee from Brownstone Research.

Also, Jeff Brown focuses on large-cap companies, so the portfolio isn’t made up of lots of tiny, volatile small-caps. There is always risk involved with investing, but The Near Future Report is one of his least speculative (and cheapest) advisories.

Other services he runs include Exponential Tech Investor, Early Stage Trader, Blank Check Speculator, Unchained Profits, and Day One Investor. He also contributes to the free Bleeding Edge newsletter service.

Who Is Jeff Brown?

Jeff Brown is the founder of Brownstone Research and spent 25 years as a tech executive before getting into the world of financial publishing.

Over the years, Brown has recommended many investments to his followers that have seen stellar returns, well before the mainstream media jumped on the bandwagon.

For instance, he recommended Tesla, AMD, Square, and NVIDIA in the early days. And he recommended bitcoin at less than $250.

So he’s developed a strong track record over time. However, that doesn’t mean his future predictions will work out. I’m also not aware of the average performance of the investments he’s recommended. In other words, how well his picks have done overall when you consider the winning AND losing trades. And that’s an important factor to consider.

Nevertheless, Jeff Brown is a genuine expert, especially when it comes to technology-related investments. And I recently wrote a post about his 2022 predictions which you may find interesting if you want to get a better idea of what he sees coming in the year ahead.

Bottom Line

The “Super Shock” Jeff Brown refers to in the Brownstone Research presentation is (more or less) the point at which robots begin automating jobs at scale because it makes sense for companies to invest in AI-powered robotics instead of humans.

As far-fetched as that may sound, Jeff Brown believes it’s “already here” and suggests this trend will continue. Of course, some of what he said is part of the narrative used to sell subscriptions to The Near Future Report, but I think he made some good points.

Automation is a trend that is already here, and I believe it will accelerate, especially with increasing job resignations and higher levels of inflation. Why? Because these things can force businesses to pay higher wages, which increases the economic incentive to develop machines that can do the work more efficiently and at a lower cost.

That doesn’t mean you should rush out and join The Near Future Report, though. It is a worthwhile advisory, but at the end of the day, nobody knows what investments will benefit most from the “Super Shock” Jeff Brown talks about in the presentation.

Not to mention, a shortage of workers is not the only reason for shortages of goods and elevated prices. There’s also a global fertilizer shortage due largely to higher natural gas prices, which in turn is pushing up food prices. So the supply chain issue is complex.

In any case, Jeff Brown is a genuine tech expert, and The Near Future Report is legit, so it could be worth checking out if you want to access his “Super Shock” picks. I’m just saying that there’s no guarantee you’ll make money following his investment ideas.

Anyway, that’s my take. What do you think? Is all of this “smart automation” stuff being overblown? Or is Jeff Brown onto something? Let us know in the comments below.

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