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What Is Alex Koyfman’s NH3 Ammonia (Oil Killer) Stock Pick?

Alex Koyfman of Angel Publishing recently released a presentation about a “little-known fuel,” which he claims has nothing to do with batteries, hydrogen, or nuclear fusion, that could hand investors up to 11,300%. And he calls this fuel the “Oil Killer.” After looking into Alex’s claims more closely, I learned that what he’s referring to is ammonia, a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen with the formula NH₃. Specifically, Alex is referring to an innovation around the production of ammonia, which

Is Alex Koyfman’s “End of Plastic” Presentation Legit?

In his latest presentation, Alex Koyfman says there’s a “climate war” about to erupt that could bring about the “end of plastic.” And apparently, he’s discovered “one off-the-radar investment” that could help you turn “every $10,000 into $127,200.” What’s he talking about? Is plastic really going to “end,” as he suggests? And if so, could his recommendation really help you retire rich? These are some of the questions we’ll be exploring in this article. First, I’ll walk you through Koyfman’s

Microcap Insider: Scam or Legit Alex Koyfman Service?

Hello and welcome, in this review we’ll be discussing Alex Koyfman’s Microcap Insider service, to try to figure out if it’s the real deal, or just another scam. We’ll start by looking at the Microcap Insider service, then we’ll look at who Alex Koyfman is, his track record, and what he’s predicting for 2021 and beyond. So with that said, let’s get started… Microcap Insider Review – All You Need to Know Microcap Insider is a stock advisory service headed