What “Imperial Metals” Company Is Keith Kohl Pitching?

Keith Kohl of Angel Publishing is pitching a “tiny firm” that he says owns a massive “imperial metals” deposit in America that could hand investors “life-changing” gains.

Here’s a snippet from the presentation:

“Nearly 100% of the metal needed for EVs, renewable energy, and our military’s most advanced weapons is now controlled by China!

“But that’s all about to change thanks to a tiny firm that owns a massive ‘imperial metals’ deposit here in America…

“And could hand you life-changing 19,849% gains…”

Source: https://secure2.angelpub.com/o/web/459678

What are “‘imperial metals?” And what company is Kohl teasing?

Let’s take a look!

What Are “Imperial Metals?”

According to Keith Kohl, America chose to “walk away” from what he claims is “one of the most valuable resources” in the country’s history.

He refers to this resource as “imperial metals” and says they’re “so valuable and so critical” to our modern economy that it makes gold “look like an afterthought.”

“Nearly 40 years ago, America made a disastrous decision…

“To walk away from what could be one of the most valuable resources in our nation’s history…

“A massive deposit containing metals so valuable and so critical to our modern-day economy…

“It makes gold look like an afterthought.”


“I call them ‘imperial metals.'”


“In fact, ‘imperial metals’ are so essential that industry insiders refer to them as ‘the vitamins of modern-day technology.’

“The New York Times calls them ‘the world’s most obscure but valuable minerals.'”

So, what are they?

There’s no such thing as “imperial metals,” this is something Keith Kohl made up as part of the presentation. But based on the above quotes he shared, what he’s (actually) talking about is rare earth metals (aka rare earth elements).

What’s the big deal?

Well, according to Kohl, “imperial metals” (aka rare earth metals) are “key” to the “revolution” in electric vehicles and renewable energy.

“‘Imperial metals’ are the KEY to a multitrillion-dollar revolution in electric vehicles and renewable energy.

“Because not only do you need them to make EV batteries…

“You also need them to build the motors that make EVs run!

“And how about the millions of wind turbines and solar panels America needs to build to end its dependence on fossil fuels?

“Well, it’s all Star Trek fantasy without ‘imperial metals.’

“There are simply NO substitutes.”

Is that true?

I’m not an expert on rare earth metals or their uses, and I would absolutely suggest taking this presentation with a grain of salt because, in my opinion, it’s very overhyped.

But rare earths, which are a group of 17 minerals commonly used in consumer electronics (among other things), are important for numerous industries.

And as Kohl pointed out, China controls the majority of rare earths.

What’s more, there does seem to be a push within the U.S. (and other Western countries) to ramp up domestic supply in order to reduce reliance on China, which makes sense.

What’s he predicting?

In short, Kohl talked about how China once cut off Japan’s access to rare earth metals and cited this New York Times article in the presentation, which discusses the incident. And he’s basically predicting that the same thing could be playing out now, but worse.

“Why am I telling you this?

“Because my research indicates that China is about to flex its muscles once again…”


“As I write this, China is currently looking at ways to further tighten its ‘imperial metals’ exports in order to meet the growing demand from its massive economy.”


“Bottom line: A worldwide shortage of ‘imperial metals’ is rapidly approaching!

“Because this time, instead of cutting off supplies to just one or two countries…

“China could completely shut off exports to the entire world.

“If China goes through with this, it will be a devastating blow to our economy (and China knows it)…

“The future of our health care, renewable energy, military defense, and dozens of other trillion-dollar industries are at risk…”

Is that real or BS?

In reality, I don’t think anyone knows what China will do except for China.

But according to CNBC, China has threatened to stop exporting rare earths to the U.S. in the past. And Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen recently said that the U.S. wants to end its dependence on rare earths from China to prevent it from cutting off supplies.

So while there is an “imperial” sized dose of hype in Kohl’s presentation, it would seem as though some parts of what he’s predicting aren’t outside the realms of possibility.

As for what companies will benefit the most from the push toward ramping up U.S. supplies of rare earth metals, one can only speculate.

Kohl, however, says he believes he’s found exactly what America is looking for… a “tiny firm” that apparently owns an “imperial metals” reserve in the U.S.

“Make no mistake: There’s an urgent global need to find new sources of ‘imperial metals.’

“And I believe I’ve found exactly what America and these countries are looking for…

“A Tiny Firm That Now Owns One of the World’s Biggest ‘Imperial Metals’ Reserves — Right Here in America”

What “Tiny Firm” Is Keith Kohl Teasing?

Keith Kohl never revealed his pick in the presentation. Instead, he reveals it in a report called “Imperial Profits: How to Capture Life-Changing Returns From America’s Most Important Resource,” which you can get by joining his $99 Energy Investor service.

However, he did share numerous clues about this company, one of which was that the mine was first discovered in the 1950s…

“… a tiny firm located right here in the U.S. recently purchased the rights to one of the biggest ‘imperial metals’ reserves on Earth.

“Abandoned for decades, this reserve could become one of the most important — and lucrative — strategic resources on American soil.

“The government first discovered it back in the 1950s…”

Next, he said that the company is worth “around $73 million,” which (almost certainly) means that this is about what the company’s market cap was when he made the pitch.

“The company is worth only around $73 million today.”

The third clue he shared was that it’s a “$5 company.”

“With China soon to be out of the equation…

“There are only a few places the U.S. will look — or can look — for ‘imperial metals’…

“And the tiny $5 company I mentioned earlier is sitting on one of them.”

And lastly, he dropped some more hints about the mine itself:

“This reserve is unique because it’s located right here in Salmon, Idaho…”


“Even though there is nearly $400 million worth of gold in this deposit…

“The U.S. government estimated that there’s also over 200,000 tonnes of “imperial metals” in this one location…”

Putting all of that together… and we’re looking for a U.S. company with a mine in Salmon, Idaho, that’s trading for around $5, and that has a market cap of around $73 million.

What could it be?

My research suggests that Kohl is teasing Idaho Strategic Resources Inc (IDR), an Idaho-based gold miner that also mines Thorium and rare earth elements.

Figuring this one out was pretty straightforward. All I did was research companies mining rare earths in Salmon, Idaho, which led me to a page on the company website that discusses its Diamond Creek REE Project, located in Salmon, Idaho.

According to the above page, that is one of “the top five rare earth element projects” in the U.S., with an estimated 70,000 plus tons of total rare earth elements.

That is less than what Kohl’s “200,000 tonnes of ‘imperial metals'” clue suggests (and I don’t know where he got that metric from as I can’t find anything to substantiate it), but this does appear to be the company he’s pitching.

Why do I say that?

Well, not only does the company have a rare earth mine in Salmon, but for one thing… they issued a press release in June 2022, which talked about how its Diamond Creek Rare Earth Element property was “initially discovered in the 1950’s by the U.S. Government.”

And as you’ll recall, that was one of Kohl’s hints.

What’s more, this company’s market cap is currently sitting at around $63 million, and it’s trading for just over $5 a share.

Idaho Strategic Resources stock chart from Google search.
Source: https://www.google.com/search?q=idaho+strategic+resources+inc+stock

Keith Kohl did suggest that the company he’s teasing’s market cap was around $73 million, but this stock has dropped a bit lately, so I’m guessing he might’ve made this pitch back when its market cap was a bit higher.

It’s impossible to know that for sure, though, since Angel Publishing never dates their presentations, but that’s possibly why there’s a difference.

Regardless, I believe this is Kohl’s pick, as it fits his clues pretty well overall.

I can’t be certain because the only way to know would be to join his Energy Investor service, which I didn’t do. But it looks like a match.

Bottom Line

Keith Kohl is predicting that we could see a supply crunch for “imperial metals” (rare earth elements) in the future and believes that the company he’s teasing “could soon be at the epicenter of America’s ‘imperial metals’ revolution.”

Whether or not his prediction plays out is anyone’s guess.

But I can say that no stock is guaranteed to make you money, let alone a “19,849% gain,” which was one of the main things the presentation hyped up.

That’s an extremely hyperbolic claim, in my opinion.

Personally, I would never join any service or invest in any company expecting to make that much. Anything is possible, of course, but that is simply not a realistic expectation.

In any case, I hope my sleuthing has proven useful to you in some way. And if you’d like to share your thoughts on any of this, feel free to drop a comment below.

3 thoughts on “What “Imperial Metals” Company Is Keith Kohl Pitching?”

  1. Australian company Lynas mines rare earths, mainly supplies Japan. Very profitable and now starting a plant in the US with a govt grant.

  2. Nice kick in the ass for Keith Kohl. What can I say? I am so sick of reading articles super hyped up by authors that just want you to sign up for their service. Then they pounce you for $2,000 on a super service that never bares any profits. What amazes me is that all they guys and a Woman (Nomi Prinz) are Financial experts, and most of the time they are so full of shit. Everything they put out there is speculative. Nomi tells us to buy into Block back in June. I watched my valuation drop 40%. It costs her nothing while I take a 10G Hit. Keith Johl has been touting shit for years. I am so done with him. Wish someone had a service that was honest, and the financial advisors actually knew what they were doing. Then I read a doomsday article by Dan Ferris we are in for a70% drop, everything from Amazon to MSFT, and Apple will drop 50-75% and society is going to melt down. That is as responsible as Trump Invading the Capital and putting it out there to Hang Pence. No one wants to be pushed into a Panic Mode. We all know things are not good. Have some stability of Principle is good. Dan Ferris tells us to stay away from all stocks now as a Melt down – Not Melt up and Mr Suggerude tells us in his publication is coming. Dan Ferris tells us to buy Gold Stocks . When the Entire Stock Market goes down, so do gold stocks. You can’t have it both ways. So who is right??? Everyone is all over the place and no one is consistent. – Got any suggestions?

    • I feel your frustration lol.

      The truth is that there are 1,000s of different “gurus” in this space, and they all have different opinions.

      As for knowing which ones are right… that’s virtually impossible since no one can predict the future. In reality, some stock pickers are right some of the time about some things, while others are just constantly pumping new narratives to sell more newsletters.

      There are some decent newsletters out there, but finding them can be a challenge. It also depends on what you’re looking for, as even the “good” ones cater to different types of investors.

      I’ve reviewed a bunch of different research services over the years. My favorite is probably the Insider Newsletter, but I also like Lyn Alden’s Premium service, both of which I’m subscribed to. I also recently reviewed one called The 20% Letter, which is legit.

      At the end of the day, no service can guarantee you’ll make money. But at least if you can find people you can learn from that are honest and objective, then you’ll be moving closer toward forming your own hypothesis/strategy that works for you.


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