What Is Keith Kohl’s Project Greenlight? (Topline Trader)

Investment guru Keith Kohl recently released a presentation on the Angel Publishing website about Project Greenlight, which he claims is a “breakthrough” that gives everyday investors “the chance to rake in massive payouts of up to $17,000” or more, up to six times per month.

That’s a bold claim, but as always, I like to look past the marketing hype and try to figure out if there’s any substance behind what’s being pitched.

In this case, Kohl claims to have developed a “green light” system for predicting (with 95% accuracy) when a small biotech stock could soar based on new FDA drug approvals. And the only way to access his Project Greenlight picks is to join Topline Trader for $1,999.

In this post, I’ll show you everything I learned about Kohl’s new biotech stock-picking system and Topline Trader to help you determine if any of this is worthwhile.

What Is Project Greenlight and How Does It Work?

Project Greenlight is the name of a biotech stock-picking system that, according to Keith Kohl, results from over five years of “quantitative financial modeling,” almost 57,000 hours, and millions of dollars spent on an “elite team of financial researchers.”

Keith Kohl claims that utilizes a “proprietary pattern-matching strategy” to predict (down to the day) “when a biotech stock is likely to explode.”

As I looked further into Kohl’s pitch, I learned that the system is (actually) aiming to predict when a new drug could be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This, according to Kohl, is what can cause the stock behind the new drug to skyrocket.

“And whenever a breakthrough drug moves forward in the FDA approval process, the stock behind that breakthrough can SKYROCKET.”

That makes sense, I guess. I mean, I don’t know the first thing about new drugs being approved by any agency, let alone the FDA. But I know the FDA is the agency in charge of approving or disapproving new medicines, and it stands to reason that if something new is approved, that could be good for investors of the company that makes it.

Furthermore, if you could bet on a small biotech company before the FDA approval, you could theoretically make more than investors who jumped in after the announcement.

The keyword being “if.”

Unless you’re trading on inside information, which is illegal in some parts of the world, then there’s no way of knowing for sure what will or won’t be approved by the FDA in the future.

I’m going to assume that Kohl isn’t involved in any insider trading, much less promoting that he’s doing that (lol). So, how is he (supposedly) predicting new FDA approvals?

According to Kohl:

“My team has spent millions of dollars and tens of thousands of man hours, and we’ve worked to analyze virtually every single biotech trade over the past two decades.”

“We’ve purchased access to expensive databases and deployed cutting-edge algorithms that can comb through trillions of data points and highlight patterns that are virtually invisible to the naked eye.”

“And what we’ve discovered is absolutely remarkable:”

“There are three very specific signals my team calls ‘lights.'”

“When combined, these lights can predict which biotech stocks will turn into massive winners using indicators with as much as 95% certainty.”

What exactly are these three “very specific signals” (AKA “lights”)?

Based on the presentation, each “green light” is essentially a step in the process of identifying the highest potential Project Greenlight stocks to recommend. And when all three lights have turned green, that’s when Keith Kohl recommends the stock to subscribers of Topline Trader.

Here’s an overview of each “green light” (AKA step in the Project Greenlight process):

  • Light #1: Keith Kohl says that his “pattern-matching algorithms” are constantly scanning hundreds of biotech stocks to find ones that are “small enough to offer a huge return.” He also says that if it doesn’t have the chance to 10x your money, it doesn’t get past Project Greenlight’s first criterion (AKA first green light). So, based on the presentation, it seems Kohl is targeting small-cap or even micro-cap biotech stocks (stocks with a really small market cap).
  • Light #2: According to Kohl, once he and his team have found a biotech stock that’s “the perfect size to soar in value” an “automated web crawler is activated” that scans the internet to find any news of a “Critical FDA Event.” Kohl explains that a Critical FDA Event is “whenever a breakthrough drug moves forward in the FDA approval process.” So, in other words, the second light flips green when news is published about the biotech company’s new drug being FDA approved.
  • Light #3: The third light, according to Kohl, involves predicing “with up to 95% accuracy” which biotech play will make it through the FDA approval process. Kohl points out that only a small percentage of drugs ever make it to market, so he networks with a team of doctors and scientists to help him gauge the liklihood of a new drug being approved. And when it’s all said and done, he ends up with a “Chance of Success score” that indicates how likely the FDA approval will be.

Who are the so-called “experts” in Kohl’s network?

He doesn’t mention any names. However, according to Keith Kohl, he and his team have established an “exclusive network of 250 doctors and scientists” over the past five years, which all have an M.D. or Ph.D. on the wall of their office. Some of them, he says, have even “worked closely with the FDA itself in the past.”

And whenever a new drug pops up on his radar, this “network” of doctors and scientists gauge the likelihood of the drug being approved by the FDA.


According to Keith Kohl:

“They look at what kind of drug it is, which disease it’s targeting, the method of delivery, and, of course, all the available trial data.”

“They even look at the voting history of the FDA panel members who make the final decisions.”

“All this information is collated into a simple algorithmic score we call the ‘Chance of Success.'”

“It gives us the exact probability of a drug approval — with up to 95% accuracy.”

So, to recap, Project Greenlight is the name of system Keith Kohl and his team have developed for identifying high-potential biotech stocks that could rally based on a new FDA drug approval.

The first “step” in the system is about finding a relatively small biotech company that Kohl believes could 10x. The second step involves using a web crawler to find news related to the company seeking FDA approval. And the third step is where Kohl claims to utilize a network of doctors and scientists to evaluate the likelihood of the company’s new drug being FDA approved.

From there, once the criteria are met, Kohl shares his top biotech pick with subscribers of Topline Trader. I’ll explain how that service works in more detail shortly, but for now, let me give you some background on the person behind all of this, Keith Kohl.

Who Is Keith Kohl?

Keith Kohl is part of a financial publishing company called Angel Publishing and runs at least three investment advisory services that I know of.

One is an entry-level service called Technology and Opportunity, another is Energy Investor, and the third advisory he runs is Topline Trader.

Each advisory focuses on different investments and uses different strategies to find opportunities, but they all aim to help subscribers find winning stocks. And the sectors Kohl specializes in include natural resources, technology, and biotechnology.

I’ve also written about some of Kohl’s presentations recently.

For instance, I wrote about his Quantum Computer King stock pick earlier this month and his “Apple Reality” teaser before that. So those might be worth checking out if you want to see what type of stocks Keith Kohl has been tracking outside of Project Greenlight lately.

Concerning Kohl’s background, the Angel Publishing website doesn’t say too much about it other than that he’s a “true insider in the technology and energy markets.” And that he has a large network of “hundreds of experts,” including scientists and Ph.D.s.

For the most part, his Angel Publishing profile talks about the results he’s seen over the years and how he’s helped his followers.

For example, the site claims his “research has helped hundreds of thousands of individual investors capitalize off the rapidly changing face of energy and technology.”

And during the presentation, Kohl cites many examples of double and triple-digit gains he’s helped subscribers see with Topline Trader, especially as it relates to Project Greenlight.

What Is Topline Trader?

Topline Trader is a weekly trading service run by Keith Kohl focused on quantum computing, nanotechnology, and biotechnology.

The service costs $1,999 per year, and if you want to access Kohl’s top Project Greenlight biotech stock picks each week, this is the service you’d need to join.

As a subscriber of Topline Trader, you get weekly “Project Greenlight Alerts” that contains the ticker symbol of the biotech stock Kohl’s recommending, info on how it meets his three “green light” criteria, and the details on how Kohl suggests getting into the trade.

On top of that, subscribers get regular updates on Kohl’s recommended positions, a quarterly guide to investing in the biotech market called Cash Catalysts, and four bonus reports that cover different investments he’s currently interested in.

Here’s an overview of each report:

  • Fortune Maker: The Tiny Biotech Stock Poised for Life-Changing Returns!
  • TITAN GAINS: How to Earn Massive Profits on Massive Biotech Stocks
  • CASHING IN ON CATALYSTS: Your Quarterly Guide to the Overall Biotech Market
  • TOPLINE TURBOCHARGER: The Extra Step That DOUBLES Your Profit Potential

Can you get a refund if you decide it’s not for you?

According to the Angel Publishing website, Topline Trader comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. It also comes with a “guarantee” where if you don’t get at least 12 biotech stock picks over the 12 months you’re a member; you can get a second year’s access for free.

Bottom Line: Is Project Greenlight Legit?

Keith Kohl’s three-step Project Greenlight system centers around investing in small biotech companies before news of their potential FDA drug approval breaks out.

So, the idea itself isn’t a scam, and assuming you could actually find the right companies and time everything right; I guess it could work in theory.

The question is, how well does it work in reality?

Based on what Kohl says in the presentation, the system works well. He cites numerous examples of opportunities Project Greenlight has supposedly uncovered. But I haven’t used Project Greenlight personally, so I don’t know how well it works based on my own experience.

Either way, one thing I will say is that there’s no guarantee you’ll make $17k, 10x gains, or any amount of money whatsoever. And, even if the system does work, there’s a considerable amount of risk involved in betting on smaller companies in emerging markets.

That doesn’t make the service a scam. However, it does mean you could lose part or all of your investment if you follow Kohl’s recommendations and they don’t work out.

I’m not saying that will happen, but all investments carry risk, so no matter how good the system is, there’s no guarantee on how the trade will play out.

On the plus side, Project Greenlight is simply part of the overall Topline Trader service, and that service is published by a legitimate company (Angel Publishing). It also comes with a 90-day refund policy, so worst case, you could refund if you don’t like it.

What do you think? Is Keith Kohl’s Project Greenlight the real deal? And have you tried his Topline Trader service? Let us know in the comments below!

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