Keith Kohl’s “Apple Reality” Teaser (What You Need to Know)

Keith Kohl recently released a presentation dubbed “Apple’s FINAL Design,” where he talks about an opportunity to “Rake in 20x Profits” without buying a single share of Apple.

Keith says Apple is releasing a new product (which he refers to as “Apple Reality”) and believes it could be a thousand times bigger than the iPhone, iPad, and iPod combined.

Is the presentation legit? What is Apple’s new product? And can you really make 20X your money with Keith Kohl’s stock pick?

These are some of the questions I’ll be helping you answer in this post. First, let’s start by looking into Keith’s thesis. Then, I’ll shed some light on the stock he’s teasing and give you the heads up on his stock advisory, Technology and Opportunity, to help you decide if it’s worth it.

Overview of Keith Kohl’s “Apple Reality” Thesis

The presentation we’ll be discussing is located on the Angel Publishing website ( and is titled “Apple’s FINAL Design.”

Keith Kohl begins by stating that, within a few months, “every single piece of tech you own is going to be completely obsolete.”

And that, within less than a year, we’ll be chucking every device we own in the garbage.

That’s a bold claim.

And it’s one I find a bit hard to believe. But I always try to keep an open mind when looking into these sorts of things, so I kept digging to see what Keith was talking about.

In short, Keith says that “Apple’s top developers have been working for years on a top-secret project” believes Apple will be releasing a new product shortly that will be bigger than the iPhone, iPad, and iPod combined.

A Thousand Times BIGGER Than the iPhone, iPad, and iPod… COMBINED!

It’s all three of them — it’s every electronic you’ve ever owned — rolled into one brand-new device.

What’s he referring to?

Keith Kohl is talking about virtual and augmented reality. Specifically, Apple is rumored to be developing augmented reality glasses, which he calls “Apple Reality” glasses.

This isn’t the first time I’ve come across a presentation about Apple’s rumored AR glasses. For example, Jeff Brown talked about this in his Spatial Computing teaser. And before that, Bryan Tycangco discussed this in a pitch about his service, Visionary Investor.

So it’s an investment theme that seems to be gaining more attention lately.

What is augmented reality?

And what’s the big deal?

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that essentially “blends” the digital and physical world. Or, as some put it, AR “enhances” our physical reality.

How? Well, when you wear an AR headset, the digital world more or less “comes to life” in your physical surroundings and opens up a world of possibilities as a result.

For example, AR can enhance the online shopping experience by allowing you to “see” how furniture might look before you buy, make social media more immersive, and help people better navigate their surroundings.

These are just a few examples, but virtually every industry can benefit from it. Even sectors like healthcare and the military could potentially benefit from AR.

So, AR is a big deal, and Apple is rumored to be developing an augmented reality headset that could prove groundbreaking. Nothing has been confirmed as of writing. However, many believe it could be released in 2022, and if/when it is released, that it’ll be game-changing.

However, that doesn’t mean Keith Kohl’s investment idea will make you rich.

There are many companies in the AR/VR space and many innovations around this tech, so nobody knows the best investment. It’s all speculation at this point.

According to the presentation, though, Keith is convinced Apple is onto something big and that “Apple Reality” could be announced “any day now.”

Why does he believe this?

Keith Kohl claims to have stumbled across a “brand-new patent that was just granted to one of Apple’s most esteemed inventors.”

He doesn’t mention the actual patent, but I found an informative article on that details all of Apple’s patents related to AR and VR, which is well worth a read. The article explains how the headset will likely work, what patents Apple has, and shares other helpful info.

Aside from the patent, Keith talked about how Apple has “brought over an Israeli inventor” to work on this tech and how there have been various “media leaks” related to this innovation.

None of this is concrete proof of what products Apple will release in the future, nor does it guarantee that Keith Kohl’s investment recommendation will be profitable. But AR/VR is an interesting technology nonetheless, and one with a lot of potential.

What Is Keith Kohl’s “Apple Reality” Stock?

In the presentation, Keith Kohl doesn’t reveal his “Apple Reality” stock, nor does he provide many clues to go off, so it wasn’t possible to determine what company he’s bullish on.

He does provide some vague clues, though.

For example, he clarifies that it’s not Apple stock. According to Keith, he doesn’t recommend buying Apple stock because it’s “old news at this point.”

He also says that the company he’s interested in is a supplier to Apple:

Because this time, I’ve pinpointed the exact company Apple has turned to for a KEY PART of its new “Apple Reality.”

It’s developing what are essentially the “eyes” of the product.

That’s a start, but it’s far from giving us enough to know what stock Keith Kohl is talking about, especially since Apple works with many suppliers to make its products.

So, if you want to find out for sure what he’s teasing, you’d need to read the research report he’s put together called “How to Profit on ‘Apple Reality.'”

This report contains all the details about the company Keith is bullish on, the ticker symbol for the “Apple Reality” stock, and shares all of his research on this opportunity.

There’s a catch, though.

As with most presentations I write about, the only way to access the report is to sign up for a paid stock advisory service. In this case, a service called Technology and Opportunity.

What Is Technology and Opportunity?

I published a complete review of Technology and Opportunity earlier this year, so I recommend checking that out if you want my whole take on this advisory service.

However, in summary, Technology and Opportunity is a stock advisory run by Keith Kohl and published by Angel Publishing (AKA Angel Financial) focused on emerging tech.

The idea behind the service is to help subscribers profit from emerging technology trends like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotics, augmented reality, and 5G, for example.

And one of the main ways the service does that is by recommending “unproven technology stocks on the cheap.” In other words, Keith Kohl looks for small stocks at the forefront of emerging tech trends and suggests taking a position before these companies go mainstream.

On the one hand, this sort of strategy can be profitable if you manage to find the right companies and buy and sell at the right time. Some of the best opportunities have involved companies like Netflix, Tesla, and Amazon, which were all small companies at one time.

On the other hand, small stocks can be highly volatile, so it’s also easy to lose money betting on this sort of thing, especially as it relates to unproven technologies.

So, as with any service, there are pros and cons to consider.

What do you get if you join?

The main component of the Technology and Opportunity service is the monthly newsletter. Each month, Angel Publishing releases a new issue of Keith Kohl’s newsletter, covering his latest investment recommendations, related research, and market insights.

Aside from the newsletters, subscribers get access to the model portfolio which contains Keith’s active recommendations, updates on the portfolio, weekly curated content in the “This Week in Tech” series, and some bonus research reports.

Which bonus reports you receive depend on where you sign up (and when). But if you join Technology and Opportunity through the “Apple’s FINAL Design” presentation, Angel Publishing is offering the following four reports:

  • How to Profit on “Apple Reality”
  • The Robot Revolution: Three Stocks Poised for Massive Returns
  • Space Billionaires: The #1 Stock to Own for 2021 and Beyond
  • Five Chances to Profit as Marijuana Tech Explodes

Each report details one or more investment opportunities Keith is interested in across different sectors, but they all relate to emerging technology.

How much does it cost?

If you join through the presentation, Technology and Opportunity costs $99 for a 12-month subscription at the time of writing or $169 for two years.

And it comes with a six-month refund policy whereby, if you’re not satisfied within the first six months, you can request a full refund.

Who Is Keith Kohl?

Keith Kohl is the Technology and Opportunity service editor, and he runs two other services at Angel Publishing. One is called Energy Investor, and the other, Topline Trader.

Keith is probably best known for his insight into the energy and natural resources sectors. However, based on what he says in the presentation, he’s recommended some great technology and biotechnology stocks over the years.

For example, according to Keith Kohl, he’s pointed his followers toward companies like Prana Biotechnology, Splunk, and SolarEdge. And based on the numbers he shows in the presentation, all of these have seen triple-digit gains.

Of course, not all of his picks have been winners, and unless I missed it, he doesn’t say the average return of his recommendations since the service started.

Either way, while I don’t know how well it has performed overall, I do believe Technology and Opportunity is a legitimate service, and Keith Kohl appears to be a real investment expert.

Bottom Line

During the “Apple’s FINAL Design” presentation, Keith Kohl talks about a new product Apple is rumored to be working on, which he calls “Apple Reality.”

As I looked further into Keith’s presentation, it became clear he was referring to augmented reality and virtual reality headsets. Specifically, he talks about a new headset/pair of glasses Apple is supposedly working on and an Apple supplier that could make investors lots of money.

Unfortunately, Keith doesn’t reveal the name of the company he’s bullish on, or the stock symbol, in the presentation.

So if you want to see what stock he’s teasing, you’ll need to read his report titled “How to Profit on ‘Apple Reality,'” which comes as a bonus for joining Technology and Opportunity for $99.

The service could be worth checking out if you’re interested in emerging technology and biotechnology companies since this is Keith’s specialty. And it does come with a six-month refund policy based on what the Angel Publishing site says.

However, there’s no guarantee that Keith’s “Apple Reality” stock pick (or any of his picks) will make you money or help you get rich. All investments carry risk, so even though the service could be worthwhile, you shouldn’t expect to get rich by signing up.

Either way, hopefully, what I’ve shared helps demystify the presentation a little.

Keith didn’t leave many clues in this one, so I’m not sure what stock he’s teasing, but we do know it’s (supposedly) a company that supplies a part for Apple’s (rumored) AR glasses.

I’ve also given you some insight into what Keith Kohl’s Technology and Opportunity service is about, so that might give you a better idea of what to expect before joining.

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