What “Golden Triangle Stock” Is Luke Burgess Teasing?

Today I’m researching a Luke Burgess stock teaser about a “tiny $2 miner,” which he refers to as his “#1 Golden Triangle stock.”

Here’s a snippet from the presentation:

“As gold shoots up to record highs, the real winners won’t be the gold giants or even random junior miners.

“It will be the few that are positioned around the new discoveries unfolding in the explosive Golden Triangle…

“A patch of wilderness containing over $2 TRILLION in precious metals wealth.

“And even that estimate is incredibly conservative. 

“My point is that the Golden Triangle could be the most valuable piece of real estate on the planet.

“And this one tiny $2 miner owns the richest parts of it…”

Source: https://secure2.angelpub.com/o/web/469954

There was a lot of “get rich” hype in this presentation, which I have come to find is fairly common among Angel Publishing teasers. They do sometimes discuss interesting stock ideas, but the marketing, in my opinion, is often sensationalist.

Anyway, this one is part of a pitch for Burgess’ $1,999 Junior Mining Trader service. And while he didn’t reveal the name of the company he was teasing, I think I’ve solved it.

So with that said, let’s dig into it.

A Golden Triangle “Mining Boom” or Hype?

The gist of Luke Burgess’ latest pitch is that he claims there are trillions of dollars worth of gold, silver, and copper located in Canada’s Golden Triangle and that the “tiny gold stock” he’s pitching could set investors up for a “massive windfall.”

“You could set yourself up for a massive windfall.

“Because the profit creation from this triangle is just getting started.

“Again, it’s an area containing over $2 TRILLION in pure wealth…”


“More specifically, it’s what’s known as Canada’s ‘Golden Triangle.'”


“This untapped area contains unprecedented riches, including:

“188 million ounces of gold

“1.2 billion ounces of silver

“55 billion pounds of copper

“All told, it’s over $2 TRILLION in wealth.

“And it’s essentially been untouched by humans.”

What is the Golden Triangle? And is there really that much wealth there?

The Golden Triangle is located between British Columbia and Alberta in Canada, and according to thetravel.com, it’s “a treasure trove of gold, silver, and copper.”

As for the gold, silver, and copper weights that Burgess shared in the pitch (above), this seems to line up with the estimates shown on financial-news-now.com, among other sites I found. Although they are only estimates, and I’m not sure who did the estimating.

In any case, according to Luke Burgess, mining has been “extremely challenging” in the Golden Triangle due to a lack of infrastructure and low gold prices.

However, he claims that things have now gotten easier due to “infrastructure upgrades” and because glacial ice and snow are “receding in many parts of the Golden Triangle.”

Here’s how Burgess puts it:

“… despite super-high-grade gold discoveries like Eskay Creek…

“Mining in the Golden Triangle has proven extremely challenging.

“There was a huge lack of infrastructure in this remote area of Canada…

“Which meant that power, labor, and logistics costs were sky-high.

“Combine that with lower gold prices at the time…

“And it didn’t make sense to mine the Golden Triangle, despite its obvious resource richness.

“So it’s been left almost completely untapped.”


“Over the past few years, the Golden Triangle has quietly received infrastructure upgrades that are critical for resource production.

“Highways have been paved for easy access into the area…

“Ports have been built for exporting materials…

“A hydroelectric facility with three dams has been put in…

“Not to mention a $700 million high-voltage transmission line to finally bring electric power to the Golden Triangle.

“Thanks to modern infrastructure, exploring this gold-rich region has never been easier.”


“Glacial ice and snow are receding in many parts of the Golden Triangle…

“Revealing mineral-rich rocks that were previously under thick sheets of ice for thousands of years.

“And it’s kicking off a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…”

What about the company he’s pitching?

Luke Burgess claims that it owns “some of the richest gold properties in the entire region” and that it could be “sitting on one of the biggest, richest gold discoveries of the last 30 years,” pending confirmation from its drilling results.

“And I’ve found what is gearing up to be the most explosive winner of the Golden Triangle mining boom.

“I’m talking about a tiny gold stock that owns some of the richest gold properties in the entire region.

“It scooped up these sites when nobody else even knew about them…

“Giving it a tremendous first-mover advantage in the triangle — one that could make you richer than you thought possible.

“Because as soon as the drilling results confirm the economic viability of the deposit…

“Which could be released to the public any day now…

“This company will officially be sitting on one of the biggest, richest gold discoveries of the last 30 years…

“Worth potentially over $47 BILLION!”

Let’s take a look at some of the other clues Luke Burgess shared in the presentation, and then I’ll show you what company I think he’s teasing.

Luke Burgess’ “#1 Golden Triangle Stock” Revealed

Based on what we’ve discussed so far, we know that Luke Burgess’ pick is a “$2 miner” with operations in Canada’s Golden Triangle. Although, at one point, the presentation referred to the company as a “$1 stock,” so I guess it’s somewhere between that.

Nevertheless, here’s a summary of some of Burgess’ other hints:

“It struck a rich vein of gold on one of its properties…

“A streak of mineralization that’s nearly a mile in length!

“It’s potentially filled with 27 million ounces of gold.”


“The CEO of this miner is an award-winning geologist who knows the Golden Triangle region very well.

“Before leading this mining company, he worked for Pretium Resources…”


“And Sprott has invested nearly $30 million into this company.”

What could it be?

I think Burgess is teasing Tudor Gold Corp (TUD).

The first thing I did to crack this one was look into Burgess’ “27 million ounces of gold” clue, which led me to this article on resourceworld.com that talks about a 27.3 million ounce gold equivalent discovery in the Golden Triangle involving Tudor Gold.

Long story short, this discovery relates to the Treaty Creek Project, which is a joint venture between Tudor Gold (which is a 60% owner) and American Creek (which has a 20% interest in the project), according to the resourceworld.com article I just shared.

Both of those are public companies, so to figure out which company it might be, I looked into Burgess’ other clues, which then led me to believe it was Tudor Gold.

Here’s why:

  • First, Tudor Gold’s stock price is currently (November 2022) sitting at $1.36 in Canadian dollars, which roughly lines up with what Burgess said.
  • Second, Tudor Gold’s CEO, Kenneth Konkin, previously worked at Pretium Resources, as per Burgess’ clue.
  • And third, while it’s unclear where Burgess got the “$30 million” figure he shared from, it does appear as though Sprott has invested in Tudor Gold to some extent.

So, other than that last clue, my research leads me to think that Burgess’ “Golden Triangle” stock pick is Tudor Gold. I could be wrong, but that’s my best guess.

How do you find out for sure?

The best way to know for sure would be to see Burgess’ report titled “The #1 Golden Triangle Stock to Buy NOW,” which comes with a Junior Mining Trader for $1,999.

As for whether or not it’s a good stock to buy, I’ll leave that for you to decide, as I have no idea. And to be honest, speculating on “tiny” gold stocks isn’t my thing.

One thing I was curious to know, however, was whether or not the “drilling results” have confirmed “the economic viability of the deposit” yet, as per what Burgess said in the presentation (above). And the answer is… I’m not sure.

As mentioned, the project Burgess is referring to appears to be Treaty Creek, which the Tudor Gold website suggests may be among the world‘s “largest gold discoveries found in the last 30 years.”

However, the latest update on that page was in March 2021 and, among other things, says that the company’s “geological team is currently planning exploration drilling for 2022.”

So, unless I’m mistaken, which is possible, they are still very much in the exploration phase and are not actively mining gold or other metals there right now.

Furthermore, since I am not well versed in the mining industry, I don’t know what the company’s “drilling results” have or have not confirmed as of writing.

So I would recommend researching all of this stuff yourself and drawing your own conclusion, which the page I shared earlier (among others) may help you with.

Bottom Line

Luke Burgess seems to think that Canada’s Golden Triangle could become a “mining hotbed” and that the company he’s teasing could be “the most explosive winner of the Golden Triangle mining boom.”

I’ve shared my guess on the company I think he’s teasing, but regardless of what it is, I would suggest taking much of this presentation with a grain of salt.

There was a lot of talk about getting rich, and even though anything is possible in the stock market, that sort of marketing is, in my opinion, all about selling newsletters.

Furthermore, while all investments carry risk, “tiny” mining stocks like the one Burgess teases in the presentation can be extremely risky, given their small market cap.

I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t invest in whatever Burgess is recommending. That’s totally up to you. But I did think that this was worth mentioning it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement when reading/watching these presentations.

Anyway, one thing I will thank Burgess for is that his pitch reminded me of just how majestic Canada is and how it’s definitely a place I’d love to visit someday.

It is truly stunning…

Turquoise splendor Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.
Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.

Be well, and thanks for dropping by!

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