What “Under-The-Radar Chip Stock” Is Keith Kohl Teasing?

Angel Publishing’s Keith Kohl has released a presentation about how a “neon shortage” could result in a “semiconductor crisis.” And in the process, give investors a shot to “multiply their money by as much as 30x.”

Here’s a snippet from the presentation:

“Yes, the same neon that’s used to make those bright electric lights that make you think of a Las Vegas casino.

“THIS is the shortage that will separate the winners from the losers in this sector…

“Or, should I say, it will separate the ‘quick and the dead’ in this space. 

“And as I’ll show you, it could also realistically give investors a shot to multiply their money by as much as 30x in the coming weeks.”

Source: https://secure2.angelpub.com/o/web/467411

Why is he so bullish on this company?

Well, according to Kohl, its neon supply “isn’t impacted by the shortage the way others are.” And he claims that as neon supplies get tighter and semiconductor chips sell at higher prices out of necessity, this “under-the-radar chip stock” could “gain an almost unfair advantage.”

“As neon supplies get tighter and tighter, chips will sell at higher and higher prices out of necessity.

“This is an area where the chipmaker we’re talking about today has an almost unfair advantage.

“Because its neon supply isn’t impacted by the shortage the way others are.”

Long story short, he’s pitching a service called Technology and Opportunity, which costs $99 to join. And he reveals his pick in a report called “The ONE Chip Stock That Could Earn You 30x Your Investment.”

After looking into the clues he shared in the presentation, however, I believe I’ve identified the company he’s referring to.

But before we get to that, let’s unpack his “neon shortage” prediction…

Keith Kohl’s “Neon Shortage” Pitch

The main premise of Keith Kohl’s pitch is that neon gas is critical to making semiconductors, and it’s in short supply, which he claims is “creating a massive opportunity” for investors.

“The neon shortage and the resulting semiconductor crisis are creating a massive opportunity, and I’m excited to tell you exactly how to cash in on it.”

As with most Angel Publishing presentations I’ve seen, there was quite a bit of hype in this pitch. Most notably, the part about how “investors could see 30x returns on their money in the next 90 days.”


Take that with a grain of salt, especially since there is no date provided in the presentation, so he could literally be talking about ANY 90-day period.

In any case, I must admit that, aside from the hype, I did find what he shared somewhat interesting. And I was curious to learn more.

I won’t go into the weeds on semiconductor manufacturing as it’s not something I’m an expert on, nor do I want to turn this post into a novel.

But the gist is that neon is a colorless, odorless chemical element that’s classified as a noble gas. And according to Wikipedia, while it is a “very common element in the universe,” it is “rare on Earth.”

As for its uses, neon is often used in illuminated signs throughout the world, but it is also important for making semiconductor chips.

And based on what Kohl states in the presentation, neon is what allows certain lasers to make smaller chips at a higher degree of precision.

“Neon is the lifeblood of the chipmaking process.

“Without neon, it’s impossible to make the majority of the circuits that power our devices — from TVs to toasters.


“The precision and efficiency necessary to make today’s electronics require neon.

“Other lasers simply can’t do the job.

“It’s mathematically impossible.”

So, neon is important to chipmaking.

And according to Kohl, chipmakers need a “steady supply” of neon to keep their chip fabrication plants running.

But is there really a shortage of neon? And if so, why?

I’m not an expert on the supply dynamics of neon, but my research suggests that there is a supply crunch, which seems to be largely due to the war in Ukraine.

According to a March 2022 Reuters report, Russia’s attack on Ukraine has halted half of the world’s neon output for semiconductor chips.

And that was one of Kohl’s points as well.

In the presentation, Keith Kohl argues that neon is “rare,” “difficult to produce in usable form,” and that “companies that make chips do not have their own neon production facilities,” even though it’s essential to making chips.

But he also pointed out that a large chunk of the supply of neon has come from Ukraine and that this has stopped given the Russian invasion.

“In addition to its rarity, neon is difficult to produce in usable form — and everyone is fighting over the existing supply.

“And despite the fact that it’s essential in chip manufacturing, the companies that make chips do not have their own neon production facilities.”


“… as I mentioned a moment ago, we’re already seeing a severe shortage of neon supplies.

“Neon prices already skyrocketed 500% because of pandemic-related pressures.

“That was before the war in Ukraine, which has wreaked havoc on neon production.”

You might find this npr.org article on the neon shortage worth a read if you want to further your research on this, as it is more recent and goes deeper into why the supply of neon has been so concentrated in Ukraine and Russia.

But that’s the gist of it.

And Kohl claims that this could give the company he’s teasing an advantage.

Let’s unpack that part of his pitch now.

What Semiconductor Company Is Kohl Pitching?

According to Keith Kohl, the “under-the-radar chip stock” he teases in the presentation “has an almost unfair advantage” as neon supplies get tighter.

And while he didn’t reveal the name of the company in the presentation, he did drop some hints about it that led me to figure out what it is.

Here’s a snippet from the teaser:

“As neon supplies get tighter and tighter, chips will sell at higher and higher prices out of necessity.

“This is an area where the chipmaker we’re talking about today has an almost unfair advantage.

“Because its neon supply isn’t impacted by the shortage the way others are.”


“The CEO of this company told Bloomberg, ‘We carry large inventory but more importantly have multiple sources of supply’ from the U.S., the European Union, and Asia.”

That’s not a lot to go off, but this article on Yahoo News shows that the above quote was from Sanjay Mehrotra, CEO of Micron Technology, Inc. (MU).

Kohl also shared a second, somewhat incomplete quote from Mehrotra, which roughly lines up with what was reported in this Yahoo Sports post.

So, the “under-the-radar chip stock” Kohl’s teasing, which he also refers to as his “new favorite chip stock,” appears to be Micron.

What does this company do?

Micron Technology is an Idaho-based semiconductor company that develops and manufactures memory and storage products.

As for its stock, Micron is a large-cap company, and while its share price has basically halved since the start of the year, it’s up considerably over the past ten years. It also pays a small annual dividend.

Micron Technology stock chart from Google search results.
Source: https://www.google.com/search?q=Micron+dividend

I can’t be 100% certain that this is Kohl’s pick. Nor can I comment on what impact (if any) the supply of neon has had, or is having, on the company.

But the articles I shared earlier discuss this.

There’s also an interesting (and fairly recent) article on the Motley Fool website about the company, which may help you further your research if you’re trying to figure out if it’s a good stock or not.

And as mentioned, Kohl details his recommendation (which I’m guessing is Micron) in a report called “The ONE Chip Stock That Could Earn You 30x Your Investment,” which comes with a $99 subscription to his Technology and Opportunity service.

Bottom Line

According to Keith Kohl’s presentation, he believes that the neon supply crunch could trigger a “semiconductor crisis,” which could work out poorly for some companies while potentially benefiting the company he’s teasing.

Regardless of what impact a neon supply shortage may or may not have on the semiconductor industry, and regardless of what company he’s pitching, there is no guarantee you’ll make money following his recommendation, much less that you’ll “see 30x returns” in 90 days. That, in my opinion, is marketing hype.

But some of the points he made were interesting. And I don’t know about you, but researching this led me to learn more about the semiconductor/neon industry than I previously knew, which is cool.

In any case, I hope what I’ve shared in this post is helpful to you in some way, and as always, chime in below if you’d like to share your thoughts on this.

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