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Andy Snyder during his XRI Metaverse presentation on the Manward Press website.

Andy Snyder’s “XRI” Metaverse Stock Pick Revealed

I recently received an email from Andy Snyder that led me to a pitch for his Manward Letter service, and it centered around an “XRI” metaverse company he likes. In short, Snyder said in the presentation that “XRI is predicted to be worth up to $13 trillion by 2030” and that his “#1 metaverse company” is positioned to “take the lion’s share of this growth.” He also teased three other “bonus” metaverse stocks as well. Snyder didn’t reveal his picks

What Is Andy Snyder’s “#1 Lidar Stock?” (Exposed)

Andy Snyder’s latest pitch centers around a California-based small-cap company that he refers to as his “#1 lidar stock” and “#1 play for 2022 and beyond.” Snyder didn’t reveal his pick in the presentation, but he did share a lot of clues about it, so I think we’ll be able to uncover this one pretty easily. He also teased three “Made in the USA” stocks in the video, and I was able to uncover at least two (maybe three) of

What Is Andy Snyder’s No. 1 EV Stock Pick?

The electric vehicle (EV) market has seen substantial growth in recent years, and with this trend set to continue, it’s no wonder new EV startups are vying for the top spot. And according to Andy Snyder, one new electric car company, which he refers to as his “No. 1 EV stock,” could grow 9x faster than Tesla. Snyder says he’s “never seen a bigger growth story” in his 20-year finance career and even suggests that his EV pick “could help fund

Is Andy Snyder’s “Rollover Event” Legit? (Venture Fortunes)

Andy Snyder of Manward Press has released a video talking about how, for more than 30 years, a “little-known market event” has occurred on the third Friday of each month. He calls this Wall Street’s monthly “Rollover Event” and claims that, since revealing how it works, “traders have begun to unlock explosive profits” within weeks. How does it work? In short, Andy Snyder has developed a strategy that involves placing an options trade before the third Friday of every month,

What Is Andy Snyder’s 100X VPO Investment? (Revealed)

Andy Snyder of Manward Press recently released a presentation about a “VPO” investment that he believes could “go up 100X or more in value within the next five years.” And according to Snyder, you can get started with $100 or less. I wanted to know what a “VPO” was, what company Snyder was teasing, and what he was selling, so I looked further into the presentation. And in this review, I’ll show you everything I found. But before we start,

Andy Snyder’s “Death of Cash Prosperity Kit” (Is It Legit?)

Today I’ll be sharing my take on Andy Snyder’s Death of Cash Prosperity Kit. According to Andy, a “frightening and volatile event” is coming in 2021 that could mark the beginning of the end for cash in America, and he says his “Prosperity Kit” can help. I must admit, I found the presentation to be quite gloomy. But he does make some interesting points, and I did want to know what this “kit” was all about and what he was