Jason Williams’ “Blue Gas” (aka Fuel Cell) Stock Revealed

Angel Publishing’s Jason Williams is teasing a so-called “Tesla Killer” company, which he claims is “behind the engine technology” that’s making “Blue Gas” possible.

A presentation featuring Angel Publishing's Jason Williams that teases a "blue gas" (hydrogen) stock.

As with most Angel Publishing presentations I’ve come across, there’s no shortage of hyped-up marketing spin in this teaser…

Williams even goes as far as to claim that the company he’s teasing could deliver “earth-shattering gains of up to 31,762%,” which is a (very) bold statement.

Anyways, it’s all a pitch for his $99 newsletter, The Wealth Advisory. So if you want to know for sure what company he’s teasing, that’s the service you’d need to join.

But I think I’ve managed to figure it out by looking into his clues.

And in this post, I’ll show you what I found.

What Is Blue Gas? (Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tech)

In short, “Blue Gas” is a term Jason Williams uses to describe hydrogen fuel cell technology, a type of “fuel” derived from water that can be used to power a vehicle.

And according to Williams, this fuel is safer than powering automobiles with an EV battery, takes less time to refill, and can last for “days or even weeks.”

“Unlike batteries… the engine technology behind ‘Blue Gas’ is:

“Safe and non-explosive.

“Takes under five minutes to refill.

“Lasts days or even weeks.

“And it’s incredibly lightweight.

“In the race for clean trucks, trains, and buses, ‘Blue Gas’ is second to none.

“It does what no battery possibly can:

“It powers heavy-duty autos with pure, clean energy. All without compromising power, speed, or range.

“This is the missing half of the trillion-dollar electric vehicle revolution — the half that Tesla won’t get.”

Long story short, Williams believes that “blue gas” powered vehicles are superior to battery-powered electric vehicles and will play a key role in a “clean energy” future.


Hydrogen cars do have their advantages over battery EVs.

For example, as this article on Forbes points out, hydrogen-fueled vehicles can run for 300 miles (longer range) and can be refilled in 10 minutes (faster charging), and unlike battery EVs, hydrogen cars don’t lose range in cold weather.

However, hydrogen fuel is expensive to produce and, according to Forbes, loses “as much as 70% of the energy content” when produced and transported.

So the future of hydrogen-powered vehicles is anything but certain.

Nevertheless, Jason Williams believes that the “biggest winners” of this technology will be the “ground-floor technology companies” that are “innovating the engine of the future.”

“But the biggest winners won’t be the big car giants…

“Or even the producers of ‘Blue Gas’…

“It will be the ground-floor technology companies that are putting ‘Blue Gas’ at the center of the energy mix.

“They’re innovating the engine of the future that’s rendering batteries and Tesla obsolete.

“I’m talking about fuel cells.”

What company is he teasing?

Let’s take a look!

What Company Is Jason Williams Teasing?

Aside from hinting that the company he’s teasing makes hydrogen-fueled engines, Jason Williams dropped some clues about the company’s founder.

According to Williams, the founder is a former “geophysicist for Shell Oil” and played a role in inventing “the first fuel cell bus.”

“The fuel cell revolution began with one man:

“He was a geophysicist for Shell Oil. But in the 1970s, with rising oil prices and fears of ‘Peak Oil’…

“He dumped fossil fuels.

“And turned to renewable energy instead, exploring ways it could revolutionize the automobile..”


“With a grant from the Department of Energy…

“He and his team of 40 scientists began looking into fuel cell technology…

“To make it cheaper, smaller, and able to power the everyday car and truck.

“In 1987, they did it.

“They made a breakthrough that all energy scientists wish for…

“A dramatic four-fold boost in energy density…”


“In short, they gained a ‘first mover’ advantage long before most people thought electric cars possible.

“After, the company invented the first fuel cell bus.”

What else did he say about the company?

Not much. But the above clues seem to match a man named Geoffrey Ballard, who is the founder of a Canadian company called Ballard Power Systems Inc (BLDP).

A chart of Ballard Power Systems Inc stock from the Google search results.
Source: https://www.google.com/search?q=BLDP+stock

According to Wikipedia, the company develops and manufactures “proton exchange membrane fuel cell products” for use in a range of industries, including the auto industry.

I don’t know if it’s a good stock idea or not, and I can’t be 100% certain if it’s Jason Williams’ pick (as I haven’t read his report), but this company looks like match.

Bottom Line

Jason Williams made some interesting points about fuel cell technology and the potential this tech has for disrupting the existing EV market in the future.

But let’s be real here…

No one knows how big a role hydrogen (aka “blue gas”) will play in the future of the auto industry (or any industry for that matter).

And even if this tech does turn out to be a big deal, as Williams suggests, there is no way of knowing which companies will benefit the most.

So I would recommend taking some of his pumped-up claims of seeing huge stock market gains with a rather large grain of salt. To me, all of the talk about seeing large gains (and the whole “Tesla killer” thing) is basically hype used to pitch his newsletter service.

In any case, I hope you enjoyed the post, and if you agree with my guess on Williams’ pick, at least now you don’t have to spend $99 to find out what his “blue gas” stock pick is.

Thanks for reading, and all the best!

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