What Is Keith Kohl’s “Nvidia Killer” AI Stock? (Revealed)

Hi folks! Today I’m looking into a new Keith Kohl presentation about a so-called “Nvidia Killer” stock, which he claims could “unleash a replay of Nvidia’s legendary 120x hike.”

As per usual, Kohl made some bold claims in this teaser.

And I would recommend taking much of what is said with a pinch of salt because a lot of it is simply hype used to promote his newsletter, Technology and Opportunity.

Nevertheless, I was curious to know what company he was spruiking, so I looked into the clues and think I’ve managed to solve it. So, let’s discuss what Kohl is predicting and what company he’s recommending so you won’t have to fork out $99 to find out.

Keith Kohl’s “$100 Trillion AI Boom” Prediction

The main idea behind Keith Kohl’s “Nvidia Killer” pitch is that artificial intelligence (AI) has a “fatal flaw” that only his recommended company can solve, which he predicts will see the company being “flooded with hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars.”

Here’s a snippet from the teaser:

“The major flaw I’m going to reveal today lies at the heart of it all.

“If this problem isn’t solved, AI will stay half-baked for years to come.

“But the little-known company from Sunnyvale I discovered owns the patent-protected key to unlock AI’s real potential.

“I predict this tiny firm is going to be flooded with hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars…

“Because major tech companies have no other choice than to switch to this new technology. Otherwise they won’t be able to ride the $100 trillion AI wave.”

Source: https://secure2.angelpub.com/o/web/638649

What “flaw” is he talking about?

Keith Kohl is talking about semiconductors.

More specifically, he’s talking about how using traditional semiconductors to power AI is super expensive and suboptimal because of how they’re designed.

Here’s a breakdown of his reasoning on this:

“AI applications constantly move large datasets between different parts of the chip.

“Data has to be moved from the memory into the computing cores, where it’s used to perform calculations, and then the data needs to be moved back to the memory.

“These steps get executed millions of times per second.

“And all this back-and-forth takes a tremendous amount of time and power.

“This problem is known as the ‘von Neumann bottleneck‘ — named after the inventor of this fundamental computer architecture.”


“And this company from Sunnyvale specifically designed a chip to run AI applications on.”


“In short, this company avoids the von Neumann bottleneck altogether.


“By computing data directly in the memory array.

“As a result, data doesn’t need to be moved around. This brilliant concept is a totally new way of processing.

“Crunching data directly where it’s stored upends how computers were designed for more than 70 years. It’s a radical upgrade to the von Neumann architecture…

“And it’s leaving competitors like Nvidia, Intel, and AMD in the dust.

“Like I said, this chip outperforms other processors by as much as 100x while consuming 85% less power.”

Is what he’s saying (actually) true?

I’m not a semiconductor expert (by any stretch of the imagination), and going into the weeds on how this tech works is well beyond the scope of this blog.

So I would recommend doing your own research on this.

And even if what he’s saying is accurate, it doesn’t guarantee that his stock pick will make you money, much less the massive gains he alludes to in the presentation, as there are many factors that go into a stock’s price, not just the technology it has developed.

In any case, what stock is he teasing?

Let’s take a look!

What Nvidia Killer Stock Is He Teasing?

Aside from telling us he’s recommending a “tiny” semiconductor company, Keith Kohl dropped several hints about his pick, such as its market cap, stock price, location, and customers. Here’s an overview of those hints:

“You see, this little-known firm has a market cap of just $153 million.”


“This company from Sunnyvale developed a patent-protected chip that blows its competitors out of the water.”


“This firm’s customers include tech and defense giants like Lockheed Martin, Cisco, General Dynamics, Honeywell, Nokia, Raytheon, and Rockwell.

“Yet hardly any retail investors know this company’s name.”


“The stock still trades for only a couple bucks…”

He also shared a chart of the company’s stock price suddenly going from around $2 to $9 in early 2023, and he shared one final clue that led me to solve this puzzle:

“And Elta, a major player in the aerospace industry, wants to use it for a breakthrough image-processing AI.”

That last clue led me to a press release on globenewswire.com about IAI/Elta System Ltd and its use of GSI Technology’s “image processing acceleration system.”

From there, I Googled a chart of GSI Technology’s stock, which seems to line up with the (shorter timeframe) chart shown in Keith Kohl’s presentation.

A chart of GSI Technology stock as of November 7, 2023 taken from the Google search results.
Source: https://www.google.com/search?q=gsi+technology+stock

The stock has traded down in recent months, so its market cap is currently around $63 million, but it likely was around $153 million when he made the presentation.

And yep, it’s headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

What does the company do?

GSI Technology (GSIT) was founded in 1995 and describes itself as a “leading provider of SRAM semiconductor memory solutions.” Basically, its focus appears to be on high-performance, low-power solutions for the AI space.

And while I don’t know how reliable the claims Keith Kohl made in the presentation are, I did find a February 2022 press release on the company site, which says its APU processor can reduce power consumption “when running AI search applications in data centers.”

So, it looks like a match.

But does that mean it’s a good investment?

Beats me. I don’t make stock predictions. But this does look like the company Keith Kohl is teasing in the presentation. I can’t be 100% sure without seeing the report he made called “The Nvidia Killer: Unlocking the $100 Trillion AI Boom,” but it looks like it.

How can you find out for sure? You’d have to join his investment newsletter, called Technology and Opportunity, for $99.

That is where Kohl shares his latest stock picks and investment research, including his thoughts on the so-called “Nvidia Killer” company he’s teasing.

Bottom Line

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll probably know that this is the part where I wrap things up and suggest you don’t rush into anything, expecting to get rich overnight.

And for good reason. I’ve joined a lot of stock teasers over the years and learned that almost none of them are as good as they sound. They tend to highlight all of their best picks in the presentation, but when you join and dig through the archives, it’s a different story.

I’m not saying they’re all scams. They’re not. But I can’t emphasize enough the importance of doing your own due diligence and not allowing yourself to be swept up in the hype because there really are no guarantees or “sure things” with investing.

In any case, I hope you found my research helpful, and appreciate you stopping by!

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  1. Very interesting remarks.
    I have, several times bought stocks by those recommendations and I hardly made any money. Thanks for the advice.


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