What Is Andy Snyder’s 100X VPO Investment? (Revealed)

Andy Snyder of Manward Press recently released a presentation about a “VPO” investment that he believes could “go up 100X or more in value within the next five years.”

And according to Snyder, you can get started with $100 or less.

I wanted to know what a “VPO” was, what company Snyder was teasing, and what he was selling, so I looked further into the presentation. And in this review, I’ll show you everything I found. But before we start, here are the highlights:

  • VPO stands for Venture Private Offering, and it’s a term Andy Snyder uses when referring to investing in private companies through equity crowdfunding sites.
  • My research suggests that the investment Andy Snyder’s teasing is a private company called Tap Systems Inc. This company created a technology for typing and navigating the metaverse while wearing an AR or VR headset, and it’s currently raising money through Wefunder.
  • Andy Snyder is the founder of Manward Press, a Baltimore-based financial publishing company. And the service he pitches during the presentation is Venture Fortunes, a $1,997 per year advisory focused on early-stage investments.

Read on for the full review.

What Is a VPO Investment?

Andy Snyder’s latest Manward Press presentation centers around how everyday investors can now “get in on the same kinds of opportunities the ultra-elite have used to create generational wealth.”

He calls these opportunities VPOs (or Venture Private Offerings). And in case you’re wondering, no, there’s no such thing as a “VPO company.” This is a term Snyder came up with. Don’t ask me why, but investment gurus seem to love making up unusual names for things lol.

So, what’s a VPO investment?

Andy Snyder’s description of a VPO investment matches that of a pre-IPO deal. A pre-IPO company is a private company, and a pre-IPO deal is when a private company issues shares to accredited investors through a pre-IPO placement before making an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

That’s a bit of a mouthful… but all it really means is that some private companies issue shares to wealthy investors before going public, which is essentially how Snyder describes a VPO.

“The VPO is when shares of an exciting new company become available to the connected, ultra-rich angel investors.”

However, Snyder also states that “VPOs are the best opportunities regular Americans” and that “every American with $100 has access to ‘100X VPO’ opportunities.”

And since that would not be possible through a traditional pre-IPO deal (because these are limited to accredited and institutional investors), it seems he’s talking about equity crowdfunding.

Equity crowdfunding and pre-IPO deals both involve investing in private companies. However, equity crowdfunding allows virtually anyone to participate through sites like Wefunder and StartEngine.

So, to answer the question, based on what Andy Snyder states in the presentation, a “VPO investment” is an investment in a private company through an equity crowdfunding site.

As Snyder points out, this type of investment was made possible through the JOBS Act, which changed the rules by allowing everyday Americans to invest in private companies through equity crowdfunding. Before this law went into effect in 2016, equity crowdfunding wasn’t a thing.

So, that’s what Andy Snyder’s VPO investment is all about – investing in private companies through equity crowdfunding, which allows virtually anyone to bet relatively small amounts of money on startups in exchange for a slice of equity in the business.

Are “VPO” investments a good idea?

The short answer is… it depends.

During the presentation, Snyder points out numerous examples of how much more money “VPO investors” could’ve made than “regular” investors who bought after IPO day. In other words, those who bought pre-IPO deals versus those who bought shares after the company went public.

He’s not wrong, either. Early investors who bought into some of the companies he mentioned (like Tesla, Airbnb, Alibaba, and eBay, for example) could’ve done exceedingly well.

This is a similar point Teeka Tiwari made in his Freedom 2022 metaverse presentation. In short, Teeka talked about how he believes it’s better to invest in pre-IPO deals than public companies, and he talked extensively about pre-IPO metaverse-related investments.

However, there are significant risks involved in investing in private companies (equity crowdfunding or otherwise). And this is because many startups fail. You are putting money into something that might work out, but it might not. So it’s a very high risk/high-potential reward type of investing.

In any case, Snyder suggests that investing in his recommended “VPO” company could make investors significant gains in the coming years. Of course, there’s no guarantee that’ll happen, but let’s take a look at the company he’s teasing.

Breaking Down Andy Snyder’s “100X VPO” Investment

During the Manward Press presentation, Andy Snyder talked about a startup he’s interested in that he believes could “go up 100X or more” within the next five years. Snyder also said he believes this company is “poised to be the #1 disrupter of the hottest tech sector on the planet.”

Later in the presentation, he revealed that he’s referring to the “meta-AR-VR” technology sector, which includes augmented reality and virtual reality. He also claims that the market for this tech is projected to reach $300 billion by 2024 and add $1.5 trillion to global GDP by 2030.

What company is Snyder bullish on?

He doesn’t reveal the company’s name in the presentation, but he does share numerous hints about what the company does, who’s behind it, and several other miscellaneous clues. Here’s an overview of the main clues Andy Snyder shares about his top VPO pick:

“In short, it created a breakthrough solution to the single biggest problem holding this industry back from explosive global adoption.”


“This company was co-founded by a brilliant electrical engineer… an award-winning serial entrepreneur with more than 100 patents to his name.”


“And his co-founder is even more impressive.”

“She invented the technology used in every cellphone camera on the planet… while working as an actual rocket scientist for NASA.”

“Right now it’s valued at barely more than $51 million.”


“But my 100X VPO company’s breakthrough wearable technology allows you to type and navigate in meta-AR-VR as easily as you would on your smartphone.”


“It’s developed a patent-protected technology that makes typing and navigating menus easy.”

I went through each of the above clues carefully, and at first, nothing much came up. However, I eventually resorted to Googling “AR VR pre-IPO company wearable technology” (lol)… and that’s when I stumbled across Tap Systems Inc.’s Wefunder page.

And Tap Systems is a match with Snyder’s clues on all fronts. From the company’s two co-founders (Dovid Schick and Dr. Sabrina Kemeny) to its product and $51 million valuation. Even the VR/AR market projections used on the Wefunder page were in sync with what Snyder shared.

What does the company do?

In short, Tap Systems develops input technology for the metaverse.

Its flagship product is the Tap Strap 2, a “wearable keyboard” that sits on your hand and allows you to type and navigate while wearing an AR/VR headset. And it’s currently sold on Amazon and the company website for $249.

My initial impression of this product was that it seemed interesting. But one burning question I had was, “how does it actually work?” Because all of the product demos I saw involved people wearing it and typing on a table (or in mid-air) without looking at a keyboard (virtual or physical).

However, as I looked into it further, it became clear that typing on the Tap Strap 2 involves different sequences of “taps.” As in, you move your fingers in different sequences that type out letters.

Long story short, it’s a cool idea and a great piece of technology, but you essentially need to learn how to type again. And based on the reviews I read, it could potentially take weeks to master. So it remains to be seen whether or not this is something that’ll go mainstream.

However, there are two points I want to make…

The first is that I am not an expert on the Tap Strap (lol). I only just found out about it. So if you’re interested in learning more, I found this review of the original Tap helpful. And this Wired article about the company’s updated Tap Strap 2 is worth reading.

And second, according to the Wefunder page I linked to earlier, Tap Systems Inc is preparing to release a wrist wearable Tap that will “greatly expand” its market. So the Tap Strap isn’t the only product the company’s co-founders, Schick and Kemeny, are working on.

Either way, only time will tell whether or not it’s a good investment. Although based on what Andy Snyder says in the presentation, the company appears to be one of his top early-stage picks.

Who Is Andy Snyder?

Andy Snyder is the founder of Manward Press, a Baltimore-based financial publishing company that started in 2016. His flagship advisory service is Manward Letter, but he also shares his thoughts on “life, liberty and investing” in a free daily newsletter called Manward Financial Digest.

And he runs two higher-tier services: Alpha Money Flow and Venture Fortunes – the latter being the service that the VPO investment presentation pitches.

According to the presentation, some of Snyder’s top picks include Netflix, Patrick Industries, and AMD in 2008 and 2009. And his Manward Press bio mentions other opportunities he’s recommended that have helped subscribers see considerable gains in the market.

Of course, that doesn’t mean everything he’s recommended has worked out or that his future investment ideas will benefit you. But Andy Snyder does appear to be an expert.

What Is Venture Fortunes?

Venture Fortunes is an early-stage trading research service headed up by Andy Snyder that, according to Manward Press, focuses on “VPO opportunities and exciting new trends.”

In other words, it’s an advisory service focused on equity crowdfunding investments like the one Andy Snyder talked about in his “VPO investment” presentation.

Venture Fortunes costs $1,997 for 12 months. And, as a subscriber, you receive one new investment recommendation each quarter, or four per year.

Most services I come across issue new picks each month, but Snyder says he’s decided to stick with one every three months because “99% of the VPOs out there” won’t pass his “100X VPO Equation.”

What does that mean?

According to Andy Snyder, his “VPO Equation” points him to the “the very best VPO opportunities,” which he says are those he believes have the potential to pay out 100X or more. He also says there are four elements to his equation that (together) equal “100X VPO Profit Potential.”

Here’s an overview of what he looks for in a company:

  • Leadership: Andy Snyder says he’s looking for leaders who “eat, sleep and breathe their startup” like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, or Jeff Bezos. And he says they must have a clear vision and a “perfect plan” for executing it.
  • Massive Market: The second trait Snyder says he looks for in a startup is that there’s a “wide net for potential customers” and the product has the potential to go global.
  • Problem: This part of the equation is about finding a “widespread problem that causes consumers frustration.” And according to Snyder, “the best products solve a problem that most folks don’t even know they have.”
  • Simple Solution: Lastly, Andy Snyder says that he looks for companies offering a simple solution that can “make life easier or better for millions or even billions of people.”

Once he finds companies that meet his criteria, Snyder shares his top picks with subscribers of Venture Fortunes. And he says there are two main ways “VPOs can deliver investors fortunes.”

The first is that you put some money into a VPO startup (i.e., invest in a private company through an equity crowdfunding site) and potentially see a profit if/when the company IPOs. Meaning, you could profit if the company successfully goes public since you’d own shares you could sell.

And the second way is if the startup Snyder recommends is taken over through a merger or acquisition. I’ve never invested in a private company where this has happened, but my understanding is that if there’s an M&A, you get shares in the company that acquires or merges with it.

Either way, Snyder points out that you won’t make any money at all unless one of these two things happens. And he emphasizes not to “bet the farm” on any of the Venture Fortunes investment ideas he shares, given that there is significant potential risk involved with this sort of thing.

He also states that his goal is to “target four VPOs a year that you can get into for as little as $100” and says every recommendation comes with its own “in-depth 100X VPO Alert.”

This includes information about the company, its business plans, how it fits Snyder’s “100X VPO Equation,” and projections about the company’s future.

You essentially get everything you need to decide whether or not you want to follow his recommendation and how to take advantage of it if you decide you want in.

On top of this, Snyder shares one-to-three new SPAC or IPO recommendations each month for those who want more investment ideas and weekly and monthly video updates.

Is Venture Fortunes legit?

I can’t say for sure how worthwhile Venture Fortunes is because I didn’t join it. However, I don’t believe it’s a scam. I say this because Manward Press is a legitimate company, and Andy Snyder is a real investment guru based on my research.

That said, there is no guarantee the service will help you make money. There’s even a chance you could lose money, especially given the inherent risk associated with early-stage companies.

Also, this service doesn’t come with a cash refund. The company does offer a 90-day credit refund, so if you’re not satisfied in the first 90 days, you can cancel and use the credit you receive towards joining another Manward Press “VIP” service.

Considering the Manward Letter is the company’s $49 entry-level service, I’m assuming that means you could join either Alpha Money Flow or GVI Investor, which are both higher-end advisories.

So, to sum it up, Venture Fortunes looks legit, but that doesn’t mean it’ll help you make money as an investor, let alone 100x gains. It might, but there are no guarantees.

Bottom Line

Andy Snyder’s latest presentation centers around “VPO” investments, which are private companies you can bet on through equity crowdfunding sites with a relatively small investment.

And my research suggests that the company he’s recommending is Tap Systems Inc., a company that develops input technology for the metaverse. Andy Snyder’s clues match fit this company like a glove, so I have no doubt that this is the company he’s teasing.

Either way, Snyder details his pick in a report titled “The 100X Tech Disrupter of the Decade,” which comes with a subscription to Venture Fortunes.

Should you join? This service could be worth trying if you’re interested in early-stage companies, especially if you like the idea of high-risk/high-reward investments.

And since Andy Snyder estimates that “about 99% of startups” won’t fit his “equation,” it’s possible he could help you find great companies to invest in.

On the other hand, Venture Fortunes isn’t exactly cheap at almost $2k per year. And this is one of the more speculative advisories in terms of the investments it centers around. So it’s not ideal for more risk-averse investors.

Anyway, that’s it from me. I hope you found this helpful. And if you’d like to share your thoughts on the presentation or your experience with Venture Fortunes, leave a comment below.

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