What Are Chris DeHaemer’s 3 “Deglobalization” Stocks?

Today I’m researching an Angel Publishing stock teaser presented by the company’s founder, Brian Hicks, which is focused on the “deglobalization trend.”

Specifically, the presentation teases three stocks that Chris DeHaemer (an Angel Publishing editor) is interested in, which the presentation suggests could see “4x upside.”

“You see, Christian DeHaemer has put together a short list of investments primed to rapidly leap in value as the world enters this new economic era of deglobalization.

“Using history as a guide, each of these stocks provides investors with at least 4x upside…

“And in some cases much more.”

Source: angelpub.com

I don’t know why the teaser is presented by Brian Hicks instead of Chris DeHaemer (the guy who has apparently done all the research), but that’s the way it’s formatted.

Ahead, I’ll give you a quick overview of what Hicks/DeHaemer is predicting, and then I’ll show you what my research uncovered about the stocks the presentation teased.

DeHaemer’s Deglobalization Prediction

According to the presentation, Chris DeHaemer is predicting that a “seismic fracture” will split the Eastern and Western worlds, which he believes could have “profound implications” for the global economy, stock market, and personal finances.

“You see, Christian is touting a ‘seismic fracture’ that will irreversibly split the Eastern and Western worlds…

“And he’s convinced it will have permanent and profound implications for:

“The global economy

“The stock market

“Your personal financial well-being”

Hicks explained that for the last half a century, the global economy has centered around the idea of conducting mutually beneficial and peaceful trade, which resulted in a “period of hyperconnectivity” known as globalization.

However, he says that recent events have shown how fragile global supply chains have become, which has caused many countries to “question their hyperconnected economic pipelines” and essentially kick off the trend toward deglobalization.

Long story short, Brian Hicks says that (whether we like it or not) “deglobalization is happening,” and he believes it could “massively benefit smart investors.”

“Whether or not this deglobalization trend is for better or worse depends on who you ask.

“As with any economic model, there are pros and cons…

“But at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter.

“Because the reality is that deglobalization is happening, whether you like it or not.

“And it’s going to massively benefit smart investors who position themselves accordingly.”

As this article on chathamhouse.org points out, there is evidence of deglobalization. But there are many varying opinions on this topic, and no one knows for sure how things will play out in the future. So it might be worth taking the presentation with a pinch of salt and, most of all, doing your own research to draw your own conclusions.

In any case, that’s the gist of DeHaemer’s latest prediction. And in the next section, I’ll break down the clues the presentation shared about his three stock picks.

3 “Seismic Profit Opportunity” Stocks

The following stocks are teased in the presentation as part of a sales pitch for Chris DeHaemer’s $99 Bull & Bust Report service.

As such, the only way to find out what they are is to join the service and see a report called “Seismic Fracture: The Top 3 Deglobalization Stocks to Buy Today.”

Not everyone wants to do that, though. So I looked into the clues to see what I could find and managed to uncover one of the three stocks that were teased.

1. “The Dominant Rise of American LNG”

DeHaemer’s first pick centers around a liquified natural gas (LNG) company.

According to Hicks, “the world is about to experience a historic boon for North American energy companies,” which he says is especially true for LNG-producing companies.

Here are the main clues he shared:

“… Christian has located the single best stock pick to profit from the American LNG boom.

“This Texas-headquartered firm is quickly becoming a bellwether in the U.S. energy market and is leading the charge as an absolutely dominant exporter of LNG.

“In fact, it was the first U.S. company to begin exporting LNG in 2016 and has been a leader ever since.

“Since then, this Texas firm has averaged an incredible revenue growth rate of 65.40% each year.

“Even still, this American energy powerhouse is only just getting started.

“In 2022, quarter-over-quarter revenue growth for this stock accelerated to an insane 165%.

“With NATO now effectively cut off from Russian oil, it’s a no-brainer that this company is going to be a dominant stock over the next decade.

“And to top it all off, shareholders are entitled to regular dividend payments, which have been climbing for five years straight.

“Christian calls it ‘the income opportunity of the decade.'”

What could it be?

I think this one might be Cheniere Energy, Inc. (LNG).

I say that because not only is Cheniere Energy a Texas-based LNG company, but according to Wikipedia, it was the first U.S. company to export liquefied natural gas. Also, based on what’s shown on Seeking Alpha, the company’s dividend has grown over the past five years.

So, while I can’t be certain, Cheniere looks like a possible match.

2. “The Golden Eagle Eats the Dragon”

DeHaemer’s next pick centers around the manufacturing sector.

In short, the presentation talks about how China’s international exports have “been dropping off a cliff,” and apparently, DeHaemer has identified the “No. 1 nation poised to consume most of China’s manufacturing capacity” – Mexico.

“China’s international exports have been dropping off a cliff in almost every major category.

“Exports in furniture, apparel, footwear, travel goods, minerals, and technology are all declining.

“This raises the following question: Who will replace China as the next ‘factory of the world’?

“The question is a complicated one, with no single answer.

“But Christian has identified the No. 1 nation poised to consume most of China’s manufacturing capacity… and it might surprise you which country that is.”


“Enter the ‘Golden Eagle,’ otherwise known as Mexico.”

Why Mexico?

One of the main points Hicks made was that manufacturing wages in Mexico have decreased, whereas they’ve increased in China.

“Between 2005 and 2017, manufacturing wages in China more than tripled to over US$4.00 per hour.   

“During those same years, manufacturing wages in Mexico dropped below $2.00, creating a massive discount on labor.

“Not so surprisingly, Mexico has since been gearing up for a manufacturing revolution and ultimately to eat China’s lunch.”

Furthermore, among other things, Hicks pointed out that Mexico has negotiated free trade agreements with countries around the world. And he claims that it will “be the place to invest over the next two decades.”

“Mexico will be the place to invest over the next two decades.

“It has a young, well-trained workforce, a low cost of electricity, a stable democratic government, and it’s connected at the hip to the United States.

“It simply costs 10 times as much to move a product from China as it does from the Mexican border.”

It’s an interesting idea, for sure.

But unfortunately, he didn’t share any clues about the company DeHaemer is interested in. Not even one shred of a morsel of a hint! So, this one’s a mystery.

3. “A Global Nuclear Renaissance”

The last stock Brian Hicks teased in the presentation centers around a company in the nuclear energy sector, which he says “will be absolutely critical for the emerging nuclear renaissance.”

In short, Hicks talked about how Europe has been shunning the idea of nuclear energy, but with the sudden loss of Russian energy, he claims that Europe will need more than wind and solar to meet its energy needs and that it’s “realizing that nuclear power is necessary.”

“Europe was embracing wind and solar with open arms, largely shunning nuclear…

“But the sudden loss of Russian energy imports has hit the West — particularly the EU — with a cold dose of reality: 

“Wind and solar alone simply cannot meet these nations’ massive energy needs — not even close.

“Europe is quickly coming to terms with this fact, realizing that nuclear power is necessary.

“And it’s already accelerating plans to roll out new reactors at a pace we’ve never seen before.”

Furthermore, Hicks says that Christian DeHaemer has “identified a key nuclear fuel supplier whose stock is poised to explode over the next few years.”

Unfortunately, he didn’t share any tangible clues about this company, either.

All he said was that the “spot price for this company’s nuclear fuel is already through the roof.” And he shared a chart of the spot price of uranium.

So, in reality, he could be talking about any number of companies here.

If I had to take a wild guess, though… it’s within the realms of possibility that he might be teasing a company called Centrus Energy, as this was a stock that another Angel Publishing “guru” named Jason Williams teased a while back.

That is purely and simply a guess, though.

The chances of me being right on this one are very slim. But at the very least, you might find the above post interesting if you want to know about a nuclear fuel stock that Angel Publishing has teased in the past.

Bottom Line

It would’ve been nice to have uncovered all three stocks for you here, but the clues were simply too limited to solve all three picks.

Still, Cheniere Energy looks like a possible match for at least one of DeHaemer’s so-called “deglobalization” stocks. So I hope you found this helpful, and thanks for reading!

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